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A drive-in classic., 22 January 1999

Good movie, with very very few effects and the ones they do use make the movie completely campy. Roger Corman did well with movie at least in my opinion. Dr. Xinthrop is a riot! The music of Fred Katz is great as well. You just can't turn this one down. A 10!

What ever happened to flicks like this...hmmm:)

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They make HEADCHEESE!, 22 January 1999

INTENSEINTENSEINTENSE Tobe Hooper's best film ever! Everyone really pulled together in this low budget flick to make a timeless epic of 'true' terror. I love Ed Neal's performance from beginning to end he's tops! A+ Nope, nope siree they don' makem' like they use ta.

A nifty little fact, Dan Fielding from "Night Court" is the narrator at the beginning of the movie:)

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He's mean, he's hungry and he's back!, 22 January 1999

A black exploitation flick of the early 70's about a college/high school teacher who tries to intervene and rescue his student who is being pursued by the law. The professor happens to have sexual intercourse with at least 2 different women on his way to save his student. I've gotta love the title music track fr this movie, very 70's... "Brother on the run...etcetcetc. If you see t in the $3.00 video bin at your local video outlet pick it up for your own little amusement. It's not a must see, it's more like a "gotta see it to believe it" (in ways). Hehe.. the editor for this film should have been canned, (a hint) lay off the qualudes.

Dope in ice!, 22 January 1999

An excellent Bruce Lee debut! Raymond Chow and company sure knew how to make a good movie for a great star. The music score is intense on top of it! The climax fight scene at the end is well worth waiting for. Go out and buy the box set, that's the best way to have the greatest Bruce Lee movies. A++

The epitome of Zombie flicks!, 22 January 1999

This is the first horror movie I ever really fell in love with. From the first frame and note we're brought into Romero's world of terror. A must have movie for any serious horror enthusiast. From 1 to 10, I rate this at 11. You'll be addicted to "squibs" and look at going shopping in whole different light:-)

MASH (1970)
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The greatest war movie!, 22 January 1999

You have to give this movie a ton of credit for letting entire generations laugh and cry while learning about a war that most history books don't even really acknowledge. A fan of M*A*S*H for life. A perfect 10!

Easily the greatest horror flick of all time..., 22 January 1999

I saw this movie when I was 8 years old. I had seen Dawn of the Dead earlier that week and couldn't wait to see the original NOLD. This movie stands as testimony that George A. Romero is one of the greatest directors and cinematographers of our times. Kudos to everyone who participated in creating this movie! a perfect 10! BUY IT!

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Before all else a god must have compassion!, 22 January 1999

One of my favorite Star Trek episode.s Capt. Kirk rules! I wonder why Sally Kellerman wasn't in more of the orig. Star Trek episodes, she did great. Every one did great. The music and effects are top notch and so is "Tybolds "Nightin' gale woman" written on the Canopius planet back in 1996". Ah, nevermind you'll understand when you watch the show... So go watch it!

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I laughed my butt off., 22 January 1999

Funny movie about a bunch of dudes that I swore I went to high school with...hehe.(drinkin' beer, skoagin' chix...etc etc) Any one who doesn't think this movie is funny, obviously doesn't have a sense of humor. a 10!

RIP Mike Sackman.

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This is what really happened to the people of Mars!, 22 January 1999

Wow a three headed beast from outer-space, so powerful that it requires the help of Rodan, Mothra and Godzilla to take him out. You've gotta love that huh. This is one of my more favored Godzilla oriented pictures. I'll give it a 7. Check it out! (those twin fairies are funny as heck.)

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