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"Narcos" (2015)
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Addicted, 28 August 2015

Having seen all Padilha movies, I was anxious to see this new Netflix series and had great expectations. He did it again. I cannot stop watching. One episode after another. OK if the cast is not Colombian. But they are all good actors and play the parts very well. I will try to finish this weekend all the episodes but i think there will be more seasons. Best series of the year so far. The action is great. The scenarios are perfect. The 1980's atmosphere is awesome. 10 out 0f 10. I hope they will make more series like that in the future. Good real stories and perfect action and direction. I could not expect less from Padilha.

Evil Dead (2013)
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Top 10 worst movies, 4 July 2013

I must say that I did not watch the original. Then, I was not expecting anything, just a good horror movie.

What a waste of time. The movie is so boring that now I am afraid to see the original. But nothing can be so bad as this movie.

It seems like they did not have Money to hire a director and actors. There is no suspense or fright scenes, the actors seem to be reading medicine prospects.

It could at least have some humor. But there was only scene after scene where I could not care less for the characters.

It is better to see the movies from the 80's. 1/10

The Host (2013)
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Worst than expected, 1 May 2013

There are some movies that are bad. And there are others that are very bad. This one is the worst of them all.

The trailer fools everybody.

Nothing happens in two hours.

I tried to read the book before but I quit. I could not believe that even Stephenie Meyer's fans could like this movie.

There is no story. We could not care less for the characters. The wheat plantation is an absolute ridiculous idea. Wheat is not nutritive.

I hope there won't be a sequel. This is the proof that an author that wrote a success can always do worst.

Dark Skies (2013)
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This is not an horror movie and it is great!, 27 April 2013

Definitely this is the proof that we cannot follow IMDb reviews.

People were expecting an horror movie and this movie is an Alien movie.

The great thing about the movie is that it depicts an ordinary family with ordinary problems. The father is unemployed, the mother sells houses and they were in debt with the mortgage.

The film shows that an alien abduction can happen to any family. We do not need to have special qualifications in order to aliens choose us.

The directing is great. We expect for the next scene. There are no scary moments based on sounds or camera changes. And that make the movie a program for all the family. It is a simple movie but that make people think that aliens can be here for a long time and we can stumble on then at any moment.

I will see the movie again and I hope they make a sequel because I want to know what will happen with the family.

"Chosen" (2013)
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Are you kidding me?, 6 April 2013

Definitely I should never read more IMDb reviews.

I saw Heroes and Milo Ventimiglia still is not an actor yet.

The plot is so clichéd and copied from other movies that we should not lose more time with that.

I hoped in the end there would be a good explanation. But is more cliché and just plain ridiculous. Don't waste even 2 hours in this mini not creative series.

Probably the writers have friends in the studio.

I will continue to watch the BBC series. They are far more better than this American fast and empty series.

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It could have been good!, 28 February 2013

An Argentinian family in the fifties becomes sad when Pablo, the musician, moves to Paris to improve his skills.

After a while, the mother cannot understand why he does not write a letter. The brother and sister start writing letters pretending to be Pablo.

As times goes by, the fake Pablo sends presents and news about his success but never returns.

Based on a Julio Cortazar story, the viewer wants the movie to finish to uncover what happened. But that is not the most important. The web of lies makes the lives of everything depressing, even Pablo's fiancée who could not understand why he never wrote a letter to her.

As good as simple!, 28 February 2013

A film that tells a story of a family gathering in a Sunday without not interesting happening had all motives to be boring.

Slow scenes, children running and playing, the grandpa happy for receiving his well behaved and always present son and waiting for the surprise of the sister coming. Will she come? Yes, and not interesting happens except for scenes from real life.

The grandpa puts his granddaughter on the shoulders and gets tired. He complains with the maid for the shoes that were obviously where they were meant to be.

The daughter is independent and unhappy, but can not admit. The son made everything he was supposed to do, is married with children but is sorrow for not being a painter. Why? Because his father is a painter, contemporary of Van Gogh, Monet, Degas and followed his dreams and is much happier than his children. The year is 1905 and the history is so simple that everybody could relate to a passage or another.

The Master (2012)
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Sacrifice to finish!, 23 February 2013

I really liked some other movies from Paul Thomas Anderson but following the opinions from other IMDb users, I went to see the movie without knowing the story. What a pain! Joaquim Phoenix is really great, like Philip Seymour Hoffman, but in a minor film.

The story is so confused and without rhythm that I just looked to the watch hoping it to be finished.

I hope Joaquim Phoenix does not get the Oscar because lots of people will try to see the movie because of that. And they will lose more than two hours of their lives with a very boring movie. Nevertheless he deserves the Oscar. If not for that, I would give this movie a 3.

Wrong (2012/I)
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Boring to death, 22 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Really I cannot believe the reviews in IMDb. Probably friends of the cast or the director.

The film has a good premise but they forgot the humor. They even try to make some funny moments but fail. It would be funny an office where rains but the way it is shown is not funny. Probably the cast is wrong.

William Fichtner tries to be funny bus the lines are not enough to make me laugh.

Maybe with a more developed script it could be a good movie. I only liked the guy that pants the cars without authorization.

but the director should continue trying. Maybe in his next film I will give him a 4. He should try to read more and see more films or perhaps works with most experienced directors to learn how to make a fun movie.

Fun Size (2012)
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Better than expected, 12 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I could not understand the low rate of this movie. I thought it was an horror comedy movie but it is really a comedy.

I started laughing in the beginning and the best character is Albert, the 8 years old boy that needs to be babysitted because his widow mother has a party with her new 26 year old boyfriend.

The nerds are great, specially the jap/korean/oriental guy, I do not know where he comes from.

The scene in the chicken fast food is hilarious.

Maybe everybody was expecting a more sexual content like in the OC but the director delivered very well. It has lost some timing near the end but the last scene with Albert made me give this movie an 8.

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