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Excellent romantic comedy, 12 February 2005

I went to this movie hoping for a fun enjoyable romantic comedy. I was rewarded with a truly wonderful romantic comedy. I loved everything about it - the cast, the writing and the setting.

Debra Messing and Dermot had good on screen chemistry and there were twists in the plot that I don't think anyone could have foreseen. I hear this movie was done on the cheap but it sure doesn't look it. Debra brought her comedic skills to the big screen showing she isn't just a TV star she is now a full fledge leading lady - watch out Julia!

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the romantic comedy genre. I loved it so much I would have bought a copy on the spot leaving the theatre to have as my own.

Don't believe the critics who are panning this movie see for yourself a wonderful romantic film.

It could have been much better...., 5 June 2004

Finally I have found reviews that share my view! What a relief.

When I saw the movie I enjoyed it but at times I was going hold on - that didn't happen like that - what happened to that? When the movie director takes liberties with the books it doesn't flow properly and even in the midst of Harry's world you feel lost at times.

I agree this film script was a butchered version of the book. No question at all that the book is better. With the two previous films I felt nothing was missing even though they edited and made changes. The difference was they stayed as true to the book as they could. This movie instead of using dialog often uses blank screens to segue from scene to scene. It is very

disjointed even if you have read the book.

Lets keep in mind that most people who go to see this film are HP fans and want to see a visual version of the book. While this film maintained core issues of the book much of the magic was lost in the film.

Other changes in the set of Hogwarts were unnecessary as well like moving Hagrids cabin.

Thank you to all the others who posted their reviews here as I know I am not alone in being disappointed in this film. In my view you are right on the money and I sure hope someone out there (new director Mike Newell) is listening!! I do not want a repeat of this for the 4th movie which is my favorite book.

Wonderful!, 9 April 2000

This is a wonderful movie. It is very much a romantic movie with tinges of sadness but I loved it. I highly recommend it for those who like romantic comedies. The movie pulls you in almost immediately and you never want it to end. That to me is a mark of a good movie. I also want to see it again -

another good sign.

David Duchovny is very good as the romantic lead and Minnie does a very good job too - in fact I loved the cast - it was excellent.

If this movie is an example of what Bonnie Hunt can do if she writes, directs, and stars - I say more !!!! She has done an excellent job with this movie and I'd love to see more like it.

I loved everything about this movie, the cast, the story, the characters, the music - it is a new classic for me - now when does it come out on video?

Fantastic!!! Better than Original, 26 November 1999

Well I know it is hard to believe but it is better than the original. I don't know how they did it but it is fantastic. I love it and will see it multiple times. The old gang of toys are back and better than ever in an adventure to save

Woody from a toy collector who steals him. This movie is full of laughter, fun , some sad moments and some where you are on the edge of your seat at what will happen next. It does make you think of life from a toys perspective.

Oh and in case you worried like I did that all the new characters would detract from our favorites from the original - don't worry they just add to the fun. They even poke fun at Star Wars, Barbie etc.

This movie rates higher than 10 and in some ways is indescribable. Just go see it! I hope there is another Toy Story movie and if I have to wait this long to see it I will if they can keep up this quality. We need more movies like this.

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Fabulous!!!!!, 20 November 1999

This is the best Bond movie ever! Great villain, great Bond, great women characters and action, adventure, romance and humor! Loved it. Pierce is wonderful as James Bond as usual.

I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to see it again - immediately. Unfortunately time did not allow that but I will be going back to see it again. Those 128 minutes flew by and what a great beginning - a stunning movie. This is what Bond should be. Go see it!

Very enjoyable, 6 November 1999

A friend and I went to this movie today and really enjoyed it. The critics in my area didn't like it but then they are usually wrong in my case. So we went anyway.

The movie is basically about this guy who has about 24 hours to get married and save the family business. What they don't tell you is that he is already in love but can't quite come to terms with committment otherwise he wouldn't end up chasing down a bride before the deadline. The movie is basically about him chasing down a bride while coming to realize there is only one woman for him and only she will do. I don't want to spoil it but there is a happy ending. I really enjoyed this movie and Chris and Renee were very good in it. It is basically a light romantic comedy and worth full price.

Fabulous! Not just a baseball movie, 18 September 1999

Well I just went to see "For the love of the game" with Kevin Costner. First my recommendation is go see it - it was very very good. I am not a big sports fan but this is a movie I'd like to see again and I will be buying it when it is out on video. It is a baseball movie but it is also a romantic movie. Most of the movie takes place in the space of one day in the life of his character in which he is playing the game of his life, after a couple significant happenings which cause him to reflect back as he is on the pitching mound to his relationship with a woman he is in love with. He is forced to re-evaluate his life priorities and the direction of his life. All this leads to the exciting conclusion (and satisfactory in my opinion ;) of the movie.

Kevin is great, Kelly is good but not spectacular, music is very good (I bought the soundtrack). All in all an excellent movie. I was speaking to a couple salespeople where I bought the soundtrack and they were women and said they had heard it was good but weren't sure about it since it was a baseball film. I know where they are coming from since I'm not a huge sports fan but I tried to explain it and I think they are going to see it now. This is one baseball game I really really enjoyed and I think it is because you are going through it with him and it was really exciting. Reviews are somewhat mixed but I think they underrated this film.

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Underated humorous movie, 1 May 1999

I was surprised to see a lot of negative comments in the reviews here. I personally agree with the positive reviews. This movie was very funny and I really enjoyed it. Perhaps the ones that didn't like it cannot relate to it. You have to be able to understand where the couple is coming from. Just like the tag line said "They fell in love 24 years ago... and in the next 24 hours, they'll remember why." It was a voyage or rediscovery of each other and humorous along the way in all the problems they encountered. I thought Hawn and Martin did a fabulous job in this movie and the ending was very appropriate. Now they are on another adventure together. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys Steve Martin's comedy work and Goldie Hawn well she is just delightful in this one.

A Sweet Romantic comedy, 1 May 1999

As usual the critics are wrong. This movie is a wonderfully poignant, funny and romantic movie. Drew plays the geek very well who blossoms into her full potential while enduring high school again for an undercover story. Not many of us would want to do that but if I were guaranteed the ending she got I might do it. Her supporting cast, especially Michael Vartan and Leelee Sobieski were great. I think most of us can relate to Josie in that we are not all jocks and cheerleaders yet we are all human beings deserving of respect and consideration not humiliation.

I highly recommend this movie. I have now seen it twice with friends and we all have loved it. This is a movie I will buy to have in my collection. Drew picked another winner. I can't wait to see what she does next. You will walk out of the theatre smiling with this one.

Very good but ...., 6 March 1999

This movie is very good. It is a lovely romantic movie that pulls you into these two lives. They both have been hurt so much you want them to be happy. But love's road is rocky and the end is a tear jerker.

But if you've read the book, be aware there were some changes made and not always for the better. Frankly I think if they had been truer to the book it would have been a better movie. Though I still wish the ending had been different in the book and movie.

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