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Tight little plot drives a great script, 31 May 1999

Only the Home Guard stand between 50000 cases of whisky and the parched islanders. One of Compton Mackenzie's best scripts, and even features a humorous disclaimer concerning a similar incident with the SS Politician. My favourite scene (in which copious amounts of whisky are concealed in all manner of ways) is in the ten most amusing scenes I have ever watched. Not such a good advert for temperance, though.

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How not to exhibit films - a comedy of errors, 31 May 1999

A British Lion comedy about a couple who inherit a cinema. Having decided to take over the management of the cinema, in the perhaps naive view that they can run a cinema without bothering with the irksome task of learning how to do it, a variety of simple but humorous mishaps and the dirty tricks of a rival cinema lead to the dismissal of the chief projectionist. The folly of this is brought home by the frequent foul ups in the projection box and the resultant riots in the auditorium. Sellers gets a good script and he shows that he deserves it. Sid James could act before he appeared in so many Carry On films playing a remarkably similar character, and carries on from his Ealing days. Hardly an unpredictable plot, but the characters and the situations kept me interested for the whole film.

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Amazing performance of a well written script, 21 April 1999

Like Airplane, this film has more references than can be spotted in just one showing. Familiarity with Shakespeare means you will roll on the aisle rather than just smile at the clever but not highbrow humour. This film also stands up on its own with little help form optical effects or fancy sound. Worth watching again.

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Boring in a few places, much like England, 12 March 1999

So many still shots the few pans really impress. Shows lots of movement taken from the real world. Surprisingly, the pace does not seem excessively slow. Very witty narration.

Pi (1998)
Good soundtrack, shame about the film, 4 January 1999

I really liked the titles, both musically and visually, but the number theory didn't really interest me, and the computers seemed more laughable than state-of-the-art. The soundtrack by Clint Mansell put me off walking out the film, but only just; the plot offered some surprises but nothing I really enjoyed. On the plus side, the camerawork was good.