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DVDs, anyone?, 13 December 2005

A terrific cartoon show with an all-star cast that fell victim to unfortunate scheduling (including being paired with a sitcom about a dragon-puppet-weatherman) and the 1992 NCAA Tournament. This animated noir was well ahead of its time, and might fit in well with the present-day "Adult Swim" lineup on Cartoon Network. CBS made a huge mistake in not giving it a second chance.

One longs for the handful of episodes that ran even more when reflecting on the passing of John Ritter, who starred as the voice of Inspector Gil, avenging ace of Fish City. One can hope against hope that there will one day be a DVD release.

"C.O.P.S." (1988)
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One fun show, 21 January 2000

Of course you remember this one. "C.O.P.S. - Central Organization of Police Specialists. Fighting crime... in a future time. Protecting Empire City from Big Boss and his gang of crooks..." What a fun show this was! "It's crime fighting time!"

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Sandler does it again, 28 November 1998

He's crude. He's rude. He's infantile. And yet, someone keeps whispering in classless Adam Sandler's ear, "You can DO it!" For better or for worse, they're right. Although it's no "Billy Madison," this was an amazingly fun movie to watch. If you're one for lowbrow (bordering on "no-brow") humor, this is about as good as it gets.

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Why do people knock this film?, 10 August 1998

Granted, the jokes got old once Police Academy 7 rolled around. But this was an amazingly funny slapstick.

Friday (1995)
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A lot DID go down between Thursday and Saturday, and I laughed at all of it., 10 August 1998

This is the ONLY movie of the "ghetto" genre that is truly worth seeing. A surprisingly funny, fast-paced comedy.

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Simply amazing film., 10 August 1998

The most amusing and under-rated movie ever filmed.

Dirty Work (1998)
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It's Norm Macdonald! Come on!, 10 August 1998

From the inventor of such amazingly funny terms as "assistant crackwhore" comes a truly underrated cinematic jewel. It is the best thing Norm Macdonald has ever done. If Mr. Macdonald had been this consistently funny on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," he'd still be on the show.