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Sign of Trouble, 24 August 2001

Incredible evil in a seemingly quiet English home. Susan Peters is step-mother to three grown children and slowly becomes a dominating force over the entire family. She breaks up romance for one daughter and drives her son's fiancee to suicide. The youngest daughter Christine,played by Peggy Ann Garner,is driven to give an overdose of pills to her sister,thinking that she needs to protect her mother at all costs. Peggy Ann gives a very stirring performance when confronted with this.

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Peggy Ann in her first grownup role, 1 July 2001

Beautiful Peggy Ann Garner, not the plain little girl that played Francie in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" is all grown up and plays the part of a female predator out to get her man in her first drama in living color. She plays the part well with lots of emotion and shows that she is a master of her craft.

California Dreaming, 8 April 2001

This first live dramatic program to originate from the West coast is none other than "Hollywood Opening Night" episode of the "Terrible Tempered Tolliver" starring William Bendix and Peggy Ann Garner. Peggy Ann has done a marvelous performance on live TV programming in New York and has made this transition back to Hollywood a natural.

Betrayal (1978) (TV)
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Like The Flying Nun, 8 April 2001

Peggy Ann Garner's character was based on actress Madeline Sherwood Rev Mother on "The Flying Nun." Her performance was so real and sincere that you felt like you were right there with her. This was one of the last TV movie series that Peggy starred in before retiring.

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50 Years of movie stardom, 10 February 2001

This was the Golden year of cinema. A tribute to all who contributed to the entertainment industry. It was also the first and last time that a tribute was made to the young juvenile actors who previously won an award. Peggy Ann Garner and Margaret O'Brien were part of a "Big Parade" of previous oscar winners.

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Great situation Comedy, 27 January 2001

This is Peggy Ann Garner's very own situation comedy TV series at the ripe old age of 19. It is also the year in which she married one of her costars Richard Herbert Hayes. She was eventually replaced by Marcia Henderson for the last few episodes. Its cancellation after eight months was quite surprising as audience surveys had the show in the top five among all weekend daytime shows. It had one of the highest distributions for any network show at this time with 53 cities carrying it.

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Presented live and in Color, 27 January 2001

The episode Of "Stage Door" adapted by Gore Vidal, directed by Sidney Lumet was presented live and in color from New York City. This live play had many stars such as Peggy Ann Garner, Diana Lynn, Dennis Morgan, Charles Drake, Rhonda Fleming, Elsa Lanchester, Victor Mature & Nita Talbot.

The Cat (1966)
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Great family story, 1 September 1999

The movie has outstanding scenery and a wonderful message about a boys relationship with a big cat. It was great to have Peggy Ann Garner back on the screen as an adult actress, after such a long absence. The character that Miss garner played was named Susan, not Martha.