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Miami Vice (2006)
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Zzzz.... I'm not sleep. Just resting my eyes... Zzzzz..., 11 January 2008

As someone who can say "I've never seen a single episode of Miami Vice on television. Not even reruns.", I looked at this movie version as just a another movie. To me it was long, boring, plodding, and overall uninteresting. The writing in spots was just plain terrible ("Whats the ask?!" who talks like that, really? It sounds corny and contrived). No chemistry between characters: Gong Li (or Li Gong as she is credited) was visibly uncomfortable in her love scenes so they were not believable. Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell were in different movies. That's how much on screen chemistry they had. When the movie ended I did not care about a single character except for the main villain. I wanted the villain to get what was due. I will never watch this movie again. Not out of protest, it's just a bad movie.

Snow Dogs (2002)
Nice Movie, 9 July 2002

A nice and pleasant comedy for children or adults to enjoy. A story of a man from sunny Miami in search of his biological past after learning he has been adopted. His search takes him out of his element and to Alaska where he meets a woman named Barb (who is THE hottest thing in Alaska...) who helps him in his quest.

On a personal note: after meeting Barb, I would have forgotten all about trying to find my parents...

Last Night (1998/I)
I liked it..., 24 January 2002

Very thought provoking movie I still think about several days after viewing it. The sexualy hyperactive role need not have been developed. I'm certain if these events were true, there would be some who behave as he did, but he could have simply told everyone what he had been doing with his last days and more time could have been devoted to the other characters. I LIKED THE FACT WE ARE NOT TOLD WHAT IS GOING TO KILL THE EARTH. It is not vital to the story and everyone is resigned to the fact they are going to die. There is no "Why me/us?", "Why is God doing this?" or "Surely there must be something we can do to save us..." Nope. There is no why. Only when, where, and with whom.

Baby Boy (2001)
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Well..., 4 January 2002

The male characters were amoral and one dimensional, whose primary interest were sex, money, and violence. The women were just as bad, but with a pinch of "neediness". If this were the only film that a non-black viewed about African-Americans, they would have an entirely wrong impression of black people in America. There was not one level headed, clear thinking person in this whole movie. The mother came close, but was still a few bullets short of a full clip.

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What else is new?... Nuthin', 4 January 2002

Needs a better story. Too much attention given to the dinos, not enough character development. I did not care what happened to anyone in this movie. JP-TLW is still the best because it was more about the people and they are what I thought about when the movie was over. Not this time

Snatch. (2000)
Need to see it more than once, 13 October 2001

Definitely needs to be seen more than one time (and that's a good thing.) I have seen this movie about 5 times now, and each time I get something new from it. I have discovered, for instance, the point in the movie where it gets its title, each main player has their own theme music, and I can now understand (all most) everything Brad Pitt says. Seeing this movie only once, I may have missed these points, but it is such an interesting movie, I don't mind seeing it again.

Well, that was strange..., 15 July 2001

Once you get past the "ooh, aah" factor of this film, it was not all that great. My initial attraction to this movie was the computer generated graphics and the movie did not disappoint. Once getting past that I focused on the story which, in my opinion, was quite silly. I won't give away the story, but let me say that for a computer or video game, the story would do nicely because the story is basicly filler for the actual game. For a major motion picture, more substance is needed. In short, wait for the video.

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Straight Forward Movie, 13 July 2001

Well acted, authentic looking film. No fluff or frills outside the battle scenes, but a well written story that gets you to ask questions about oneself if placed in the same situations and being surprised at the answers. While sorting through the black and white of military code, grey will always be the dominant color.

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Unbelievable, but funny, 6 August 1999

If this movie can be accepted as is (a comedy), it is funny. If totally unbelievable plot and situations are ignored it can still be a laugher. A few of the better instances were Lilly Tomlin (?) in the jungle, the television interview, and the banquet scene.

The Mummy (1999)
THE MUMMY sucked its victims dry AND just plain sucked, 3 August 1999

I was truly disappointed with this film. It relied on its special effects to carry it instead of its story and characters. It had its funny moments and the special effects were adequate, but overall, it was a slow and un-cohesive movie. Apart from the wine-bibbing brother, I did not care at all what happened to any of the other characters. If you want an example of what this film COULD HAVE been, rent any INDIANA JONES movie.

In short, it sucked. I give it two thumbs and a big toe down. (the fact that I saw the MATRIX the day before did not help THE MUMMYs cause. Excellent movie!)

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