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Julian Po (1997)
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Wonderful tender story, 22 October 2004

A truly tender tale and one that makes a person to reflect on life and its for a handicapped person The acting is superb showing that Christian Slater can really handle a demanding role with skill; I note that the commentator who hides behind the name of "anonymous" says that "it could have been been better but does not say how it could have been so.. My feeling is someone of that irk might say "Casablanca" or "Gone with the Wind" "could have been better." Ha!

Get the VHS version, 24 February 2004

This a great film set my home town of Chicago. Michael Rooker's breakthrough role as the serial killer. I have seen both the DVD and the VHS version of this fine movie

and I suggest that the latter is the better of the two formats. It is

much more explicit and shows the horror of Henry's deeds

more graphically.

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Holly Sampson, 21 February 2004

Here is your chance to see otherwise demure Holly Sampson in a hard core sex picture. She runs the gamut of oral sex, penetation, etc., playing the role of a faßhion model.

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NOT TOO SHABBY, 7 August 2002

The Ava Lake and Shannon Leigh segments are very good but first you have to sit through a listless Shauna O'Brien with her malformed boobs.

By the way, HollySampson has done some hardcore under the name of Nicholette. Who would have thunk!

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A HOT ONE, 19 June 2002

A new offering from Cinemax. This one is really hot. It has Jacklyn Lick, Christine Bailey, and a couple of others whose names I can't recall for the moment.. Very realistic simulated sex with plenty of explicit frontal nudity and energetic action. Close to XXX. Catch it if you can.

Private Call (2001) (TV)
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A well done soft core thriller with good production values, a decent plot, and good acting. Porn star Flower Edwards does her usual fine job. It's too bad that Kris Alidre who plays "Valentine" hasn't done any other movies.

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A nicely done thriller with plenty of sex in it. I saw it on late night TV. There are two hardcore stars in it, Lauen Montgomery and Venus. Thankfully, Gabriella Hall has just a small part.

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There is a much better unrated version available from the auction shops. Unfortunately, Mia's appearance is very brief, over in the blink of an eye.

Showgirls (1995)
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No need for a long winded review of this masterpiece. It's just great eye candy with gorgeous gals shaking their booties and flashing their boobs. I thought that Gina Gershon did a good job here (not surprisingly); she looks great and provides us with the few moments of genuine acting ability in this fun film.

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NOT TOO BAD, 12 May 2002

A soft core epic is not and, in fact, is not too bad. It does have a silly plot involving the Daughters of Darkness which does gives us a chance to see semi nude girls dancing around a fire. Jacqueline Lovell is always a delight and I'm sorry she has retired.

However, Shauna O'Brien's malformed breasts are a turn off for me

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