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These Old Broads (2001) (TV)
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Depressing!, 12 February 2001

The world is a terrible place when they cannot find decent roles for the talents of Shirley MacLaine and Debbie Reynolds. This movie was not worthy! Is Carrie holding a grudge against her mother? There were some good liners in this thing, but on the whole it must have been humiliating for these actresses to make. Joan Collins fit right in! She was a 'B' movie actress in the first place and she always overacted on Dallas. I loved her in that show.I must say she really keeps herself in good shape. The producers and directors and writers of this show owe these ladies another movie so they can redeem themselves!

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What?????, 17 January 2000

What was Tim thinking? This movie was a jumbled mess. He wasted some great talent on such a terrible script. Vanessa Redgrave, Em,John Turturro, and Joan Cusack gave excellent performances as usual. But Orson Welles and John Houseman must be turning over in their graves and the ridiculous caricatures that were imposed upon the audience by Angus Whatever and Cary Elwes. I was very disappointed! J.W

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Sad story...Sad production, 22 August 1999

I just read the book by Donald Bogle. I was looking forward to the movie, but I was disappointed. Although Halle Berry is very beautiful she does not have the acting skills to play such a tragic story. Also I felt they left out important parts of her story in order to use dramatic license. Dorothy was exploited again. (I don't think Janet or Whitney would have done any better.)

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Can't get enough of this masterpiece, 2 July 1999

I discovered this movie in 1968 when I was in 8th grade. I saw it at a movie theater and it started my love for the cinema. Since then I've watched it on television until my dad brought me the videotape, which allowed me to study it more closely. Even with minor flaws it is still the greatest film ever made. Great acting (Clark should have won the AA for that year.); beautiful scenes; special attention to details....Last summer I was privileged to visit Margaret Mitchell's home in Atlanta. It took me back to that great feeling I had when I first saw the movie. I suggest that everyone who loves the movie and the book go to visit this special place.

Life (1999/I)
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One of the year's best!, 18 April 1999

I was really impressed by the performances of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Their performances will be ignored by the Academy Awards, but I feel that these multi-layered performances should be recognized by someone. The story was interesting and the two of them were hilarious. There were serious moments that rang true. The movie was fresh not predictable. I enjoyed it immensely and I recommend it highly.

Edtv (1999)
Try again, Ron!, 3 April 1999

I liked the characters in this movie. They were all very interesting, but the story line was silly. I think Ron Howard and his writers were trying too hard to be clever. Matthew, Woody, and Martin were wonderful, but the story dragged! I'm looking forward to Ron's next movie though. I hope it has better writing!

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Uplifting in the Delta, 2 January 1999

Al Freeman Jr. is one of the greatest actors of our time. This movie proved it.In fact everyone from this fine gentleman and little Kulani were all in fine form. I also enjoyed the fact that the young man in the story came from the inner city and his grandmother helped raise him so he was polite and caring. The role of Alfre found herself because of the love of her family not a man. The only problem with the movie was the presence of Nathan (sloppy symbolism) and the heavy-handed ending. And why was Anne-Marie Johnson so angry (very contrived). Maya needed some help in the editing room too! (Fades and black-outs were too long.) The movie had many messages about family that were dear to my heart.

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Patriotism, where are you?, 28 November 1998

I just read comments from anonymous - Oct. 22, 1998. He missed the whole point of the movie. It was a beautiful movie. I think it was designed to help people feel hope during such a terrible time. Yes it played on the heartstrings, but that is what it was supposed to do. I think the acting was superb and although I'm not white or upper middle class I totally identified with the family and the people that came into their lives. I think Selznick made another great movie, but because "Gone With the Wind" was first, he won't get the credit that he deserves for this great movie. And by the way, why isn't it available on video anymore?

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Fantastic Film, 13 November 1998

I was prepared not to like this film.I just thought it would be another Jane Pittman (which was great)! I was pleasantly surprised and touched. The second night I cried the whole time! The acting was superb. The plot plausible. This was a beautiful tribute to Alex Haley and his characters. Thank to the producers who shared a wonderful experience with the public.