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Anti-Guns, Anti-NRA will be pounded into your brain, 3 March 2017

This was on one of my Directv channels.

So I decided to watch it. My Bad. This is propaganda to the extreme of Anti-guns, Anti-NRA.

I could only watch the first 30 minutes as I decided it could only get worse...

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Wow! I thought , when I saw who was in it. End of Wow!, 9 December 2008

Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Richard Boone. How could this movie miss. It missed and it missed Big Time. Bad production, Bad Direction, Hilariously Bad acting. Richard Boone was dubbed. Not sure if Lee Van Cleef was dubbed. Bad Cinematography. It is night no then it is day. it is cloudy then it is not. Who camps in the middle of a road?

We are told that Lewis (a major character) is in Mexico. Does the Director,producer, anybody else involved in this production know how big Mexico is? We are then led to believe a kid will find this Lewis person in 2 days. The kid just happens to ride to the correct town on the 1st try. And on it goes.

I need to mention Bad camera work, oh I mentioned that. It is worth mentioning again, Bad camera work. Oh and bad directing. Wrong score for this film. Two pieces matched, the rest belonged in some other type of movie, not a western. The director should be shot!

"Deadwood" (2004)
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Falls Short..... Way Short.., 22 March 2004

After watching the 1st part of this Series on HBO. I will be checking the guide so as I will not have to sit through another episode of this trash. I got 2 points to this show: 1). Wild Bill Hickok at some point in time went to Deadwood.

2). Every 4 letter word is used numerous times. It felt the 4 letter words were exchanged for other words, just for the sake of using 4 letter words. It was pointless. The acting-BAD, and that is from everyone. The script-BAD......... and everything about this show sucked. I was expecting something somewhat believable, what I left with has I didn't believe I watched this crap. 1/2* out of 5

Fun Movie, 23 July 2002

A return to a simpiliar movie making time. Eight Legged

Freaks does not take itself seriously. If it did this movie would have been bad. This is a Fun, campy movie, 7 stars worth. If you are looking for a time reality check You will Not find it here..... The spider effects are pretty good. This is a Fun, campy movie, 7 stars worth.

What could have been..........if??, 29 July 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Planet of the Apes succeeds in 3 areas: Costumes, makeup and sound. After that it is hard pressed to find any other redeeming qualities. Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg is horrific he is so unbelievable it is pathetic. It looks like the screenplay was written for someone else. The entire cast portraying humans is not good with the exception of Kris Kristofferson. The Apes are great. ******POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT **************** This is a horrible attempt at trying to redo with new ideas, even though it is not being classified as a remake, on the original. What is the deal with the swamp? I was waiting for Markey Mark to attempt humor with something in reference to Yoda's swamp. Whatever attempt is made for a plot twist is ineffective due to the lack of a plot. As I watched the ending to see this so called surprise, I left scratching my head and asking myself what the hell was that. and what was Tim Burton "tweeking" in the last few weeks before the release?? ************************************* If you want to see apes and apes this is a good movie if you want something new and don't care about the effects this is NOT a good movie. I enjoyed it for the apes. **1/2 out of *****

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A Sense of Dejavu, 16 February 2001

I went to this movie hoping for a unique experience. I left with a feeling of I've seen this several times. This movie seems to borrow heavily from several films and the more I think about it it seems to blatantly rip-off several films. This Movie has 1. desciples in training w/ Masters ......hmm perhaps Star Wars. 2. this movie has villains JADE FOX a chinese version of DARTH MAUL or DARTH VADER. 3. speaking of Masters notice the similarity of Li Mu Bai and Qui-Gon Jinn. 4. KUNG FU - "I know KUNG FU" those moves look really familiar.. hold it that was NEO in THE MATRIX. 5. Did I say KUNG FU. yes I think they stole something from 'Grasshopper' remember David Carradine???? 6. Those Sword Fights with the placement of the swords. Darth vs. OBI_WAN. This movie Replaced Light Sabers with Swords. I have to stop I will exceed the 1000 word allotment. The only thing I can recommend about Crouching Dragon is some of the effects, although we have seen the same moves and effects in THE MATRIX and in the EPISODE I, they are ok. If you want an excellent martial arts Foreign Flick with originality see SEVEN SAMURAI. This Movie is NOT EVEN the quality or orginality of SEVEN SAMURAI so I will not even compare the two. If anyone can email or tell me why in the Hell is this picture nominated for BEST PICTURE, please do..... ***** out of 10.. for cinematography and effects.

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Omen + Omen II + Omen III = OMEN IV, 16 February 2001

If you are hoping for ANYTHING new, you have chosen the wrong movie. Who can think that a movie that is a virtual replay of it's predeccesors can be good. Maybe the producer and maybe the director but hopefully they were not serious when they made this THING. This whole movie is like making a greatest hits DVD of the 1st 3 films, but changing the actors. BHHAAAAD.

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I don't believe what it was I think I saw., 31 October 2000

After seeing Evil Dead 1 on DVD. I thought KICK butt. So, I went out and bought the limited collectors tin of EVIL DEAD 2. I have since put it up for auction on ebay. This movie is bad (and I mean in the awful way). It is far from scary, unlike the 1st. Sam Raimi made it a gore fest and forgot how to make a movie. It tries to spoof, it is far from funny. In fact it is far from everything but bad, and boy does this movie nail that. Now I know why Bruce Campbell wants to be referred to as Bruce "don't call me Ash" Campbell. *1/2 out of *****.

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The movie for Halloween. Everything Blair Witch isn't, 31 October 2000

With reservations on watching a movie with the Title of 'Pumpkinhead', one can easily assume cheap class B-Horror Flick..... If all Horror movies were this good. Pumpkinhead has the right ingredients to make it enjoyable. Thank goodness it is not like 'I know what you did Last Summer' and some of these other so called 'Horror' movies. Pumpkinhead succeeds where they fail. Florence Schauffler as Haggis could give the Blair Witch a couple of lessons. As for Pumpkinhead the monster/demon, who does come out of the Pumpkin patch (if LINUS only knew), there have been better and there have been many worse. This is definatly a good HALLOWEEN flick. ***1/2 out of *****.

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An excellent movie it is......., 16 July 2000

For all the nay-sayers and nit-pickers, just admit that this is one hell-of-a movie. As this movie touches on History it does not claim to be a Documentary. Name one movie that is historically correct.......... If you are thinking about going to see this movie do. As, I was skeptical, I almost made the mistake of not going. Never during the 2 hours and 44 min. does this movie drag or become unbelievable. If I wanted a History lesson a would take one. ****1/2 out of *****

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