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Here is the order I would rank the best picture winners.
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Somewhat in order, features only, no shorts, and stopped at 1936 with Modern Times.
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TIME magazine treated the Godfather films and Lord of the Rings as single entries, so I did too.
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My choice for the Best Picture of the Year for each calendar year since the Academy Awards started but not restricted to the Academy nominees. Sometimes I agree with the Oscars, more often I don't. I may have choices that were not actually eligible for the year I am listing them. I'm just using the US release date listed on IMDB. This is not an exact science.
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They may not be the greatest directors, but many great directors base their reputations on two or three great films. (And a few simply make films that I don't like.) But this is a list of those directors whose names appear over and over when I watch my favorite films. So quantity and consistency in their body of work are criteria, above and beyond the high quality of the films.

They made some stinkers too. That has to be allowed for or I wouldn't have anyone on the list.
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The list starts with a typical 10 and counts backwards to a 1. Comparing diverse films seems wrong, yet nothing clarifies my feelings toward a film more than when I compare it to other films. Go figure. I rate films based on my own criteria because these are my personal ratings. I don't attempt to guess how others will feel.
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A lot of these are comedies which makes them all the more prone to highly subjective judgements. Anyway, I enjoyed these enough to expect that others would have enjoyed them more too!
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In descending order
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In no particular order
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From the best to the least best. (They didn't have a worst (unless you count Love Happy (but we don't, do we?)))
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20th Century Fox made 27 Charlie Chan mysteries before the series went to poverty row studio Monogram. Four of the early films are lost, but the rest maintain a high level of quality considering they were made by Fox's B unit under Sol Wurtzel. Chan was played by Warner Oland until his death in 1938. The movies continued with Sidney Toler as Chan. This list has what I consider to be the ten best Chans, my four favorites, followed by six other excellent examples.