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Extremely Underrated Romantic Comedy, 8 July 2008

My low expectations were surprisingly rewarded with what turned out to be a jewel of film that I had never heard of. There are very few modern romances that appeal to me in this day and age. At the beginning of I'm With Lucy my skepticism seemed to be on target. A highly unlikely setup with our heroine, played by Monica Potter, being dismissively dumped by a creep of a boyfriend, Craig Bierko, in a public elevator and eventually setting out on five blind dates in search of the right, if not perfect man. But slowly as each scenario played out and I got to know not only each of the men she dates (John Hannah, Gael Garcia Bernal, Anthony La Paglia, Henry Thomas and David Boreanaz) as well as Lucy, I was totally won over. By the time that Lucy married one her blind dates at the end of the film, I'd found something that I've missed during the usual attempts at melding comedy and romance in today's movie market, a real warmth in the story that was told, and an appreciation for most, if not all the characters in the film. We actually experienced Lucy's growth in awareness and self knowledge. The cast was wonderful, and I'm not just thinking of the five male dates and Monica Potter, Julie Christie and Harold Ramis as Lucy's embarrassingly informative parents were spot on. If for some reason you haven't seen this film yet, please give it a try. It truly deserves real consideration given the fact that it had little or no theatrical release and a very skimpy and unannounced DVD release here in the US, although the British release does include cast interviews which are not found on the US release.

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Best New Show of the Season!, 21 October 2007

What sets this series apart from other time travel shows like Quantum Leap, is that it actually takes a serious look at how being tossed around in time would effect a person's life and relationships. This show also takes a more realistic view of marriage than most. You have two people totally devoted to one another, but it's still hard, especially when the totally unexpected enters into the mix. The real center of this show isn't time travel, but relationships. Each one of Dan's assignments has dealt with the central theme of broken relationships and how they affect the bigger picture; which is exactly the situation that Dan is dealing with in his own life. This show truly stands out from just about anything I've seen before. I hope that NBC knows what it has and decides to invest in it. I think it's a classic already.

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Wonderful Show, Great Character Studies, 28 September 2006

Everything about this series is exceptional, the production values, the casting, and the riveting plot. While most of today's crime dramas seem to center around the same old tried and true CSI and Law and Order formulas of-crime committed, investigation proceeds, cops figure it out and prosecution is executed (within an hour), this series involves the exploration of the affect of the crime on all of the individuals touched by it. The fact that the writers have an entire season to explore reasons, relationships and consequences, gives this show a level of depth that most movies, let alone television series are no where near achieving.

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One of my adolescent favorites, 13 September 2005

I probably first saw this film when I was around 12 years old, and after several decades I still remember this as one of those pleasant mannered comedies that occasionally aired on local stations on Sunday afternoons. A nice little British romance from the early 60s. It evoked the same type of fondness in me as the first Gidget film. "Young girl falls for slightly older guy who apparently doesn't even notice her." This is the type if film that is rarely aired these days, if ever. While the plot may seem predictable, the actors and the characters are great. In my opinion the cast alone is a strong recommendation for viewing this gem. While the names Redgrave and Mills are both staples of the British stage and Cinema, Michael Craig was also a heavy hitter in the early 60s. I'd love to have this on DVD.

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I prefer this version!, 7 January 2004

Yes I remember the original, and it never hooked me. In my opinion it had too many cliches and too little real substance. This version however, hooked me from the start, in spite of its darkness. I adore the fact that this time around the women are not written as ladies in waiting, or princesses on pedestals, but full fledged heroes and villains in their own right. I guess my biggest criticisms are a lack of warmth, and that the character connections seemed incomplete. However, if the high ratings do lead to a continuation, there is plenty of room left to build on more developed emotional ties between the characters and deeper emotional pay offs. I just hope that the current producers will be able to follow through with their visions.

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Wonderful show for the entire family!, 15 June 2002

I stumbled upon this gem on PBS one Saturday morning while channel surfing. In New England it competes against the usual Saturday morning kiddy fare. All I can say is that IMO it rates up there with best network fantasy dramas.

Two teens desperately trying to rescue their archeologist father, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, stumble upon a computer program capable of transporting them into the varied myths that have contributed to the world's civilizations. The writing and production qualities are top notch. From what I've been able to find out online so far there are only 13 episodes completed, and the Canadian based show is currently in its second year of production. I truly hope that it has a long run. The show is entertaining, educational and compelling.

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Saw this movie when I was 11 or 12, love it!, 1 September 2001

Several decades later, I still remember it, and wish it were on video or dvd. William Castle had a unique ability when it came to putting children in dangerous adult situations. His other film that comes to mind here is "Let's Kill Uncle," about a 12 year boy whose life is in dangered by his charming, cunning, financially challenged, ex-spy uncle. I think the bad reviews are a reflection of the fact that the film is hard to catagorize. As a pre-teen I found the idea of a group of young girls from different nations and cultures saving the world very appealing. Kinda fit in with my devotion to the Man From UNCLE.