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Lockout (2012)
Not terrible but definitely beneath Guy Pearce's abilities, 10 March 2014

Guy Pearce evidenced by his performances in movies like LA Confidential, Memento and others is arguably one of the most talented actors in movies today and he's basically just cashing a paycheck in a by the numbers action vehicle. I guess the reason he did this movie was while a talented actor he's not a huge box office draw and hoped an action movie would help broaden his name value to be able to get even better roles down the line but it doesn't seem like this has accomplished that goal. This seems like it was a retooling of what would've been the third part of the John Carpenter's Escape from ... series. That type of movie works with a character as iconic as Snake Plissken but this screenplay leaves Pearce nothing to work with here.

Rush (2013/I)
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Best racing movie of all time?, 6 November 2013

Ron Howard's Rush is by far the best auto racing movie I have ever seen. It really captures the feeling of what it feels like to be in the world of an auto racer. The previous auto racing movies like Days of Thunder, Talladega Nights and Driven just don't capture the feel of what it's really like to be a professional auto driver. Part of it is probably since it's based on a true story and not a fictional story with overally sappy or comedic moments that are totally unbelievable in comparison. The race scenes are very intense and totally captures your imagination.

I like Chris Hemsworth in the Thor role but he was way more to sink into as an actor in this role. Daniel Bruhl is great also as the other lead character, both should get serious Academy Award consideration.

Snitch (2013/I)
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Top quality movie, 18 June 2013

Snitch might be the best overall acting performance to date for Dwayne Johnson. I think that Dwayne is great in his Fast & Furious and G.I. Joe type of roles but this is probably his most realistic performance of his career to date. He has to play a father who's trying to get his son out of prison after his son made a huge boneheaded decision. And while his son did make a bad decision he got punished way more then he deserved to be punished.

The casting of this movie was flawless with every actor perfect for their respective roles. Dwayne as the father as said above. Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead as the guy working at Johnson's trucking business who helps introduce the father to his former drug contacts. Susan Sarandon as the US Attorney, Barry Pepper as the DEA Agent, Michael K. Williams as the mid level drug dealer, Melina Kanakeredes as the mother and Benjamin Bratt as the drug kingpin are all fantastic in each of their roles.

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If you have to watch a RomCom this is the movie a guy will like, 9 June 2013

Let's be honest, when a guy wants to watch a movie the last thing he'll suggest watching is a romantic comedy. Usually you're forced to watch them because your girlfriend/wife is forcing you to. But if you're ever in that situation I would definitely choose This Means War over any of those crappy movies that Katherine Heigl puts out on a regular basis. The movie is about 2 secret agents trying to court the same girl. There is a lot of action in the movie and definitely a lot of stunts taking place.

Plus one of the leads of the movie is Tom Hardy who's one of the most prolific actors of the last several years as far putting out quality work. With Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises, Warrior and other stuff he's definitely one of the most interesting actors working today. Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon are pretty decent also in the other 2 lead roles.

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Movie made for all of the wrong reasons., 29 May 2013

I know that when you make big budget summer blockbuster type of movies the idea is to make the biggest movie with the most butts in seats as possible. But when you care so little about the storytelling and leave almost nothing from the original TV show then what's the point of even making the movie? Even if this movie was a success at the box office in comparison to how much it cost to make(which it wasn't), it doesn't change the fact that it's a movie that you'll forget 10 minutes after seeing it.

Barry Sonnenfeld with this movie shows that he's not a real director, but more of less just the glorified cinematographer we all know that he is. He's good at being the guy behind the camera and getting all the close ups and all the nice shots type of stuff. But he has no place in working with actors, overseeing changes to the script, dealing with studio pressure who want you to change your movie in ways that make no sense but hey if we add this random new character with little importance to the story we might sell a few more toys!

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This is how fun movies should be, 28 May 2013

The Fast and Furious movies are never going to be Oscar darlings but when you pay your money at the movie theater to see them you know what you're going to get and they deliver it for you. Not only are the F&F movies fun and great popcorn entertainment they don't insult your intelligence like the Transformers or Battleship type blockbusters do.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have great chemistry together as the leads for the series. Great to see one of the original 4 characters of Michelle Rodriguez back in the fold. Her lack of presence was missing in Fast Five. Don't get me wrong Fast Five was a great movie even without her but the Brian, Dom, Mia and Letty characters make it feel like a true F&F movie. Without one of the 4 main characters it takes away from the F&F feel of the movie. That's probably why Tokyo Drift was the weakest of all the F&F movies.

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Canceled prematurely, 16 May 2013

This show could've been a really good and long running show if it was given a chance. 13 episodes is all we get though. Network TV has really gone in the crapper lately where when they finally put together a good show they give up on the show shortly after debuting it. It's like why do they even bother putting shows on TV if they have no faith in them? And they cancel the show shortly after adding Michael Madsen as a recurring character, which sucks since he's one of my favorite actors and they suddenly cancel the show right after introducing him.

The show has a fantastic so the success of the show was not because a lack of quality performances on screen. It was from a lack of promotion by the network.

First post Montreal screwjob PPV for WWF, 14 May 2013

This was a very historical time in pro wrestling, it was just before this PPV that Bret Hart had the very public loss of his title at the Survivor Series PPV. Which basically WWF used to cultivate the Mr. McMahon character into one of the greatest heel characters in pro wrestling history.

As far as the PPV card itself. It had the newly crowned WWF Champion Shawn Michaels defending his title against Ken Shamrock. The first ever PPV matchup between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, this time for the Intercontinental Title. Jeff Jarrett seemed a little out of place facing The Undertaker. Jarrett was never up to main event calibre in his WWF time and I'm not sure why he got the opportunity here. I'm guessing WWF was short on mid level to main event level talent at the time with Bret gone and taking British Bulldog with him and Owen Hart temporarily on leave before coming back. Surprisingly Triple H had a 12 minute match with Sgt. Slaughter who going into the PPV you'd have expected a quick squash match, considering Slaughter being long retired and HHH one of the younger stars of the company.

Overall it was a decent PPV but by no means a great PPV. The most memorable match was the first Austin/Rock PPV match considering they'd eventually go onto going against each other 3 times at WM. Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock was a very short run of a feud since this was the only time Shamrock ever got a PPV main event slot.

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Good show but slightly unrealistic, 7 May 2013

The mothership of the CSI franchise is the only of the CSI shows that are watchable, Miami and NY are just terrible in comparison. But with that said the main CSI is kind of unrealistic in the involvement the Crime Scene Unit does in solving crimes. The way the show makes it out to be it's the CSI team that solves the cases with the assistance of an occasional detective when it's really the other way around. It's the detectives who solve the cases with the assistance of the CSI's, not the other way around. You don't see real CSI's interrogating suspects or questioning witnesses. The CSI's jobs is to find finger prints, DNA and all of the science part of the investigation. CSI's don't go on raids and they definitely don't carry weapons.

42 (2013)
Well done movie about important subject matter, 1 May 2013

42 is a great baseball movie and a great movie in general as how it relates to the civil rights movement of the mid 1900's. Before Rosa Parks refused to take a seat in the back of a bus there was Jackie Robinson. Jackie when he integrated baseball wasn't only integrating that sport but also taking the first step in ending of the Jim Crow laws which unfairly mistreated a whole race of people for no good reason.

Amazing performance by Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, Ford totally immerses himself in the role and you don't see Harrison Ford the guy known for being Han Solo, Indiana Jones or Jack Ryan but you see Branch Rickey. It was a very inspired casting choice going with Ford who wouldn't have been an obvious choice for the role.

Chadwick Boseman definitely stepped up to the plate in his first leading role. Prior to this movie the only time I had seen Boseman in a movie was his one scene at the end of The Express playing Floyd Little.

All of the game action and actors playing the ballplayers of that time were really authentic in their appearance.

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