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Braveheart (1995)
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One of the BEST films of the 20th century!!, 5 June 2001

A film such as Braveheart is very rare. Braveheart is a wonderful film, it has so much to offer to fans of various genres. It contains traces of love, action,war, adventure, and is basically defined as an 'epic drama.' Braveheart can bring tears to your eyes, thrill you, and entertain you until the credits are done. It is actually based on the true accounts that took place in history. One of the most powerful films of all time; Braveheart simply cannot be missed. I have yet to meet a person who did not like this picture, as well as someone who does not think it is one of the best films they have ever seen. The story mixes and blends war, action and love into a seamless masterpiece. The plot contains twists, tragedies, and graphic yet accurate depictions of medieval war. You will feel for the hero of the story, William Wallace. You will root against the enemies and antagonists, the English. It is a wonderful film, deserving to be higher on IMDb's top 250. Vote now, and give it a 10.

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Minority Report is one of the top films of 2002, 17 July 2002

I read a lot of previous posts about this movie. This is one of the best films of the year, and of recent years. This is a perfect blend of action, suspense, thrills and film-noir. The plot is intelligent and fresh. People saying it is not original must have slept through the movie. Tom Cruise is fantastic, Colin Farrell is amazing, as well as Samantha Morton. Spielberg again proves that he is the master of cinema. A truly great director. I'll agree, the ending was a little too happy, but not worth complaining about. This film is not about product placement as previously suggested, it is simply a entertaining and yet realistic glimpse of what our future may look like, as advertising becomes more advanced and intrusive. The film creates many moral questions and issues, and should leave you thinking. Is being arrested for doing something you actually havn't commited yet fair? It is worth seeing again and again. As a film lover and critic, i can say it is one amazing movie.

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An extraordinary film, despite critics' ridiculous opinions, 5 June 2001

Pearl Harbor has caught a large amount of negative attention. Do not listen to the critics, who claim it is a let-down, and a bad film. Pearl Harbor is a surprisingly realistic portrayal of the events that took place in 1941. Obviously, the elements of love are fictional, but many of the other items in the movie are authentic. The action in this movie is amazing, some of the best action and special effects in recent years. Some people complain it takes too long to 'get to the action.' These people are un-patient, because without the first part of the movie, the entire story implemented in the movie would not work at all. The opening sets up the movie, and gives a better effect of the havoc the events at Pearl Harbors caused. The length of 3 hours is not a bad thing- rather it is good, as it is an epic, and any thing less would of given the movie a rushed feel. The time flies by. Don't listen to the critics. Go see Pearl Harbor. It is a fantastic movie that will provide an exciting, entertaining viewing.

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Despite what you may have heard, it's an awesome movie, 17 July 2002

Many have either hated, loved, or been let down by this film. Hype does terrible things to the best and worst of things. Most of the reasons i have heard for not liking this film are ridiculous. Let me just tell you, if you have not seen it yet, go see it. Even if for some reason you don't think its amazing, it will be among the best films you have seen of the year anyways. Road to Perdition is a beautiful movie, both visually and in performance. Every actor here is deserving of acclaim and Academy attention, mainly Jude Law. Any emotional detachment is intentional; It is a tragic story, one of betrayal, love, bonds, and revenge. There is no doubt this film will become a classic. Don't dare compare it with Godfather: this is a GANGSTER film, not a MAFIA movie! Godfather will never be surpassed, so don't compare to it. Road to Perdition as of now is the leading Best Picture Oscar contender. Unlike past years, it deserves it.