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I have forced myself to pick only one film per director, and my highly subjective list skews more towards personal favorites (and a couple of not-too-guilty pleasures) rather than the 'best' or 'most representative' film from each filmmaker. Still, boiling down 25 years of movie history to only 25 titles was not easy, and I probably omitted as many great and noteworthy films as I included.
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IMDb didn't always use unique numerical identifiers for names -- the standard numbering scheme was introduced in the spring of 2001. When the new system was launched, IMDb assigned a number (in the format nmXXXXXXX) to each person stored in the database. These 82 names were used for initial internal testing and were the first to be entered in the new system in alphabetical order from Fred Astair to Victor Young; after #82, the numerical allocation is no longer in alphabetical order and becomes more random; currently, numerical identifiers are added chronologically when new names are entered into the system and don't follow any kind of pattern.
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A list of not-so-well-known Spanish-language films that are not directed by Pedro Almodovar, Alejandro Amenabar, Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñárritu but are still well worth watching. I only included films that were made after 2000 and that are available on DVD, and only one film per director. The list is in no particular order.
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Another ten films that you probably have not seen yet, but are worth seeking out. Not all of them are masterpieces, but they are all more interesting and more deserving of exposure than your average multiplex fare.
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This is a follow up to
Unless otherwise stated, all foreign DVD versions mentioned here are in english or have english subtitles.
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A list of popular cocktails featured on-screen in some famous (and not so famous) films. Traditional recipes listed here may differ from the version prepared in the film. Bottoms up!
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In no particular order, a list of great/entertaining movies made outside of English-speaking countries. Most of these have been remade in English, or have been released internationally to some acclaim. And yes, the omission of "Life Is Beautiful" is deliberate.