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Sahara (2005)
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Ya know..., 4 November 2005

I've never read a Clive Cussler book, so my opinion of a movie version wasn't prejudiced by an earlier interpretation of how this story "should have been" told. I came into it based on earlier reviews and rankings not expecting much and I was more than pleasantly surprised... I thought it was great! A lot of fun and action, great soundtrack and effects, good storyline that I could easily follow, and excellent casting (especially William H. Macy). Yeah, a large part of it was implausible, but so what? It was highly entertaining, I really enjoyed this movie and plan on recommending it to all of my friends. I hope they do more in the series, as McConaughy and Zahn make a good pair... it was good to see Steve in a role where he plays a smart guy for once.

I give an 8 for the non-stop entertainment.

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Excellent parody!, 6 March 2004

Anybody who didn't enjoy this movie didn't get it... it was one of the most hilarious parodies I've ever seen. But, perhaps the circumstances of my initial viewing overly influenced my opinion. On a business trip to DC in 1998, I saw "The Game" with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn on the way out... great movie, but very heavy and deep. However on the way back, this movie was playing. Based on initial reviews I wasn't expecting much, but watching it was like someone purposely made a funny version of The Game, and I probably annoyed my fellow passengers as I was laughing so hard. I thought Murray was at his best, not unlike Chevy Chase in the Fletch movies (shame they didn't make more of those), as they were both in their comical element.

The coincidental (or perhaps not) pairing of these two films really added to my enjoyment of both. On a cold rainy weekend, I strongly recommend renting both and watching them in the same order I did… you won't be disappointed!

Loved it!, 29 July 2002

Both my wife and I thought this was hilarious and the funniest one yet, especially with all the cameos! So what if some of the jokes were recycled... they were funny before and they were even funnier the second (or third) time. I laughed my *ss off during the entire movie, with one exception: the "issue - tissue" scene which wasn't supposed to be funny. Granted, there was a LOT of potty humor, but it wasn't unexpected and was very funny (and gross). This, as well as the other AP's, were much like "American Pie;" it was so juvenile I was embarrassed to say I watched it, but I've never laughed so hard in my life!

I'd love to see another sequel, but I don't know how Mike Myers could make it any more funny... but where there's a will (and money), there's a way!

Spider-Man (2002)
Eye lye kit, eye lye kit eh lawt, 25 May 2002

In my youth back in the 60's, I went to the local drugstore every Tuesday right after school to use my allowance to buy all the newest editions of the Marvel comics available (Fantastic Four, Thor, the Hulk, Daredevil, Captain America, etc.) and Spiderman was one of my favorites. I far preferred Marvel comics to DC (Superman, Batman) because they illustrated real people put into extraordinary circumstances, complete with emotion and angst. In my opinion, Sam Raimi captured the essence of what Stan Lee intended in creating these masterpieces... I honestly don't know how it could have been better. Spiderman the movie brought back a lot of memories from my youth, as I used to identify with Peter Parker (the nerd) quite a lot. The casting was perfect, the special effects were great, and the story conveyed exactly what the comic(s) always emphasized: "With great power comes great responsibility."

But, in all honesty, I would have like to seen Peter get a chance to boff MJ, at least once...

All in all, a masterpiece that raised the significantly raises the bar for movies made from comics. I can't wait for some of the other Marvel comics to be made... it's about time Stan Lee got his due.

Fail Safe (2000) (TV)
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Good, but..., 12 April 2000

I looked forward to and enjoyed the live remake of "Fail-Safe," IMHO one of the best movies on the subject of a possible military nuclear "accident." However, as good as it was, having seen the original several times, I don't feel this measured up. Some of the acting was superb (Hank Azaria, Noah Wyle, and Bill Smitrovich in particular), but I felt Dreyfuss must have listed to Henry Fonda too much, as much of his phrasing was exactly as Fonda spoke the words. I do applaud Clooney for bringing this to TV, but I felt that the show would have been better if the actors had not watched the original, as they seemed too reverential instead of being innovative. For one of the best later day movies of this genre, see "By Dawn's Early Light," a movie made originally for HBO that is spectacular. Martin Landau as the President and James Earl Jones as a Colin Powell-type were magnificent in a much overlooked's available on video from and if you liked Fail-Safe, you won't be disappointed!

Stalag 17 (1953)
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Screams for a remake, 11 March 2000

Having just watched this movie for the nth time, I was once again struck by this entertaining yet serious portrayal of a difficult subject. However, it seems obvious that the treatment of our WWII POW's was far worse than depicted. As such, in light of some of the recent films dealing with WWII, this movie screams for a remake. I believe Kevin Spacey would be superb as Sefton (perhaps as good as Holden) and Matt Damon would make a good Price. I strongly encourage the Hanks and Spielberg combo to create a version of the story in the same vein as "Saving Private Ryan" could be huge!

P.T. Barnum (1999) (TV)
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Well done!, 23 October 1999

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Beau Bridges' (and his son's) portrayal of P.T. Barnum in this well written, well acted, and well directed production. We felt it provided an excellent insight into PT's feelings and motivation. His need for approval by the "upper class" (George Hamilton's character in particular) was illustrated quite eloquently, as was his eventualacceptance.

While it may not have been 100% historically accurate, it was quite refreshing to see a well made movie that did not depend on gratuitous sex, language, and violence. This is a film that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Good job, 19 September 1998

I thought the movie gave a pretty accurate representation of Bill Clinton's need to try to please everybody (which obviously has gotten him into trouble). Kathy Bates' performance was superb!