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The Relic (1997)
Relic is Fast paced fun
22 January 2000
If you're looking for cinematic perfection or art, this movie is not for you. It involves a monster going on a murderous rampage through the natural history museum in Chicago. Penelope-Ann Miller plays Dr. Green, who along with her mentor, wheel-chair bound Dr. Frock (James Whitmore), and police Lt. D'Agosta (Tom Sizemore) investigates several murders that have taken place in the museum. Although one would think these murders would shut down the museum, Dr.Cuthbert (Linda Hunt), the museum director, insists that it stay open in order to hold a much needed fundraising gala. This party is the film's climax and involves Frock, D'Agosta and Green trying to kill the monster while Dr. Cuthbert, the Mayor and several guests and police attempt to wade through chest deep water in dark tunnels under the museum in order to escape (but of course there's something in the water). I would say this movie is a mix between The Poseidon Adventure and Predator. The acting is very good and is aided by the chemistry between Miller and Sizemore and veteran actors Hunt (who won best supporting actress 1983) and past best actor oscar nominee Whitmore.
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The Man in the Brown Suit (1989 TV Movie)
Best of the CBS Movies
12 August 1999
This is the best of the made-for-tv movies done by CBS. There is no video avaliable, but it does sometimes come on the Fox Family Channel or Encore Mystery Channel. More of an adventure story than a mystery, the action keeps up well until it lags towards the end. Randall provides comic relief appearing as an elderly vicar lugging a suit case full of bibles around and as a female secretary. 3 stars out of 4. Certainly better than any of the Helen Hayes & Peter Ustinov Tv Movies.
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Underrated Christie Adaption
12 August 1999
This is the most under-appreciated Agatha Christie film in my opinion. The movie has a top grade cast (for the most part) including Peter Ustinov, Lauren Bacall, Piper Laurie & Hayley Mills. Mills and Bacall give the best supporting performances as an Archeologist and Member of Parliment respectively. The solution to the murder of evil mother Laurie isn't an easy one, but it all makes sense in the end. The plot moves along at a good pace, and features beautiful locations. If you want a good mystery, go and rent Appointment with Death!
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Weakest Hickson adaption
12 August 1999
This is definatly the weakest of the Joan Hickson Marples. It has nothing to do with the acting (which, as always is great), the book was, in my opinion, one of Christie's worst. Worth watching only for the performances and the setting.
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Thirteen at Dinner (1985 TV Movie)
Bottom of the Barrel
12 August 1999
Absolutely horrid Christie CBS TV-Movie. Ustinov plays Poirot as a mean and spiteful old man, unlike his big screen performance. Hastings is reduced to a sniveling bumbling sidekick who is constantly derided and snapped at by poirot. Faye Dunnaway does an average job playing 2 characters. Certainly an improvement from her last Christie film Ordeal by Innocence (see my comment on that film) The first of 3 TV-Movies featuring Poirot, I haven't seen Dead Man's Folly or Murder in 3 acts, but I can't imagine that they'd be any better. Wish I hadn't paid $16 for the video!!!
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Worst Christie Ever!
12 August 1999
This is really & truly the absolute worst Agatha Christie movie ever!! (And I've seen 10 little Indians with Frank Stallone!!!) Sutherland & Plummer are greatly wasted in a go no where "mystery". You could also say that Faye Dunnaway's appearance was little more than a cameo. Her scenes total about 2 minutes of the movie. I'd keep it short too if I were in this film. The movie doesn't even have a climactic climax, and the murderer is revealed half way through the movie. (To the viewers that is.) I'm sure Agatha rolled in her grave when this came out. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!
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Great Film
12 August 1999
Probably my favorite Rutherford Marple, this movie is funny, suspensful, and wildly entertaining. Whatever Agatha Christie thought of this movie, she greatly admired Margaret Rutherford, dedicating one of her best books The Mirror Crack'd to her. Once again, great support acting from Stringer Davis (Rutherford's real life husband) and from Robert Morley. Don't you think that Inspector Craddock would have learned to listen to Miss Marple by this movie?
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Classic Film!
12 August 1999
Many people criticise this movie because Margaret Rutherford doesn't have the "look" to play Miss Marple. However, that doesn't change the fact that this is an excellent film that, while it doesn't stick to the book much, does a great job of entertaining the viewer. It's getting harder and harder to find all 4 videos from the series (this was the first). It took me around a year to get all of them , with Murder Ahoy being the easiest (easily found at Suncoast Video) and Murder Most Foul being the hardest to find. (I had to special order from Canada for around $20) These movies are well worth the price though, and provide not only great mysteries, but also wonderful entertainment!!
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