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100 Girls (2000)
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Um, misses its own point, 28 April 2002


Yeah I watched it again. I saw Jon tucker in something recently and remembered I had seen him in this earlier, but also remembered I didn't like it.

My opinion has not changed. Even with more experience in the world and relationships, I still hate this film. If you must 100 Women is better, even if it is as perverse as a little boys dream.


This movie should really be called "100 Euphamisms"- um, did the writer/director sit DOWN and think of these? Are these common phrases among men? "Her ring around my eleventh finger". Ooh charming. Pointless, tries to act like men and women should join hands and sing "we are the world". And I'm not a feminist, but its a man's "understanding" of feminism. This is what men THINK go through our heads. Still awful.

Okay, now I actually RENTED 8 Days a Week a few years ago and found it to be mind-numbing and disgusting. Thank god I just saw this one on TV, but I will always miss that hour and a half of sleep I could have gotten instead of watching this. This movie had it's points- the guy (who of course has sex with a complete stranger in a darkened elevator) is supposed to be "understanding" these women and really getting to care about them as individuals, while at the same time turning up the heat so they take their clothes off and sneaking into their rooms and searching through their belongings. That is one contradiction. Another scene in particular which displays this again is when he is having "fun-sex" with Claire, and refers to it as "velvet axel-grease". I'm not a prude, but that comment turned my stomach. Even Sorority Boys wasn't as bad as that. And I agree with whoever on here said that the ENTIRE sorority is filled with models, which I am a student and I have never seen such a sight.

Another thing is that weird guy that hung around, the jerk that was Claire's boyfriend. Was that supposed to show men what women go through? When he was dressed as "Francesca" a guy attempted to rape him, he then proceeded to actually bite the guys tongue off...(no cops called???). What this subconsciously supposed to show the "man" coming to the rescue of the girls again?

This was kind of amusing, but I resent it trying to make any kind of real point. American Pie 2, at least showed that what you're looking for isn't whats best for you. This movie was just so trite.

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Um...okay!, 3 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was okay, but I found myself basically laughing through the whole movie- I actually STOPPED the movie when I saw Eli Roth, and ran upstairs to make sure this Wasn't "his" movie...I would've stopped watching immediately.

*Sigh* This is another instance of "WHY Didn't THEY JUST LEAVE FROM THE GET-GO?" *Nice of Freddy there at the end to have the ramp and fire-ring all ready for the big stunt.

*Why did they split up??? WHY??? I don't even know what to say about the rest of this, it was AWFUL. And what was with that ending? Is that supposed to make us all feel bad? Well, it doesn't!

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Dull, boring and impersonal, 6 February 2001

Ill admit I wasnt exactly keen on seeing this in the first place, so I wasnt that surprised by the end of the second hour, I was ready to die in my seat.

Not only does this movie force meaning into itself (art for arts sake), but it was about an hour too long. As the totally unbelievable and dull romance storyline (which in itself was the focus of trailers and in the movie was only about 25 minutes) run out of steam by the middle of the movie, the two leads, Penelope Cruz (with a boyish and gross waif figure) and Matt Damon exude no sexual heat or chemistry. Then, the audience found themselves thrown a completley different storyline, with a heavy eyebrowed grandmother sitting down and in a huge, long boring conversation, telling Matt Damon why he has to go back to Texas. In a story such as this (a wannabee "Legends of the Fall"), typically the audience is supposed to care about the main characters, but this fails too. The romance can be boiled down(at least how it was presented here) as just sex, no real love or romance. I was horrified to learn that the studio actually was pushing this in the Oscar race (although I dont find that a great measurement of greatness), and not surprised when it wasnt even considered. Stay away, stay far far away from this dull movie.

A blind man regains his sight, 18 January 1999

Virgil (Val Kilmer) is a man with a simple small town life. A great masseur, a great brother (who's sister is surprisingly played by Kelly McGillis), but is missing companionship. Mira Sorvino is an uptight, professional New Yorker who goes away for a holiday, then falls in love with Virgil's "magic hands". Despite the lack of chemistry between Sorvino and Kilmer, this movie also could have been cut down about an hour, instead of dragging and tripping over every detail and event in the process of Virgil's returning sight.

BloodRayne (2005)
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May not be "fine cinema" but very entertaining!, 7 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw some of the comments on here, and yeah okay the acting wasn't the best, but everyone involved seemed to at least try to give it their best. Im a 24 year old woman, and I found myself quite a few times channeling a 13 year old boy saying "sweet!"- some of her moves were awesome. Don't get me wrong, I made plenty of jokes, but overall I thought it was pretty entertaining.

I've seen MUCH worse given way better ratings, so it surprises me a little. I saw the Unrated version- aye yaye yaye, one of the hottest sex scenes I've EVER seen in a movie! Although this movie may have a lot of negatives, it was never really *boring*. Now if you want a movie that sucked AND was boring- try watching DOMINO. That was plain horrific.

Billy Zane really didn't figure in, did he?

Braveheart (1995)
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Great film, 21 April 2002

Im not going to spew something down here that is said in 426 other comments- what a moving picture, great music and exciting story this was. In fact, I am too disgusted by reading some of the comments coming from the UK about this one. In fact, someone laughing throughout their commentary is particularly offensive. I say this not only being Scotch-Irish (and hearing for generations about our hatred for the English) because I myself have no beef with the modern day English. But this story, although perhaps inaccurate at times, is supposed to represent the overall spirit of the 1000-year old Celtic fight for their own identity. To get caught up on all the details is missing the point. Mel Gibson did a gorgeous job making this film. Not only portraying the people correctly (a time when life was short, hard and dirty) and the people's love for their homeland (the cinematography was gorgeous). So although I am an American, this film still strikes a personal note with me, and reading the comments from people today in England speak that way sends a chill through my heart. Besides...its a great film! Take it as such, and dont get hung up on the details...

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Billy Brown returns to Buffalo to fight his demons., 30 July 1998

Accurate portrayal of the average Buffalonian. Dire, lonely and cold. Billy Brown has to fight his demons (including his parents). He kidnaps a girl (Ricci) to pretend to be his wife, as we see what happens to him along the way. A story of finding real love.

Bunnyman (2011)
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War of the IMDb voters!, 11 August 2012

I can come into this honestly, for I had never heard of this movie before, never seen any trailers or had any expectations of this film. I consider myself a horror buff, not an expert but as a viewer who has seen her fill and can enjoy an exquisite masterpiece just as much hopeless schlock. Both of us run the gambit of low-budget to blockbuster. Bunnyman, however commits a serious movie crime: its freaking boring.

I can appreciate moody, atmospheric, tense. Things hinted at, mysterious beings. This however, was boring. The first HOUR gave us the token girl being killed, and then, well, we have some road rage and walking. And some talking. And some bickering. And a pointlessly disgusting hillbilly. Then a little killing. Some torture porn.

All in all, it was pointless, sloppy and lazily written. The absence of splatter gore didn't bother me too much, it was absence of caring about any of these characters, trying to find a motivation for our victims (he sets down the chainsaw-?) and trying to I guess fill in the back story of our killers since the movie didn't help at all in that regard.

I saw another reviewer bring up "The Room"- like "Birdemic", all three of these movies suffer from being out of order, story lines that go nowhere and pointless characters. Find another movie for atmosphere, if thats what you're into. This is NOT "David Lynchian"- this is freaking boring. If you're looking for atmosphere, try "Surveillance" with Bill Pullman, directed by Jennifer Lynch. If you're looking for splatter gore, try "Wrong Turn"- I suspect thats what this movie was trying to rip off. If you're looking for low-budget splatter comedy, try "Monster Man" by Michael Davis. Those are some ones I can recommend, that actually ENTERTAIN.

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This was utterly laughable!, 14 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay I had heard little about this film, so when it came on the movie channels on TV, I wanted to watch it, being a horror aficionado. I think I can do a collective "huh?" for everyone who watched it.

I decided to move on with my life, but at a party with my closest friends, we saw it was coming on and some of us having seen it already decided we could laugh our way through it, both of us proclaiming "this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen". It wasn't scary; Ill give it to Roth (who I think is a young hack); characters do change throughout the film, ala "Cube".

HOWEVER despite your typical "rats in a cage" scenario- who will turn on who, etc., it was pretty average horror.

A few points: 1.) What was with that kid? I'm not even talking about him being weird and biting people. I'm talking about the whole "slow motion karate kicking", what was that? 2.) Okay I know Rider's character liked Jordan Ladd's, but as a young woman, I was appalled that he just went ahead and molested her in her sleep. Uh, thats illegal.

3.) Roth was in the movie just so Roth could be in the movie. Talk about pointlessly writing yourself in! 4.) What was with the deputy? 5.) So she was just instantly pulled apart by the dog? And there was little to no blood left? Just a scrap of her jeans? Anyway we were LAUGHING our asses off, and I love laughing during horror movies (Return of the Living Dead 2, Evil Dead), but I don't know if we were supposed to be laughing here...

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A bunch of kids, fed up, decide to run away for the sumemr, 8 June 1999

Boy, if this could ever happen in real life. A basic paradise, unsupervised (unless you count a cooky Christopher Lloyd), a bunch of kids, fed up with their forced lived, rebel and decide to make their own camp. Total fun, I definitely dug it.

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