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The Croods (2013)
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This was a awful movie, 12 December 2013

Predictable, unimaginative, boring, and just dumb. It was very difficult to sit through this film, and even the kids hated it. High production values and good 3D animation don't count for anything with a story as dull as this one.

There are a lot of 'jokes' in the movie that feel like they came out of one of those 1970s Hannah-Babara cartoons.

The "action" sequences—and there are many of them—are long, loud, and still very dull because they are entirely predictable, even down to the final, predictable and forced 'joke' at the end. One follows upon the other with a very thin sheen of story to connect them.

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Wretched, 30 December 2012

Easily in the class of worst movies ever made, Birdemic has obsoletely nothing to recommend it other than a hilarious send-up of it by the folks at Rifftrax. The acting is horrible, the script is a mess of confusion, the directing is worse, and the special effects look like they were done by an 8yo on an old Quadra 660av. The movie lacks all the charm of something like Plan 9 From Outer Space and fits in well with dreck like Manos The Hand of Fate.

If at all possible, avoid seeing this film. Drive many miles out of your way if need be.

Even if you like bad movies in general, this movie will test your limits.

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Not great, but enjoyable, 26 February 2012

This isn't a great movie. Maybe it's not even a very good movie, but it sure was fun to watch. Sure, it's a little silly and it's got way too many product placements, especially for one particular Chinese computer company, but the relationship between the principles feels real and is paced well. Sure, you know where the film's going front he very beginning, but it doesn't feel forced at any point.

If you're up for a light-hearted bit of romantic comedy fluff in Chinese, then you aren't going to be disappointed.

If you're expecting a movie about China or Chinese culture then you're likely or be disappointed. This movie could as easily have been set in Chicago or Berlin and not changed a single aspect of the film.

Killers (2010)
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Really, not at all worth watching, 14 November 2010

There are occasional glimmers of hope in this movie; split seconds in which if you watch closely you may see that there was a movie here, somewhere, wrying to get out. These are just glimmers though. The script is awful, the pacing is just dreadful. The acting is pedestrian. What you're left with is a whole lot of nothing.

And to make it worse, if that is even possible, the movie doesn't even deliver on being a fun popcorn-fest. There's no believable chemistry between the main characters, and I kept expecting that the whole "romance" was an elaborate setup; that would at least have provided some interest in the final act.

As it is, the movie meanders from implausible to silly to down-right absurd without ever striking any sort of balance. The movie could have easily gone down a comedic farce path, and that would probably have been much better. As it is, it simply has no qualities to recommend it.

This movie has only gotten better, 22 September 2010

I saw this movie the weekend it came out, and I've seen it maybe a half-dozen times since, most recently with my eldest son.

The movie was very good when I first saw it, but remarkably it has held up very well and even gotten better. The performances are excellent, the script is perfect, and quite a lot of this film, like other John Hughes films, has entered the culture.

But beyond the comedy this is a good coming-of-age story with fine performance not just from the main stars, but from all the supporting players as well. Who can forget, for example, Charlie Sheen's marvelous cameo?

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A very good, albeit overlooked, film, 16 April 2009

This movie from 1966 has what is in my opinion the very best dogfight sequences ever filmed. It's absolutely thrilling to watch the flight sequences in this movie and then compare them to movies with much larger special effects budgets (and Computers!) like the Star Wars movies or Top Gun. The effects are all real planes and the camera work is so impressive it is easy to forget that there's no CGI.

Despite being over 40 years old, this movie holds up very well with very good performances from Peppard, Andress, and Mason in particular and a very strong turn by Carl Schell, Maximilian Schell's brother as The Red Baron.

Better than expected, still not great, 12 April 2009

[ This is based on the non-US 101 minute release ]

Babylon AD takes place in a near future that reminds the viewer of an Eastern European version of Bladerunner, only without the rain. The future of 2030 (or so) is grimy and multi-cultural and violent.

The basic story takes a little from the aforementioned Bladerunner,a little from Children of Men, a little from Road Warrior, a little from Transporter, and mixes in a little of its own to come up with a complete package that is rather appealing in its vision and its execution. In short, it's a much better film than I was expecting based on the reviews of the 90 minute US release.

That said, it's not that good a movie. It's pleasant and entertaining and there are some elements in it that really work well, but as a whole it feels like its just an action movie where it could have been quite a bit more.

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Much better than most people give it credit for, 12 April 2009

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have a wonderful chemistry in this movie, and the movie works perfectly as a romantic comedy and a period film.

The soundtrack is a pretty much a soundtrack of what must have been Sandler's senior year of high school. Also, the soundtrack is appropriately broad, not focusing on a few bands, or even a particular genre, but rather the mishmash of everything from top-40 to light hard rock that a lot of people in 1985 were listening to.

Sure, the movie is predictable in the way that all romantic comedies are, but the getting to the predictable ending is a good ride.

Igor (2008)
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Far too derivative of Nightmare Before Christmas, 7 January 2009

This movie looks far too much like Nightmare Before Christmas. The King looks like a cheap knock-off of the Mayor, even. Kids will enjoy it (even my 6yo liked it, but not enough to watch it again) even if some of the themes are a little dark.

The trouble is, it's hard to get past the fact that this feels like a rip-off. John Cleese is great, but in it far too little. Even the few Frankenstein/Young Frankenstein references aren't enough to save the movie.

I'm not sure who the movie was directed at, it doesn't really seem to speak to young kids, pre-teens, teens, or adults.

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Really really lousy, 9 February 2008

Really lousy animation (I mean, really really lousy, many scenes show static cutouts moving across the screen, and even the cgi stuff is exceedingly poor).

The story is compressed and makes little sense to someone not very familiar with the book. The voice work is nothing special, but the thing that really sets this film apart is just how bad the animation is.

I can only think that this film was made because some contract required it to be made, much like the 1980's Fantastic Four movie.

If you have the chance to buy it, don't. Even your kids will be disappointed.

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