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Paperman (2012)
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Absolute garbage, 8 April 2013

Many people have a need to live in a fantasy world from time to time, a perfect world where love rules and everything always turns out fine. So it's understandable that this animated short is seen as adorable and near perfect by most of the reviewers here. I beg to defer. A sugary concoction without any charm, this gives Disney a bad name. For funny and touching animation, check out any Disney cartoons from The Jungle Book back to the earliest ones. How can this be better than Fantasia, Snow White or any Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse short for that matter? All the old charm is missing, the story is 100% forgettable and the animation is way below par. This paperman requires proper recycling. (Needless to say, the main feature after this was just as bad.)

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Once upon a time, 15 October 2010

...there was a boy who lived in a permissive society. Prostitution is legal there (a good thing), pornographic magazines and videos are freely available (why not) as are gory exploitation films which can be watched legally by anybody over the age of 16. Nobody likes Germans very much. The society is that of the Netherlands. The boy became the writer/director of this movie.

Unfortunately all the influences (not even mentioning Salo, Hostel, Saw etc.) didn't produce a top film. Rather the opposite - WAY opposite.

The sad fact is that this laughable piece of utter garbage will make money because it was produced cheaply and seems to belong to a popular genre - horror. Actually the "horror" is confined to a few short scenes of gore. The concept of the "centipede" is laughable to begin with and the result is unconvincing and downright ridiculous.

This does not even belong in the "so bad it's good" category. It's so bad it's really, really bad.

This review is 100% accurate.

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Two hours of my life well spent, 3 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this film today during its initial run at SFX Cinema Emporium, Bangkok. The Thai film rating is 15+.

Rural North-East Thailand. Uncle Boonmee is dying. The film follows him for the last few days of his life. Between the time the audience first meets him and his death in a cave that seems to be full of stars, the ghosts of his wife and long lost son appear, the protagonists talk about life and love and many things in-between and a disfigured princess has an erotic encounter with a catfish. Long, drawn out scenes abound. The surround sound keeps you in the middle of rural Thailand.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul tells a story that doesn't ask or need to be understood. "Uncle Boonmee..." is an art film par excellence. Make what you want of it or don't. It does help if you are familiar with Thai customs and legends.

I wasn't bored for one minute. If you love art films this is essential viewing.

The Hole (2009)
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Joe Dante is back, 12 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Joe Dante is finally back with a feature film after 'Looney Tunes: Back in Action' (2003), a very long break only interrupted by the occasional TV work. As my fellow reviewer mentioned, 'The Hole' is currently on general release in Thailand (Dolby 3D only). I watched it today.

'The Hole' has what you can expect from PG-13 horror. Think 'Poltergeist' (from which it borrows a plot device). The scares are mild, there is only one slightly gory scene. Atmosphere and story are fine.

I cannot comment on the quality of the 3D effects as I don't have 3D vision. You can expect a lot of character scenes that establish the story as well as scenes obviously designed to show off the technology, including underwater sequences.

If you like Joe Dante's work and don't need ultra-brutal horror, you may well enjoy 'The Hole'. I'm happy to report that Dick Miller has the expected (very short) cameo.

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Good, gritty sword & sorcery, 31 January 2010

I was familiar with the 'Solomon Kane' character before I watched this film, both from the original stories and the Marvel Comics incarnation of the 1970s. The film is based on Robert E. Howard's creation, not on any later story and is all the better for it. The characters and their actions are believable, the atmosphere is great and the special effects are fine. There are copious amounts of sword play as well as sorcery - something that other R. E. H. adaptations in film have been sadly missing (notably 'Conan the Barbarian'). Michael J. Bassett manages to make an exciting film out of what could have been just another good-versus-evil story. Recommended for all fans of gritty fantasy.

Splinter (2008/I)
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Pretty much a waste of time, 29 May 2009

The favourable reviews and the rating on IMDb made me buy the DVD. I love monster films and gory horror, but this was a huge disappointment. All the characters were thoroughly unsympathetic: a nerdy biologist with his strong girlfriend and an escaped convict with his junkie girlfriend - come on. The plot was awfully familiar: think "The Thing", "Re-Animator" and just about every George Romero film, only that all of those are immeasurably better. The gore effects were sometimes decent, but often ruined by the flashy camera work showing only parts and glimpses of the action - obviously a money saving measure. "Feast" and "Slither" have been mentioned in other comments. Both are considerable better and much more enjoyable than this drab concoction. Avoid.

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Mixed feelings, 17 July 2008

I'm in Thailand which has a release date of today, so I actually saw this film. My feelings are somewhat mixed. It does succeed as a hard action film, but was definitely too long. The joker character is truly terrifying this time around and the film's tone is appropriately violent and dark - both figuratively and literally, much of the action takes place at night. The script caters for the American audience by making the joker and his cronies less criminals and more terrorists - who are probably what Americans are most concerned about. This made it less appealing for me. Much better than average, but still not more than 7 out of 10.

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All the ingredients are there..., 10 July 2008

What do you expect of an action/fantasy these days? Whatever you expect, you get all of it here and something additional that's sadly lacking in many, if not most: imagination. The creature designs and the special effects that make them come alive are first class, state-of-the-art - I cannot praise them enough. The details I caught made me want to watch the film again immediately to catch the ones I surely missed. Fantastic storytelling and direction from Guillermo del Toro. I now believe the man cannot do wrong. An experience to enjoy again and again. The best film of 2008 so far - and it will be hard to top.

Wanted (2008)
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Ultra-brutal action posing as entertainment, 27 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mindless action films abound and can be fun. This is not a mindless action film, but its "mind" caters to nerdy dreams of becoming a more-than-human being. Wouldn't we all like to suddenly have $3.5 million in our bank accounts, tell off our extremely annoying boss (is there any other kind?) and get trained as an ultra-assassin? Then just shoot everybody they tell you to or have a quick case of conscience, then shoot them - cool? Not.

One scene is ripped straight from "The Matrix" series of films and the overall feeling is overwhelmingly Matrix/Terminator. Perhaps it's overoptimistic to look for something new in a movie of this type, but there's hardly anything original. This is not a film the world needs now - or ever.

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Above average - just, 22 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seriously, what can you expect? I expected another hyper-kinetic action movie and got exactly that. The recipe seems to have been "as much action as possible, hardly a quiet moment, throw in everything AND the kitchen sink". If the rubber boat sequence in "Temple of Doom" made you laugh in disbelief, you'll have more to laugh about here. In the days of "Die Hard" and similar excesses this is hardly surprising. "Raiders" is one of my favourite films, but "Crystal Skull" left me quite cold. On the positive side, Harrison Ford does a good job and the special effects were good enough for me.

Go see it, by all means, if you're under 30 it will probably be your kind of movie. I was 29 when "Raiders" came out...

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