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For the Oran-gutangs or for Julia Roberts., 20 December 1999

It was kind of nice to watch Julia Roberts in her search for the Oran-gutangs in the jungle. Is it necessary more educational programs in TV? Well, here's one. And there's even a wired scene at the end when a big Oran-gutang tries to hug Julia Roberts and she seems really scared.

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Is this an 'art' film?, 7 December 1999

I saw this film by accident, a wired south american production. The whole action takes place inside the main character's house, and this is a woman who wants to go to Miami. But all of a sudden her boyfriend shows up and their relationship is conflicted.

I don't think this is an art movie, this is just a bad movie, in a very strange way. The sex scene is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in a film. If the subject is south american movies, then watch 'Central Station' and 'O Quatrilho', or maybe even the new Hector Babenco (director of 'At Play In the Fields Of The Lord' and 'Kiss Of The Spider Woman')movie , 'Foolish Heart'.

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4 segments: at least one of them is brilliant., 26 November 1999

The 1st segment is about a dog who keeps following a barber, the 3rd about a mother who likes to watch her son and his wife while they're having sex, the 4th kind of wraps them all together.

But the best is the 3rd, with Bruno Ganz. This is one of the best things in cinema terms to ever come out of Europe, its 20 minutes are nothing but brilliant. It's about an older man who gives a ride to a beautiful and innocent young woman and her stupid male friend. Great story.

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A not worth watching film by acclaimed director Otto Preminger., 18 November 1999

It has only a couple of scenes that you'll remember and the plot is too slow. Otto Preminger may have done a good work with the actors in this film but this is not enough.

Even though it has no ambition either so ...

Making Up! (1993)
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German romantic comedy - American style, 12 November 1999

I haven't seen many german movies but 'Widows' came to my mind when I was watching this one, both have female characters for leads but is actually about men.

We all have seen this before many times, some like it and some don't. I gave it a 6.

Movie Days (1994)
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Boring., 12 November 1999

This is the only film I've ever seen from Iceland. It tells the story of a young boy in the 50's seeing for the first time the american movies and everything else that goes on in his life.

The art film in its essence, but on this category I'd recommend 'Through The Olive Tress' or 'La Haine\Hate' and 'Lepa Sepa Lepo Gore\Pretty Village Pretty Flame'.

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Not much of a movie but not bad either., 2 November 1999

It's impressing the lack of ambition of this movie, the kind of film that practically almost nobody watches.

Jennifer Beals is as beautiful as always.

But the movie as a whole is only recommended for professional dancers or fans of dancing.

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Very nice movie., 21 October 1999

I started watching this one with no hopes that it'd be any good but, for my surprise, I enjoyed this classical story until the end. Acclaimed director John Schlesinger and Campbell Scott had worked together before in "The Innocent". Campbell Scott, by the way, defines his character in very positive way and he does look 'cool'. The costumes and art direction are excellent, especially since this is a TV movie (one of the best TV movies I've ever seen, because I don't usually watch them and, when I do, I usually hate it).

Plus there's beautiful young English actress, Selina Boyack, she is one of the best things about this movie. I'd say she might turn out to be famous some time soon.

And this movie is better than at least 70% or 80% of the movies we see around. If you get the chance, don't miss this one, I promise you that you'll like it.

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Incredibly natural but as it approaches the end there's a serius lack of new ideas., 21 October 1999

The movie takes place in New York, and it's incredible how natural it looks, it actually looks like real life, not a movie, the way people talk and everything, the performance and camera positions, it just looks real. Most films nowadays lack this, so directors should watch this movie and try to reach this naturality.

Al Pacino is great in this movie as an addicted to heroin, it was probably because of his performance in this movie that he got the part in "Godfather".

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One of the five best foreign language movies of the 90's., 24 July 1999

This is the art movie in its essence. Every single minute of this movie is complexly detailed. It was considered by the critics a masterpiece but it could not be nominated for the Academy Awards in the 'Foreign Language Category' because of political problems between Iran and USA at the time (but in 99 'Children of Heaven' was nominated).

It was written by Abbas Kiarostama, who also wrote 'The White Balloon' (another great film) and 'Taste of Cherry' (not so good, although it won the Cannes Palm D'or).

This is a must see for any fan of artfilms. Simply fantastic, amazing and everything else, this movie is a 'sea of creativity'.

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