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Long Live America's Most Wanted!!!, 8 February 2005

"America's Most Wanted" (AMW) has been the fastest-growing reality crime television show that has ever been aired. Its workers have been so clever and practical on catching fugitives, finding missing persons, and solving many problems. AMW has done such an excellent and superior job that no other organization could otherwise do.

I study Criminal Justice and this show helps me to learn more about "Justice" and how it actually works. "America's Most Wanted" MUST NOT end its airing. Let this show keep on airing, forever! And remember, you can make not just one difference, but you can make many differences.

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Life will still never be the same without "Another World.", 29 January 2003

"Another World" was the very first soap opera I have discovered in my lifetime. I remember when I was turning on the TV and surfing through basic channels one childhood afternoon, and there was the "Another World" opening theme with a beautiful, California-style theme playing, same with the closing theme. Then a few years later, I decided to start watching it, all the way until the airing surprisingly ended in June 1999. Shortly after that, I was so saddened, thinking "Why did this heart-warming soap opera end?" And "Why didn't it continue airing just like the other soap operas?" It used to air every weekday afternoons at 2:00pm right after "Days of Our Lives." Now, this other new lame soap known as "Passions" has taken over. Why? I still don't understand that. Whenever I think of "Another World," I also think of the really good old, addictive days and times of my life, when I had lots and lots of fun. Nowadays, things have unfortunately changed, ever since "Passions" was aired. How sad? Without "Another World," it is still not the same for me or part of my life. I now watch the other soap known as "Days of Our Lives," pretending that "Another World" would still air today. It will always be missed, until it returns someday. Maybe...

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The Best Sci-Fi film of 2002, 14 December 2002

I have been waiting for this film to come out for almost a year and seeing it makes me feel like I'm part of the crew. I hear this could be the last Next Generation film so it meant a lot to me and the new villian Shinzon should be given an award for being the most ruthless villian in sci-fi history. Even with his radiation weapan that could kill everthing on Earth. I don't care what the reviews who are payed to say how the movie is but they shouldn't say anything bad because this is history in the making. Also RIP DATA we will miss you.

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Good, but different on the other hand..., 23 November 2002

I couldn't believe that this film was really from the director of "The Replacement Killers (1998)." Because I saw T.R.K. as Fuqua's first work, and that had more intense action than this one, like pervasive gunfights. "Training Day" is pretty good and somewhat realistic, too; but it could have been more better and intense as a decent Los Angeles setting. Other than that, Denzel Washington plays an impressive character whenever he partners with other people. I too, give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Taylor Hackford's best work with Richard Gere! Great theme, too., 7 October 2001

Taylor Hackford is the same director who directed "The Devil's Advocate (1997)." Before I heard about this film, I never thought Hackford would have directed a romantic Richard Gere movie like this one. Richard Gere is one of my top favorite romantic film actors. Gere is almost my father's age; however, I don't know any other handsome, forward actors who are exactly my father's age. So I would count on Richard Gere. My father is one year younger than him, but that's all right. Why I am saying this is because whenever I am in love with someone, I would picture my own father when he was all young and doing romantic gestures like Richard Gere.

Now, about the film, rather than mentioning the real life situation (compared to this film), the ending was so good, when Richard Gere enters a factory to see his girlfriend, along with the music theme that was playing. I realized that they spoofed that scene in one of the "Simpsons" series episodes. That was the first time I have seen Richard Gere so young. I would recommend this classic to my friends, especially to my close friend who has never seen it before. "An Officer and a Gentleman" made my life live on and on and made me want to feel lots of love by my special friends, especially girlfriends. Give two thumbs up for Taylor Hackford.

Pretty Woman, walking down the street; Pretty Woman, the kind I like to meet...., 5 February 2001

Whenever I listen to the song "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison, it always reminds me of Richard Gere, mostly when he is dealing with pretty young women regardless of what film he is in. It looked like Julia Roberts wanted to admire Gere once and for all. This movie was so fresh and clear. I liked the sharp appearances of these two lovers. Richard Gere is like the best man for all of these pretty women.

Suppose Richard Gere has a son in real life (which I think he does not), and when the time comes for his son to get married, Richard Gere would really admire his pretty young daughter-in-law. Or, if Richard Gere was my father (which he really is not, but I am just reasoning, no disrespect), he would be super happy if I got a sharp young girlfriend and/or wife and if I still become active to my studies. I would appreciate his quote and support and he would make me feel very special. He would let me deal with as many young ladies as I want to. He would really enjoy watching me as I am being surrounded by them. You know what I mean? Because probably in real life, Richard Gere likes women a lot, and because Richard Gere is one of the ladies men. He still looks so young and pleasing.

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So who wants to be a real millionaire?, 30 November 2000

If you want to be a millionaire, why not join this game show. It is fun and interesting to play and explore the given questions to earn a certain amount of money. If you win a million dollars, congratulations; you can spend all that cash with many valuable items. If you lose, too bad, but keep trying. Make your final answers very clear. Regis Philbin should be the best game show host in the nation. I'll make that my final answer.

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Go Garry Shandling!!!, 2 November 2000

You should see good old Garry Shandling bump into these good girls in this film. I always thought he would play these kind of roles. Regardless of anything contained in this movie, it was really hilarious, especially with John Goodman and Ben Kingsley who have also joined in. The planet where Shandling is from should be considered "Planet of the Ladies Men." Period.

Bedazzled (2000)
Much Better Than I Thought!, 28 October 2000

I though this film would contain more sensuality than they showed. Instead, it showed more and more laughs. I liked seeing Elizabeth Hurley play as a flirtatious spirit. I like to see her every time, technically in most of her movies. When I watched this film in the theater recently, I did not realize that it was a remake of the 1967 film, but I can infer this movie as the most funniest movie of 2000. I would recommend this one, too.

The moment I've been waiting for., 1 September 2000

Finally, I saw Jet Li taking revenge against the crooks in this film as he plays an innocent person. Li's fighting techniques almost compare to the legendary Bruce Lee. It has some comedy in it. Though, it was pretty good. If you like martial arts, here's a new one for you.

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