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The X-Files: The Truth (2002)
Season 9, Episode 19
A fitting finale to a miraculous series
7 March 2005
This 2-hour finale of the acclaimed TV Series, THE X-FILES, is a fitting send off of the show from the small screen to the big screen. From Mulder to Scully, Reyes to Doggett, Skinner, CSM, to some nifty tricks up the sleeve by Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Gilligan, Manners, et al, this 2-hour episode does not disappoint! While the series finale does not untangle all the strings, the creators and talent do twine most of the strings together into a nice farewell. Die hard fans and casual viewers alike will find it thoroughly enjoyable. And, fear not, for this series finale marks the end of the television portion of THE X-FILES and marks the starting point of film versions to come!! Stay tuned for second THE X-FILES feature film in 2006! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE
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a masterpiece of incredible proportions
3 February 2003
Continuing his father's artistry in the world of cinema, Jean Renoir's work is as important, as skillful, and as enlightening as his father's work with the Impressionists.

His canvas was and is projected onto a screen, run at 24 fps.

An amazing achievement, "La Règle du jeu (1939)" subtly pokes and prods the viewer from the first frame. Full of insight and elucidating mise-en-scène, this film will challenge and question with sly, clever stealth.

A truly thought-provoking experience.

Not to be missed.
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The Daily Show (1996– )
One of the funniest shows on TV.
23 January 2003
From Jon Stewart's zany wit to Stephen and Steven's outrageous sarcasm, to Lewis Black's volcanic sardonic rants, to Mo Rocca's clever political satire, to the sly, subtle, absurd humor from regulars such as Tolan, Woods, Walls, Helms, Corddry, Harris, et al. ... this wonderful, unique, insightful, and unbelievably hilarious tv show is truly a delight to watch.

For many young adults, the complex truths and shades of grey in this new "adult world" tend to be oversimplified and broadly painted by the ratings crazed popular News Media. It is a relief and a comfort to view a program to poke fun and point out the underlying absurdity of it all. Understand, this show does not preach, and its intentions are first, and foremost, to crack jokes and promote laughter. But in an era when lowbrow, kitschy humor and shock seem to be the easiest path to laughter, it is a pleasure and a blessing to have such a smart, witty, and insightful show as this one.

Not to be missed.
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Public Eminem #1 (2001 TV Movie)
check it out for yourself
4 October 2002
Controversial, informative, and insightful ...

Marshall Mathers, himself, proves to be an intriguing figure in our contemporary pop culture. A critical darling, a pop icon with a pulse on young America, a caricature of what is base and problematic in American Pop Culture, a reflection of the times ... perhaps all of the above, or a mixture of sorts.

Be it what you think of the iconic white rapper, this pop doc tries to balance pop star appeal and piercing lyricist. In the end, this program turns out to be an interesting piece of pop document.

See it for yourself.
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The Civil War (1990)
Austere, Informative, Studious
22 September 2002
For many, Ken Burns' graceful documentary resonates as the quintessential television documentary. While this type of hyperbole only exaggerates and/or cuts a documentary's reputation, do not underestimate the work.

With a steady eye, Burns and company, focus on narration and voice over to cooly, simply tell us a portion of our historical narrative. Through still photographs, portraits, and newspaper headlines (all from the actual era) the documentary informs without preaching, details without intellectual arrogance, and invokes a small sense of our history. Nothing more, nothing less.

Opening us to an austere, informative, and studious documentary, PBS deserves credit in championing such exemplar works from the piercing, thought provoking FRONTLINE to the extraordinary MYSTERY series.

When it returns on your PBS station, try and catch it, you will not be disappointed.
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Xala (1975)
hilarious and stinging
28 October 1999
Sembene was once again the failing of government in Senegal and even most of Africa. This time after native Africans come to power.

The juxtaposition of regular, hard-working, citizens with the spoiled, corrupt, and prejudice (to their own citizens) government officials packs a heavy message. And unlike most, Sembene simply does not photograph the regular citizens for the simple juxtaposition, he keeps on them, showing you their true problems, and showing you their sacrifice.

All the while, hilarity ensues the corrupt government officials as hijinks after hijinks. The biggest problem being El Hadji's Xala ... he can't get it up for his young third wife.

Truly an interesting, intelligent, and worthwhile cinematic experience. And even if that doesn't seem to to interest you, watch it for the laughter ... there's plenty of it.
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the L.A. Rebellion ...
21 January 1999
Woodberry, part of the (UCLA) Film Rebellion movement along with other colleagues such as Julie Dash, constructed this documentary-like saga of life in South Central, L.A. during the early `80s. Showing an uncommon (especially at the time) subject through an avant-garde/foreign (brazilian and cuban) style comes off grandly as part of the Rebellion movement .... showing all of us that mainstream cinema doesn't (and cannot) handle every aspect of film. An extremely different, unsentimental, and pleasant experience.
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Cemetery Man (1994)
Underated? ... Oh yeah. Perfection? ... Nope.
15 September 1998
I saw this film on HBO, and i was intrigued, entertained, and amazed from the start to the finish.

Even though critics have been less than nice to the film, it's IMDb user rating is pretty high. That's probably credit to User Genius, but we users get no respect... I tells ya, I tells ya. Anyway... critics seem to fault the plot as going all over the place, and summarize it as a film with scences pasted together without care.

Now there is some truth in this, and for those of you that want every step in a film explained to you, stop reading now... and check up on another movie.

However, for those of you movie fans that enjoy a ride and don't mind giving a film a few plot points here and there... you will surely enjoy "Cemetery Man".

Look at the movie through the direction, and simply think and re-think about what occurs.

Trust me, if you give it some, you'll get a lot.
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