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1941 (1979)
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I love this movie! CLASSIC!, 18 December 2001

I love this movie! It's fantastic!! I don't get why it has bad ratings? Makes no sense it's fabulous! I love everything about it, characters, music, plot,special effects, everything! It's a classic! Give it a chance

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Terrifying!, 20 March 2001

I saw this movie when I was around 5 years old. I saw it in the theater with my Father.. From the beginning I was scared to death! But when the wheeler people came out THAT DID IT! I want to go home, I was terrified! Still to this day being 21 years old, this movie frightens me!

I do not recommend this movie to be viewed by children. Or adults for that matter. Too Scary.

I can't believe they made a sequel from such a beautiful film "The Wizard Of Oz" to Return to Oz. The Wizard of Oz was comforting, easy going, and fun to watch. I just don't understand why this movie was ever made!

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Pee-Wee Gets the girl! & Benicio barks!, 20 March 2001

I think this is the first time I've seen Pee-Wee go after the girl, or shall I say Girls.. It was quite hilarious! I liked it. It's a good movie! Keep an eye open for Benicio Del Toro (Usual Suspects, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Snatch.) You may not be able to recognize him, But if you hear barking, you've found him! He's Duke the Dog Faced Boy!!

See the movie! It's worth it!

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Excellent flick!! But one thing was wrong!, 20 May 1999

This has got to be the greatest film ever made!!! I love the music, the cars, the acting, the characters, the story line. Everything. But still I weep at the end. He is my favorite!! so sad. But it's reality! And in More American Graffiti seeing that beautiful yellow '32 Deuce Coupe going down that hill after John Milner won the race and seeing that drunk bas*ard driving all crazy at the end of the hill really got to me. But honestly it's is the best!! Excellent!! Wonderful!! Brilliant!! Hooray for George Lucas!!