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Unique, zany household a la "SOAP", 31 October 2005

Very funny show---great cast----unfortunately prematurely canceled when some unduly sensitive people were offended. If it ever shows itself, see rich performances by Teri Garr, Mark Blankfield and Seth Green! If this show had premiered today, it would have stood well against comedies such as ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I believe Mark Blankfield's character's "visually challenged" antics would have met with contempt or "outrage"if viewed today.He simply, and comically, waves his blindness cane about with some hilarious consequences. In the same era, another extremely well cast comedy, "THE POWERS THAT BE", succumbed to studio neglect, placement of show with immense promise on a Saturday night schedule. If it is ever rerun, catch a suicidal, obsessive-compulsive congressman played by the great David Hyde Pierce.

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Almost too good for TV, 1 April 2000

Ditto AltonMann review. This new presentation is almost "too good" for TV. It does follow in Homicide's quality footsteps. I'm a psychiatrist by trade and can attest to the show's accuracy and realism in the chaotic ward/emergency scenes and the feeling tone generated in the action (which wondrously persists as a realistic backdrop to the personal conflicts of the principal charactors in the drama). The group therapy sessions were terrific and revealed even more depth in terms of the principal's personality and professional attributes. These are great actors, and I'm extremely impressed with Peter Berg's writing and directing skills. I wish to add my appreciation for the inclusion of Ted Levine to the fine cast. I sincerely hope this show can outlast the scheduling maneuvers and dilemmas. NYPD BLUE finally made it, Homicide died too fast (and never found a large audience), and the superior West Wing apparently is finding an audience and may surprise us by sticking----perhaps Wonderland will survive--hope so, but experience tells me not to hold my breath.

The Virginian (2000) (TV)
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Exceptionally scripted film, well directed and acted., 13 January 2000

Emphasis has been placed on realism is this exceptionally scripted and well directed/enacted version of previously screened material. The characters' interrelationships have been portrayed in much greater depth than is usual in many action westerns. It's refreshing to have the issue of guilt and ambivalence resulting from an act of moral conviction and responsibility revealed, elevating the value of what could have been simply a stale reissue of antique western genre. This fresh film provides the opportunity of fulfilling viewing--worth the investment of time.

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Hollywood producer trapped on elevator by writer, 5 August 1999

A contrivance in which a Hollywood producer (Martin Landau) is trapped on an elevator by screenplay writer/elevator operator (Arye Gross) provides a basis for presentation of some interesting short filmplays with good quality performances by a variety of familiar film actors. Good entertainment.

The Hunley (1999) (TV)
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Very minor note(question) in otherwise very good film., 12 July 1999

Thoroughly enjoyable historical action film. I was a tiny bit bothered that since the men wanted to escape and couldn't because of excessive pressure at that depth, then why didn't they open the hatch after filling the sub with water (thus equalizing the pressure inside and out)? But of course that would erroneously alter history! Maybe "picky-picky", huh?

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Murder thriller with clever plot, 8 February 1999

Original story about an attorney, disillusioned by injustice, with a series of clever plot twists. The movie is almost

ruinned by poor direction and occasional sloppy scripting. Overall, not a bad thriller because of the storyline surprises.

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This was a wonderfully humorous (laugh out loud stuff) sit-com about a senator, his large smart/crazy family, his mistress, his "in" with the new administration---unfortunately being stuck on early Saturday primetime and going insufficiently viewed (I guess), so prematurely cancelled after around 12-15 episodes--check the great cast: JOHN FORSYTH, HOLLAND TAYLOR, DAVID HYDE PIERCE, VALERIE MAFAFFEY, ELIZABETH BERRIDGE, ETC. By all means see it if the opportunity presents itself.

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mega-city cops take on crime and serve to judge/resolve, 16 October 1998

The essence of this film falls on judgments by police officers who, fortunately ethical and moral men, act on situations within situations in a city with a super-abundance of violence and killing. Good compound interacting story lines and above-average characterizations.

The Game (1997)
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, 29 July 1998

What a great script--most memorable nightmare trip!

There's enough left over for a couple sequels--let's hope.