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Oh My God!!!!!!!!!, 13 September 2013

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I watched two episodes of this show tonight because my son and wife thought it was good. I watched this and was physically in pain trying to sit through 2 30 minute episodes.

They call this a reality show. Jerry Springer is more believable that this load of garbage, and we all know that Jerry is fake. The lion episode where they are moving on the lion and the cops come screaming in? Where the tiger escapes onto the golf course and SixFeet and Roid? If this was a real magic act, why do they not have a website? What true act in LA does not have a website? The most ridiculous was the rabid coyote that goes into the house through the doggies door,and they break in the house. The owner comes home freaking out. They try to explain they saved the pet, and are there with the neighbor, and the woman starts screaming at them.

Yes there are stupid people out there that are about as bright at the people on this show. But the acting in this show is so unbelievable, and being on SPIKE, they aren't much for intelligent TV.

Get Smart (2008)
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86 and 99 are back, 20 June 2008

Whether you watched the show during its original run, caught it in reruns over the years like I did, or you are a very recent fan of the series like my 9 year old son who watches all the seasons and original movies repeatedly, you will laugh hysterically at this movie. Just about every agent and character from the original series is here, from Agent 13 who gets stuffed in the oddest places to Fang, Max's dog from season one. The dialog, the gags, and the characters are pure Get Smart. I do not believe anyone could have come into Don Adams shoe phone better than Steve Carell. He perfectly carries off the almost debonair, yet not as clever as he thinks he is Agent 86. Anne Hathaway (who looks breathtaking in black leather) was awesome as Agent 99, completely playing the seasoned agent to Max's bumbling. Alan Arkin, Dwayne Johnson, and Terrance Stamp round out a great cast. I just hope though in the next movie we see more Hymie, one of my all time favorite characters. My family and I have been waiting over a year since the first trailer was shown for this movie,and it was well worth the wait. We will be seeing it many times over.