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Dark and twisted - classy, 17 August 1999

This is not a pleasant film and you are going to have to think a little - if this doesn't sound like your type of movie, stay away! If, however, you like intelligent and peculiar film-making, then you'll probably appreciate A Simple Plan. In an effort somewhat reminiscient of Fargo meets Shallow Grave, this clever, dark, character drama explores some unpleasant ground to produce a quirky and distrubing overall result. I must admit I finished this movie feeling rather unpleasant, but struck by its intellect and striking dialogue and performances. This movie is definitely worth the price of a video. My vote 8/10

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Silly but satisfying, 8 August 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a real no-brainer, but if that's what you're looking for then this baby is right up your alley. Adam Sandler specialises in this type of film, switch off the cerebellum and just revel in the stupidity. The Waterboy is not going to win any awards or even make its audience think, but it will inspire some laughs if you let it. As for it being similar to Happy Gilmour, you might as well say that it is identical to half of the movies produced in Hollywood - unlikely hero comes good, gets faced with a difficult challenge, overcomes it an wins the game in the last few minutes! Sheesh, what movie doesn't use this formula nowadays? In short, don't expect too much from the film and you won't be disappointed. My vote 6/10

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A clever and charming yarn, 1 August 1999

I had seen this film before and avoided it - suspecting it would leave me cringing. I did it a great injustice. This movie is very much in the vein of recent Aussie successes such as The Castle, and Muriel's Wedding - movies that take pride in the dry, wry, and laconic Aussie perspective on life. It had all the basic ingedients of a fun flick, charm, humour, good characters, bit of romance, and an interesting plot with a clever ending. If you see it, give it a try - you, like me, could be surprised. My vote 7/10

Slick and fun, if somewhat predictable and unlikely, 13 July 1999

This is a polished movie and is certainly fun to watch. It almost manages to convince the audience to suspend disbelief and packs quite a bit of action, suspense and simple enjoyment into a movie. This ain't no masterpiece but it is entertaining. My vote 7/10.

Rush Hour (1998)
Very ordinary movie, 28 June 1999

Well, there's nothing new in this movie. In fact, it is a relatively weak effort all around. Chan has been rather limited in both his ability to showcase his fun personality and his impressive fight choreography. If you like Jackie Chan's fight scenes you won't see enough to entertain you. If you like his sense of humour, you won't see enough to entertain you. If you find Chris Tucker extremely annoying, you will see plenty to reinforce your point of view. In all, this movie was a waste. Apart from a few good parts it takes a classic story idea and a master actor in the genre and produces something limp and lame. My vote 6/10 and mainly because I'm a Chan fan!

Simple but sweet tale of fun and friendship, 28 June 1999

Well, they don't make many like this anymore. No sex, violence or swearing and only a little (male) nudity. The lead characters really did carry this movie in what was really a classic piece of small-town storytelling. This is a one premise movie but carries it off in a delightfully charming way. Certainly there's no question that Ned Devine left the delightful little town of Ballymoor a wonderful legacy and a fantastic opportunity for the townsfolk to throw Ned the wake of a 'lifetime'. My vote 8/10

Screwballs (1983)
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Brilliant!, 24 June 1999

As a classy movie this one rates a 0 - but as a fun frolicking teenage sex romp it is unquestionably a 10! I would have to say that this is a classic of the genre and I must agree with the other comments that have been made here (and totally disagree with Leonard Maltin). If you like this type of raucous fluff and you're into a titty movie that isn't a full-on porno, this just might be what you're after. They definitely don't make them like this anymore, pity really, they were lots of fun and every boy's dream.

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Absolutely amazing, one of my all-time favorites, 21 June 1999

This movie is simply brilliant. Casting aside all of the trappings of modern movie-making (special effects, brain-jarring sound, big name stars, bizarre plots and settings, language sex and big explosions) it produces instead a film which captivates audiences because of its simplicity, classy acting and the sheer beauty of its tale. In what may well be the hallmark of a great movie, opinions of LIB are markedly polarised - the number of '1' votes are about equal to the range of 2-6, strongly illustrating that it is difficult to be indifferent to this movie. This is a major difference between LIB and most of what Hollywood churns out where indifference is the only acceptable response. It saddens me that so many people have failed to recognise the charm of this film by choosing to take offence at the way in which the Holocaust was portrayed. I am not Jewish (or Romany, Eastern European, handicapped etc) and would not attempt to presume to tell any of these groups how to react to this portrayal but I can say that I was more moved, more hurt by man's inhumanity towards man, by LIB than I was by Schindler's List or any other Holocaust movie or doco. I, like many others, came out of this film wanting all my friends to go see it. The sub-titles in no way detract from the experience, in fact they are hardly noticeable after a little while. My vote 9/10.

Cute, simple, harmless, unchallenging, unremarkable, 21 June 1999

This film is nice and moderately pleasant. It allows Hugh Grant to act like Hugh Grant (almost intolerable for my liking), and trots out the old boy meets girl, loses girl, gets girl back, routine in a pleasant way for such a well-worn formula. The supporting cast is fairly good but is really only there for cheap laughs or a bit of sympathy. Julia Roberts is tolerable and the situation passingly interesting (every man's fantasy really) but just didn't do much for me. Part of the problem may have been that I'd just been to see 'Life is Beautiful' the evening before and this just pales into insignificance in comparison. Undoubtedly most of the viewing public will enjoy this because it does nothing more than deliver some low-brow chuckles and soppy sentiment - a perfect recipe for success today it seems. In any case, I'd suggest you at least leave it for video. My vote 6/10 (and a dang sight more realistic that the 7.9 or so its currently running at).

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You keep waiting for it to get better,, 18 June 1999

But it never does. Which is a bit of a pity because, although far from an original idea, the concept has some promise. Still, what a way to go! The two leading women are both gorgeous. 4/10

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