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A Squandered Opportunity to have a Hit, 27 July 2016

The premise of Impossible Engineering sounds great; highlight huge or revolutionary engineering projects, tell the history behind them and what makes these projects special and incredible. I was excited to see this show and set my DVR to record all episodes. Tonight I sat down to watch two episodes which I thought would be of the most interest to me, "Ultimate Warship" about the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and "World's Biggest Cruise Ship" about the Empress of the Seas. Unfortunately I was so very disappointed. I already know a fair amount about these ships and the history of their respective classes and was appalled by the amount of misinformation in these episodes. So many times the narrator used hyperbole about the "biggest," "fastest," "first" and on and on when those statements should come with qualifications. When they say "It was biggest project..." what they should be saying is "It was the biggest project in the UK..." or "...the aircraft carrier was an effective weapon for the first time in history" when the described event took place two years after it had been done in two other parts of the world, and four years before an aircraft carrier was used in warfare as a weapon. If these kinds of things were errors in just a few places they would easily be forgiven but the entire show is predicated on making everything be the "biggest," "fastest," "first" or other extreme and the wording used reflects that goal. So my thinking was that if on an episode where I knew, or could readily look up specifications, there were this many errors or out an out misleading statements how could I trust what the other shows were telling me? So I watched a second episode and sure enough it too was full of errors. There are some reasonably good parts of the shows but in no way enough good to offset all the horrible bad. I deleted the rest of the episodes from my DVR and will donate the time to watching something that is truly educational. Oh, and I can't forget to rip the horrible choice of background martial music and the volume that is so high as to almost drown out the voices and sounds.

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Something Stinksin Other Space; Actually Everything Stinks, 21 July 2015

I've been on this earth for a very long time, watched and rated well over 5,000 movies and shows and I have to say that this is the worst of dregs. After the first 5 minutes I could tell that there was nothing in this that anyone over 20, whose seen more than what is on a cell phone screen, could possibly find amusing. So then I went to the reviews and found all the glowing ones, rating it 10 stars and saying you have to watch more than the first episode. So I went back, watched the full first episode without finding a single funny element, and then forced myself to watch the second with the hope it would get better. Sadly it didn't.

The characters seem to be literally copied from Red Dwarf, Futurama, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and even a Zaphod Beeblebrox from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is thrown into the mix. Although not exactly copied as they forgot to include the comedy. The dialog is stilted and poorly written. It seems to have been directed by cell phone, and I don't really blame the actors for their very low level of acting as I suspect they were directed to act horribly. I even have a hard time seeing this labeled as a "comedy" as there is absolutely nothing comical about it. And those saying "lighten up as it is meant to be satire and you miss the point," I say that even satire has to be well acted and directed and actually have a point.

The only laugh I had in watching the first two episodes was when they were all holding up their "weapons" and they actually were the exact remote temperature measuring "gun" that I own, with a little piece of plastic glued to the front. Even the props and costumes weren't up to the standards of most community theater companies.

Something else is fishy about the reviews. At this time there are three pages and the first half of the reviews are all 1-3 stars which is where I see this dross. But all the following reviews are 8-10 stars and from 500 to 800 characters. To me this makes those reviews suspect and I will be interested to see what later views have to say.

This is without a doubt the worst show I've ever encountered.

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Kiara the Brave is not about bravery of any kind., 11 April 2013

I've always felt that "Plan 9 from Outer Space" was the hands down winner of the worst movie of all time contest, until I saw Kiara. Bad voice work, bad script, animation that would have been state of the art in 1939, and I couldn't make any kind of sense of the story. I've rated over 4,000 movies here at IMDb and all I could think while watching this trash was, "is there any way to give a movie a negative rating?" I know there isn't but if one could this would surely rate a negative 10.

I actually grabbed it on NetFlix thinking it was the Pixar movie "Brave" and really felt stupid for being duped by the title. Than a couple of days later our adult daughter came home with it from RedBox to watch with our granddaughter and I pointed out that it wasn't "That Brave" she was a bit sheepish, but I felt a bit better learning that it wasn't just me being taken in by the title and cover art.

Use your time more productively, do anything but watch this dross.

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Was a waste of an hour of my life., 7 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd watched this program in the hope of learning just a bit more about this horrible period in human history and how people could devolve to the point of making a lampshade out of human skin. Unfortunately there was little information that I'd not heard or seen on numerous documentaries.

Here lies Spoilers: The final result that the lampshade that was the object of the entire show, and was dragged halfway around the world and back, and studied by multiple laboratories, wasn't even made from human skin. So the title of the show, which dragged me into watching it, was pure fantasy and the show was was a waste of my time. Very disappointing.

"Homeland" (2011)
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Disappointing! Should be a Daytime Soap., 8 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There was so much wrong with this show that it all couldn't easily be described in less than a few thousand words, so I'll leave it to others to point out the USMC errors and plot holes. I expected a thriller, maybe with a touch of humor; as Damian Lewis does wry humor as good as the best. I'd hoped for something more likened to his character in "Life" but come on: an affair, a manic/schizoid CIA agent, every cliché in the Lazy Director's Handbook, and absolutely brimming with soap. It is not my cup of tea. I was looking forward to a good thriller when I heard that Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin were in it but was sorely let down. I won't be watching more than the first episode.

GasHole (2010)
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Unsientific Conspiracy Theory Dross, 5 August 2011

First I have to say that I couldn't watch more than a half hour of this drivel before I decided to quit wasting my time and moved on to something productive. These "100 m.p.h. carburetors" have been tested over and over again by real scientists and they do not work. This is all wishful thinking. The S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers) have tested them, car industry and enthusiast magazines have tested them, they've been tested by universities, and over and over again people have wasted their energy testing them; and one thing comes true every time. They do not work. And, there is no more oil company conspiracy than every day business practices, which can in themselves be evil, but not in this case. Water injection, in very minute amounts, has been proved to work to cool the charge but it has little bearing on mileage, only the efficiency to burn, almost unmeasurable, cleaner. But can you imagine having water injection in Duluth Minnesota where it gets to -50 f. in the winter? Give me a break.

It is interesting that in talking about the "Buick that got over 100 miles per gallon" they show the patent briefly and a Compressed Natural Gas tank only for a moment without explanation. It appears that in this particular case the CNG is used in the process and that compressed air is also used. The problem with that is this "documentary" (term used lightly) does not take that into account in the claims of high mileage. Compressors to compress both the air and the CNG run on electricity, making tanks to hold them takes energy, the CNG itself is just another form of petroleum distillate and none of this seems to be taken into account in the claims. It is obvious that the producers of this movie went into the project with the sole intent of proving a conspiracy, rather than with an open mind, and nothing, even facts would not keep them from their goal.

I watch a lot of documentaries and this has to be, without a doubt, the worst I've ever seen. Not only for its lack of science, but the filming, the choice of interview subjects, the editing... I can't think of one thing positive I can say about this movie. If you are a conspiracy theorist you may like or even love this movie. If you have any knowledge of science you will hate it, and if you are in the middle you may be duped into thinking this stuff might be true, which it is NOT. Stay far, far away from this movie.

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Pilot Held Some Promise, 23 May 2010

The pilot for "The Good Guys" held some promise but one had to wade through the dross to get to it. Acting, photography and sets were up to network standards but the story itself had more holes in it than the socks I threw out this morning. Having someone fake puke to clear a room of detectives and C.S.I.s was beyond lame. There were a few parts of the show that were mildly amusing and if one is capable of suspending disbelief entirely then it could be a fun romp, but I believe they could have a hit here if they kept things at least in the realm of reality. The real world just does not even closely resemble the world in which these characters reside. I'm willing to give it a second chance though so my DVR is set to record the next episode.

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Another potential winner that will probably be scrapped, 7 November 2009

I was surprised that some people think this show is a dog and deserves to be scrapped, that the scripts are unrealistic and this stuff could never happen in the real world. I think they are missing the point. Ask yourself this: How many dramas or any type of show can you name, in television land, that even mention philanthropy? How many promote giving of oneself? How many shows inspire the normally uninspired masses to even think about what goes on outside of our fantasy land of the U.S.A.?

Sure, this show has unrealistic plots, portrays a myopic view of world issues, has obvious product placement, and other faults but that is what pays the bills. Without these things this show would never had been made or even hit the airwaves and if it changes the life of even one person, especially one from the class of nouveau riche, it will have done a service to humanity. Sure it is flawed but there is enough truth to it to bring people back and maybe change their lives. It is all about the message, not the messenger. I do so hope NBC will let this one live.

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They've taken something great and turned it into crap!, 15 July 2009

I'd just recently discovered the "Lone Wolf and Cub" series and having just watched all of them I found them to be some of the best of the genre that I'd ever encountered. I watched them in Japanese with English subtitles and found every one of them to be exceptional. When I saw that "Shogun Assassin" was based on the "Lone Wolf and Cub" series I was excited to see it, but oh what a letdown it turned out to be. Some hacks have taken the original series and cut clips out of each of them, then re-edited those clips into the most god-awful movie I've ever seen, and then claimed to be the "writers". I knew that something was off as soon as I saw that Retsudo, from the real series was shown as the "Shogun". In the originals he was the head of a clan who had stolen the post of royal executioner from Ogami Itto through deception. In the original Daigoro (the son) hardly ever speaks more than the word "Pa", yet in here he is the narrator. The dialog is just plain insipid and has no relationship to the original story. Skip this worthless dreck and find the original "Lone Wolf and Cub" series.

In reading all the glowing reviews I have to wonder if they were written by friends of the people who put this together, or by people who have never seen the original series or other great Samurai series such as the Zatoichi movies or other greats of the genre.

The Pale Horse (1997) (TV)
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Venables said it; "Rubish", 24 February 2007

Very good actors, but one of the worst productions of Agatha Christie's works I've seen. The soundtrack tried to add to the feel of the period but only helped to make the film seem "dated". I've only recently re-discovered Agatha Christie as I had read only a couple of her books as a child in the 50's, and I've now been devouring all the works NetFlix has to offer. I've especially enjoyed Joan Hickson as Miss Marple and was looking forward to seeing one of Agatha Christie's later works having been released in 1961.

I was so very disappointed in this "made for TV" movie as it was full of cliché's, miserably wrong music, incredibly bad direction and was one of those movies where I want to yell at the characters on the screen, "How can you be that stupid." I've not read the book but it appears that this could have easily have been an exceptional movie, but instead I felt that my intelligence was being assaulted more and more by the minute. The ending was a huge let-down. What a waste.

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