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Great throw-back to the basics, 7 February 2016

I gave this a solid 9 for me. I REALLY enjoyed it. I have watched it several times, I liked the story of an over the hill guy who needs a break and isn't getting it. His mobster boss considers him past it and treats him with disrespect. Then the movie takes off and is as merciless as you will get. I watched the unrated version and it was definitely extra gritty and bloody. I own both and even without the ultra violence the R vision is a good watch. Eric Roberts plays his character to a tee and we can't help but feel for him as he navigates thru the game set in play. I deliberately stayed away from spoilers since its got a few twists and turns well seeing for the first time watching the movie.

Payback (1999/I)
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Great movie that has been chopped a bit., 19 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler Alert

Saw this movie in theater on release. Really enjoyed gritty and hard edged violence and performance of all the actors. When it was released on home video, I noticed many scenes had been softened thru some cuts. Spoiler coming. One example, of many, is the interrogation scene with the hammer. It was brutal and you saw the hammer hit toes and the bloody aftermath after each hit in close up. I recall thinking this was new territory for an r-rated movie and in its way was almost unwatchable. In all home video options and versions this has been trimmed to not show hammer to toe contact or the bloody aftermath at all. Nothing. There are other trims also but this one was so egregious it was blatant.

Spoiler Alert over.

So great movie that has been neutered. Goes for all versions including the inferior directors cut.

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Awesome, 31 December 2012

Saw this yesterday. A modern classic. Up there with the best. Loved every frame and every word. Not since The Wild Bunch have we seen such bloody violence. Grim, funny, thought provoking and every cast member just right. Downright sick in places. This and Killer Joe have given me hope that American Cinema is not only not dead but alive and kicking!!!!! QT is getting closer to Stanley Kubrick in that he makes few movies, but when they appear they are masterful. For my money, I really look forward to a QT movie and didn't know what to expect from Django. Of course, I'd seen the good original (Nice to see Franco Nero pop up) and a few of the tawdry follow ons. What we got was a pierce of cinematic art. Truly a must see and begs to be seen often. Definitely not for kids or those who seek out political correctness.

Killer Joe (2011)
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A modern masterpiece, 23 December 2012

A great movie, a great cast and not for the squeamish. This is black comedy at its blackest! I really liked the movie and it is a credit to the actors that you really don't like their characters. They are scummy, nasty, vicious and pitch perfect. I believe this is a modern masterpiece and shows just how great William Friedkin can be. He nailed this and made a movie for adults. Well deserved NC-17. Appropriate for sure. Just once in a while Hollywood can make a truly awesome piece of cinema. Matthew M., who I never warmed to as an actor, was stunning! What a wonderful performance. Sick, creepy, debauched, mean, charming... I could go on. The other cast members were superb! While this will often shock folk and make them squirm for sure, it is movie making at its best. A must see! Don't take the kids.

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Great chase movie, 20 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the holy grail of chase movies. It is extraordinary how powerful this film is given it is almost devoid of the spoken word. Also, it is very gritty with overtones of nasty violence that are still not often seen to this day. This movie is thrilling from the beginning until the end....there is NO let up. It is exhausting to watch.

It is a shame that this movie is not released on DVD yet....don't know what they are waiting for. It is well worth watching and a reminder of the quality of movies a whole generation are not aware of.

Cornel Wilde was in a number of movies that pushed limits and only a handful are available (eg Beach Red).

Apocalypto (2006)
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Stunning, 20 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is just an incredible movie! I watched it the other evening not knowing what to expect and was blown away by it. This movie is a 'must see' in my opinion.

This is a violent movie. However, given the context of human sacrifice (10,000-80,000 in 4 days for one ceremony and up to 250,000 per year --curtosy of it is hard to imagine how you could avoid the violent content. However, the movie is so much more than its violent content.

Scenery, acting, story and simple majesty are first class. Parts of it reminded me of the wonderful Cornel Wilde movie The Naked Prey. This is what movies should be like.

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Good revenge movie, 20 May 2007

This is a great movie. Great photography. Great performances. Great action pieces. Good amount of the old 'ultra violence' ...well almost. Simple story, well told. I like westerns and this one is a good addition.....

The scenery is actually almost like a character ranging from frozen, snow covered mountain tops to arid desert. The performances by Brosnan and Neeson were good. Who would have thought that two Irishmen could have fit in so nicely into the roles. Well, I suppose it would be possible given the number of Irish and others floating around at the time. I especially like Brosnan's performance (interesting since I don't warm to him as an actor .... except in the Matador). Maybe he will continue to accept more challenging roles and hit them out of the park....I hope so.

Cannibal (2006) (V)
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Not for the faint of heart, 7 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't quite know what to expect from this movie. As it turned out, it gave me more than I was prepared for.

This is a VERY graphic movie. In fact, it is the most graphic I have ever seen.

I discount documentary footage showing actual horrors from everything else. I don't view real has an ugliness associated with it that, for me, evokes a terrible sadness. I cannot sustain disbelief with reality and that is what a movie should allow you to do and a documentary shouldn't.

I enjoy a good horror movie and the more extreme the effects the better. In fact, I have a collection of the most outstanding horror movies in existence and think they are wonderful.

********SPOILER ALERT********

Cannibal is a re-enactment of a real event where two disturbed people find each other and carry out a mutually agreeable will eat the other.

I should mention that there is significant homosexual content which is entirely in line with the real life event. Again this was quite graphic and somewhat unexpected. If I had taken the time to research the case, I would have been less surprised. While this may cause some to avoid this movie, I would say that it is part of the total experience and is essential to the story. Don't less this put you off.

I think the pace, amount of dialog (minimal), acting, photography are just right. This may prove to be a masterpiece......but will be awfully difficult for most.

Now cannibalism has been the focus of many movies; some good, some bad and some extreme. On a scale of 1 to 10 for extremeness, if cannibal was a 10, the next would be a 2 (my scale...yours may differ). This movie shows as much as you would ever wish to see. In fact, I don't know anyone who I would feel comfortable sitting watching this with. I would have trouble recommending this movie to all but a handful.

I think what makes this superb craftsmanship is that it is a movie but seems so realistic that you believe you are watching a real life event. It should be stated that the actual participants video taped the proceedings and this formed the basis for the movies accuracy.

This takes me back to my initial point and why this movie made me is almost like watching a documentary of the real event and it is awfully disgusting.

********SPOILER OVER********

I recommend this to people with a strong stomach and constitution. This is not one for the kids or a date movie. While this is classified as a horror movie, I think that is misleading. The Devil's Rejects it isn't. It is way too extreme for that. It's like calling Salo a Horror movie.

This is like a trip into hell.

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Sexploitation at it's best, 1 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Possible Spoilers....if that is even possible with this movie...

Grimy, seedy, lots of flesh, girl on girl action, boy on girl action, hot sweaty bodies, penetration shots, masturbation shots, mutual masturbation shots, wet clothes, shower scenes, beatings, torture...this movie has it all! Not a date movie. Not a children's movie. This movie is 90+ minutes of the above. It was intended to draw a crowd based on being extreme. Even to-day, they just don't make 'em like this anymore.

There is nudity present almost continuously throughout the running time. That sounds like fun, but it's not. The girls don't look like they're having any fun with the material and it comes across rather sad.

More of a curiosity than a good evenings entertainment.

If you need to see a great example of exploitation this is a good place to start since you won't have to see any others.

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Absolutely Wonderful, 25 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just finished watching this move, twice. I watched the Synapse DVD (absolutely awesome picture quality) and was delighted to see an adult tale, well told.

A comment on the Synapse DVD; the subtitles default to 'new' ones which cover up the original ones burned onto the DVD. According to Synapse, the original subtitles were not too good. I watched the movie with the default 'new' subtitles and while the content was good, they cover up a LOT of the movie. Hence the second viewing with the less obtrusive though inaccurate ones. The use of subtitles is actually quite minimal. However, in two scenes, they cover up some shocking footage better viewed with the less intrusive old ones. Enough of the DVD.

...........Possible Spoilers..........

I just loved this movie. I loved the photography, the extreme behavior, the brilliant acting...everything. The daughter, who I think was played by Meredyth Herold, was incredibly sexy and appeared constantly on the point of orgasm with the slightest provocation pushing her over the edge. What a stunning performance. People have compared this to what you would expect from John Waters etc. however, while I like his movies, nothing comes close to the beauty, acting, photography, atmosphere and sheer stomach turning quality of this work of art. (That goes for the infamous Pink Flamingoes regarding grossness also). I was also concerned that the movie was in Black and White. I shouldn't have been. Aside from making this one of the best photographed movies, makes the gross stuff even more extreme. And there is a lot of gross stuff; incest, cannibalism, sexual regurgitation, urination, torture, masturbation (with food ... and without), violence etc...and it looks just wonderful.

..........Spoilers Over........

This movie is for strong stomachs only. Some of the scenes will likely offend 99% of the viewing population. However, this is a movie of great physical beauty and is not to be missed. A pure work of art!! To think I didn't plan to watch this for several weeks after getting the DVD. Thank goodness I changed my mind. If you have a strong constitution, don't miss this movie. VERY highly recommended.

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