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Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen, 30 March 1999

I have to admit that a major incentive for me to see this movie was the 2nd "Phantom Menace" trailer that was playing before it. However, the previews for "Wing Commander" looked like it could be a pretty decent flick. Looks, as they say, can be deceiving.

The flat directing, ludicrous special effects - especially the evil aliens' appearance - and (mostly) sub-par acting would have prompted me to leave the theater early (the Star Wars trailer was worth the $9.00) were it not for the guys around me completely trashing the film as the story unfolded. Their MiSTing (that's Mystery Science Theater-style mocking) of the movie kept me (and others nearby) interested and laughing the entire time. So I had fun. Had I seen it alone, I would not be alive to write this review; I would have impaled myself on the broken, jagged, plastic cup holder/armrest thoughtfully provided for me by the movie theater.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen. Worse than Iron Eagle II, even.

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Highly underrated, 28 December 1998

I saw this movie on a bus - a captive audience. The sound was too low and the screen was really small, but I still found it to be a touching comedy with a lot of heart. It was advertised as a zany "ghost basketball player haunts brother - wackiness ensues," when it is actually a strong story of the relationship between two brothers who grew up as best friends and teammates, and what happens when one of their lives is tragically cut short.