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Had to see it myself. Yes IT IS "that bad"!!!, 6 August 1999

The screenplay of this movie is worse than even Godzilla which is one of the worse movies in recent years. There is absolutely nothing to draw your attention to this movie. I am a fan of the computer game which is about 10 years old. The game's story was great. It was very emotional. It did not translate well at all to the big screen. Watch this movie to learn what not to do when making a movie.

It cannot bring the nastalgia of the originals, but a GREAT piece in itself., 21 May 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All critics can bite us fanboys. They probably didn't even like the original trilogy. That's why you should never take a critic at his word. Unfortunately, I saw the CD track listing which gave away a major spoiler. I didn't feel the full impact of the ending because of that, but I can tell you the lightsaber duel puts Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to shame. Luckily the movie used cross-cuts to different action because when those guys were fighting, I didn't blink a wink because I didn't want to miss a thing. I purposely forced myself to have low expectations of the movie because there is no way any movie could top the original in terms of nastalgia. Having said that, this movie was done extremely well. It kept me interested until about the beginning of the third act. Can't wait to see the next one. Can Spielberg direct it? Probably not!

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Chan...Jackie Chan shouldn't have made it a sequel to Police Story, 29 April 1999

This is supposed to be a sequel to Chan's popular Police Story movies, but has none of the characteristics of the previous movies. This movie really has a feel of a James Bond movie. Definitely watch the Hong Kong Version which has about 20 minutes of footage cut from U.S. release. It's a good movie in itself, but a poor sequel to Police Story 3: Supercop.

Siskel & Ebert gave this movie "Two Thumbs Up," which is why I don't listen to critics anymore., 26 April 1999

For some reason, I just had a bad feeling about this movie. The local paper gave it VERY bad reviews, but Siskel & Ebert gave them "Two thumbs up!" I don't listen to critics anymore, but I should have listened to the local paper because this movie bites big time.

The opening scene of Jason Patric chasing a suspect had absolutely no suspense. Willem Dafoe was not a likeable bad guy. Dennis Hopper was great in the first film. Even Sandra Bullock wasn't funny. I have never seen a bad Sandra Bullock movie until this one. I really wanted to walk out of the theater, but I had to get my money's worth. I didn't care for what was going to happen to the characters and I didn't care for what did happen to the characters. Even the music score by Mark Mancina is not as good as the original. And why does the movie even have the word "Speed" attached to it. The boat was slow.

Compared to another of my all-time least favorite movie, Batman & Robin. I think this one is worse.

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Worst of the trilogy. Poor screenplay., 7 March 1999

Although I loved this movie as a little kid, I was like 9 when it came out, 15 years later I find the movie the corniest of the three. Starting the movie as a musical seemed strange to me. The movie just rushes through everything until the three principal characters get to India. If there is one person to blame I guess it would be screenwriter Willard Huyk. I never like his stuff anyways.

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The second worst movie in the series!, 28 February 1999

Although I hated this movie watching it for the first time. I actually thought it was watchable the second. Yes, the special effects are bad, not completely done by ILM who only had a small part in it. Yes, the humor is corny. Yes, the premise is stupid. Finding God? Has Shatner lost his mind and truly been where no one has gone before? But, despite all this it is a Trek movie. The same as Jedi was the worser of the Star Wars movies.

Disney has met its match!, 21 December 1998

There is no way any animated film could ever beat my favorite of all time, "Beauty and the Beast." But Disney should be worried. Dreamworks has done a great first attempt in making an animated movie. I am more sentimental than most people and was obviously touched by the characters in this movie. Of course, if you've watched "The Ten Commandments," you will see many similarities. The songs are even catchy, composed by former Disney hires Hans Zimmer(The Lion King) and Stephen Schwartz(Pocahontas). It is a much darker film than most Disney films, but never as dark as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." It only lacks humor which it makes up with drama. It's a movie for the older generation.

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Worth seeing, but slow-moving!, 25 October 1998

I really expected this movie to be much better, but then again, it's worth seeing. The imagination of what heaven and hell looks and feels like is great. The movie is then wrapped in a love story between Robin Williams' and Anabella Sciorra's characters. It's sad during most of the movie, but there's also light comedy. The problem with the movie is that some parts of the movie drag way too long and lost my interest. Then later, the movie brings me back with the visuals. It's a date movie.

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Brought a tear to my eye., 29 September 1998

This is one of the only movies I bought before I saw it and let me tell you that it is worth it. Jimmy Stewart IS an actor. His performance was the driving force in this picture. The story is so heart-warming that I could feel tears building up inside me. Possibly becoming one of my all-time favorite movies. Buy this movie on the THX-approved DVD.

Mediocre slasher movie with only a few moments., 29 September 1998

Critics will of course compare this movie to "Scream." "Scream" it is not, but it is more along the lines of "I Know What You Did Last Summer." The premise of Urban Legend sounded so good to me, but the screenplay really should have been worked on more. The problem with the movie is that there are too many jump scares(with music) that get tiring after about the third one. After a great opening scene, the movie goes south a little. Most of the characters are uninteresting. It would be even worse if Robert Englund wasn't in the movie. It doesn't pick up until the end. Do I hear "sequel"?