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the book was better, 24 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I read the trilogy recently--it was phenomenal. Being excited for the movie, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Lost details and forgotten back stories are almost guaranteed. However, after seeing it, I honestly don't know how I feel about it. While it generally followed the book, a lot of things got lost in translation. Most of the cast was perfect: Katniss, Gale, Effie, Cinna, Cato, (the jury is still out on Harrelson as Haymitch). But Rue was terribly disappointing. She wasn't at all who I imagine, it was a terrible choice. As far as the details of the story, I found it funny how Katniss found water right away, never appeared hungry or thirsty and her injuries were more flesh wounds. Did anyone notice that she didn't lose her hearing after the explosion or Peeta didn't lose his leg? The Avox was never addressed... why? And what about the riots in District 11? What happened to the bread they gave Katniss? The muttations were disappointing too. The book described them as being morphed from dead tributes, an excellent twist; while the movie interpreted them as CGI-created wolf things. If you haven't read the book, go see it. If you've read the book, I'm afraid you'll be just as perplexed as I was. It was very similar to how I left "New Moon". That feeling of what? how could they forget so much? Just as the Twilight movies got better, hopefully these sequels will improve as well.

Devil (2010)
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huh?, 1 June 2011

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I enjoy a good thriller every now and then, but I just didn't get this one. Here's the plot: people get in elevator, people start dying, movie ends. No, really, that's the plot. At first they try to throw in a few twists, possible conspiracies, a spooky scene here and there, but it ends up falling flat. You know that feeling you got after watching "Unbreakable"? That feeling of let down after all the building and suspense? Well, same effect here. I think they try and put a 'learning point' to the story, but it doesn't make sense. Sin and you'll be taken out by the devil? don't think so; we'd all be taken out then. Admit a sin and you'll be forgiven by the devil? umm, no. I wouldn't bother with this one, not even for a $1 at Redbox.

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I'm so confused, 24 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so our HSM start tries to grow into a serious role. In between waiting for Gabriella and him to break out into song, he at least makes a good attempt. Good is all about I'll give it. Here's the problem: we go from the scene in the car to them playing in the field all in under a minute. It's hard to get attached to Sam as a character when he's so briefly in the story. Then he spends the next five years playing a nightly game of catch with his dead brother.

Then in comes the love interest Tess. He doesn't appear to remember her from high school but is sleeping with her three scenes later. Here's where it gets confusing: she tells him she's going to leave in a few days on a 6-months solo sailing expedition around the world. They "date", talk, whatever, then all of a sudden Tess realizes no one can see her when she chases her dog down the street. In the blink of an eye and at no defined point, she becomes a ghost...or is it a vision? or a memory? Charlie find outs it's been three days and she "hasn't come back yet" (I thought this was a 6 month thing) and he goes out to find her. Sam angelically leads the way and she's found alive in freezing conditions with no food, water or shelter (yeah, right) when the coast guard couldn't find her with sonar and all their high technology.

I'm totally confused. At what point did she become this vision/ghost thing? Was she dead and talking to him? Is there a reason Charlie didn't know she was dead but can talk to other knowingly dead people? Did Tess ever really talk to Charlie or was she this ghost/vision thing the whole time? I don't know if there are spoilers in this review because I don't know what to spoil. What part of the relationship was real and what was fabricated? We all know everything ends up happy in the end and instead of that teary-eyed warm feeling, I'm left confounded.

Sorry, Zach. Stick to musicals. Don't even bother with this one.

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absolutely amazing, 10 April 2011

Every so often, a movie comes out that breaks away from the everyday sex, violence, blood & language to which we have become desensitized. This is that movie. I took my 10 year old to see it and we cried at least half a dozen times. This is the true and powerful story of Bethany, a young surfer who loses her left arm in a tragic shark attack. What makes this movie great is how she deals with her loss and how it makes her a stronger person. She comes from a religious family and it was so nice to see Christianity being celebrated in a movie, and showing how, "Through Him, all things are possible". Though she ends up asking the understandable "Why God?", she learns that through faith, family and friends, she can use her disability to not only still do what she loves, but teach others about perseverance. Her Christian friend Sarah, is a great source of comfort after the accident and her family is always supportive. It was interesting that when the movie started, a pair of teens were next to me. After the church service scene, they asked "Aw, man. Are these people Jesus freaks?" I smiled to myself and said nothing. By the end of the movie, they were in tears and applauding. I truly wish there were more movies like this out there. It's been a while since I've been able to take my daughter to a movie and not spend half the film covering up either her eyes or her ears. This is a MUST SEE for everyone.

Hereafter (2010)
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Disappointing, 5 April 2011

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*possible spoiler* At first this movie looked very promising. Matt Damon is one who can act a wide variety of characters and I looked forward to something different. However, this movie left me disappointed on several levels. First, the opening scene. While the tsunami itself was tragic and hard to watch at times, the visual effects were abysmal. Could they have at least used real water? That didn't get things started off on the right foot. We watch as three different stories somehow come into one plot. While yes, they eventually merge, it took forever and the storyline dragged. Next was Damon's new friend from cooking class. I hate to say it, but she got what she asked for...then she just dropped from the story--weird. As for the ending, it left you hanging and thinking "really?" While I get the idea of the story and tales themselves are very compelling, movie as a whole didn't work. There wasn't enough background info on Damon's skills and I nearly fast-forwarded to the end to figure out what these 3 people had to do with each other. While "Hereafter" delves into the after-life, psychic abilities and fate, it ends up being a let down.

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complete waste of time, 6 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*small spoilers*

As a huge fan of the series, I was generally happy with the first movie. However, in true Hollywood fashion, the dead horse continues to get beaten. We get the concept here, as we have for 12 years: Charlotte is the pampered stay-at-home mom and wife who apparently "needs a break". A break? From what? She has a full-time nanny! Anyways, I digress. Samantha is the usual sex fiend who can't keep her zipper closed for more than a day at a time. Miranda is the overly-feminist lawyer/mom who tries to balance life and work (again, as we've seen for 12 years) and Carrie just can't decide if she wants to be the single party gal or a married woman. I understand the need to break away and find solace to do her writing. As a writer myself, I can see that. But then she turns a suggestion of Big's to stay in, wear sweats and watch TV into a threat to her Prada/Gucci-filled go-out-every-night lifestyle. The movie is filled with the usual lame one-liners. "Lawrence of my labia?" Samantha, are you serious? After the dreadful and completely pointless gay wedding, we're whisked off to the mid east where Carrie can't stay faithful for a week and Charlotte turns into a bumbling nitwit in search of cheezy trinkets for her kids. When they were running through the streets incognito and discover a group of women who wear designer clothes under their robes/gowns (yeah, right) my stomach churned with agony. We get the characters and the storyline already and nothing ever really changes. An amazing show turned into a sequel with a plot so painfully replayed I truly hope they put SATC to bed already (no pun intended).

Coraline (2009)
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shockingly inappropriate, 6 March 2011

I was expecting a lot of Tim Burton-style with a hint of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". What I got was a just plain nightmare. Shelling out the extra $3 to see it in 3D, I was overwhelmed with fast moving images and color layouts that looked like Picasso on acid. What bothered my daughter were the spooky images of the "other" family's crossed out eyes. It ended up scaring her. What bothered me was those two weird sisters that did their little musical number with the fat one wearing little more than a thong and nipple flowers. I almost regurgitated my popcorn at that point. I know they tried to send the message of "be careful what you wish for" and being happy with what you have, but this left me feeling nauseated, disappointed and wanting my money back.

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not worth it, 6 March 2011

I took my 7-year-old to see this and was quite disappointed. I get the whole Romeo & Juliet parallels, but this bordered on the absurd. While the story tries to depict love based on who you are and not what family you belong to, it ends up stereotypical, hokey and focuses more on revenge than is does love. Everyone is "out to get" everyone else and by the end, I was wishing it had the non-G ending. There's no memorable music, no feel-good lessons and the animation was average at best. The only redeeming factor was the Flamingo. His character had more depth than either Gnomeo or Juliet's and I felt more of an emotional attachment to him. Though I didn't pay the extra money to see it in 3D, it was hardly worth it to see in 2D. Don't bother with this one.

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Could have been so much more, 9 April 2010

I finally got around to seeing this movie and what I was expecting far exceeded what was delivered. Downey had such potential to portray the brilliant Holmes, but he turned out to be a drunken, festering, mumbling, Johnny-Depp-like weirdo. I swear I couldn't understand half the movie. London ended up being a dreary urban slum and the movie focused less on deductions and clues, and more on karate chop action scenes and special effects. Jude Law was the only redeeming quality here. Sadly, I can't recommend this movie. And as usual, the original books are much better. btw, "The Mummy" used the line "death is only the beginning" over ten years ago.

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great movie!, 8 April 2010

I honestly don't know why people are dissing this movie. I finally got around to watching it and I was amazed, inspired, touched and hopeful. It's an inspiring story of a wealthy, Christian Memphis family who takes in a neglected teenager named Michael who has fallen through the cracks. He is shown unconditional love, support and faith and learns to be a part of a family and a community. This is a great family movie that I am proud to show my kids. It shows the unfortunate reality of racism, rednecks and assumptions. But it also shows the importance of acceptance (especially of those democrats...har har), family and dedication. People need to chill out and just enjoy this movie. So it doesn't have blood, boobs, car chases, explosions, or CGI. But this is a touching movie that I wish were the rule than the exception.

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