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12 July 2003
This is more than just a concert registration, it's an amazing movie-music experience! Apart from the live concert footage in Madison Square Garden, we get to see the band's family and half a dozen movie sequences thought up by members of the band themselves. I saw the DVD version, the sound is good, the image sharp, in one word: great!
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Get the original, not the redux!
7 May 2003
I watched the original 1979 version of this movie a long time ago. All of a sudden I felt for watching it again and I got hold of a copy of the Redux version. I feel they spoiled the movie to some extend. The added Playboy Bunny sequence added nothing to the movie, only slowing it down considerably. The same goes for the overlong French Quarter visit scene. It was way too long and putting the movie to a complete standstill. All in all the Redux added some good bits, but mostly slowed down the pace and added unnecessary nudity and sex that was not present in the original. My advice is watch the original and: Don't get off the boat!!!!
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Amélie (2001)
Uninteresting from the start!!!
6 November 2002
What is all the fuzz about??? This movie has no plot, I didn't laugh about one joke because they are simply not funny! And what are the easiest jokes? Yes, jokes about sex. And there are plenty of those here spoiling whatever 'cute' effect Amelie is supposed to have! This is the worst of French filmmaking, not the best! Not even the cinematography in Amelie is original, it's been done before, only more convincing. Conclusion: Avoid this glossy nonsense!!!
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If.... (1968)
If....only it had more plot...
25 September 2002
I was thrilled when I read in my TV guide that they were showing If.... I heard much about this movie and it is noted in all movie books as a breakthrough film when it comes to censorship in the movies. My expectations were obviously too high, cause If.... didn't do almost anything to me. There's too little plot, too many loose ends, no connection between sometimes silly scenes. When comparing this movie to A Clockwork Orange for instance, it is nowhere in sight!

I'm not saying it's a completely bad movie. Sure there are some memorable scenes in it and good performances by actually all actors. And I understand some people really can connect with this portrayal of English school life in the sixties. But if you haven't been there and done it, it can turn out as a bit of a disappointment.
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Brigitte needs a husband badly!
23 April 2002
This early Brigitte Bardot movie is not special in any cinematographic way, but the story is not bad and Brigitte is quite enchanting. Many situations cleverly call for her to walk around in her underwear or night dress. This kind of movies gave other countries, especially America and England, the reason to refer to any daring movie from the continent as a 'French Movie'. All together, not a movie mile-stone, but not a bad flick either.
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Nice romantic comedy!
29 August 2001
Jack Lemmon and Catherine Deneuve make a dream-couple in this drama/comedy movie. Catherine is sick and tired of her adulterous husband and meets Jack at a party. They spend some time together and when Jack realizes his wife loves redecorating the house ten times more than she loves him, he decides to elope with Catherine. A very nice romantic comedy, not much seen and definitely underrated. By the way, if you're into 60s psychedelic parties and fashion, be sure to check this one out!
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Targets (1968)
31 May 2001
This was the first movie I saw from director Peter Bogdanovich. It has a great plot and, although Peter is better at directing than acting in his film, it's definitely worthwhile. Bogdanovich was a movie buff himself and used this film to pay tribute to Boris Karloff and Classic Movies in general.

There are two different story lines, which come together in the final part. The first story is about an ageing actor whose career is finished, played by Boris Karloff. As a last publicity stunt he appears at a Drive-In where the two stories come together.

The second story is about a young man who gets amazingly violent and after shooting his wife and mother, roams the city to shoot more people, until Karloff stops him in the end.

This is a must see for every (sixties) thriller enthusiast!
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Annie Hall (1977)
Quite dull
16 May 2001
Annie Hall was the first Woody Allen film I watched. I expected a funny and fast paced movie, but this film just didn't connect. As others have mentioned; at a certain point in the film you expect something to happen...but nothing does.

I don't think this is a completely bad movie. Some of the scenes are quite original, s.a. the scene were Alvy's having dinner with Annie's parents. But overall I think Annie Hall did not deserve all the praise and credit it got.
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That's Life! (1986)
That's Futile!
12 March 2001
Speaking as a Jack Lemmon fan I think this movie is one of his worst. Jack and Julie make a nice couple but aren't able to make this film work. I expected much more from a movie directed by Blake Edwards, music by Henry Mancini (the Pink Panther Series) and two very good actors Jack Lemmon and Julie Andrews.

Apart from the nice scenery, the entire movie is a failure. The plot is average, the characters are absolutely flat and Jack's constant swearing (which annoyed me so much I kept track), didn't give me the slightest feeling I was watching anything worthwhile.

Do yourself a favor and skip this movie, if you can!
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Frankenstein (1931)
4 January 2001
This movie adaption of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein is very well done. Colin Clive is superb as Henry Frankenstein and Boris Karloff is perfect as the monster.

The movie is not completely true to the book, but that won't bother any serious horror enthusiast.

This is true horror. It doesn't need the gore and stuff they use in horror movies today to make things 'scary'.

Simply a must-see!
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A great action flick!
14 June 2000
The Bonnie Parker story is very different from many other American International movies. It doesn't deal with monsters or spaceships, but with a tough gangster, Bonnie Parker. Bonnie is played very well by Dorothy Provine, who's absolutely smashing in this picture (for all 50s style fans: she's a very good reason for watching this movie!). The story may not be as truthful as "Bonnie and Clyde" (1967), but there are many similarities between these two films. A difference is the fact they changed Clyde Barrow, Bonnie's partner, into Guy Darrow. I don't know why they did this, but it may very well be AIP wasn't allowed to use the real name, as has been the case with many classic true stories made in those days. Considering the low budget they had for making this movie, it's very well done. Some people complain about the 50s style approach to the story and to the music, but it didn't bother me at all. If you like the 50s style B-movies, you'll love this one!
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Road to Bali (1952)
Look at those girls!
14 June 2000
The jokes just keep on coming in this 'Road movie'. There are so many gags here, you'll have to watch this film more than once to get them all. Although the story is very simple, the sets, the girls and especially the amazing Technicolor is a treat to watch. The Road To Bali is the medicine for a grey day!
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Don't Let The Title Fool You!
5 May 2000
The China Syndrome is a perfectly paced thriller and not slow or boring at all, as some people tend to say. The transitions from one scene to another are great and the tension build up in the film will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire two hours. Jack Lemmon is great, as always, as the somewhat nervous plant operator and Jane Fonda succeeds again in bringing some real emotions into the story. You can see this film as a political statement of the time, or just as an intelligently made thriller. Either way it is definitely worth watching.
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My Geisha (1962)
A nice '50's style movie...
12 November 1999
From a cinematographic point of view this movie is nothing special. However, the performance of Shirley MacLaine, as a Geisha who is secretly playing in her husbands movie, is very good (as always).

Accompanied by some other great movie stars, like Edward G. Robinson and Yves Montand, in the supporting roles, this movie is well worth watching. A typical '50s style comedy/drama.
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Very good follow up...
20 May 1999
This movie is one of two follow-ups of the blockbuster movie of it's time "In The Heat Of The Night". Sidney poitier plays the serious black Lt. Virgil Tibbs again.

The film doesn't deal with racial issues as it's predecessor does. The plot is quite nice and it includes some very good scenes, for instance a car chase and a shootout in a parking garage.

A good crime movie.
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Brigitte Bardot still has it...
8 February 1999
A nice plot, great acting from Bardot and Mastroianni and the superb cinematography by Henri Decaë make this movie a solid piece of work. Especially the huge close-ups of Brigitte give it something extra.

Not Bardot's best movie but certainly worth watching.
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After 44 years still not 'dated'...
8 February 1999
This movie may look dated, according to some people, but the problems the main characters have to cope with are real for a lot of young people even today. The trouble of a mother bossing her husband around and this way destroying the right atmosphere for a child to grow up in, is a motive used in quite a few movies and is still used in movies from this last decade.

There are more motives in this movie, which the youth of today can surely identify themselves with. I think 'Rebel Without A Cause' is a great movie and James Dean gives a very good performance.
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One of AIP's best Horror Movies...
20 November 1998
This is probably the most gruesome horror movie American International Pictures ever made. Whit Bissell is great as the mad professor Frankenstein and Phillys Coates gives the performance of her life as the professor's mistress, who is savagely killed by the monster after she discovers Frankenstein's secret. If you like the fifties B-movies, this is a must see!
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A great psychological thriller!
7 October 1998
Night Must Fall is all about a guy who has got a split personality. It contains elements of typical British Cinema, weird music, strange people and an artistic approach towards cinematography. A very good thriller, but unfortunately not recognized as such by the general public.
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