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OOOOPs .. Love the show BUT, 10 September 2006

I began watching "The Practice" because I am from the Boston area .. (when it became BOSTON LEGAL . I was still hooked & moreso!) .. however, there are a few mistakes (I worked in film biz MOST of my life) and I have phoned David Kelley's office several time . but NOPE . they do NOT seem to care that it is NOT . "DISTRICT of MASSACHUSETTS" but it is "COMMONWEALTH of MASSACHUSETTS" .. I have NOT seen American flag on wrong side of judge . always to judge's right .. Learned that when I worked on "Storefront Lawyers" and our set decorator got it wrong .. have seen it wrong in MANY TV shows & Films! . .means they do NOT check .. (the WRONG SHIELD says DISTRICT & NOT COMMONWEALTH & is behind the JUDGE(s) . oh my)

Also, anyone notice that Denny ALWAYS has on a wedding ring? . whether married or NOT married .. hmmm .. that would be WARDROBE & Script Supervisor . on only when not being shot OR makeup could cover it . if he insists on NEVER removing it ..

I love the show . it is well written .. acted .. but Boston is NOT the way it was when I lived back that way . but still fun to see some of the sites that have NOT changed ..


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Loved working on the 48th for Marty Pasetta, 19 August 2006

It was incredible . yes, incredible, Marty chose me from a long list of 'availables' to replace his assistant when she went on a trip to Europe .. I was nervous . but not for long, Marty can put a person at ease quickly .. and to work on the Oscars .. Marty is one of the MOST creative bosses I have ever worked for .. he flew to Amsterdam to see IF it would be possible (1st time ever) to Satellite a broadcast from there to the LIVE Oscars .. he brought me back a pair of little wooden shoes ..they still hang on my wall .. YES, it probably would work . he would be sending Howie Koch, Jr. to direct that segment .. Oh, and Poloroid decided they wanted Marty to do a LIVE commercial at the head of the awards . he agreed ..

Marty would go and take an apartment near the Dorothy Chandler for weeks so he could be right there daily . LONG hours . I was supposed to stay in 'his office' . but I was needed at the Chandier .. I went and it was SUPER .. Photos (huge) were put in the seats where the person would be sitting the cameras (believe he had 18 . another first) would know where each person was .. So much going on .. constantly .. we ate there . had 'chits' to get in to get a meal... I was in the 'production office' the day of and had been told that Marty did NOT take any calls that day ..even IF his house were on fire .. the phone rang .. a male voice asked for Marty . I said 'he cannot take calls today, who is this?' .. 'Don Adams' .. I said 'get off my phone Don!' ..he asked who I was . I told him (have worked for him on/off for 5 years & neither of us recognized our voices) . he told me he HAD to have tickets for the Awards .. I told him perhaps I could get Howard W. Koch to speak w/him .. after running to the audience .. Howard said to give him the number.. I did .. a few minutes later . Don called back and said 'he hung up on me.. said I was NOT Don Adams?!' . I went back to the audience . Howard told me was NOT Don . I told him it was . he told me that he asked Don how his horse did yesterday (Don being a real horse junky) . and he had no idea . I told Mr. Koch that had he asked how Telly's Pop did and not 'my horse' Don would have told him .. with that . he turned away . but his assistant said there were some seats in the balcony .. I called Don .he called back and did NOT want the seats in the balcony ..

Marty had also gone to Pickfair to interview Mary Pickford for a special Oscar . she was too frail to make the Oscars .. it was incredible. how much I would have liked to have gone there ..

Elizabeth Taylor looked gorgeous .. she was to close the show .. she arrived with an entourage .. but was just perfect .. the whole night was perfect ..

It was time .. from the mobile booth, the crew (we all had to be in formal attire in case the camera caught us) heard Marty's voice say, and in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 .. TAKE 6 (or whatever camera he used) . the commercial.. oh boy, it was good . but Marty said he would never do that again as it took away from his thinking for the main show . but he IS a pro .. the BEST .. AND then the camera in Amsterdam for Dianna Ross singing theme from Mahogany . would it work . 5 in the a.m. there (think) .. YES . it worked . . Everything worked . the celebrities WERE in their proper seats and cameras could find them easily .. Marty's voice was a raspy whisper by that night .. all the rehearsals . but what an incredible man and evening .. AND . .I still marvel that I got to work on the show .. I still have the gold lettered 3 ring binder with my name on it and the script inside ..

And then it was over ... back to the office next day . late though .. now to write letters to all the presenters & winners .. Marty, not only 'the pro' .. but well mannered ..

Inside info .. when a seat is empty by a person leaving to go on stage .. an extra takes it .. so the seat is never empty .. a standing ovation? .. An extra rises or two perhaps to get the rest of the audience to rise .. it works ..

Was an INCREDIBLE 'too short lived' position for me .. finishing up the Grammys and all of the Oscars for the 48th year ..


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One of MY favorite things I worked on ., 21 July 2006

I worked on this show .. Don Adams WAS my boss on/off for about 5 years .. he ONLY wanted Marty Pasetta to direct .. and Don could persuade anyone to do what he wanted:) .. The pilot, James Caan, Patty Duke, Connie Stevens, Jason Miller was an hour .. there were 3 judges and just ONE winning contestant from the 4 . when we did the series .. (people flew in from all over the world to try to get on the show) .. we shot two shows a day every other day for a total of 24 episodes OR 12 days of shooting . it was quite a FEAT .. but both Marty Pasetta (he is just super) and Don Adams knew exactly what it was they each wanted and got along just GREAT .. got it all done 'on the button' . Universal, where series was shot, had never done TAPE before and all 'THE SUITS' would come to watch & see 'how is that done?' .. we gathered out audience from the tour center . the contestants had to fill out forms in various newspapers or magazines .. thousands were interviewed by casting directors on the back lot at Universal . then about 500 were seen by Don/Marty .. we had a script supervisor to help . also a censor from both NBC & CBS as it was syndicated and would be on each network around the country .. Don & I traveled around the country to promote the show . it was super . it was Don's way of 'showing how outtakes happen' .. Universal canceled the show after ONE season . but they were immediately sorry they did NOT let it run for at least ONE more season ..

that was NOT a man off the street playing FRANKENSTEIN . that was LYLE Waggoner . who graciously came directly from his workout at the local gym due to another actor/singer or would it be singer/actor? .. uhhhh .. leaving ..

Nancy E. Barr,+Nancy+E.

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I worked on this film & saw it .., 26 May 2006

I was the production coordinator on this PILOT .. they went through MANY for the part of Brandon's father and chose David at long last .. when Brandon walked into my office, I told him he had his Dad's eyes (also worked on GREEN HORNET .. one of our ABC shows . .and we were on same lot with MANY Fox shows at that time.. GH was my FAVE .. Bruce Lee & I lunched almost daily) AND I told him that I met him when he was a baby (sure he loved hearing that:) .. SUPER nice young man .. he hung out in our production offices a lot . the told him he could NOT right his Motorcycle (insurance purposes) . .but I would BET he did .. he was just lovely, as was his Dad .. was NOT the tease to ME as Bruce was (perhaps cause I was his Mom's age or so) .. but polite and sooo enjoyed being a part of the project .. I was shocked and aghast when I heard about the IDIOT propman who screwed up royally with the "PROP GUN" .. AND when you aim at someone . you NEVER airm at them .. just in case .. sooo a LOT of errors there ..

BUT .. I agree that it was not the best script/film done .. obviously, or it might have sold .. but I sooo enjoyed working with the Cast & Crew on this particular show.

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Charles Briles - Eugene Barkley, 28 August 2002

Having worked at ABC and "Saga of the Big Valley" was one of 'our shows' we coordinated between production companies, advertising agencies & network .. as I recall, Eugene's character was not brought back because the story lines worked well with the characters who were always in it .. Peter, Breck, Linda Evans, Richard Long, Barbara Stanwyck, etc. .. there was so much to do with their characters that 'Eugene' was not needed and perhaps there was a contract problem as well . I do not really remember .. it was so long ago . most enjoyable show .. Usually, when you have many 'stars' in a series .. each is set to do X# out of total shows for the year .. back then we were doing a lot more than 22 shows a year as they do now and took less time to make them as well.. sometimes it comes down to money too .. but it also cost a lot less to film shows back then and 'stars' did not get anywhere near the money they make today ... thus less episodes and more commercials today!

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Wonderful biography of Don Adams by his cast & crew from Get Smart, 2 July 2002

Working as casting assistant on "Get Smart" was one of the best times of my life .. Don is a super person .. he was fun to work for and I got to be a part of this .. as he calls it .. his biography .. when TV Land came to my home to interview me about Don .. The piece was well done and has a lot of information as well as a lot of fun in it .. I was lucky enough not only to work on "Get Smart" but again on "The Partners" for Don and Lee Wolfberg, his partner and again as Don's Exec. Assistant as he wrote .. created various things...but "Don Adams Screen Test" was what we finally ended up doing at Universal Studios .. though the pilot was shot at a TV Studio in Hollywood .. never aired.. James Caan, Jason Miller, Connie Stevens & Patty Duke were the celebrities who did a scene from a famous movie with a contestant .. we had some judges.. George Marshall (the famous Director) .. and a few more .. cannot remember them all ..but working for & with Don AND talking to him now or even about him .. The Best!