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Laserblast (1978)
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I almost wet myself...., 11 July 1999

I swear every time I see that Star Wars billboard get blown up I almost wet myself. What more can you ask of cheap Sci-Fi than Laserblast? Granted it doesn't have that 50's kitch like Angry Red Planet, but it WAS the 70's. Personally I love and own this film. If you can see the true beauty in astoundingly bad film making, then you should see Laserblast. I mean one character gets mutated into a green laser-blasting monster by a salt shaker he wears around his neck!! and there's bad stop-action aliens!! YES! it took 2 guys to write it!!! 2!!! and they called it LASERBLAST!

I think if you consider the general aesthetic of the seventies, you will see that this is the ULTIMATE 70's movie. I regret never seeing it at a drive in.

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A quiet beautiful film. Find a very comfortable seat., 5 May 1999

This is one of my all time favorite films. I love to sit back and just watch it go by. Every scene is worthy of a still photograph and there is little dialog to interfere with this quiet journey. Wenders seems to know what it's like to travel simply to escape ones current reality. The two main characters establish a friendship with few words, and seem to know inherently that too much talk would ruin the moment. It is a long film that moves slowly, so be prepared and get comfortable. It reminded me of the feeling I get on a long roadtrip when its just good to be anywhere but home.