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Actors sometimes get a bad rap for not being the brightest bulbs in the string of lights ... but as a community, actors can be just as bright as any other community of workers. Education requires a balance between intelligence and work ethic in addition to practical experience, and as a community actors have some members who don't have it, and some who do. Here is a necessarily incomplete list of some actors with some impressive educational credentials.
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In the old days of the Studio System, many actors had uncredited roles in films that went on to win Oscars. Over time, the studios did away with their stables of actors, though the list of credits grew longer. These are the 20 actors who played credited roles in films that won consecutive Oscars for Best Picture.
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These are my picks for some truly standout episodes of television science fiction. I really tried to focus on "science fiction", and not the supernatural, which is why there are no episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and not more episodes of "The X-Files" ... Buffy's best episodes really weren't scifi, and the better episodes of "The X-Files" tended to deal with the supernatural.