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Take a second look..., 15 March 2000

If you saw The Woman Chaser at the NY Film Fest or Sundance, take a second look. I saw it at SXSW in Austin, Tx this last Sunday night and I loved it. You've probably seen the reviews from previous film fests, but the version that played in Austin is not what the reviewers in NY or at Sundance saw. It was outstanding! I have not seen any version but this one, but from other reviews I know what at least one of the cuts was (good decision, by the way). I happen to really like a good bad guy and Warburton made a GREAT bad guy. Just see it. You'll understand. Oh, and if you're reading this Joe, it was great to see you! And yeah, I'm waiting for the director's cut DVD to come out...

Vampires (1998)
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Liked it, but not as Vampire$..., 4 November 1998

Ok. Let me explain. I liked the movie as a stand alone vampire movie, but I didn't like it as a movie based on a book. I've read Vampire$ (by John Steakly) many many times and I love it a little more every time. Similarities between the book and the movie: Character names, using crossbow and wench to kill vampires, the idea of a team commissioned by the Pope to kill vampires, oh, and there were vampires. For the big differences, read the book. If you didn't like the movie, read the book. If you did like the movie, read the book. Rock and roll.