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Homeric Odyssey or Boy Band-like Porn? It's both!, 8 January 2001

Finally the American cinema has come of age. Though on the surface another moronic teen comedy, this is actually adapted from The Odyssey of Homer and Jethro, a chronicle of the adventures of an heroic young man (slyly bifurcated here into TWO heroically delicious young men) in search of the 21st-Century equivalent of Home -- his car. Though tempted by sirens and attacked by monsters (both earthly and extra-terrestrial, e.g., Fabio) our hero's (heroes') relentless questing is finally rewarded. And so is the audience's.

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Spielberg's finest, 25 November 1998

The most humane, funny, believable, unpretentious yet (hell, there's no other word for it) inspiring film Spielberg has made to date. Epic but not self-important, child-like but not -ish, here he puts technology in the service of a superb quest. Who else but Francois Truffaut could bring such authority to the role of the Spielberg stand-in? Richard Dreyfuss has made a career of using a shotgun to release the energy he dispenses here with laser-like precision. One of my top 10 of all time. One caveat: I much prefer the original release to the "Special Edition" where Spielberg made, to me, the error of taking us inside the mother ship. I don't know if the original is even available anymore. Still, superb!

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