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This Is One For The Ages, 13 December 2002

I rented this movie because it was the kind of campy silly movie that Roger Corman is famous for. I watched and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was still interesting and Angie Dickinson at 43, was better looking then most of today's young starlets. The sex was way over the top but it was the seventies. William Shatner in some of the more racy scenes was worthy of America's Funniest Videos (R-Rated). All in all it was a good for it's time and if you are in your 40s like me, it will make you remember when cheesy movies were truly cheesy. Enjoy!

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Better Than Votes Indicate, 4 September 2002

I am not going to make a long speech about this but the movie is much better than the votes would indicate. A good cast, decent story and and enjoyable to watch. It is also nice to see a young Drew Barrymore. She has turned out to be a pretty good little actress and moviemaker. Check it out.

What A Pleasant Surprise!, 10 August 1999

I almost did not get the opportunity to see this movie. That would have been a shame. It was well crafted, excellently told and a pleasure to watch. I can't remember the last time I saw the cat and mouse game played so well. Renee Russo was simply stunning and has never been more attractive in a film. I mean she was HOT. The sex was a little strong and could be considered unnecessary due to the fact Russo and Brosnan are extremely attractive people and they're more alluring by being suggestive and flirtatious towards each other. The caper was great but there was a hole in one of the elements of the crime but many people won't notice it if they just go with the film. Suspension of Disbelief will be easy. John McTiernan direction was great and the score by Bill Conti flowed so well with the film. Pierce Brosnan was fantastic as Thomas Crown. He was so smug and sure of himself. He truly is a very suave and debonair character. Let's not forget Dennis Leary either. He played his part so well. No humor, wisecracks or comedy. Straight acting and a damn good job. This was the best I have seen of the summer movies so far and only one of two that I will go to see again. It was just a great flick. I highly recommend seeing this movie and I will admit that I have never seen the original, but you can bet it is my first choice the next time I go to the video store.

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Not All That It's Cracked Up To Be, 3 August 1999

I was so eager to see this film. I read the reviews, went and purchased a ticket for the first available show in Atlanta. This was supposed to be a shocking and horrifying film. I did not get that out of the film. I will say that the actors were fantastic. The relationship between Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, and Joshua Leonard was the element of the film that kept it moving. I was never on the end of my seat and did not feel as if I was watching a horror movie. Once again I was waiting for the film to take off and put a little scare into the audience. No ooohs, or screams or any reaction whatsoever from the crowd. I would recommend it because it was an interesting film due to the way it was made but don't expect to be frightened. I really thought that it would be true horror and it turned out to be a very successfully marketed film that never really gave me what I was looking for. A GOOD SCARE.

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Not So Wild About.....The Wild Wild West., 1 July 1999

I wanted to love this movie. I think Will Smith is a great action movie star and Kevin Kline is a tried and true professional. It also had the most beautiful actress out there today, Salma Hayek. Still the film never really took off. I was waiting for the story to develop or something to happen to make me care about the characters. It was great fun and the kids will love it but I was looking for a little more. Salma Hayek did not get an opportunity to display her talent (acting) and she did not have very many lines. Kenneth Branagh did not get a chance to display his great talent, but who did. I would recommend taking the kids, it is not to violent, but don't expect to see a really fantastic movie. One thing that is in the film's favor is that if you are a fan of the original show, you will like it more. I grew up on The Wild Wild West (TV) and thought Robert Conrad was the first Kick-Butt type actor. It was a different kind of show and this is a different kind of film.

The Matrix (1999)
THE MATRIX......IT IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!, 13 April 1999

What A Flick!!! I saw it, got into a conversation about it at work and went with a co-worker to see it again. I have not seen a Sci-Fi movie with this much thought in its conception and effort to bring the visual idea to the screen since the "Terminator" or `Star Wars'. I could only imagine what a great book it was (if it was ever a book) or would have been. Then to top such an interesting story.... the movie was made like nothing I have ever seen. The flips, defiance of gravity and physical acrobatics were just too much. I saw `The Making of The Matrix' on HBO and I know sport teams that don't train as hard as the actors did for this movie. UNREAL!!! Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving were exceptional in their portrayals. I am not a major Sci-Fi movie goer but I am a constant movie goer and if a film is good, I will give it its due. This is a Must See.


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Bruce Lee....There Will Never Be Another, 3 February 1999

Fists Of Fury was the second best of the Lee films. (Chinese Connection was tops). The speed, action and excitement in the film was unprecedented. The only thing that came close were the episodes of the Green Hornet and they were Lee also. He was the epitome of being physically fit and had screen presence like no action star before him. His fitness level and physical capabilities are qualities that some action stars have today, but at the time there was no one like him. Fists of Fury had a good story and the acting was good. In the last almost thirty years, you will be able to find films that are equivalent to the technical and production measures of this film, but none as good due to the fact that this was the first.


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The Godfather-The Greatest Film In Modern Times, 15 August 1998

The Godfather-The Greatest Film In Modern Times

There is no other film that embodies the greatness of American film making such as `The Godfather'. The film communicates many different things on many different levels to the audience. First and foremost is the importance of family. The Don has never made any apologies for the life that he leads and did it all for the sake of his family. It is true that there is no honor among thieves but this is a movie. For the mere sake of the story, Don Vito Corleone is an honorable man. His word is bond and he is not a selfish cheat. Don Vito Corleone's most appealing asset is his relationship with his family. Although the film starts with Don Vito Corleone's reign as Godfather, the film is focused on the reign of Michael. There are things that I learned in this film and the other two films that I carry with me today. `Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer' is just one of the things that I think are important from that film. `Never hate your enemies for it clogs your judgment' is another.

The film shows that even the best made plans can go off course. Don Vito never planned that life for Michael. Without telling too much of the picture I can say once again it is the greatest film that I have ever seen and I have seen a great number. Gone with the Wind is an epic and as all time period pieces go, it does make us think about when times were different. I never could relate to GWTW. Living in Atlanta it is forced upon you but still does not quite cut it. It is much different than Star Wars because it appeals to a more earthly and realistic side of movies. Sci-Fi is a favorite of mine but this does not compare. Good overtakes evil in the Star Wars saga and in the Godfather films we are always cheering on the bad guys. They pay for their sins in triplicate, but still they would never change the lives that they lead.

Finally, the film is ageless. I still get the same rush from the movie that I did when I was first old enough to comprehend the true dynamics of the story so many years ago. We will always have corruption, murder, and power brokering in the underworld and it will in many cases be intertwined with certain political figures. Another thing that will remain a constant is the love for family and the undying care a father has for his children. A father will give the lesson, may it be right or wrong by other's standards, this is who we are, this is what we do, and this is how we do it.

The Godfather will reveal the many different things in the family, but most of is about a father , his sons, and their business.

Francis Ford Coppola did a wonderful job bringing that story to the people.


Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later...Not Too Bad, 14 August 1998

Jamie Lee Curtis is still great after all these years. The movie lacked a little of the suspense of the first, but was a definite improvement over the subsequent others up until it's release. It went straight to the point in the fact that Michael Myers opened up with his sharp cutting personality.

One of the most gripping attributes to the film was the music. If the rest of the film had placed as much emphasis on dramatic interjection as the music did, it would have been a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The music was extremely eerie and very creepy.

All and all as far as sequels go, there have been better. There have definitely been worse. It is worth seeing as a movie and if you are like me (mid-thirties) that the original Halloween scared you for the better part of your adolescent summer of ‘78, definitely go see it.