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Stigmata (1999)
Powerful and visual exploration of faith and the Mother Church, 8 April 2000

Visually dark and atmospherically disturbing, I couldn't help but wonder, are there really people and places in the world like Frankie and the salon she worked in...?? but I guess that setting gave more contrast to her intensely religious experience... you just wouldn't expect it to happen when and where and to whom that it did. There is no way I would ever characterize that possession as being by a 'benevolent' spirit, tho we know his ultimate intentions were 'good' ones. One viewer here didn't care for the un-resolution of Frankie walking around in a sheet at the end, but my guess is that the bird coming to her and landing on her finger is supposed to show us how transformed her spirit was by her experience. As for the message the dead priest was trying to convey being 'overwhelmingly bland and trite', I would think that a true message from Jesus wouldn't have to be very complicated to be valid. People pick all this stuff to death, when it all *IS* really very simple. Interesting to see Ally McBeal's 'Nell' as one of the girls working in the salon. To this non-Christian, this was a powerful film... excellent performances by the two leads. The focus on them is so intense that you almost lose sight of there being anyone else in the movie. I think the possession scenes were quite horrific enough... I guess any supernatural take-over would be pretty spooky, albeit by priest or demon, but one might hope that the priest would be a little more concerned for the instrument he is using to deliver his message. Very thought-provoking, powerful and visual. Very worth the time it takes to watch.

Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter, 26 August 1999

This was good solid entertainment and showcased Ms. Paltrow at her luminous best. What was really almost more interesting to me than the love story between Viola and Will was the secondary story of the creation and development of Romeo & Juliet. The play finally enacted within the film was nearly as good a performance of this as I have ever seen! Incredible costuming and sets, a truly visual treat. Judi Dench makes for the most formidable Royalty! both here and in Mrs. Brown, so I am rather glad that I did not have the misfortune to have been born into those Eras. That is not to say she wasn't wonderful in the parts, for she was incredible, as always. Gywneth Paltrow has to be one of the brightest young stars shining today, but I do hope with all my heart that she doesn't succumb to the Hollywood Star Mentality, for that would surely affect her glow.

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Gives new meaning to the word 'lame'., 26 August 1999

As a regular Buffy viewer, I was incredibly disappointed with SMG's performance in this. The basic story is a good concept, but nothing was done w/it, and poorer dialogue couldn't possibly exist. We are at first introduced to a wonderful magical man who makes sure Amanda gets a basket full of crabs (for her restaurant), in which resides a magical crab. This has to be the first time I've ever heard of a FairyCrabMother. But, as the movie winds laboriously on, we are never given any explanation whatsoever for the magical man OR crab OR really for Amanda's newfound 'powers'. Lois and Nolan are the only really interesting people in this film, and if you watch it and can tell me WHY they dug up Betty Buckley for this, then please let me know. Sarah's costumes made her look fat and frumpy (when we know she isn't), and you mean to tell me they actually PAID someone to do THAT to her hair?! There are holes in this story you could fly a FLEET of shuttles through, and there is most certainly NO magic.

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Where do people learn to talk like that ??, 11 August 1999

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. A long music video, punctuated by stupid comicbook characterizations. A fractured fairytale with about as fluff and substance as Cinderella's petticoats. I'm not sure why they just didn't go ahead and animate in the tongues dropping to the floor and the eyeballs popping out of heads, it certainly would have fit. The sisters were unreal... one drives an ambulance, but would much rather yak on the cell phone and play with the siren and car stereo... yeah, a real professional, that one. The other one cooks in her pearls with her hair piled on top of her head, yeah, I always cook like that, sure. A complete waste of time.

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Like a nightmare that never ends., 31 January 1999

Well, I finally saw 'Pulp Fiction'. Hadn't after all this time, but I've heard *so* much ta-doo over it, so I rented it.


I guess I must not be film critic material, because I didn't appreciate the 'art' of this film, or its 'brilliance', or any 'statement' it might have made. It was unpleasant, filled with scumbag people I cared nothing about, doing godawful things to each other with horrendously graphic visuals and appalling dialogue. It jumped around in time, circling back to where it opened, but from another viewpoint, and while that may be some sort of artsy crafting in editing or storytelling, it doesn't save it from the fact that it was just plain revolting.

When the characters could get away for a second from m-f-ing all over the place, there *was* some interesting verbal exchange... bright and witty and even vaguely profound, but Kafka it ain't. I have to say, I thought all the performances were incredible, esp Samuel Jackson, but can't Quentin Tarantino stay OUT of any of his own films?! Even playing a 'nicer' guy, he comes off as a borderline psycho. I thought it was *very* interesting, tho, to see Chicago Hope's Eric Stoltz in there as a drug dealer.

I worry about people's minds, if this is what they think of as a great movie. EEK! A movie about redemption? Gee... I didn't see any of that. If perhaps a character got out of the violent melee alive, I'd hardly call that 'redemption', if they are hardly anyone worth caring about being redeemed in the first place. An earthquake fault could have opened up and swallowed the lot of 'em, and I would have applauded. People think it's really cool or trendy to give accolades to trash nowadays.

Time to get some mouthwash for my eyes, and get the stench out of 'em.

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Get thee to a movie that is anything other than this one., 25 October 1998

No need to review this intellectually. Just plain awful will do nicely. A colossal waste of talent. How Harvey Keitel uttered the line about becoming a "lapdog of Satan" without laughing his glasses off is a tremendous testament to the man's professionalism. Nothing creative or new or even remotely interesting to give a vampire flick fan a fun time, save for the varied and always colorful character renditions by Cheech Marin. This movie was just like one of those black velvet paintings with the little lights. My advice: take this video cassette, douse with holy water, and incinerate.

** wife of doug peterson **