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Laserblast (1978)
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pretty lame movie, 2 January 1999

boy finds gun -- boy uses gun -- boy begins mutating into alien creature -- boy uses gun more -- boy gets zapped by bigger gun

Ms. Scrooge (1997) (TV)
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wonderful adaption of _A_Christmas_Carol_, 27 December 1998

_Ms._Scrooge_ is a remake of Charles Dickens' _A_Christmas_Carol_. If you are tired of Scrooge as a crotchety old English guy, you can now see the same story modernized with an elderly black woman playing Scrooge. The adaption is well done, and the contrast with the original story is part of the fun.

Cicely Tyson plays Scrooge. I first noticed her years ago in the movie _Autobiograpy_of_Miss_Jane_Pittman_. That award-winning movie and _Ms._Scrooge_ together make an interesting set. In both, Cicely is shown at different times of her life to develop a personal history of how she became who she is now. While the _Autobiography_ is a better movie, _Ms._Scrooge_ is still very good.

The supporting cast does an excellent job. Perhaps Katherine Helmund goes over the top as Maude Marley, and she appears to be enjoying her state more than one would think a lost soul should. Still, she effectively sets the stage for what Scrooge is yet to experience. Julian Richings is totally eery as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Roles where actors don't speak have got to be hard to play, but Julian finds the way.

Reptilicus (1961)
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the Danish Godzilla, 22 December 1998

If you like cheesy special effects, limited plot, limited acting talent, and garish acidic monster vomit, you'll love this movie! While it is far from the worst monster movie ever made, Reptilicus has very little to recommend it. But if you really, really liked the original Godzilla, then maybe you will like this also.