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Not at all bad but a bit bland..., 16 May 2015

Yes it is very spectacular, yes it is very violent (although PG violent, I can't remember more than a few single drops of blood really.) It is very nicely directed and shot, and the few main actors are more than OK. Especially Charlize. It's just that there are so many explosions you get tired after a while, and very little story. It's not Michael Bay-crazy, but has some of his tendencies. It was enjoyable at least, and the 3D version is nice. It is a popcorn flick, so take it for what it is. Mad Max 2 it ain't though. I think I had too high expectations going in and maybe it will grow on me. I would be surprised if there won't be a sequel.

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Worst. Movie. Ever., 19 November 2011

I could go on and on about this movie and how bad every aspect of it is. I won't, because others have covered it to perfection; the plot is beyond dumb, the actors are terrible and there's absolutely No. Humor. At. All. in this movie (unless you happen to laugh at girls farting, belching, throwing up). One-dimensional characters that lead lives that are so far from reality it's amazing. Take for instance Annie (Wiig) and her job at the jewelery store... I assume talking to the customers like she does is supposed to generate laughter. It doesn't, believe me.

Drop your tickets/rentals and take two steps back!

And yes, my wife hated it as well.

Cars (2006)
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The worst Pixar flick so far..., 5 July 2006

This will be short and sweet: Cars is an awful awful movie, there's nothing in it, except the animations - as per usual, that holds anyone's interest. The story is boooooring, I mean seriously "If you aren't nice you aren't anything"...?? OK, that's not from the movie, but it's the whole statement the way I see it. Not to mention the internal logic that is non-existent. To put it bluntly: had this movie been made about humans, not a single person would have liked it. (By the way, I loved all of Pixar's other movies, except A Bug's Life, which is, in its ways, similar to Cars.) Do yourselves a favor and avoid Cars, Lightning isn't even a likable character.

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Beware!!! I'd never pay to watch this., 20 August 2004

The whole movie is about Anders and Sofia who are a couple, but Anders has found a new girl, Lotta. He sneaks off to Gotland to see a really rare bird, as he is a bird watcher )and to be with Lotta). Sofia is on the other hand a witch... So she throws voodoo spells on Anders from time to time. Does it sound silly? Does it sound weird? That's only because it IS!

This movie sucks, this movie sucks so bad they had to change the title for the DVD release. And let me tell you, it didn't help. Terrible acting, terrible script, NO plot and just a plain shitty flick. Do NOT see this!!! I'm ashamed to be Swedish.

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Great, but terrible quality, 6 January 2004

This is a great DVD for fans and even for non-fans. "All" their videos are featured and a couple of documentaries are thrown in for good measure. The downsides are; 1. The video quality of this DVD is pathetic. Some of the earlier videos look worse than they did on VHS. Shame on EMI! 2. It's only available in PAL. 3. The documentaries are a bit dated. Please note that there is a new Roxette DVD out now (Dec 2003), called "Ballad & Pop Hits", which is available in NTSC as well. More or less the same videos (and the same documentaries).

Signs (2002)
Signs is... boring..., 20 September 2002

I truly loved The Sixth Sense! I really hated Unbreakable! Signs is somewhere inbetween the two of them. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix are great, and so are the kids, although I can't stand the Culkins. But where's the story?? I don't feel for the characters, and that's not how it should be. To cut a long story short - If you liked Unbreakable you may like this. If you thought Unbreakable was weird, then think again. M Night seems to have lost his grasp of reality now. The Sixth Sense is still his best feature so far.

Hollow Man (2000)
EXCELLENT effects, TERRIBLE plot..., 6 October 2000

Well, the headline says more or less everything. Hollow Man has effects worthy Star Wars, but the plot is like "hmmm, let's see, how can we make ANOTHER stupid mistake?". See it for the effects, if at all. Elisabeth and the rest of the cast is not bad, but the script is.