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An excellent film., 15 May 1999

This is truly a great movie with a great tense atmosphere throughout most of the entire film. The acting is incredibly good and believable by the main characters bill and marge farell ( TOM TRYON, GLORIA TALBOTT)as well as the rest of the cast. You even feel sorry for the aliens at the end of the movie. The only thing wrong with this film is the B-title as a previous commentator stated. It really hurts the movie. I know i passed on it quite a few times on cable untill i gave in. I'm glad i gave in. An 8 out of 10 in my opinion.

Paulie (1998)
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Paulie you're the man!!!, 17 January 1999

I was very surprised with this film. I was touched with the lives that paulie touched along his way to find his "marie" the little girl he was separated from. The humor was also very good and it did not hurt the story as i thought it would probably do. Actually i was expecting "paulie wants a cracker" jokes to hurt this film but even that was done in a very humorous scene that turns very touching when paulie is in the research lab press room conference. So if you wish to see a good "animal that talks" film check this one out, much better than Dr. DOLITTLE in my opinion. PAULIE also has a surprised twist in the end that is done very nicely as well.

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Bandera's & Assante's finest performances, 17 January 1999

This movie is one of my all time favorite films and i'm not ashamed to say that i shed a tear or two every time i watch this film especially near the end when cesar(ARMAND ASSANTE) is in the club and they start to play the song "beautiful maria of my soul" and he starts to think about his brother nestor(ANTONIO BANDERAS) and all the good times they had, very touching scene. The music is equally great in the film. The mambo of the 50's that came out of cuba sounds and is played well. The "clubbin feel" to it is also portrayed wonderfully, work on the weekdays and when the weekend comes it's time to head to the clubs to dance or play music. A film that i dont consider a musical in my opinion but has music in it as backgroung to a great drama between to brothers and their dreams. A great film 9 out of 10.

Earthquake (1974)
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A 70's film with extra cheese please!, 10 January 1999

Yes it's true this film is very cheesy but it's fun as well. 1st. cheese goes to WALTER MATTHAU as a drunk in a bar with his pimp daddy-o hat and wear. 2nd. cheese goes to "shaft's" RICHARD ROUNDTREE a a daredevil bike rider and his friend/business partner FATHER GUIDO???? 3rd. cheese goes to eva gabor for playing the part of heston's wife and the daughter of man who looks like he should have played a brother or another relative. 4th cheese goes to the cashier supermaket worker by day national crazy guardman by night. 5th cheese but not least to rosa(VICTORIA PRINCIPAL) strutting her 70's due and wear and the attention of the crazy national guardsman. though VICTORIA PRINCIPAL did look hot in a cheesy 70's hooker way of course. So it's not a great film or a good film but pure cheese at its best. A 7 out of 10 on cheese richter scale.

Armageddon (1998)
Things that make you go hmmmmmmm................., 9 January 1999

After reviewing the evidence a couple of times I am truly convinced that Dan Truman ( Billy bob thornton) is indeed the FLASH. The evidence is in the scene when harry blows up the asteroid and every one is cheering in NASA. Dan is in the bottom level or ground level and looks at grace( LIEV TYLER) who is in a balcony level and is feeling sad because of the sacrifice that was payed for all of them to live. She turns away from the balcony in a second and guess who's there to comfort her......... The FLASH a.k.a. Dan. Not bad for a guy who has a bad foot in the movie and was never considered for an applicant to be an astronaut due to his handicap.

Lionheart (1990)
One of Van Damme's best movies, 20 December 1998

Every time i watch this movie it seems to rub on me a little more. Perhaps it is just the old tale of a man who is trying to do right by his family. In this case Van Damme plays "leo" a man who goes A.W.O.L from the foreign legion after his brother is killed, so "leo" tries to do right by his brother's widow and niece by getting into street-fighting as a mean to fast cash. A good performance by Jean-claude Van Damme as a man who is on the run and a lot good fight scenes.

Barabbas (1961)
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Great Performances, 19 December 1998

Anthony Quinn gives an outstanding performance as BARABBAS a lifelong criminal who was set free in the place of Jesus Christ. Through the film you see the changes in Barabbas life as his conscience begins to wonder why he was spared a miserable death in the place of a good man. Jack Palance also gives a good performance as a ruthless gladiator in the arena as well as the rest of the cast. A great film all around.

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A great classic sci-fi tale, 17 December 1998

Awesome tale and very good acting by the lead actor Rod Taylor about a man who travels into a far distant future where all signs of a normal civilized society has been completely wipe out. I'm pretty sure this movie can be remade with the special effects of today and make a better design of the the time machine and costumes/makeup etc. but they will probably fail in delivering the goods. Solid acting especially in a sci-fi film. With that said it will still be worth a look at a remake's future version.

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Awesome movie for its time, 17 December 1998

It's the end of the world and only a few humans will survive via a lottery. sound familiar it should that was DEEP IMPACT plot premise but unlike DEEP IMPACT this movie delivers the goods and the planet is completely destroyed by an asteroid. Good acting by the cast lead actors but unfortunately the f/x are poor by today's standard but so are the f/x's of other great sci-fi films like THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, and WAR OF THE WORLDS but it still doesn't diminish their classic-cult status in the sci-fi genre.

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Last user's comment are correct., 17 December 1998

I could not put it into better words. This movie has it all love,action,betrayal,adventure,misery,loyalty,jealousy,honor and Tyrone Power. I first saw this film on AMC a year ago and i love it from beginning to end. Tyrone Power gives an incredible performance as a spanish nobleman who is on the run. If anyone else likes Tyrone Power in this film be sure to check out "the eddy duchin story" and "the razor's edge" he acts better in these films . This man could act his ass off, too bad he does not get that much recognition as other classic hollywood stars. He is definitely one of my top ten favorite actors of all time.