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Kenny (2006)
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Funnier than bum full of m&m's, 2 September 2006

This mockumentary is great for a laugh. it's the sort of movie you go to with a group of friends and have some good out-loud belly laughs. There are so many one-liners in here that I'll have to wait till its out on DVD to note them down. However, amidst all the hilarity and pooh, Kenny is a sensitive bloke who has family problems like all of us. He is a real, regular bloke! This film also stands as an indictment on society. It brings the silver-tails back to earth with a resounding "plop" After all, everyone has to cr*p!! The final scene (not counting those in the credits) is a re-make of an old classic revenge prank that looses nothing in it's reworking. Loved Kenny's dad!

Everything I expected, 23 May 2003

This was a great sequel to a great movie. For once, a movie that you have to THINK in.....drift off and you'll miss a critical bit of info.

The film leaves us nicely poised for the 3rd part later in 2003......

Can't wait.

A different slant on Crime. Great, 26 January 2003

This is a great show that looks at crimes from a different

perspective. I'm sick of all those investigative whodunit's that seem

to follow similar plot lines. this show takes us into the minds of the

scientists behind the investigation. Rather than just seeing them

give evidence in court scenes, we see how they gather data and at

times we get to look inside their heads to see what makes them

tick. I think this show will spawn a new breed of student coming up

from high school who will want to do science, perhaps to get into

forensics. I enjoy losing myself in this show each week when its screening,

and I'm looking forward to sampling the new CSI Miami when it

screens for the first time in Australia in 2003.

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Icy cool!, 19 December 2002

Lots of womanizing in this movie, but Hey! it IS James Bond! The

CGI in the opening credits is cool and there is a great sound track

to go with it. One or two of the escape sequences could have been

done better, given today's CGI capabilities, but those people who

rabbit on about how unbelievable they are must have forgotten that

it it a BOND movie and James can do ANYTHING! I was a little

disappointed that the traitor was so easy to pick. I had "the person"

pegged as soon as I saw them "in London" All in all, I enjoyed it and it was 2Hrs+ of pure escapism and a

welcome respite from the Christmas shopping.

A rip-snorter, 19 May 2002

At last George Lucas has regained his old form. This film leaves the Phantom Menace for dead! The action and underlying plot lines are excellent and it is great to see just why Master Yoda IS held in such high regard by other Jedi. In the theatre where I saw it (12:05 am on release day) the whole of the audience errupted in applause and cheers when Yoda "Made his move!" I was a little worried about seeing this movie after the last one, but

I am now awaiting the last in the series with anticipation.

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What a let down, 24 February 2002

I am surprised that JK Rowling had anything to do with the filming

at all! Vital (SMALL) sections were left out, and the ending was

completely altered for no apparent reason, other than an ego trip

for Warner Bros computer animation dept! Whilst I enjoyed

sections of the movie, I thought Emma Watson II over-acted all the

time, whilst Daniel Radcliffe performed acceptably. To my way of

thinking, the pick of the actors was Rupert Grint as Ron. He

demonstrated superb timing and had an easy way of acting. Alan

Rickman as Snape was a good choice, but once again, WBros

had to add a nice little line wishing Potter good luck in the

Quiddich match!! TOTALLY out of character and unnecessary. Warner Bros had a wonderful opportunity to create a masterpiece,

but they stuffed it up!

A Win in a seemingly No-Win situation., 24 February 2002

Everyone has their own ideas about this story. We all have

visualized the Hobbits , Dwarves, wizards Orcs etc, so there was a

good chance that Jackson would offend most of us some of the

time with his portrayal of the characters. Even given the sections

left out, I though he did a stirling job with this monumental task,

and I think its a good job it was released after Harry Potter and the

Philosophers Stone, as that film would have seemed even more

disappointing if it was released later. I await with impatience the

release of film number two!

The Dish (2000)
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A witty, amusing snapshot of a memorable event., 16 October 2000

Set in the late 60's at the time of Apollo 11, this film

demonstrates the wit of the Australian psyche. The humour

is typically Australian, and it is delivered smoothly and with

no jarring or slapstick. For those who like the music of the

60's, you will enjoy the little cameos that appear throughout

this movie. The task that the Parkes Radio Telescope has

in communicating with Apollo 11 is demonstrated (with some obvious artistic license) and the marvelous research done by the Working Dog Film group is framed by

the archival footage from Australia and NASA. Those of us

old enough to remember Niel Armstrong's small step find

ourselves transported back in time to recount our own memories. There are quite a few real belly laughs in this

film. I saw it in a large theatre with only a handful of spare

seats. In at least one instance, the WHOLE theatre erupted

in completely uncontrolled laughter!! A sure sign of some

great writing and acting. In closing, I'd have to say that the

American National Anthem will from now on take on a whole new meaning!

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Disappointed with the ending, 20 August 2000

I really enjoyed this film and thought that TLJ came through

with a strong performance without having to be seen as a

macho soldier. SLJ portrayed a career GI very well. However, I think that the tying-up of loose ends by text

messages at the end of the film was a cop out by the director. After building up a rage inside the mind of the

audience with the destruction of the tape, this should have

been resolved in some way.

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Hugh being Hugh, 16 June 1999

A pretty pedestrian film where Hugh Grant plays himself---basically, as he always does, like 4 weddings, 9mths etc etc etc. Why must he type cast himself into a bumbling dickhead role like this all the time? I think the ladies will swoon over him and his body, but other than that, the film is oh so predictable and boring

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