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Definitely the Director's Cut!, 30 October 2004

I definitely prefer the DIRECTOR'S CUT! I completely agree with whoever wrote that the DC ending was one of the most fitting EVER in Hollywood. I could hardly believe what I was watching, but I agreed with Evan's decision. Yes it is the saddest thing, but I think it makes the movie that much richer. It just makes the BEST sense!!

For those who think too much, this is just a movie. It's pure entertainment :) on a different level than most "normal" cinematic films. We're all aware of paradoxes. That's not what the movie is about. I was too caught up in the movie to think about that stuff.

I was slightly surprised by the darkness of this movie, but the whole thing went together so well. Kudos to most of the actors in the movie, but truly to Ashton Kutcher. I admit it took me too long to see this film b/c he was in it. But I am glad I did.

I will definitely recommend this movie, the Director's Cut, to anyone who enjoys a good movie. I don't think the theatrical release is even worth watching, but that's just one opinion.

The Grudge (2004)
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I was terrified during this great movie!, 22 October 2004

This is what I wrote to some friends earlier:

HOLY CRAP, The Grudge is, honest to God, one of the scariest films I've ever seen! I am either getting very soft in my old age, or Sam Raimi and Ghost Pictures did a KICK A** job! (Can't wait for Boogeyman!)

I was very scared sitting in the dark theater and wished I had someone, anyone, sitting next to me (except the protagonist in Grudge. I saw the movie by myself.) I swear, there were many many jump scenes that were NOT expected! I felt foolish but my nerves did not care! I was on edge the entire movie, from the opening credits, and the music was fantastically scary. I keep thinking of that sound, though, and I DO NOT LIKE IT!

I actually gasped aloud a few times, and cried, "oh" at one scene!! Oh, yeah, I even half-covered my eyes a few times! Word to the wise, though: I thought some of the scenes were a little psychotic. My DH hated Event Horizon and thought whoever wrote it was sick and psycho, but I don't remember the movie so can't compare.

I can't say I "enjoyed" this movie b/c I was terrified, but it was very very good and scary. The ending scene, too...whoa! For being a 32-year-old-mommy, I think I may have nightmares from this movie, especially because of that sound. Please get out of my head ;)

In summary, this is not a slasher flick like I grew up with (Jason, Freddy). This is a most-of-the-time spooky movie. Perfect for Halloween.

Two great trailers for this movie were Boogeyman and The Ring 2!!

Cellular (2004)
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I enjoyed Cellular!, 10 September 2004

I found this movie very enjoyable! Some of the acting was really good: Kim Basinger gave a kick-butt performance, William H. Macy was very good, and Chris Evans (Ryan) did a great job. I loved the scene where he laughed out loud after turning the corner; I felt his excitement!

That is it for me: I was excited, and suspensed, during the film. How was it going to end? Would they take the normal route or go against mainstream? I really get into movies and this was absolutely no exception! Loved the chase scenes and the action!

It may not be the Movie of the Year, but it is a definite DVD must for me :)

Paparazzi (2004)
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Enjoyable Film, 4 September 2004

I gave this film 8/10 because I really enjoyed it. I was right there with Bo Laramie, edging him on. I liked that he got his revenge, how the detective treated him during the movie since he suspected, and the ending.

I laughed, cried (I'm a sap, I admit, but also a mommy), and felt avenged! I enjoyed Cole Hauser's performance, as well as David Farina, Tom Sizemore (for the most part), and Blake Bryan's (cute kid). I have obviously not dealt with paparazzi in my life, so I was very sympathetic to Laramie's pain. I also detested the paparazzi, but understand they are not all like that in real life.

Sure I like celebrities, but I don't feel the paparazzi should take pictures of children, be on private property, or continue doing something they're asked nicely not to do. I have usually been sympathetic w/celebrities like Alec Baldwin, etc. who have had problems w/paparazzi.

I thought the movie was enjoyable, with pretty good acting. I laughed at Mel Gibson's cameo, as did the whole theater! Since I first saw the trailer, I knew I wanted to see this movie, and I was there at the first showing 2:00 PM EST Friday.

Snow Dogs (2002)
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5 mo old son loved it!, 25 May 2002

My 5 month old son apparently loved this movie! He squealed in delight at numerous scenes (the dogs) which made my enjoyment of the film that much more pleasurable :-)

I thought this movie was very uplifting & a great family-oriented film. I will definitely buy the DVD now that I have seen it. Wonderful scenery, beautiful dogs, & good acting, especially by Cuba Gooding, Jr.

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Great except for my theatre, 25 May 2000

Just to say that this movie would have been quite excellent if our theatre had taken the time to make sure its THX was working properly! They handed free passes at the end of the film due to various people leaving the film to complain. Who wants to leave an action-packed adventure film like MI2?!

Besides the sound, this was a great movie: excellent acting, out-of-this-world stunts, and beautiful scenery - and I am not a Tom Cruise fan even though I'm a female! Basically, what you'd expect, plus a little more :-) Enjoy this film - it's darn good!

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Deep Blue Stink, 1 August 1999

Personally, I thought this movie absolutely stunk. They had too many gaping holes in the plot line and took way too many liberalities in certain areas. It seemed to me that this film just wanted to show us how sharks can attack humans.

I read through all the previous reviews and everyone else has liked this film, so far. I went with my husband, who also hated this film, and his best friend, who enjoyed it. One never knows. Tastes vary greatly, you know? My hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed The Haunting (1999) but this movie sucked the big one, to us.

Now, if you really want to be scared, go see The Blair Witch Project! IMHO, of course ...

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That Last Scene - WHEW!, 1 August 1999

As many readers before me have contested, this movie was truly excellently done! Well-deserved kudos to all involved because it did truly frighten me. I went to see this BY MYSELF on my 1/2 day off from work and, as Paula O'Keefe says in her user comment, I was *NOT* breathing during the tremendous final ten minutes (quote/un-quote). I found myself holding my breath, seriously, during the whole last climax, which I believe was longer than ten minutes and I had to remind myself to physically breathe.

I found this film terrifying because it left everything up to my imagination. I do not consider myself creative, but when it comes to imagination for horror, I guess I have it! I must agree with Rick Peach's user comment of "The last shot of this film will be stuck in my head for years to come" because it will be; it truly will be. When I finally remembered the story and figured out why the last shot was done the way it was, BINGO ... I had trouble sleeping that night and I did have nightmares, I hate to admit!

All in all, a wonderful movie that I look forward to dragging my husband to see with me. I HAVE to see it again! I hope it's number one in its wide-release weekend!!!

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Very Well Done!, 1 August 1999

I even thought the ending was *good* - it just fit with the plot. I wouldn't say this was the best horror movie ever, but I loved, absolutely LOVED those sets! Beautiful! And who could possibly resist Catherine Zeta-Jones? No one in the world! When all was said and done, we thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

The 2 guys, 26 March 1999

I just have to mention that I really enjoyed the two guys who sang and played the guitars. My guy clapped at the end of the movie (those of you who saw it know why) and I slapped him! I enjoyed their singing!!! I'm the only one, so far, but I did!

This film was highly humorous, not what I expected at all. I even laughed at the dog-scenes, and I have 2 of my own. I was pleasantly surprised at this movie and now understand why everyone talks about it so much (even still).

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