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What a waste, 3 January 2003

Yawn! This is a surprisingly unfunny comedy, considering all the talent. Why do they waste their time and talent on a project like this? It's a lousy story full of unconvincing characters. Amanda Peet is quite charming though, and her smile (and breasts) pulls this one up to 4.

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It bites!, 18 March 1999

This film was a complete surprise to me. It's clever, funny and very thought-provoking. Judy Davis and Peter Weller (that man is underrated) both deliver excellent performances. A warning: The ending isn't quite the usual happy salvation, but it really does hit the perfect note on one of the main themes of the film: You can't always get what you want. And pushing that very feeling to the viewer just before the credits is perhaps the cleverest thing about the whole film.