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Scary!, 19 February 2017

This film tells the story of the famous exorcists couple from the Church, who wants to stop investigating and confronting the paranormal. However, the Church sends them to London to investigate a very sinister haunting in a north London house that is home to a single mother and her four children.

"The Conjuring" was so super scary that I rate it as one of the scariest films for me. "The Conjuring 2" follows a similar plot, with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson investigating and confronting the demonic spirits. There are many scary scenes in this film, to the point that I developed a headache towards the end because I was so scared. Yet, the general feel of the film is not as scary compared to the first film. I think perhaps it is because the final showdown is short, and the demon appeared way too late in the film. Still, it is a very scary film!

Feel good entertainment, 17 February 2017

This film tells the story of a mysterious man who works in a home ware store. He is kind, calm and helpful. He also happens to be possessing unparalleled skills in handling extreme violence, combating mobs and king them with minimal tools.

There is a lot of action and violence in the film, but it is made to look Denzel Washington cool. He can overpower mobsters easily, rectifying wrongs, tackling corruption and basically be the pillar of righteousness without looking for any gains or rewards. This selflessness makes me like this film a lot. Even though it may be a little over the top with his specialised skills, it offers feel good entertainment.

It's funny and likable, 17 February 2017

This film tells the story of two teenage boys, who do not see much of their futures in their respective single parent families. One day, they hear about a big shipment of cocaine being washed ashore about 160km from where they live, they set off to find a bag of cocaine that will change their lives forever.

"The Young Offenders" is a surprisingly sweet film despite their teenage delinquencies. It tells Jock's dream of having a different life, and he acts upon it and pursue his chance of getting a new life. It is the American dream but located in Ireland. The other boy is very good natured deep in his heart, as we can see in more than one occasion in the film. The story is inspiring as well as funny, and there is quite a bit of thrill at the end too. I enjoyed it a lot.

A realistic portrayal, 16 February 2017

This film tells the story of a troubled teenage girl, who goes through a tough time because her only friend hooked up with her elder brother. She deals with it by being as obnoxious to the people important to her as much as possible.

I guess many people can see a bit of themselves in this film, as Nadine goes through a typical adolescent time. This universality of experience helps to connect viewers, and it works well. I think the teacher is really good in the unconventional way, because he deals with Nadine in an atypical manner, yet it works. Sometimes the unexpected gives the unexpected results.

The Choice (2016/I)
A clichéd, unconvincing romance, 16 February 2017

This film tells the story of a young woman, who moves into a small village to be a nurse in the local hospital. Unfortunately, her obnoxious vet neighbour turns out to be unexpectedly charming. Both she and he have to make difficult choices in their lives as a result of their romance.

I find "The Choice" very unconvincing. How would a nurse find an obnoxious man charming? A common reaction to neighbours playing loud music is to go and have a talk with the neighbour, then go away. When the neighbour is obnoxious, the nurse would have been likely to be angry and upset, rather than taking his poor attitude as flirtatious advances. From then on, the story and the dialogues are so clichéd and unbelievably cringe worthy. I literally choked even Teresa Palmer's character said no a number of times then yes. Unbelievable, and not romantic. The ending is unrealistic either. Perhaps it's meant to be touching, but I find it annoyingly out of this world. This film may be sweet for a teenage girl, but not for anyone else.

Engaging, 16 February 2017

This film tells the story of a Western town in 1860's, where the villagers are bullied and oppressed by a master criminal. One day, a woman has had enough, and enlists the help of seven brave men to lead the town to fight back.

Despite me not usually liking western films, "The Magnificent Seven" manages to capture and maintain my concentration. The first part tells how the seven men are assembled, then how they prepare for the inevitable battle, and lastly the battle itself. The men are courageous and fearless, acting for the benefit of others. This selflessness of theirs gives viewers a good impression. The seven guys all have distinctive characteristics, while the woman who started it all is also memorable. One thing I have always wondered though, is how come there are still people left in the country, as they seem to kill everyone in sight!

An unexpected surprise, 16 February 2017

This film tells the story of a young boy who falls off a cliff into the sea, and subsequently fall into a coma. His father is missing, and the mother is understandably distraught. A handsome doctor tries to help them all, but things may not appear as they seem.

"The 9th Life of Louis Drax" is full of surprises. It starts off like a children's film, then becomes romance, then fantasy, then mystery. These elements seamlessly mix into a captivating and engaging story that makes me glued to the screen. It makes me feel differently towards each character at different points of the film, which I think of indicative of how cleverly the story is constructed. The ending is a big surprise, and I would not have guessed it at all. I will be telling my friends about this great film. I really enjoyed it.

Confusing for me, 15 February 2017

This film is about an undercover agent, who infiltrates deep into the euros of drug lords and money laundering networks in order to capture the vast network of criminals. The infiltration goes so deep that it is hard to tell what is really happening.

"The Infiltrator" is a strange film to watch. There are elements that make me want to like the film, such as the undercover couple being very good in their roles. However, I find the characters very confusing, as I can hardly keep up with who is who, and who is on which side. When a guy is murdered in the club, I don't even know which side he is on, or who killed him. The story is not very engaging or suspenseful, so I can't say I liked it a lot.

A heartwarming film, 15 February 2017

This film tells the story of a family who is troubled by many misfortunes, including the father's business going badly, the mother having cancer, the older son coping with divorce and the younger son doing a job he dislikes.

Despite the multiple misfortunes, "The Hollars" remain light hearted, optimistic and cheerful. They show human emotions appropriate to the situations, and is not over the top. Attributing the mother's symptoms to a weight issue is quite funny, but believable at the same time. The thing about these characters is that they face real problems and have realistic reactions. I have sympathy for the characters because they are relatable to the viewers. The ending is quite funny, sweet and sad all at the same time. It also reminds us to live life to the most.

Lion (2016)
An emotional journey, 14 February 2017

This film tells the remarkable story of a young Indian boy who is lost because he got on an empty train that travelled for days. He has no idea where he is from, where he is at or how to get home. He is adopted by an Australian family subsequently, but he has not forgotten where he is truly from.

I remember reading about this news story years ago, about a man who found his home using Google map. Just imagining what his journey could be like is already touching me to tears. Watching his journey makes my imagined scenario real, and touches me deeply. It must have been very terrifying for a five year old boy to go through such an ordeal. The film conveys the ordeal brilliantly. His time at the orphanage isn't that much better, though it is not because of anyone's malicious intent. The scene when Saroo asks whether the orphanage has tried to search for his mother is touching, and there are lots more touching degrees to come. It is a great emotional journey.

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