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Suspenseful, 17 November 2014

This film tells the story of a woman with amnesia, who can't remember anything after she wakes up. She has to relearn about her life every day, and day by day she learns a bit of new information about her life.

"Before I Go to Sleep" sets the tone as a thriller early on by quite a few sudden noises and close shave accidents. Yet, it has an emotional side to it, as we see how traumatic Christine and Bens lives have been. Ben has to live through the trauma of explaining himself every morning, and he tirelessly care for Christine even though she could not remember a thing. I am reminded of the millions of carers caring for people with dementia - their lives would be sadly similar to Ben's.

The plot twists and turns, maintaining uncertainty and suspense on what happened ten years ago that caused the amnesia. I enjoyed watching this story unfolding.

I was annoyed, 14 November 2014

This film tells the story of two struggling men who find success when dressed up as cops. They keep playing cops until they land face to face with the biggest gangsters in the city.

Though the story is light hearted and funny, I got irritated by the fact that the two men had no regard for the law. Anyone with a bit of common sense should know that impersonating a police officer is a major offense, punishable by imprisonment. Not only do they keep impersonating police officers, but they upstage themselves every time. My annoyance with them takes away some of the enjoyment I would have felt. If the plot was modified to two civilians helping policemen, or two police in training making major achievements, then I would have liked it more.

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Amazing moves, 14 November 2014

This film treks the story of a newly formed dance troupe competing in Las Vegas for a grand prize of a three year show in a big hotel.

"Step Up All In" is as entertaining as ever, with very good dance moves that is filled with youthful energy. It's vibrant and full of passion, lifting me up with their enthusiastic moves. I'm constantly amazed by how the actors and actresses move their bodies. It's very well choreographed, and the supporting visual effects are a bonus. The final showdown is a visual spectacle, and I really enjoyed it. I think this "Step Up" is an improvement from the last one, which was already good. I look forward to another sequel!

Voyage (2013)
Unlike Scud's other films, 10 November 2014

This film tells the story of a young psychiatrist who embarks on a voyage on the sea, as he is troubled by his patients' suicides.

Shown in only one cinema in Hong Kong, I had the privilege to watch it with director's Q&A after the screening. "Voyage" is very unlike Scud's previous films, as it does not have a gay storyline, nor does it have a linear and coherent plot. The story is actually many different stories pieced together by the psychiatrists' memories. The initial story, starring Byron Pang set in Mongolia, is graphically shocking as viewers in the cinema are mostly unprepared for the graphic violence. The second stories, set in Malaysia, is tragic but interestingly does not involve the behaviour that is central to the film.

There are many other unconnected stories, told bit by bit, and hence unfortunately lacks a nice flow. In addition, because there are so many stories, every one of them feel underdeveloped. There could have been more explanation on the antecedents and consequences leading to the characters' behaviour.

"Voyage" marks Scud's departure from making gay films, to a film about mental health issues. As Scud says in the Q&A, this type of film is becoming extinct. I applaud him for keeping diversity alive in the Hong Kong film industry.

Caravaggio (1986)
I was lost, 9 November 2014

This film tells the life story of the 17th-century painter, Caravaggio, from his adolescence to his death.

I find "Caravaggio" not very easy to follow, because characters are not introduced by name; and it also does not help when Caravaggio is played by three different actors! There is little dialog in the film, as many messages are conveyed in the unsaid. This also adds to the difficulty in understanding the plot.

It also tries to push boundaries by having obvious anachronisms. I find myself stopping to think whether these objects exist in those days, which adds to me being more lost. Though I did not particularly enjoyed "Caravaggio", I will give Derek Jarman's films another go though.

Confusion and apathy were my feelings, 7 November 2014

This film tells the story of two genius brothers, one grows up to become a surgeon, the other becomes a drug dealer.

I guess it's quite common for two brothers to diverge on their paths and throwing their lives away - at least in films anyway. The story is told in a linear fashion, it plainly tells the effects occurring in their lives. Max is the messed I up one, while Adam is the high flier. However, they are both unsympathetic, and I don't find myself caring for them. Towards the end, I was confused as to what the video tape contains that leads to the character's downfall. Hence, I was left with the feeling of confusion and apathy towards the characters. That being said, "Good Time Max" is a better effort than the other films directed by James Franco.

Rio 2 (2014)
Fun, 7 November 2014

This animation tells the story of the blue macaws flying into the amazon to find other blue macaws.

I was thoroughly bored and irritated by the first Rio, so "Rio 2" is a nice surprise. This film is colorful and fun. The plot is about love and family, and you cannot go wrong with these fundamental ideas. The birds sometimes burst into spontaneous singing and dancing, but it's not as annoying as I usually find it to be. In fact, the use of "I Will Survive" is really fun, and starkly contrasts the character that sings it. That's a joke for adult viewers, children won't get it. The ending is fun as well. I enjoyed watching "Rio 2".

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Emotionally captivating and intellectually challenging, 6 November 2014

This film tells the story of an ex-pilot in a world full of dust storms. He is chosen to travel to the uncharted parts of the space in search for a new habitable planet.

"Interstellar" is a long film, and the first two hours of it does not seem like a typical Christopher Nolan film. Most of the scenes are (literally) down to Earth, with no fancy visual effects. It spends much time building up the story, telling the story of a father and his daughter who sees 'ghost' in her bedroom. Through this ghost, one thing led to another, and the man is in space. When the film is not down on Earth, it looks more like a disaster film. The first adventure is a spectacular feat involving water. It also introduces the physics of relativity, on how time slows down in another world, leading to a misguided decision of the astronauts in retrospect. This sets the foundation for future plot involving more relativity.

As the film progresses, there is more adventure, both in the form of adrenaline pumping adventure and humanity and integrity testing conditions. Matt Damon's character forms a central subplot that makes me reflect on what lengths would people go in order to achieve a certain goal. It reflects on the reality that people are driven by egocentric instincts. It is not a pretty truth, but it tells that human are not idealistic creatures.

The final half an hour is what a typical Christopher Nolan film is like. It makes me hold my breath because it is so intense, both emotionally and cognitively. The ending gives me inexplicable exhilaration. Things come to a full circle, and it is filled with joy.

It is not a film for everyone, as the story is long and takes a lot of time to build. Two people walked out of the cinema an hour into the film, and someone sitting behind me remarked after the film ended that he opined it was the most boring Christopher Nolan film ever. For me, I enjoyed "Interstellar" thoroughly, because it is emotionally captivating and intellectually challenging.

A film with many positive messages, 6 November 2014

This film tells the story of an alcoholic English teacher in a high school, who stirs up rivalry with a new arts teacher to inspire him and drag him out of a his life's mess.

The war between words and pictures is very interesting to watch, as it's intellectual and unlike the usual bickering rivalry. The additional fun comes from the students who are caught in the middle, and the by product is that the students are inspired to work harder as well. It's such a sweet romantic comedy with many positive messages. And life doesn't end for those who has long term illness! It gives hope to common people, and I like that message a lot.

Fury (2014)
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Effective and powerful, 5 November 2014

This film tells the story of five soldiers in a tank, who valiantly enters deep into Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

"Fury" is the name of the tank that houses the soldiers and keep them alive. It is also the raw emotion that fuels the soldiers to plough on, and the catalyst for the typist to transform into a brave soldier.

The story is intensely captivating and moving. It tells how brave the soldiers are in advancing through enemy lines. Yet, it is also human. It shows love and innocence from the typist. It shows leadership and courage from the commander. And even the most courageous can get scared.

There is much blood and many gory scenes, but they are not contrived at all. They are there to remind people the horrors of war. When the film ended, I was left dumbfounded for minutes because "Fury" is such an effective and powerful film.

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