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Wasp (2014)
A nice effort, 18 April 2015

This film tells the story of a gay couple who goes to Southern France for a holiday. They invite a female friend who just broke up with his boyfriend, thinking it would be a nice thing to do. However, things turn sour because of unexpected sexual undercurrents between them.

The low budget really shows in the film, despite the beautiful setting. There are only three stars, which is a challenge to make their interactions interesting and captivating. Unfortunately, I see little chemistry between them, and I am not seeing why there is attraction between the characters which causes the undercurrents.

As independent gay cinema goes, "Wasp" is a nice effort. With a bit more budget, the film would be even better.

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An emotional battle, 18 April 2015

This film tells the story of a university student who lives with his girlfriend. He receives anonymous love letters from a man, which unleashes his difficult battle with his sexuality.

"Snails in the Rain" places a lot of emphasis on the emotional battle of the main character, Boaz. He is clearly homosexual, and yet he denies himself of his sexuality. The film portrays his troubled life - how he suspects or fantasises every man he sees to be the writer of the romantic love letters. Yet, he continues living with his girlfriend, denying himself and his girlfriend of the happiness they deserve. It is quite a suspenseful but sad film. In addition, eye candies are far from frequent, and those who expect sex scenes will be disappointed.

Muted emotions but still interesting, 17 April 2015

This film tells the story of an underage girl who has an affair with the established and much older Hollywood actor, Errol Flynn.

I am not familiar with the background stories behind these people portrayed, but I feel that "The Last of Robin Hood" portrays them to be more restrained and muted than what the events really were. Errol Flynn in this film is portrayed to be quite a gentleman, while Beverley is portrayed to be having quiet displays of emotions. For example, after Beverley's first audition in Errol Flynn's home, she was on the brink of tears. I would imagine a teenage girl to have a much stronger emotional reaction than that. The only realistic display of emotions is in Beverley's 17th birthday party, when Beverley's mum argues with Beverley, drawing unwanted attention in the party.

Maybe the idea of this film is to draw moral questions to trading your soul for your career, hence the rather muted emotions in the film. I found it quite plain, but still an interesting film to watch.

Transcendence (2014/I)
Plain and not engaging enough, 17 April 2015

This film tells the story of a three scientists who develops an artificial intelligence system that is dangerously advanced, threatening the survival of human race.

The story of "Transcendence" is quite alarming, provoking much ethical questions regarding artificial intelligence. The threat is presented in a shockingly real manner, that one is inclined to feel that it's something that's almost happening in the near future.

However, the delivery of the plot is not so suspenseful or thrilling. The film appears plain, and performances by actors appear robotic. Though that could be intentional, to reflect the nature of the story, I was only marginally entertained by "Transcendence".

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The double alpha of action films, 5 April 2015

This film tells the story of a team of daredevil drivers who ate recruited by the secret service to rescue a kidnapped hacker who has invented a powerful surveillance software.

With the series being the who's who of conventional action superstars, "Fast And Furious 7" finally corrected the conspicuous absence of Jason Statham. He certainly doesn't disappoint, as every star deliver awesome action scenes. This film is different from the others because it's really good. It's not ridiculous and brainless like "The Expendables" series; and it's not attention deficit like the Bourne series. This combines action, brains and emotions, which is a perfect blend for blockbuster success.

The action scenes are simply awesome. The scene of a car flying between buildings is superb, but by no means the best. There are so many other astounding scenes that got me holding my breath, literally. For example, Paul Walker trying to escape from a bus is a scene that made me stop breathing because it's so intense. The film is so packed with action, but it doesn't feel fragmented or attention deficit. That is what makes it stand above other action films.

"Fast And Furious 7" constantly surprises me with jaw dropping action. Just when I thought I have seen everything, and nothing can surprise me anymore, the surprises keep on coming. I'm truly amazed by the film. I guess no one thought James Wan could make such an awe inspiring film, after establishing himself as a great horror director.

Cymbeline (2014)
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The tragedy of watching Cymbeline, 3 April 2015

This film is a modern plus classical hybrid of the Shakespearean play, Cymbeline.

After watching just a few minutes, I already wished I didn't choose this film. It's an interesting idea to put new modern scenes onto Shakespearean dialogue, but it doesn't work at all. Shakespeare fans will be appalled by the millions of anachronisms in the film, while everyone else will be put off by the archaic dialogue. A similar endeavour, "Titus" starring Anthony Hopkins already demonstrated that this hybrid doesn't work, so it's quite unfortunate that the filmmakers attempt it again. I really wonder why so many famous actors agreed to star in it. One more thing, I like Dakota Johnson in "Fifty Shades of Grey", but in this film her forehead is so overly botoxed that she could not even muster a single wrinkle even when faced with much distress. Even Milla Jovovich managed some!

I watched " Cymbeline" until the end, and trust me it did not get any better. If you don't like the first scene, then switch it off right away.

Black Sea (2014)
A good thriller, 3 April 2015

This film is about a submarine captain who is fired because of downsizing. He decides to form his own submarine team to hunt for the gold that Nazi Germany is rumoured to have left in a sunken submarine at the bottom of the Black Sea.

I was initially put off by "Black Sea" because of the heavy accent, which made it hard for me to understand the dialog. Fortunately, the film is thrilling and captivating, so I was drawn by the film again. The plot keeps me on the edge because there is something happening in rapid succession. The divide between the British and the Russian crew is well portrayed. There are even mind games which is probably unexpected in a submarine thriller. The claustrophobic environment of the submarine, and also the constant fear of catastrophic events happening keep the adrenaline pumping. The ending is unexpectedly moving, I was very sympathetic towards the characters. It even gave me tingles down my body. I enjoyed watching "Black Sea".

An OK romantic comedy, 3 April 2015

This film is a romantic comedy about two people who lost their loved ones years earlier. The man is an unpleasant real estate agent, while the woman is a kind and loving lounge singer. Unlikely sparks happen between them because of a surprise visit from the man's long lost son.

Though "And So It Goes" follows the typical romantic comedy formula, there is something special about it. I think the magic lies in Michael Douglas' character. He is foul mouthed and like to insult others, yet he does it in an inoffensive manner that is actually funny. Diane Keaton's character is a bit blander in comparison, but her bonding with the ten year old girl is very nice. It is great to see a romantic comedy with older people getting made, as the market needs such films. Not everyone watching film is in their teens! "And So It Goes" is a sweet but ultimately passable film, I enjoyed watching it, though I am likely to forget what it is about in a few months.

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The weakest link, 2 April 2015

This short film is about three newly recruited minions attending an orientation day to work at a weapons laboratory. They did not pay attention to the video, hence they make mistakes that leads to disastrous results.

"Orientation Day" is only three and a half minutes long if you exclude the credits, but it manages to squeeze a lot in because of the quick paced plot. I think the orientation video is not as entertaining as it could be, but fortunately the second half of the film showing the minion working in the laboratory is way more entertaining. The second half shows how the minions are simple minded and have no consideration for the consequences of their actions, which is quite funny. I think this is the weakest short animation out of the three I watched.

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Fun and entertaining, 2 April 2015

This short film is about the minions and the children rushing to create a massive makeover for their home, in time for a social worker's inspection to see if their home is suitable for children.

"Home Makeover" is only four minutes long if you exclude the credits, but it manages to squeeze a lot in because of the quick paced plot. How the home is so unsuitable for children is quite entertaining to watch. For example, there are axes, needles and even a coffin! The minions work hard to make the home warm and welcoming, and concealing the dangerous items like pros.

I enjoyed "Home Makeover" because it is pure fantasy. The home is a fantasy, while the extreme makeover is also fantastical. It provides a temporary escape for life's troubles.

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