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A hybrid between romantic comedy and slasher film, 28 July 2015

This film tells the story of a furniture salesman who seems to have the perfect suburban life. He has an affair with an employee, and his life and his wife goes awfully wrong.

I thought "Home Sweet Hell" was a romantic comedy, but it turns out it's actually a new hybrid of romantic comedy slasher! Katherine Heigl plays an obsessional turns psychopathic wife, breaking her run as the new queen of romantic comedy. She looks so different from her other films, she conveys the stone cold and ruthless attitude required for the role. Patrick Wilson is great as a helpless husband. The whole film is quite funny, despite some gruesome scenes not typically in a romantic comedy. Overall, I enjoyed watching "Home Sweet Hell".

Exposing bizarre love, 25 July 2015

This film tells six love stories involving sixteen individuals that are unconventional and provocative.

I heard not so good things about "Love Actually... Sucks" over the years, so I have delayed watching it. After finally watching it, I find that the bad reviews maybe unjustified and a bit too harsh.

I think the problem is that people watch the film thinking it's a gay film, like Scud's previous three films. Then, the stories are controversial, and people may not be prepared enough for it. In addition, the vast number of characters mean that it can get confusing at times. However, the good thing is that the stories adequately communicate the bizarre nature of love once a person get into it. It is an interesting cult film.

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An adequately exotic entertainment, 25 July 2015

This film tells the story of a male exotic dance troupe making a comeback at the male strippers convention.

"Magic Mike XXL" is more talking and less dancing this time round, and I guess it's to do with the rising paycheck for the actors to rehearse the dance routines. Fortunately, it's still entertaining to watch, because this time the emphasis is not just exotic, but more on the sensualexperience of the ladies. It makes the ladies feel really special, especially at the membership club that Rome runs.

The film is pretty non happening when it comes to exotic dancing, until the finale that is worth waiting for. The ending is far too abrupt though, and I heard people in the cinema let out sighs of disbelief that the film ends so suddenly. Overall, "Magic Mike XXL" is a fair entertainment for the evening. It's less interesting and less exotic than the first one, but it's still adequate.

True Story (2015/I)
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A surprisingly engaging and captivating film, 23 July 2015

This film tells the story of a disgraced journalist who forms a bond with a man accused of murdering his family. He visits the suspected murderer in jail often, in order to get information to write a book about this high profile case.

"True Story" is gripping and captivating, because right from the start there is uncertainty whether Chris murdered his family or not. Chris exhibits calmness, kindness and innocence that would make anyone put their guard down. Mike's psychological state shifts throughout the film, according to the interaction between Chris and Mike. I was completely in the dark until Chris uses a certain phrase in the trial, which makes all of his intentions and behaviour clear. This sudden clarity makes me even more captivated. I truly enjoyed watching "True Story". Though it will not be to everyone's liking, I still hope more people will get a chance to see it.

Maladies (2012)
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Interesting but not satisfying, 23 July 2015

This film tells the story of a household of three people, and a neighbour who all have some issues, or even psychiatric problems.

"Maladies" is a film that concentrates on the lives and interactions of four characters. James is the one that stands out, as he is a psychotic young man who seeks solace in listening to phone tones. Catherine is also interesting, as she perseveres through the hardship of living with James and Patricia. I like the fact that she stands up for herself and is assertive in the diner.

Though "Maladies" offer an interesting look at four different individuals who are tortured in some ways, I did not feel satisfied in the sense that I got something out of the film. It's like - now what, after the film?

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A different teenage comedy, 23 July 2015

This film is about a teenage girl who is raised in an isolated school where children are trained to be assassins. She longs for a normal teen life, and decides to go rogue and fake her own death. She lives in a small town as an exchange student in the local high school, but high school life is not what she dreams to be. In the process of adaptation, she finds friendship and love. It is an interesting plot, combining a teenage comedy with some action. It is quite impressive that the filmmakers manage to cast two big names, which certainly helps with the marketing of the film. "Barely Lethal" is a different teenage comedy with a twist. It's quite fun to watch.

Adequate brain-off entertainment, 23 July 2015

This film tells the story of a man who impulsively decides to start his own company, because he refuses to take a 5% pay cut from his boss. He hires a makeshift team of two, and together they try to win a contract against his former employer.

"Unfinished Business" is clearly a popcorn film that I'll forget about in a few months. It has a rather silly story, with characters that are quite inept. They keep running into unlikely scenarios, such as going to a gay festival and living in a reality art. I guess that is part of the fun. I think Dave Franco's character stands out the most, because his character is intellectually challenged, and yet he keeps a positive attitude towards life. I think "Unfinished Business" provides adequate brain-off entertainment.

A film with a compelling message, 23 July 2015

This film tells the story of several young adults, whose lives are torn by the untimely and unnecessary outbreak of the great war. The hopes and dreams of theirs and their loved ones are either put on hold, or derailed or completely shattered, leaving a wound that can never fully recover.

"Testament of Youth" has beautiful locations and sets. The young people in the film are nice and sweet, yet I just cannot get into the story. Maybe it's because I'm angered by their eagerness to put their lives on hold, and even risking their lives for an empty cause. Though it was true that they did not know that the upcoming war would be the war that caused the most destruction and casualty in history up to that point, I still find it agitating that people actually fought for going to the front.

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A super touching film, 22 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film tells the story of a young woman with her eyes on pursuing an art career, and a bull riding cowboy who falls in love with each other. However, in order to make their relationship work, someone has to make a sacrifice somewhere.

"The Longest Ride" is easily the best Nicolas Sparks adaption I have ever seen. The story is super touching. I kept having tears in my eyes frequently along the film. Scott Eastwood is super handsome, and he is so convincing as the charming cowboy. His character is so romantic, it would easily make any girl fall head over heels. As for the ending, I thought it was not unrealistic at all. It is in fact so touching that even thinking about it, hours after I watched it, makes me eyes well up again. I truly enjoyed it.

Spoilers: Here's why the ending is actually realistic. Luke saves Ira's life, Ira acknowledges this fact right after Ira meets Luke for the first time. Ira is very grateful for it. Ira hopes the relationship between Sophia and Luke will work, because he sees parallels between his relationship and their relationship. Ira and Ruth could not have children, so the young child McDonald is the son they never had. McDonald is so inspired and touched by Ira and Ruth, so he painted the portrait of Ruth. In the auction, Sophia and Luke are the only people (apart from the attorney) who know the huge personal significance of the painting. By inviting Sophia and Luke to the auction, Ira is betting on Luke to buy the painting for Sophia. If Luke buys it, then Ira repays the altruistic act of Luke saving Ira's life by giving Luke all his paintings. Ira also knows that people at the auction are unlikely to buy the painting, because it is probably the only painting that is painted by an unknown painter. If Luke didn't buy it, the auction would have just gone ahead. Hence, the film is really about reciprocal altruistic acts - that's why it is so beautiful.

A sad film, 18 July 2015

This film tells the story of seven peasant workers who inherit the farm they work on, after the owner of the farm got mysteriously murdered by an old woman. The seven peasant workers are not used to being land owners, and they face a lot of problems both from within and without.

I am not sure why, but I find "The Inheritors" quite confusing. I seem to have missed the murder of the farm owner, and I got confused between Rosalind and Nane - the two old women. In addition, the original VCD I watched does not have great picture quality, further decreasing my enjoyment of the film. Anyway, the film is quite a sad look into class struggles. The old money think the newly rich will get doomed, out of malice and ignorance. Yet, the film seem to be confirming such a dark prophecy, which is quite sad.

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