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What If (2013/I)
Disappointing, 23 October 2016

This film tells the story of a man who is mending his broken heart after finding out his ex-girlfriend cheating on him. He meets a lovely lady with a boyfriend. They want to stay as friends but they both want more than just friends.

It sounds like a promising story, but I find the resultant film boring and annoying. The dialog and the plot made my eyes roll in exasperation so many times because they are so stupid and unbelievable. Am I really supposed o be entertained by the mean and horrible supporting characters, called Allan and Nicole? Or is it that interesting to see the two people in the spotlight just meandering their way through their life? I watched the whole film and it did not get better. I was so disappointed by this film, and could not wait for it to end.

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Captivating story, 18 October 2016

This film tells the story of a man growing up with Asperger's syndrome. His mother left him and how his father trained him up with unconventional methods. After he grows up, he uses his unusual gift with numbers to make a dangerous but lucrative living for himself.

"The Accountant" does not sound so enticing, but I have to say I was completely captivated by the riveting story. I did not expect the story to be so good! I find Ben Affleck's portrayal very convincing. The script is very good in giving Ben Affleck's character loads of concrete responses - very typical of the way people with autistic spectrum disorders talk! The plot is very good, the story is well told and keeps me entertained and interested the whole time. I definitely look forward to a sequel.

A fun film, 17 October 2016

This film tells the story of two sisters, one of them has the brains and the other has the looks. Though they are very close, their relationship is severely tested by an indiscretion.

You can tell this film is all about Cameron Diaz, as the camera focuses on her various body parts on many occasions. Fortunately, Toni Collette provides a great non superficial contrast to save the film from being too shallow. The story is about family relationships, and it focuses on a bit too many relationships, making it unfocused. I thought it was dragging on a bit, but the version I watched was already a cut version that was ten minutes shorter. I still enjoyed it, especially how Toni Collette finally finds herself and her love. The retirement facility is a good subplot too. I did say the film is a bit too long, but if they could expand just a little on the grandson of the professor, and maybe make him more prominent in the film after he gets introduced, it would have been a great Hollywood ending.

A highly clichéd comedy, 14 October 2016

This film tells the story of a man who works in his family owned Mexican restaurant, and has a closeted boyfriend. He wants to move away and break free, but his next door neighbour developed an instant crush for him.

I can't quite believe how clichéd the story and the characters are in this film. Everything is rather dramatised for comedic effect. I do like the very dramatic aunt Bianca, who provides much comedic moments. The main character, Pablo, is an amiable person, and I feel a bit sorry for him and his restaurant. Take the film lightly, and you'll find it funny and amusing for a rainy evening.

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A sweet film, 14 October 2016

This film tells the story of a young man who works as a car mechanic in a blue collar town. He is gay but no one even suspects, hence people are shocked when he finally finds the courage to come out. Fortunately, his friends and family remain supportive of him.

The nice thing about "4th Man Out" is that it is real. The characters and their experiences are real life like. They are ordinary people who faces ordinary things. People can easily relate to the story. There are a lot of funny moments too, and they can also be related to be the viewers, such as Bradstar. I enjoyed watching this film a lot. It is very sweet.

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A touching biopic, 10 October 2016

This film tells the story of an Indian man living under the poverty line, because his mathematical genius is not valued by the society. He writes to a Cambridge professor, and he gets invited to Cambridge to collaborate on groundbreaking researches.

I haven't heard about this brilliant man before, but I am truly touched by the story. I think I should have heard of him, given his pure genius that shines in his tragically short life. I wish he would have lived longer, then perhaps the world would have become a different place because of profound theories put forward by him.

The story is very touching, and I find the unusual bond between him and the professor great as well. The bond is out of the quest for knowledge, with no self interest. The subplot about the wife is touching too. I enjoyed this film.

Funny, 10 October 2016

This film tells the story of an extended Greek family living in Chicago, that have to arrange a wedding for the parents because their wedding papers from fifty years ago are not in order.

I still fondly remember the first film, which was so funny. The second film is fun as well, with a lot of jokes that made me giggle. The mother being on strike is funny and empowering at the same time. The subplot about the daughter is heartwarming, and I can hardly believe the transformation of her appearance for the prom!

As a standalone comedy, this is funny and entertaining. As a sequel to a highly successful comedy, it probably doesn't match the first one. I still enjoyed it.

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Beautiful dialog and hair!, 7 October 2016

This film tells the story of a widow in the high society, who is intelligent in the world of courting. She does everything in her power to ensure that she and her daughter marries well.

It is evident that a lot of thought has been put into the film. I seldom finds films that introduce characters by name and background on the screen at the beginning, and I find that very useful because of the number of characters and the complicated social hierarchy involved. The dialogs are wonderfully elegant, and there are times in the film wheni wish  I could speak like that. The costumes are beautiful, the hats are fabulous, and the constantly changing hairstyles of Lady Susan all contribute to an enjoyable cinematic experience.

Thought provoking, 7 October 2016

This film tells the story of  a young man who is diagnosed with brain cancer. The devil appears and tells him that he has only one more day to live, but he can extend his life by one day by making one thing disappear from the world.

"If Cats Disappeared From the World" makes people think and reflect on their lives. What if there is really only one day to live? Is one willing to trade something precious for one more day of life? The butterfly effect of the first trade has a profound effect on the character's world, and this makes am impact  on the viewers too. There comes a point when the trade is not worth it anymore, and this decision is different for everyone. This requires  a lot of thoughts and introspection, and this film triggers exactly that.

Despite the topic of the film, It doesn't come across as sombre or sad. I enjoyed  watching it.

An interesting edit on footage of North Korea, 4 October 2016

This short film is a collage of footage of what tourists are arranged to see in Pyongyang, North Korea. It starts with a spectacular and immaculately timed performance of the Korean People's Army Merited Choir, which is quite possibly performed by several thousands of people at any one time. Then the footage brings us to various buildings and landmarks of the capital. The mysterious veil of the Iron Curtain is hereby slightly lifted, allowing people from outside North Korea to get a glimpse of what Pyongyang is like. Then, the footage is edited with a flood, thereby "reflecting" on the power that gives rise to the nation's current status. The lack of people on the streets, buildings and indeed anywhere that does not involve a performance is telling something, and I sense the metaphor that without people, there is no point in having power.

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