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Cuban Fury (2014)
Overdone scenes but good ending, 10 July 2014

This film tells the story of a young boy who gives up his bright salsa dancing career because he got bullied. He decides to pick it back up when he meets a nice woman who is into salsa.

Make no mistake, this is actually a romantic comedy involving dancing. As a romantic comedy, it has its moments of fun, such as the scene where Bruce was caught at home with a man by his friend. Rashida Jones is funny and she's great as a love interest. But many of the funny scenes are really overdone, such as having a salsa duel in the middle of a car park. I mean, seriously? There's not much reference to Cuba either for it to be titled "Cuban Fury". Those expecting scenes in Cuba would be disappointed. Fortunately, the finale is great and saves the film partially.

I liked it, 10 July 2014

This film tells the story of a young Greek General who fights the formidable Persian warriors led by a woman called Artemisia.

The original "300" was to me a very memorable film, as it was violent and yet stylish, that the violence becomes almost an art. The slow motions of blood splatter, limbs flying around and more...they overwhelmed my senses. I very much looked forward to this new film.

This new "300" has more plot than the previous one, but probably less stylish scenes than the previous one. As I was watching it, I find was amused by the copious amounts of blood flying around - it's really far too much, it's like slashing a water barrel open. It's not as stylish as it's predecessor. And they have put more female presence, including a sex scene which was not so convincing and looks out of place from the plot. Another thing is that Xerxes is so aesthetically stunning, but he is in it so little, and this film was initially titled "Xerxes"! I think the color scheme of the film is annoying. I really liked the brownish tone of the first film, and I don't like the grey colour scheme in this one. I think brown suits the film because of the color of the earth and the color of the army outfits.

Overall, I still liked this film but I have less hopes for the next one.

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Impressive visuals, 5 July 2014

This film tells the story of a poor mechanic who stumbles on a truck that happens to be optimus prime.

I looked forward to the film because the last Transformers was really good, and this one was shot in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong scenes are somewhat mixed, because they have mixed scenes shot in a Chinese city with scenes from Hong Kong. As a result, sometimes the characters are in Hong Kong and the next shot they are in China. At least, the filmmakers tried to make China look like Hong Kong, they took the trouble to replace all simplified Chinese with traditional Chinese.

The continuity of the rooftop scene is terrible too. They were actually on two different rooftops, and even the serial shots show two different areas of Hong Kong (Quarry Bay and Tokwawan)! And they were on the Tokwawan rooftop, they take the Quarry Bay lift then end up in Quarry Bay. How weird. So my enjoyment of the film was hindered by the poor continuity. And there's no monorail in the public transport system of in Hong Kong.

As for the plot, it's far too long. They could easily have started the film in the middle, cutting out all Texas scenes and still it would not have made a difference to the plot. The technicality of the visuals are certainly impressive, but we are subjected to unpleasant cyborg creatures all the time, it was like watching Alien and The Fly more than Transformers. I wish they stuck to more Transformers than weird creatures.

Overall, the film is too long and a little bit boring. If it was not for the impressive visuals, it would not have been good.

It speaks to the heart, 30 June 2014

This film tells the story of a woman who runs a facility for at risk youths. She faces her own demons from the past and present, jeopardising the professional judgments she is required to take.

"Short Term 12" is a simple, no frills film that focuses on the emotions and pain of people who are vulnerable. From sick children requiring medication daily, to unloved teenagers, to abused youngsters. There is a lot of pain in the film, and these pain are told in an open and authentic manner. I am impressed by the staff's unconditional love towards the teenagers, providing them with a 'normal life' when they do not know what a 'normal life' is. It speaks to the heart. After all, who is not vulnerable?

Barking up the wrong tree, 30 June 2014

This film tells the story of a young boy who has a very clever dog as his adopted father. He travels through time with his father on a time machine, with disastrous results.

Alarm bells should have been ringing when I found out that a boy was adopted by a dog, but I kept on watching. And the result was that I watched an unimaginably atrocious animation. Normally I like these blockbuster animations, but "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" is beyond terrible. The plot is so far fetched that is almost insulting to the intelligence. The worst problem is that Mr Peabody is an uptight Mr Know It All. He is so annoying and antagonism-inspiring that I simply cannot stand him. If the studio thinks he is cute, the executives are certainly barking up the wrong tree.

Not so enjoyable, 30 June 2014

This film tells the story of a writer family, undergoing various issues with their love life.

In "Stuck in Love", the father is stuck because the ex-wife left him for someone else. He is unable to write, locked in a standstill. The daughter and the son experiment with love. The plot is a mixture of romantic comedy and drama, but neither excels. In fact, I thought the plot is boring, especially the father subplot. The son subplot is not very good, in fact the scene where the whole family prematurely leaves the book launch party is almost absurd. The ending also bugs me - because it can be interpreted as a Hollywood ending, or a cruel thing happening to the father. I did not enjoy the film so much.

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A big confusing mess, 30 June 2014

This film tells the story of a self sustaining train which has been running for 18 years, on board with all the survivors after an apocalyptic event.

A few minutes into the film, it already becomes clear that "Snowpiercer" is a film that reflects the societal inequality, oppression and cruelty. As the group moves up the train, the carriages becomes more luxurious. The metaphors are very obvious - the film screams to the audience to wake up from the unjust society. However, towards the middle, the plot gets out of hand, and it becomes confusing and even ridiculous. There are too many unexplained moments, such as a kid climbing into the structure jutting out from the front of the train. No follow up was given after this scene is shown. There are also too many ridiculous subplots, such as the party goers suddenly turning violent. The ending is one big confusing mess, and I did not enjoy "Snowpiercer".

Enjoyable but forgettable, 25 June 2014

This film tells the story of a young man who lives a life of indulgence in Tokyo. He suddenly becomes the prime minister of India, and he did evening he can to change the nation for the better, while navigating the treacherous world of politics.

I was waiting for the typical (or stereotypical) Bollywood scene where all the characters suddenly burst into a frenzy of music and dance. I was disappointed because the film stays a drama all along, and there was no Bollywood dance scene. The plot is alright, portraying the young prime minister to be an unlikely hero. Even though the film is a drama, the film maintains a light hearted atmosphere. It's enjoyable, but probably also forgettable.

Touching, 24 June 2014

This film tells the story of a father who sits everything to stop a man from saying his daughter.

I find the story very touching and it really spoke to my heart. It tells how unrelenting the young man called David is, in courting an eligible girl called Jade. No matter how difficult the circumstances are, he finds a way to break through. It also shows how Jade changes after meeting David. I really enjoyed the film, it brought tears to my eyes. It may not be artistic or ground breaking, but it touches the heart strings. I think it's a film to feel, and I really enjoyed watching it.

Everything is awesome, 24 June 2014

This film tells the story of a young man who is not very bright or memorable. He turns out to be the unlikely hero who saves the Lego worlds from am evil billionaire.

The characters are so cute and colorful, and I really like the scenes where they show the posts number on the screen. The story is lighthearted and fun, and actually borders on being silly. If it was a film with real life actors, it would not have worked. It would have been to silly and too contrived. But it's Lego, and therefore it had to be fun, and every bass thing about it can be excused! It's not just a film, but a film that brings back collective memories of the childhood. Therefore it is more enjoyable than just the film on its own. Tinted by the happy childhood memories, everything about the movie becomes awesome!

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