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It's so funny!, 27 July 2016

This film tells the story of a call girl who becomes a successful actress. She recounts her journey from meeting a patron, to an eventful audition then meeting her true love.

I simply cannot believe how funny "She's Funny That Way" is! The story is about eight interconnected individuals whom all have something to hide. As their secrets unfold, drama and hilarity ensues. The quick pacing and wordy dialogue reminds me of Woody Allen films. The constant appearances of familiar faces, even for tiny roles such as a security guard in a department store, or a call girl who gets lost in the hotel, makes the film even more fun to watch. I laughed out loud many times. I really enjoyed it.

A touching story, 27 July 2016

This film tells the story of a great jazz musician, who has an addiction to heroin. He tries to stay clean and get back into the music world, but doors don't reopen easily.

"Born to Be Blue" tells a heart wrenching story of a man who lives through tough times. He gets tremendous support from his wife, and their relationship is positive and touching. He works hard to make a comeback, and I find it so touching.

The songs in the film are very good. I wonder if Ethan Hawke does all the singing, because he has this soothing voice which almost makes him the new Michael Buble. I enjoyed watching the film.

An interesting meeting, 27 July 2016

This film tells the story of Elvis Presley who really rants a federal badge from the Narcotics Bureau. He relentlessly requests a meeting with the president, hoping to convince the president to give him a badge.

The film portrays a relentless Elvis, whose motives behind his quest for a badge may sound strange. It then depicts a very interesting meeting, where power play is unconscious, and authority is not is expected to be. If the meeting really goes as depicted, then I am rather surprised and disappointed that a president would bend over backwards many times to an entertainer. Nowadays this certainly can't be allowed to happen due to security protocols. I hope the meeting depicted in the film wasn't what really happened!

By the Sea (2015)
Super boring, 26 July 2016

This film tells the story of an American writer and his former dancer wife, who goes to southern France for a holiday. The unfortunate thing is that the wife is depressed and cannot stand intimacy. They have a huge divide between them, no matter what the husband does.

"By the Sea" is an ultra slow moving film. I watched it at 1.4 times does, and still found it slow. There is very little happening in the plot, which mostly involve voyeuristic behaviour. The plot is just so weird and borders on sickening. Coupled with the lack of events happening, and a lack of any emotional poignant points, the film is just super boring. It almost looks like the only reason to make this film is for the filmmakers to spend time in the scenic part of southern France.

Zootopia (2016)
Enjoyable, 24 July 2016

This film tells the story of a small rabbit, who dreams of being in the police force ever since her childhood days. Despite her short physical stature compared to her colleagues, she shines and makes her mark in the country of Zootopia, where all residents are speaking animals.

"Zootopia" is a fun film with a consistently positive message. It tells how a bunny rabbit can succeed despite everyone around her saying she won't succeed. I like the message of the story, and I like the bull police chief even more because he is funny even though he is an oppressive bully. The fox is a memorable character as well, and as he recounts his childhood experiences, it will strike a chord with many viewers. I enjoyed watching "Zootopia".

A big waste of time, 24 July 2016

This film tells the story of a rock star that is recovering from a throat surgery, and her filmmaker boyfriend going to Italy for a holiday. Her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend join them, and things get strange as emotions are stirred.

Given the great cast of Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes, together with rising stars Matthias Schoenaerts and Dakota Johnson, I expected great things from "A Bigger Splash". However, I was thoroughly bored just fifteen minutes in, and it did not improve at all throughout the film. All we see is the characters constantly getting naked, walking around aimlessly and doing nothing. The story is non existent, and if there actually is a story, then it is very poorly told an executed. Gosh, the film even manages to make an Italian resort town dull, run down and unattractive. I wish I could have my time back.

A cheerful take on a grim topic, 22 July 2016

This is a musical that presents what happened in the London Road community in Ipswich, after five prostitutes were murdered in that community within only ten days.

"London Road" tells the paranoia, shock and disbelief that the residents face, after the discovery of the murders. Then, there's a hunt for the killer, the subsequent trial and then, the community tries to rebuild itself. I didn't know it's a musical, so I was rather surprised to see people singing and moving in choreographed movements!

I particularly like the fact that the community rebuilds itself from the trauma, making themselves more united and resilient than before. There is a positive message out of the grim circumstances, and this film successfully captures this hopeful atmosphere in the rebuilding stage.

Annapolis (2006)
A touching and uplifting story, 22 July 2016

This film tells the story of a man who works for a naval shipyard. He dreams of getting into the naval academy, but finds it very tough after finally getting in against the odds.

I haven't seen many films about navy in training, so this is pretty new for me. The story is very engaging because Jake has to endure multiple hardships, not only just his comparatively underprivileged background, his relative lack of ability, but also being pinpointed by his superiors along the training. It's a tough situation, but pure persistence and admirable determination keeps him going. The supporting characters are very interesting too. I really feel for the African American guy who is maliciously nicknamed Twins. His sad subplot brings tears to my eyes.

I enjoyed the experience of watching "Annapolis". I simply have not expected it to be as touching and uplifting as it is.

Piper (2016)
Way more interesting and engaging than Finding Dory, 14 July 2016

This film tells the story of a small bird, who learns the perils of the seas as he learns how to find clams on the beach. He becomes scared of the sea, lacks confidence and does not dare to go out anymore. Yet, after befriending some crabs, he learns the secrets of surviving the seas, and joyfully lives his life to the fullest.

In a mere six minutes, a lot of story is conveyed. Curiosity, fear, self doubt, love, joy and the sweet taste of success are all portrayed by the little bird. What is more impressive is that the entire spectrum of emotions is conveyed only by adorable body language, without any languages involved. I find this short film very good, and in fact way more interesting and engaging than Finding Dory.

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The bar was to high for Dory to swim through, 14 July 2016

This animation tells the story of a young fish who has a severe anterograde amnesia. She loses her parents, and spends a very long time looking for them.

I find myself constantly amazed by the quality of the animation. Not only is realistic, it even has appropriate depth of field according to the distance of the objects from the viewers!

As for the main character, I find Dory a little annoying because the amnesic jokes are far too frequent and overly repetitive. She's not as cute as Nemo either, but cute enough. The children in the cinema maintain their concentration, didn't talk or run around. However they are not overly excited either. I guess that also reflects my opinion of the film. It is an adequately entertaining animation, but not as engaging, touching or fun as expected. I guess the bar was to high for Dory to swim through.

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