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Great underground movie., 9 March 2015

I see this came out in 2000. I have no recollection of this being in the theater. Just happen to catch in on cable on some crazy channel and I loved it. Great acting from a list of great actors. Really no complaints about anything besides a minor one brought up in one of the forums about the opening credits and the red lettering being used. Movie just rushes along, with its various subplots. I really was surprised by Corbetts character. That came out of nowhere. Though its mainly a drama, I found myself laughing at allot of scenes. Like Fitzgeralds constant rich drunken rants. Funny stuff. Though at times i wanted to strangle Duncan for his stupid gambling problem, it all works out well. I saw the location of this restaurant on here. I must of walked by it a 100 times without any thought back in the day. I'll have to check it out the next time i'm in lower Manhattan.

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Pretty bad movie., 25 January 2014

Remember this getting somewhat good reviews last summer. So when it came on cable last night, I gave it a chance. Well it's pretty bad movie. Barely funny at all, I didn't laugh till about an hour into the movie. Its like these Hollywood guys said, wtf, lets make a stupid horror movie and lets see what fools buy it. Well judging by some of the reviews, people did. Seriously, some people said it was like the funniest movie ever? Yeah right, Doesn't hold a candle to Caddyshack, Animal House, My cousin Vinny, Something about Mary or Fast Times a Ridgemont High. I would of gave this trash a 1, but some of the cgi special affects were cool. But that's pushing it... And yeah, I guess gouging someones eyes out still allows you to go to heaven under these guidelines set in this movie.

Classic, 29 November 2013

One of the all time greatest movies. Haven't viewed this in awhile till last night. I totally forgot how great this movie is. The musical score ranks up with the all time greats. I still find myself singing allot of these tunes this morning. Movie was shot very well. Classic views of England and Germany. None of that fake cgi you get would more modern movies. Surprised that this isn't at least in the top 250 IMDb movies. But I guess today people have a very short attention span and are into all that Transformer, slam - bam loud special affects type movies. For me, brings back childhood memories of other classics like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Wizard of Oz. Hard to believe this movie is over 40 years old. Still holds up very well...

Dark City (1998)
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Great Sci fi...., 29 April 2013

Still one of my all time favorite science fiction movies. Great plot. Great special affects. Acting is top notch... You rarely see such classic sci fi nowadays. Lately, It's all stupid comic book crap like Iron Man, Transformers and Spiderman. Which explains the clueless bad reviews from younger reviewers who have no patience for a good developing plot. Glad to finally see it played on cable. Until recently, I have never found it available on any premium channels till lately. But I noticed it has shown up on Comcast these past few weeks. Plot is totally original. Humans are taken to this experimental Ship to help save a dying Alien race. Only to find out they are too different from us to help save themselves from their fate...

GasLand (2010)
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Guess the truth hurts for some folk.., 11 March 2013

Excellent movie on the truth about fracking. Re-watched this again recently and it plays more powerful now more than ever with the spread of fracking to more states. I'm shocked at how many pro fracking morons are posting negative reviews here. Some even were stupid enough to say, well I didn't see the movie but I still think its bs. The Bush crowd just never gains any brain cells. Not one of you people who posted a negative review has a water well next to one of these fracking wells. Easy to post negative reviews from your cushy suburban house while drinking water from your public water utility. I happen to see first hand the effect of this type of drilling. I can't go a day here in the NYC area without a least a dozen pro natural gas commercials polluting the airwaves. Like the old saying, keep saying something is the truth and eventually people will believe it. Just like the BP commercials about the Gulf. For the people who do live on planet earth, check the movie out. It can be painful to watch at times, but its 1 of the more important movies that deal with pollution that you will ever see.

Backdraft (1991)
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Dedicated to the firemen of world., 12 August 2010

Truly a great epic about the life of 2 brothers built around there lives as firemen. From great acting to terrific special affects showing how harrowing it is for these firemen who go in knowing that there lives are really at risk. The acting across the board is great. Russell was solid as ever. Baldwin gives a great performance as the younger brother. Glenn is fantastic as a firemen who goes to evil ways to prove the system of politics is corrupt. Have no idea why anyone would give this below an 8 for at rating. But I guess people are into lousy, stupid movies like Spiderman and the new Clash of the Titans. For people into serious movies about serious topics like firefighting will enjoy this classic from Ron Howard..

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A Classic., 18 April 2009

I agree with most of the reviewers here on IMDb. This is a excellent picture. One of the best Alien movies I've seen. I can watch it a million times on cable and it never gets old. After watching that horrendous Dark Knight last year, I figure, what the heck, this can't be much worse. Instead, I turned out to be a classic in all the sense. Fantastic special affects. Great acting. Great plot. Probably wish they would of shown more of the Tripods attack on places around the NYC area. but Maybe less is more. The CGI is really good. So many movies now, you watch them and you say to yourself- lousy computer effects. Even the music score is a classic. Its a keeper for anyone who truly loves good science fiction.

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Pretty good., 7 April 2009

Allot better than I thought. Had some pretty scary scenes in there from time to time. Sorta took the 28 days later feel with the quick attacking zombies that come out of nowhere. Which I like. Those old movies with these blood craving Zombies walking along at 1 mph, while the victims always seem to fall down and lay there till the monster gets them, always seem fake and stupid. At least here, you feel general fear with putting yourself in these peoples places. Acting was pretty good. Good scary feeling with this nighttime/cold snowy feel to the movie. If I had to have a grief, its the same with allot of movies- the ending. More realistic way to end the movie was to have these zombies realize the sun is finally rising, but have Hartnett stop them from going into hiding, or wherever they came from. But, I can deal with that. 90 percent of the movie is a good solid scare-gore fest..

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Generation X comes home., 30 March 2009

Found myself watching this a month ago on cable, saw maybe 80 percent of it. Saw the entire film on a second viewing and found myself really liking it. Like one user said, it is sorta the Big Chill film for my age group. With all the crap out in the theaters now, It was nice to see a film with some good music and a bunch of people my age remembering the old times. All the songs brought back good memories for myself and I almost felt like i should be crashing there little reunion type get together. Kinda wish they had a prequel to this with the actual party the night before. I'm sure that would be a interesting thing to view. Curious why this wasn't released to the mainstream. I see it was shown at some Film festivals. Makes you wonder if the Big Chill was released today would they do the same thing. I guess its the times we live in.

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What an ending.., 26 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After watching so many of my favorite shows end terribly, like the Sopranos and The Wire, what a relief to see this great series end on the highest of notes. Whats there to say about this last episode. Everyone has there favorite parts of this last episode. I have allot of them myself. But if I had to chose one scene, its at the very end where Vic heres the police outside his building and looks out the window. Probably pondering everything that lead him to this point. Makes you wonder, had this hadn't happen, would he have went for his gun and off to what we could only imagine who was going to be next in line for his Wrath. I thought for a second he would kill himself, but after it ended, you realize he is too much of an animal to show this type of self pity. Even the scene where he finally looks at the pictures of Shane and his family, you thought for a second that he would break down and show some emotion. Oh he showed some emotion. The usually one for him, going into a rage and ripping the camera off the wall. You know damn well he won't be able to abide by the rules the feds laid down. Too bad we won't get to see the real final result of what he will do. Than again, I think we know how this goes down...

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