Lists by Syl

a list of 165 people
The men and women who were interred at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 37 people
The men and women are interred at Home of Peace Memorial Park in East Los Angeles, California.
a list of 39 people
The men and women below are interred at Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar, Orange County, California.
a list of 104 people
The award was not awarded in 1914; 1918; 1935; 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943;

The following recipients below are not found here on this site:
Sully Prudhomme 1901
Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen 1902
Giosue Carducci 1906
Rudolf Christoph Eucken 1908
Carl Friedrich Georg Spitteler 1919
Erik Axel Karlfeldt 1931
Saint John Perse 1960
Jaroslav Seifert 1984
Herte Muller 2009
Tomas Transtromer 2011
a list of 514 people
The men and women whose remains were interred at Hollywood Forever Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 199 people
This list is to encourage future inductees of the New Jersey Hall of Fame. If anybody would like to nominate somebody on this list or know of anybody who meets their qualifications. Please go to
a list of 126 people
The list of men and women who deserve to be recognized by the Kennedy Center Honors for their services to the Arts in the United States.
First, they must be alive and able to attend the ceremony in Washington D.C. They don't award posthumously.
The following are those who passed away since this list was formed;

Dick Clark
Levon Helm
Andy Griffith
Ernest Borgnine
Marvin Hamlisch
Phyllis Diller
Hal David
Charles Durning
Andy Williams (he wasn't on this list but he should have been).
Marian McPartland OBE
Jeanne Cooper
Sid Caesar
Mickey Rooney
Elaine Stritch
Eli Wallach
James Garner
Robin Williams
Joan Rivers
Marian Seldes
David Bowie
Nancy Davis Reagan
Patty Duke (should have been on my list)
Anne Jackson
Garry Marshall
Agnes Nixon
Gordon Davidson

Previous listings who were inducted in the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors.
Dustin Hoffman
David Letterman
Natalia Makarova

Previous listings who were inducted into the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors.
Herbie Hancock
Billy Joel,
Shirley MacLaine

2014: Tom Hanks was the only one on my list.

2015 recipients who were on this list before:
Rita Moreno
Carole King
Cicely Tyson
George Lucas

2016 recipients who were on this list:
Al Pacino
Mavis Staples
James Taylor

If you would like to nominate anybody here or anybody else, you can go to the and look to nominate somebody there online. You will get a reply in your email. Once you receive your reply, please file it in your folder.

George Walker (born in 1922) great American classical composer. He doesn't have a profile here.
a list of 49 people
These were people on other lists of mine that have passed away since I started making the lists up.
a list of 80 people
The men and women who were cremated and interred at Chapel of the Pines Crematory in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 48 people
Plot: Section 2, Lot 1184 Grid T-31
a list of 521 people
Members not listed in the website.
Viola Adams
Ira Aldridge
Margaret Anglin
Richard Bennett
Julius Brutus Booth
Bobby Clark
Richard L. Coe
Jack Cole
Thomas Abthorpe Cooper
Lotta Crabtree
Charlotte Cushman
Merle DeBuskey
Mrs. John Drew
Abe Feder
Lewis Fields
Edwin Forrest
John Gassner
Lewis Hallam
T.E. Hambleton
Jed Harris
Tony Hart
David Hays
Henry Hewes
Fanny Kemble
Joseph Wood Krutch
Robert Lewis
Anna Cora Mowatt
Louisa Medina
Helena Modjeska
Ada Rehan
J.J. Shubert
Lee Shubert
Daniel Sullivan
Cleon Throckmorton
James Wallack
Lester Wallack
Joseph Webber
a list of 171 people
This cemetery has a memorial cenotaph plaque for Amelia Earhart. There are notable aviators who are also interred here as well. This cemetery is located in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 50 people
They are interred at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 153 people
Students and faculty from the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts (London, England) which is now merged with Central School of Drama and Speech in London, England.
a list of 892 people
The men and women who are interred at Forest Lawn Glendale Memorial Park in Glendale, California.
a list of 608 people
Students and faculty of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England.
a list of 82 people
The Men and Women who are interred at San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 231 people
They attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in London, England or they were associated with the school.
a list of 281 people
a list of 919 people
Recipients of the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) past and present.
a list of 231 people
The men and women who were cremated here. Their ashes have either been interred here or were removed by the funeral or cemetery director for their families.
a list of 109 people
Here is a list of potential British men who should be awarded Knighthood or some honor for their services and contributions to the arts. They need to be alive and willing to accept the honor.

The following men have declined the honours.
David Bowie declined a CBE and Knighthood.
Alan Bennett declined knighthood and CBE.
Michael Frayn declined knighthood and CBE.
Alan Rickman declined a CBE.
Albert Finney declined CBE and knighthood.
Ken Loach declined an OBE.
Keith Richards declined CBE.
John Cleese declined CBE and Life Peerage.
Mark Rylance declined Knighthood.
Simon Russell Beale CBE declined Knighthood.
Malcolm McDowell declined a CBE.
Jim Broadbent declined an OBE.
Bill Nighy declined an OBE.
Ian McDiarmid declined an OBE.
Jonathan Kent declined an OBE.
Michael Bogdanov declined an OBE.

Passed Away
Keith Michell
Warren Mitchell
Charles Keating
Richard Johnson
Roger Rees
Brian Bedford
Tony Warren MBE
Peter Wood
If you would like to nominate a gentleman here or anybody else, please feel free to do so at
a list of 261 people
a list of 30 people
The men and women are interred or cremated at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 211 people
a list of 659 people
The men, women, and beloved animals who are interred at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 7 people
a list of 258 people
This is a list of those interred or cremated at Westwood Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 136 people
Women who should be awarded British Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire but aren't at the moment. If they haven't been honored at all, now is the time to start the process that takes about two years. Anyway, some have been honored prior in recent years but still that doesn't mean that they can't get damehood. In fact on the honours list, the British dames are the smallest list in comparison to the male knights awarded in the list.

While this list is long and varied by experiences, I think some of these ladies deserve damehood or something whether it's another honor such as an MBE, OBE, or CBE just something to honor and respect their contributions and services to the entertainment world.

Anybody who declines a lesser honor isn't listed here since there are so many possible willing recipients. It's their loss in the first place.

Previously on this list but passed away.
Faith Brook
Joyce Redman
Dinah Sheridan
Dora Bryan OBE
Elspet Gray
Edna Dore
Stella Tanner
Lila Kaye
Renee Asherson
Billie Whitelaw CBE
Anne Kirkbride
Cilla Black OBE
Jackie Collins OBE
Meg Mundy
Victoria Wood CBE OBE

Geraldine McEwen (declined OBE & Damehood).
Honor Blackman (declined CBE).
Vanessa Redgrave CBE (declined Damehood).
Dawn French (declined OBE).
Jennifer Saunders (declined OBE).
Nigella Lawson (declined OBE).
Julie Christie (declined a CBE)
Caryl Churchill declined an OBE.
Pam Gems declined an OBE.
Estelle Kohler declined an OBE.

Awarded Damehood since I started the list.
Joan Collins OBE
Angela Lansbury CBE
Barbara Windsor MBE
Penelope Keith CBE
Kristin Scott-Thomas OBE
Harriet Walter CBE
Gillian Lynne CBE
Sian Phillips CBE
Penelope Wilton OBE
If you would like to nominate any lady below or anybody else. Please visit
a list of 63 people
Actors, Actresses, comedians, performers, etc. who should have their own sitcom on television.
a list of 4 people
The men and women interred at Forest Lawn Covina Hills in Covina, Los Angeles County, California.
a list of 147 people
Students, past and present, who studied at the Guildhall School of Drama and Music in Barbican, London, England. Also, any faculty who has taught there past and present.
a list of 19 people
Recipients of the Mark Twain Prize Award from 1998 to present.
a list of 708 people
People who have been awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire).
Thomas B. McCrirrick CBE June 1987.
a list of 164 people
Companion of Honour is one of Britain's highest honors even above Knighthood or Damehood. Only 65 living recipients of this Honour at a given time.
a list of 139 people
a list of 908 people
Missing is Halle Orchestra concertmaster Martin Milner awarded in June 1987.
a list of 384 people
Not listed here is Robert Lewis. Former students not listed here are the following:
Reuven Adiv
Joseph Anthony
Don Baldwin
James Baldwin
Joan Chandler
William Greaves
William Hansen
William Marshall
Eric Morris
George Morrison
Teresa Ruiz
John P. Ryan
a list of 216 people
Cremated, ashes with family.
a list of 42 people
Men and women interred at Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, Riverside County, California.
a list of 754 people
IThis list is still a work in progress.
a list of 24 people
The men and women are interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cathedral City, Riverside County, California.
a list of 35 people
The men and women interred at Highgate East Cemetery in Highgate, London, England.
a list of 96 people
Students and faculty who have studied or taught at the Italia Conti Academy of Drama in London, England.
a list of 366 people
Monroe Abbey
Irving Abella
Alan Abraham
Dyane Adam
Frances Adaskin
Freda Ahenakew
David Ahenakew (resigned or removed)
Irving Akerley
Madeline Ann Akisch
Anne Marie Alonzo
Michael M. Ames
Greg Anaka
A.C. Anderson
Doris Margaret Anderson
Gerald Smedley Andrews
Ralph Andrews
John Bartlett Angel
Mark Angelo
Tony Anselmo (Canadian football)
Syl Apps
Violet Archer
Bromley Armstrong
Sally Wishart Armstrong
Bona Arsenault
Mira Ashby
Pitseolak Ashoona
Peter Aucoin
Jean Augustine
Lewis H.M. Ayre
David Azrieli

Lise Bacon
Leone Bagnall
Elizabeth Bagshaw
Michael Baker (Physician)
George Balcan
Eric Balcom
Geoffrey Ballard
Michael Barnes (Canadian author)
Joseph J. Barnicke
Jean Ashworth Bartle
William Hickson Barton

Bernard Norman Barwin (awarded in the 1996 Queen's Honours List).(resigned in 2013 to avoid being removed after being found guilty of professional misconduct).

Maxwell Bates
Manuel G. Batshaw
Aba Bayefsky
Robert Beamish
Bruce W. Beatty
Patricia Beatty
Margaret Becklake
John Beckwith (composer)
Charles Thomas Beer
Paul Beeston
Morton Beiser
Allan Gordon Bell
Douglas Bell (politician)
Jenny Belzberg
Charles H. Belzile
Jalynn Bennett
Norbert Berkowitz
Louise Bessette
Lois Betteridge
Claire Bice
Charlie Biddle
Alfred J. Billes
Ferdinand Biondi
Leonard Birchall
Michel Biron
Louis Bisson
John Bitove Sr.
Duncan Gordon Blair
Phyllis Blakeley
Marjorie Blankstein
Francis John Blatherwick
Margaret Bloodworth
Bruno Bobak
Molly Bobak
Renato Giuseppe Boisiso
Jacques J. Bouchard
Jocelyne Bourassa
Clement Bowman
Bill Brady (journalist)
Leonard Braithwaite
Dee Brasseur
Elizabeth Brewster
Barry Broadfoot
Claude Broche
Alexander Brott
Fred Bruemmer
Harold Buchwald
Remi Bujold
Ellen Burka
Ron Burnett

Francis Cabot
Larry Cain
Michelle Cameron
Silver Donald Cameron
Marjorie Wilkins Campbell
Neil Campbell (rower)
Ronald Caplan
Herb Carnegie
Pat Carney
Allan Carswell
Carlo Cattarello
Robert Cauchon
Simon Chang (designer)
Stephen Chatman

Frank Chauvin (awarded in in the 1987 Queen's Honours List for his services to charity).(Resigned in 2010 to protest Henry Morgentaler's appointment to the Order).

Lawrence Cherney
Saul Cherniak
Jack Chiang
Julia Ching
Ione Christensen
W. Edmund Clark
Ian D. Clark (public servant
John Clarke (mountaineer)
Jean Paul Cloutier
Ronald M. Clowes
Janet Cochrane
Fred Cogswell
Erminie Cohen
Harry B. Cohen
Joseph H. Cohen
Martha Cohen
Morley Cohen
Samuel N. Cohen
Edgar Andrew Collard
F. Anthony Comper
Gail Cook Bennett
Ronald Corey
Gerard Cote
Helen Creighton
Maxwell Cummings
Tagak Curley
Gordon Gray Currie
Max Cynader

Paul Emilien Dalpe
Leslie Dan
Ken Danby
Sylvia Daoust
Raymond Daveluy
Alan Garnett Davenport
True Davidson
Victor Davis
Jean Marie De Koninck
Thomas De Koninck
Dora De Pedery Hunt
Michael De Pencier
Jan De Vries (soldier)
Jon Dellandreau
Hugh Dempsey
Ivor Dent
Sudi Devanesen
Rita Deverell
George Dewar
Naranjan Dhalla
Terence Dickinson
William Dimma
Arthur J. Dixon
Catherine Doherty
Laverna Katie Dollimore
Joseph Aubin Doiron
Murray Dryden
Shannie Duff
Edward Arunah Dunlop Jr.
Jean Dussault
Marcel Dutil
O. P. Dwivedi
Phil Dwyer (musician)
Howard Dyck
Shirley Dysart

Alan Eagleson (removed or resigned)
Dorothy Harley Eber
Marlys Edwardh
James Francis Edwards
John George Egnatoff
Ronald Eland
Fraser Elliott
John English (Canadian Politician)
Johnny Esaw
Bernard Etkin
Mark Evaloarjuk
Gregory Evans

Frank Fagan
Kenneth Farmer
Judy Feld Carr
Robert Ross Ferguson
Hugh Fisher (canoeist)
Aida McAnn Flemming
Fred Fountain
Edith Fowke
Waldron Fox-Decent
Colin Franklin (engineer)

Etienne Gaboury
Gaetano Gagliano
Sheldon Galbraith
David A. Ganong
R. Whidden Ganong
William Garden
Helen Gardiner
Yves Gaucher (artist)
Jean Robert Gauthier
Peter George (professor)
Irving Gerstein
Samuel Gesser
Albert Gilbert
Harry Giles
Ronald Gillespie
Judy Gingell
Hans Gmoser
Tony Golab
Edgar Gold
Michael Goldbloom
Anne Golden
Larry Goldenberg
J. King Gordon
Mary Gordon (child advocate)
Calvin Gotlieb
Laurie Graham
Bernard Grandmaitre
James H. Gray

Stanley G. Grizzle
Chan Gunn
Donna Gurr
May Gutteridge

Walter Hachborn
Gerald Hagey
Israel Halperin
John Borden Hamilton
Stuart Hamilton
Marsha Hanen
Dan Hanganu
Robert D. Hare
Conrad Harrington
Walter Edgar Harris
Ted Harrison
Michael R. Hayden
Anne Heggtveit
Paul Henderson
Donald Hings
Jack Hirsh
Jack Hodgins
Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook
Greg Hollingshead
Derek Holman
John Honderich
Michael Hornstein
Jim Horsman
Dezso J. Horvath
Harold Horwood
E.J. Hughes
Raoul Hunter

Edward A. Irving
Avrom Isaacs

Donald Jackson
Leslie Jaeger

Roberta Jamieson
Mary John Sr.
William Johnson (author)
Diane Jones Konihowski
Edith Josie
Franc Joubin
Ron Joyce

Zbigniew Kabata
Helen Kalvak
Lorie Kane
Ricky Kanee Schachter
David L. Kaplan
Kalmen Kaplansky
Josef Kates
Vicki Keith
Maryvonne Kendergi
Garry Kennedy
William Kilbourn
Marie Claire Kirkland
George Knudson
Wanda Koop
Vern Krishna
Leo Kristjanson
Richard Kroft
Norman Kwong

Gisele Lalonde
Gisele Lamoureux
Aldea Landry
J. Spencer Lanthier

Father Lucien Larre (awarded in 1983 Queen's Honours List for his services to Catholicism). (Resigned in 2010 to protest Henry Morgentaler's appointment to the Order).

William Laskin
Phil Latulippe
J. Conrad Lavigne
Trudi Le Caine
Mary Jo Leddy
Philip S. Lee
Robert H. Lee
Arlette Lefebvre
William C. Leggett
Harry Lehotsky
Zebulon Lewis Leigh
Patrick LeSage
Jean Louis Levesque
Daurene Lewis
Scoop Lewry
Peter M. Liba

Camille Limoges (awarded in 2011 Queen's Honours List for her services to science and academia).(Resigned in 2013 for reasons unknown).

Fernand Lindsay
Johnny Lombardi
Ronald Lou Poy
Sandra Lovelace Nicholas
Jean B. Lumb
Cliff Lumsdon
Harold Lundrigan
Janet Lunn

Donald C. MacDonald
John Keiller Mackay
Pearl McGonigal
John H.C. McGreevy
Dan McIvor (aviator)
Don McKay
William John McKeag
Peggy McKercher
Isabel McLaughlin
Grant McLean (film producer)
Carleton L. MacMillan
John A. MacNaughton
Lloyd MacPhail
Marion MacRae
Garfield Mahood
Silas McLellan
Gerald McMaster
Marilou McPhedran
Tak Wah Mak
Helen Maksagak
Donald Malinowski (politician)
Judith Mappin
George Mara
Charles Eugene Marin
Lorna Marsden

Nathan Mendelsohn
Ruby Mercer
Pat Messner
John Metcalf (writer)
Art Miki
Roy Miki
William Milroy (Canadian Army Officer)
Ken Mitchell
Masajiro Miyazaki
Eric Molson
David Lee Moroni
Norval Morrisseau
Virgil P. Moshansky
Doug Mowat
Phyllis Munday
Lawrence Mysak

Alfred Needler
Roger Neilson
Pierre Nepveu
Hanna Newcombe
Cindy Nicholas
Ron Northcott
Harold Nutter

Clairette Oddera
Daphne Odjig
Val O'Donovan
Marianna O'Gallagher
Kelvin Ogilvie
Abe Okpik
Marion Alice Orr
Earl Orser
Sean O'Sullivan (priest)
Adrien Ouellette

Gilles Paquet
Marie Therese Paquin
Elizabeth Parr Johnston
Tom Pashby
Peter Lewis Paul
Ross H. Paul
Trevor W. Payne
Kenneth Peacock
David Pecaut
Evelyn Pepper
Clayton Oscar Person
David Phillips (climatologist)
Herb Pinder
Suzanne Pinel
Charles Albert Poissant
Douglas Pollard
George Porteous
Timothy Porteous
Sandra Post
Gilles Potvin
Mark J. Poznansky
John Primrose (sport shooter)
Walter Prystawski
Uriash Puqiqnak

Louis Joseph Quinn
Taamasi Qumaq

Leonard Ratzlaff
Marion Loretta Reid
Dorothy Reitman

Kati Rekai
Gil Remillard
Dal Richards
Ernie Richardson (curler)
Donald Rix
Mike Robinson (Alberta politician)
Suzanne Rochon Burnett
Stephen Boleslaw Roman
Harry Rosen
James W. Ross
Stubb Ross
Susan Ross (artist)
Wayne Rostad
Calvin Ruck
Bob Rumball

Lino Saputo
Guylaine Saucier
Doris Saunders
Charles Sauriol
Ezra Schabas
Otto Schaefer
Erwin Schild
Albert Schultz
Alfred Scow
Sydney Segal
Nabil Seidah
Yoshio Senda
Raymond Setlakwe
Lloyd Shaw (socialist)
Ken Shields (basketball)
Mamdouh Shoukri
Haroon Siddiqui
Angela Sidney
Andrew Simone
T. Sher Singh (resigned or removed).
Charles Sirois
David Chadwick Smith
Ernest Smith
Jori Smith
Tricia Smith
Herman Smith-Johannsen
Ann Southam
Herbert O. Sparrow
Lawrence Spitzig
Gerald Squires
Raymond Squires
Edna Staebler
Mavis Staines
Ethel Stark
Steve Stavro
Savella Stechishin
Harold R. Steele
Dave Steen
H. Arnold Steinberg
Kent Stetson
John Bertram Stirling
Grant Strate
Sam Sullivan
Beth Symes
Emoke Szathmary

Yvon Tasse
Angella Taylor Issajenko
Lucille Teasdale Corti
Mark Tennant
David Thauberger
Bing Thom
Linda Thom
Clarence Tillenius
Albert Ross Tilley
Georg Tintner
Roger Tomlinson
Jacques De Tonnancour
Gerald R. Tremblay
Jean Noel Tremblay
Peter Troake
Lorne Trottier
Otto Tucker
Gilles Turcot
E.K. Turner
David H. Turpin
John Turvey

Fred Urquhart

Sandy Van Ginkel
George Vari
Roy Henry Vickers
Marq De Villiers
Herman Voaden

Paul Walfish
Ronald Wallace (politician)
Dorothy Walton
Dora Wasserman
Norman Webster
Boyd Wettlaufer
Lucile Wheeler
James Austin Whelihan
Denis Whitaker
Doreen Wicks
Cornelius Wiebe
Austin Willis
Peter Wing
Hugh Winsor
Kirk Wipper
Arthur Wishart
Jeanne Wolfe
Milton Wong
Walter Wood
Don Wright (Composer)
Esther Clark Wright
Richard B. Wright
W. Robert Wyman

Stanley Zlotkin
a list of 28 people
The men and women interred at Fort Rosencraz National Cemetery in San Diego, California.
a list of 169 people
a list of 161 people
Students who studied and graduated from the Juilliard School of Drama in New York City.
a list of 23 people
The men and women who are interred at St. Paul's Churchyard in Covent Garden, London, England.
a list of 20 people
The men and women interred at Kensal Green Cemetery in Kensal Green, London, England.
a list of 66 people
The men and women were interred at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica, California.
a list of 149 people
The men and women are interred at Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, Westchester County, New York.
a list of 206 people
Cecil Abbott
Peter Abigail
Gordon Ada
Evan Adermann
Mike Ahern (Australian politician)
Susan Alberti
James Allsop
Brian Anderson (academic)
John Anderson (Australian politician)
Neil Andrew
John Anictomatis
Rabbi Raymond Apple
Don Argus
Robert Atkinson (police commissioner)
Sallyanne Atkinson
Dorothy Auchterlonie Green
John Avery (police commissioner)

John Bannon
Lance Barnard
Marjorie Barnard
John Barraclough
Paul Barratt
Admiral Tim Barrett
Peter Bartels
Neil Batt
Robin Batterham
Bob Baht
Roger Beale
Phyllis Benjamin
Annabelle Bennett
Isobelle Bennett
John Makepeace Bennett
Reg Bishop
Ruth Bishop
Tony Blunn
Geoffrey Bolton
Neville Bonner
Mark Bonser
John Langdon Bonython (1905-1992)
Warren Bonython
David Borthwick (public servant)
Ronald N. Bracewell
Lester Brain
Pat Brazil
Frank Brennan (priest)
Lynelle Briggs
Laurence Brodie-Hall
Dean Brown
Gavin Brown (academic)
Geoff Brown (RAAF Officer)
John Brown (Australian politician)
Joseph Brown (artist)
Ian Brusasco
Mal Bryce
Cleaver Bunton
Nancy Tyson Burbridge
Creighton Burns
Tom Burns (Australian politician)
General David Butler
Harry Butler
John Bryne (Judge)

John Cade
John Caldwell (demographer)
John Caligari
Frank Callaway
Paul Calvert
Ian Campbell (public servant)
General John Cantwell
David Cappo
Samuel Warren Carey
Jim Carlton
John Carter (enocrinologist)
Anthony Carwardine
John Cassidy (University chancellor)
Ian Castles
Donald Chalmers
Michael Chaney
Simon Chapman (academic)
Joan Child
Neville Chynoweth
David S. Clarke
Ron Clarke
Inga Clendinnen
Bob Clifford
Leigh Clifford
Owen Coaldrake
Terence Cole
Tony Cole
Bob Collins (politician)
Neil Comrie
Edward Connellan
Xavier Connor
Roger Corbett
Des Corcoran
Robert Cornall
Michael Costello (public servant)
Tim Costello
Philip Cox
Greg Crafter
David Crawford (businessman)
George Crennan
James Cruthers
Lisa Curry

Fred Daly (politician)
Elearnor Dark
Peter Darvall
John Dauth
Bruce Dawe
John Dawkins
Eric Cunningham Dax
Bob Day
John Robert De Laeter
Ivan Deveson
Robert Dickerson
Richard Divall
Joseph Dixon (Australian politician)
Rosemary Dobson
Ken Doolan
Dr. Robert M. Douglas (doctor)
John Dowd (politician)
John Ducker
Peter Dunn

Michael Egan (Australian politician)
Tony Eggleton
John Enfield
Dick Estens
Graham Evans (public servant)
Len Evans (wine)
General Mark Evans

Dr. Kevin Fagan (doctor)
Bill Farmer (public servant)
John Farrands
Alan Finkel
Bill Fisher
Les Fisher
Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Australian academic)
Rosemarty Follett
Tamie Fraser
Tony Fraser
Alex Freelagus
Harold Frith
John Funder

Gregory Garde
Margaret Gardner
Ross Garnaut
Ben Gascoigne
Marea Gazzard
Jennie George
Petro Georgiou
Dennis Gibson (academic)
Arthur Gietzelt
Ray Gietzelt
Gus Gilmore
Romaldo Giurgola
Kel Glare
Graham Glenn
Rosemary Goldie
Roger Goldsworthy (politician)
General Ian Gordon
Robert Gotterson
Steve Gower
John Grant (neurosurgeon)
Barry Gration
Gary Gray (Australian politician)
Paul Greenfield
Ron Grey
Don Grimes
Ray Groom
Stephen Gumley
Roger Gyles

Mukesh Haikerwal
Kay Hallahan
Ted Harris (company director)
Greg Hartung
Gwen Harwood
General Michael Hayden (honorary AO)
Donald Hazelwood
Alan Head
Basil Hennessy
John Herron (Australian politician)
Joanna Hewitt
Frank Hickling
Russell Higgins
Kerry Hill
Pat Hills
Fred Hilmer
Bruce Edward Hobbs
Bob Hogg
Caroline Hogg
Harry Holgate
Sandy Hollway
Don Hopgood
Brian Howe (politician)
Max Howell (educator)
Tom Hughes (Australian politician)
Khoo Boon Hui (honorary AO)
Frank Hulme-Moir
David Hunt (Judge)
Ralph Hunt (politician)
Noel Hush
Miriam Hyde

David Irvine (diplomat)

Daryl Jackson
Asher Joel
Richard Johnson (architect)
Eric Johnston (NT administrator)
Neil Johnston (public servant)
Charles Jones (Australian politician)
Clem Jones
Kenneth Norman Jones
Admiral Peter Jones
Admiral Trevor Jones

Bruce Kafer
Louis Kahan
Mick Keelty
General Mark Kelly
Ros Kelly
Aila Keto
Richard Kingsland
H.G. Kippax
Michael Knight (Australian politician)
Christpher Koch
Phil Koperberg
Paul Korner

Bill Lane (publisher/honorary AO)
Piers Lane
Bob Lansdown
Richard Larkins
Alec Lazenby
Judge Jack Lee
Michael L'Estrange
Anne Levy
Simon Lewis (Australian politician)
Tom Lewis (Australian politician)
Greg Lindsay
Jimmy Little

Bonita Mabo
Stuart MacIntyre
Malcolm Mackerras
Ian Macphee
Abdul Taib Mahmud (honorary AO)
Brian Ross Martin
David Martin (Governor)
Ken Matthews (public servant)
Dr. William McBride (doctor)
Ron McCallum
Gordon McClymont
Errol McCormack
Kenneth McCracken
Bruce Alexander McDonald
Tony McMichael
Neville McNamara
Tim McOwan
James McWha (honorary AO)
Nelson Meers
John Menadue
Tony Messner
Andrew Metcalfe
Jeffrey Miles
Thomas Millar
Geoff Miller (public servant)
Mick Miller (police officer)
Simon Molesworth
John Moore (Australian politician)
Mike Moore (New Zealand politician/Honorary AO)
David Morgan (businessman)
John Aloysius Morgan
Milton Morris
General Alan Morrison
Bill Morrison (Australian politician)
David Morrison
Irene Moss
Desmond Mueller
Michael Mullen (honorary AO)
Graeme Murphy
Kabun Muto (honorary AO)
Rupert Myers

Jacques Nasser
Marcia Neave
Jocelyn Newman
Kevin Newman (politician)
Stephen Newton (Principal)
Judge Robert Nicholson

Chris O'Brien (surgeon)
Tony O'Reilly (honorary AO)
Paul O'Sullivan
Rosemary Owens

Stephen John Parker
Alfred Parsons
I Made Mangku Pastika (honorary AO)
Julius Patching
Mark Paterson (public servant)
Lisa Paul
Tom Pauling
Sandy Pearson
Andrew Podger
Renfrey Potts
Ash Power
Joseph Prueher (honorary AO)
Lindsay Pryor

Helen Quinn (honorary AO)

Peter Rae
Paul Ramsay
Alf Rattigan
Keith Rayner
Elizabeth Anne Reid
Dennis Richardson (diplomat)
Douglas Riding
Chris Ritchie
John Roberts (Businessman)
Bishop Donald Robinson
Alan Rose (public servant)
Trevor Rowe
Michael Rozenes
Tony Rundle
Susan Ryan

Ronald Sackville
Kim Santow
Joe Saragossi
Nicholas Saunders (Vice Chancellor)
Gordon Scholes
Con Sciacca
Allan Scott (businessman)
Mark Scott (businessman)
Richard Scotton
Richard Searby
Steve Sedgwick (public servant)
Geoffrey Serle
Jim Service

Russ Shalders
Thomas Shapcott
A.G.L. Shaw
John Shaw (baritone)
Terry Sheahan
Geoff Shepherd
Ann Caroline Sherry
Ian Shevill
John Shine
Ken Short
Laurie Short
Wolfgang Sievers
Chris Silagy
Bob Simpson (Cricketer)
Steven Skala
David Smith (public servant)
Dick Smith (entrepreneur)
Grace Cossington Smith
Ric Smith
Dacre Smyth
Robert Somervaille
Gavin Souter
Jon Stanhope
Patricia Staunton
Frank Stephens (surgeon)
Neville Stevens
Christopher Steytler
Bruce William Stillman
John Stocker (scientist)
Alan Stretton
Shirley Strickland
James Strong (Australian businessman)
Mark Sullivan (public servant)
Paul Symon
Anthony Synnot

Ieremia Tabai (honorary AO)
Greg Taylor (public servant)
John Taylor (public servant)
Mark Taylor (cricketer)
Mike Taylor (public servant)
Rodney Taylor
Hugh Templeton (honorary AO)
Deane Terrell
David Theile
Davyd Thomas
Lindsay Thompson
Margaret Thorsborne
David Throsby
Michael Thwaites
Maurice Timbs
Norman Tindale
Ernest Toovey
Harry Triguboff
Matt Tripovich
Roy Turner (Australian politician)
John Turtle

Eric Underwood

Mark Vaile
Roger Vanderfield
Ian Viner
Derek Volker

Peter Walsh (Australian politician)
Sam Walsh (businessman)
Nick Warner
David Warren (inventor)
Doug Waterhouse
Ian Watt (public servant)
William Wentworth (Australian politician)
Christine Wheeler
Geoffrey Wickham
Robert F. Willard (honorary AO)
George Williams (lawyer)
Helen Williams (Australian public servant)
Leo Williams (rugby union)
Malcolm Williamson (honorary AO)
Admiral James Willis
Kenneth Wiltshire
John Winneke
James Roland Wood
Lionel Woodward
John Wylie (businessman)

George Yeo (honorary AO)
Dianne Yerbury

John Zillman
Jerzy Zubrzycki
a list of 44 titles
Thanksgiving Themed episodes from the sitcoms and others. If only network programmers made a priority and aired these memorable episodes on Thanksgiving Day. I know Charlie Brown is still aired but not others here. Some shows aren't shown in rotation in syndication anymore. Too bad, I would love a DVD featuring a Thanksgiving theme of several shows.
a list of 63 people
Hollywood Foreign Press Lifetime Achievement Award in Motion Pictures was named in honor of it's first recipient, Cecil B. DeMille in 1952.
It was not awarded in 1976 or in 2008.
a list of 251 people
Men and women who have been interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.
a list of 37 people
What began as a modest theatre company named Steppenwolf whether from the rock group or the Hermann Hesse's novella, it has become a phenomenon in American theatre. There have been others but nothing like Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, Illinois.
a list of 121 people
The men and women interred at Woodlawn Cemetery in Bronx, New York.
a list of 204 people
The people below have declined a British honor in the past. Some have selected higher honors that doesn't carry titles.
a list of 147 people
The men and women who have been interred at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, California.
a list of 11 people
This list is about the First Ladies of Chicago Musical Theater in Chicago, Illinois.
Missing from the list are Paula Scrofano; Joan Krause; Kathy Taylor; Jeanne Croft;
a list of 53 people
a list of 271 people
Nigel Abbott
Anthony Irvine Adams
Tate Adams
Rosemary Adey
Philip Aiken
Mary Allitt
Charlotte Anderson
Kath Anderson
Peter Andren
Thomas Angrove
Rae Anstee
Ken Archer
Ron Archer
Albert Arlen
Ian Armstrong (politician)
Manuel Aroney
Ken Arthurson
Rob Atkinson (surgeon)

Stuart Babbage
Hans A. Bachor
Darrel Baldock
Joy Baluch
Eric Barnard (politician)
Keith Barnes
Wayne Bartholomew
Kevin Bartlett (Australian rules footballer)
Archie Barton
Tom Bass (sculptor)
Gary Baverstock
Gracia Baylor
Michael Beahan
Hedley Beare
Heini Becker
Wayne Bennett (rugby league)
Clive Berghofer
Evelyn Billings
John Billings
Geoffrey Bingham
Arthur Ernest Bishop
Harold Blair
Charles K. Bliss
John Bloomfield (academic)
W. Frank Blount (honorary)
Nancy Borlas
Bill Borthwick
John Boultbee (sport administrator)
Lesley Turner Bowrey
Rudoph Brasch
Patricia Brennan
Ernie Bridge
Katharine Brisbane
Ian Brooker
David Buffett
Peter Burge (Cricketeer)
Rick Burr
Don Burton (politician)
David Bussau
Heather Butler

Alan Cadman
Frank Calabro
Sam Calder
Donald Milner Cameron
Margaret Cameron (librarian)
General Angus Campbell
Edmund Capon
John Cargher
Bruce Carter (educator)
John Henry Carver
Anthony Carwardine
Geoff Chisholm
Clive Churchill
Sir Rupert Clarke, 3rd Baronet
Terence Clarke (compoesr)
Ross Clifford
Judith Clingan
Paul Clitheroe
Michael Clyne
Admiral Nigel Coates
Barry Cohen
Totti Cohen
Phil Coles
Ian Collins (footballer)
Peter Collins (Australian politician)
Carol Cooke
Russell Cooper
Henry Cosgrove (Judge)
Elizabeth Cosson
Roger Covell
Bruce Cowan
Lorraine Crapp
Fred Cress
Rodney Croome
Manfred Cross
Andrew Curnow
Simon Currant (honorary)
Winifred Curtis

Stanislawa Dabrowski
Tony D'Aloisio
Claire Dan
Beatrice Deloitte Davis
Bob Debus
Bulent Hass Dellal
Michael Denborough
Andrew Dent
David Dicks
Richard Docherty
Annette Dodson
Nick Dondas
Francis Patrick Donovan
John Dowie (artist)
Garry Downes
John Dowsett
Peter Drysdale
Allan Du Toit
Milo Dunphy
Myles Dunphy
George Dunstan
Gil Duthie
Bob Dwyer

Michael Easson
Graham Edwards (politician)
Ralph Elliott
Rica Erickson

Anne Fairbairn
Nick Farr-Jones
Michael Feneley
Norman Fisher (Public Servant)
Brad Fittler
Denis Fitzgerald
Paul Fitzgerald (painter)
R.D. Fitzgerald
Sarah Fitzgerald
David Fleay
Alec Fong-Lim
Frank Ford (theatre personality)
Morag Fraser
Hans Freeman
Arie Freiberg
Graham Freudenberg
Peter Fritz

Jean Gandois (honorary)
Paul Gardner (football administrator)
Alf Garland
John Roslyn Garnet
Peter Garrett
Rosalie Gascoigne
Reg Gasnier
Alex George
Jack Gerke
Geoff Gibbs
Brian Gibson (Australian politician)
Harry C. Giese
Steve Gilmore
Martin Glaessner
Harold Glass
Libby Gleeson
Edgar Gold
Alan Goldberg (Judge)
Sam Goldbloom
James Goldrick
Bruce Goodluck
David Graham (golfer)
Liz Grant
Wilfred James "Bill" Gray
Bill Grayden
Bob Green (naturalist)
Cliff Green
Di Gribble
Dick Gross
Miraca Gross
Jo Gullett
Graham Gunn

Janine Haines
Wayne Denis Hall
Marion Halligan
David Hamer
Margaret Dawn Hamilton
Julie Hammer
John Harvey (RAAF Officer)
Ronald Harvey
Nicholas Hasluck
Malcolm Hazell
Roger Herft
Nora Heysen
Alan Hickinbotham
Frank Hinder
Matthew Hindson
Rex Hobcroft
Frank Hodgkinson
Michael Hodgman
Clifton Hoeben
Andrew Bruce Holmes
Margaret Holmes
Tim Horan
David Horner
Mervyn Horton
Charles Howard (Marist Brother)
Leslie Howard (former AM)
Peter Hudson
Jackie Huggins
Ben Humphreys
Tom Hungerford
Alan Hunt (politician)
Barry Hunter (Bishop)
Tom Hyams

Robert Ingpen
David Ireland (author)
Duncan Ironmonger
Peter Isaacson

Kenneth Jack
Robert Jacks
Ralph Jacobi
Glenn James
Greg James (Judge)
Ken Jasper
Norman Jeffares (honorary)
Barbara Jefferis
Harry Jenkins Sr.
John Jobling
Les Johnson
Admiral David Johnston
Dr. Ian Johnston
Dean Jones (cricketer)
Rodney Jory
Robert Juniper
James Jupp

Naguib Kanawati
Don Kendall
Lucy Napaljarri Kennedy
John Kerin
Dr. Michael Kidd
Jiro Kikkawa
Pam Kilborn
Bernie Kilgariff
Steve Killelea
Deny King
Grahame King
Inge King
Roc Kirby
Ramona Koval
Robyn Kruk
Chin Kung

Geoffrey Lancaster
Jeffrey Lee
Wellington Lee
Richard Letts
John Lewis (Bishop of North Queensland)
Tom Lewis (Author)
John Lincoln
Kevin Lindgren
David Llewellyn (Australian politician)
Mark Loane
Doug Lowe (Australian politician)
Fred Lowen
Alan Loxton
Tony Luchetti
Jeffrey Lucy
Judith M. Lumley

Michael MacKellar
Rod MacQueen
Bea Maddock
Frank Madilla
Susan Magarey
Rachel Makinson
John Mansfield (Judge)
Stephen Marchant (honorary)
Christopher Margules
Stan Marks
Catherine Martin (journalist)
David Martin (poet)
Ken Mason (Bishop)
David McAllister (dancer)
Peter McClellan
Bruce McDonald (Australian politician)
Colin McDonald (cricketer)
Ross McLean (politician)
Peter McMahon (politician)
Natascha McNamara
Richard Menhinick
Clarrie Millar
James Millner (pharmacist)
Anthony Milner (historian)
Clive Minton
Kieran Modra
Simon Molesworth
Peter Montgomery (water polo)
Milton Moon
Rex Henry Morgan
James Morrison (musician)
Robin Morrow
Bryce Mortlock
Stirling Mortlock
Geoff Mosley
Frank Mossfield
Geof Motley
Michael Mullen (honorary)
William Edward Murray

Neil Naismith
Fehmi Naji
Maggie Napaljarri Ross
Garry Nehl
Andrew Nikolic
Admiral Michael Noonan

Jack Oatey
Conall O'Connell
Frank O'Keefe
John Oldham (architect)
Howard Olney
John Lawrence O'Meally
Wilma Oram
Pat O'Shane

Greg Page (musician)
Pamela Page
Sue Page
George Palmer (composer)
Warwick Parer
Michael Parker (courtier)
Tom Parry
James Patterson (skier)
Alan Payne (naval architect)
Alan Pears
James Penberthy
Patrick Pery (6th Earl of Limerick)(Honorary)
Jim Petrich
Kerryn Phelps
Peter Phillips (politician)
Joan Phipson
George Piggins
Graham Pizzey
Nick Politis
Mary Porter (politician)
Janet Powell
General Roger Powell
Cheryl Praeger
Cedar Prest
Albert Pugsley

John Quaife

Nola Randall-Mohk
Mark Raper
Chad Reed
Stuart Rees
Ian Renard
Robert Richardson (RAAF Officer)
William Ride
Alex Rigby
Chris Riley (priest)
Neil Robson (politician)
Margaret Rodgers (deaconess)
Judith Rodriguez
Christopher Roper (legal educator)
Bruce Rosier
David Russell (Barrister)
Jim Russell (cartoonist)
Bruce Ruxton
Phil Ryan (footballer born in 1915)

Perminder Sachdev
Kerry Saxby Junna
Leo Schofield
Julianne Schultz
Sheila Scotter
Paul Scully Power
Don Seccombe
Frans Seda
Jan Sedivka
Kathryn Selby
Jim Service
Leonard Shillam
Kathleen Shillam
Lance Shilton
Mum Shirl
Maggi Sietsma
John Singleton (Australian entrepreneur)
George Smith (rugby union)
Richard Smith (diplomat)
General Steve Smith
General Stuart Smith
Phil Smyth
Jerzy Smolicz
Soli Sorabjee
Eleanor Spence
Mandyam Veerambudi Srinivasan
Margaret Staib
Tom Stannage
Anthony Steel (arts leader)
Paul Stein (judge)
Clare Stevenson
Ron Stone (Bishop)
Margaret Stones
Allen Axel Strom
Douglas Sturkey
Kathy Sullivan (Australian politician)
Lyn Swinburne

Grant Tambling
Jill Tancibudek
Molly Tasker
Allan Taylor (diplomat)
Greg Tegart
Liesl Tesch
James Burrows Thomas
Paul Thomas (academic)
Clifford Harry Thompson
Joe Thompson (Australian politician)
Penelope Thwaites
Ron Tindall
Andrew Tink
Rowan Think
Peter Tinley
Murray Tobias
Graham Toulmin
John Treloar (athlete)
Hazel Treweek
ian Trewhella
Percy Trezise
Judith Troeth
Murray Tyrrell (winemaker)

Alfred Van Der Poorten
General Douglas Vincent
Nick Vine Hall
Tony Vinson
Linda Vogt

Mark Wainwright
Robyn Walker
Jim Wallace (Australia)
Stephen Wallace
Andrew Walsh
Judah Waten
Jack Waterford
Fred Watson
John Watson (Australian politician)
Lex Watson
Ray Watson (Judge)
Karrie Webb
Christopher Weeramantry (honorary)
Jonathan Welch
Felix Werder
Martin Wesley-Smith
Gerald Westheimer
Norman Wettenhall
Bob Whan
Frank Wilkes
Simone Wilkie
Daryl Williams
Kim Williams (media executive)
Robyn Williams (honorary)
Ian Wilson (politician)
Don Wing
Amy Witting
Clyde Wood
Robert Woodward (architect)
Ken Woolley
David Wootton
Barbara Worley
Ken Wyatt

Ronald John Yates
a list of 111 people
The men and women were interred at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 29 people
The men and women interred at Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 13 people
The men and women are interred at Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego, California.
a list of 9 people
The men and women are interred at Mount Tamaplais Cemetery in San Rafael, Marin County, California.
a list of 106 people
There are plenty of others that should be included in this list. If you would like to nominate a potential inductee. They must have about 5 years residency in New Jersey and did something honorable in accomplishments to history, arts, literature, enterprise, etc. You can nominate somebody on the website at

Honorees missing from this list include
General Robert Wood Johnson (Class of 2008).
Harriet Tubman (Class of 2008).
Lieutenant Brian Brennan (Class of 2009).
Michael Graves (Class of 2010).
James D'Heron (Class of 2010).
Detective Marc DiNardo (Class of 2010).
Former New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne (Class of 2011).
Leon Hess (Class of 2011).
Victims of the September 11, 2001 (Class of 2011).
Samuel Newhouse (Class of 2012).
Raymond G. Chambers (Class of 2013).
Joetta Clark Diggs (Class of 2013).
J. Seward Johnson (Class of 2013)
Thomas Paine (Class of 2013).
Kathleen DiChiara (Class of 2013).
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Class of 2014).
Maud Dahme (Class of 2014).
Bernard Marcus (Class of 2015)
a list of 33 people
Save London's Theatres Campaign was awarded in 1976.
Harry Loman in 1977.
Michael White in 2014.
a list of 32 people
The men and women interred at Gates of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, Westchester County, New York.
a list of 34 people
The men and women interred at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City, Riverside County, California.
a list of 13 people
The men and women are interred at Eternal Valley Memorial Park in Newhall, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 16 people
The men and women are interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cypress, Orange County, California.
a list of 184 people
Jeanne Clemson (MA)
Jan Crull Jr. (attended but never graduated).
Jason Moore BS 1993; Avenue Q
David Pitts; figure skater
David Thompson (BSJ) playwright and writer of "The Scottsboro Boys" and "Steel Pier."
a list of 224 people
This organization was founded by the beloved actress, Bonnie Franklin, with friends and others to help educate and inspire students in the Los Angeles public school system. You can visit the website at for more information. From her death in 2013, it was renamed in Bonnie Franklin's memory.

In the summer of 2000 at Bonnie Franklin's Encino home, Bonnie, her agent and friend Marilyn Shapiro, and sister Judy Franklin Bush developed an organization to connect American theater to high school students.

Bonnie's sister, Judith Franklin Bush, was also a founder and is president. She is also outreach coordinator.

Ernest A. Figueroa was also a Board Member; associate producer; and director.

Victoria Franklin Kupetz (Bonnie and Judy's sister) Board Member.

Honorary Board Members:
Rabbi Leonard Beerman
Joan Beerman
Barbara Sanders
Barbara Yaroslavsky

Advisory Board:
Susan Braig
Alison J. Graham: Public Relations.

Educational Board:
Keren Goldberg, Chair
Robin Lithgow
Jennifer Pust
Steve Segal
James Waller
Mark Slavkin

Linda Tross; stage manager.
a list of 145 people
2012 1972 Canadian Summit Series Hockey Team

Juliette Cavazzi; 1999 induction; singer; hometown is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Awarded the CM.

Crazy Canucks; 2006 induction; downhill skiing athletes; Various hometown. Collectively earned 107 top 10 World Cup finishes from 1978 to 1984. Members include Dave Irwin, Dave Murray, Steve Podborski, Jim Hunter, and Ken Read.

Jim Elder; 2003 induction; equestrian athlete; Hometown is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Olympic Gold Medalist in 1968.

Terry Fox; 2013 induction; athlete, runner. Hometown is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Youngest person to be awarded the Companion of the Order of Canada. He won the 1980 Lou Marsh Award as nation's top sportsman and named Canadian Newsmaker of the Year in both 1980 and 1981. He died at 22 from cancer.

Nancy Greene; 1999 induction; downhill skiing athlete. Hometown is Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Won a Gold and Silver Medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics; Canadian Female Athlete of the Half Century (1950-1997). Awarded the Officer of the Order of Canada.

Rick Hansen; 2007 induction; wheelchair athlete. Hometown is Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. "Man in Motion" won a Gold Medal at the 1980 Summer Paralympics.

Clara Hughes; 2010 induction; speed skating athlete. Hometown is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. one of Canada's most decorated Olympic athletes; won 2 bronze medals in cycling in 1996 and 4 medals (including a gold in 2006) in speed skating.

Harry Jerome; 2001 induction; sprinting athlete. Hometown is Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. Won an Olympic Bronze Medal in 1964.

The Kids in the Hall; 2008 induction; comedy troupe from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Members include Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson.

Steve Nash; 2008 induction; basketball athlete; Hometown is Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. born in Johannesburg, South Africa but raised from early childhood in Victoria. Won 2 consecutive NBA MVP awards.

Jean-Paul Riopelle; 2000 induction; painter; Hometown is Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Awarded Companion of the Order of Canada.

Second City Television or SCTV; 2002 induction; Hometown is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Original members include John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Harold Ramis, Dave Thomas, and later Rick Moranis and Martin Short.
a list of 133 people
Actors and Actresses and others who have attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City or in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 153 people
Joyce Hall 1985

I Love Lucy (First television series to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990).

Thomas Murphy 2008
a list of 24 people
Robert Carl: composer and chair of composition at the Hartt School.

Jack Glatzer (BA 1960) concert violinist.

Walter Hekster (M.Mus 1963) composer, clarinetist, conductor.

Lisa Hopkins: opera singer. Tony award winner.

Johann Sebastian Paetsch (MM 1987) musician and cellist.

Andre Raphel: conductor of the Wheeling symphony orchestra

Chad Shelton (MA 1997) operatic tenor
a list of 3 people
The following men are interred at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Orange County, California.
a list of 60 people
Lila Ammons
Frank Amsallem

Judith Bettina
Sara Davis Buechner

Mark Delpriora
Josu De Solaun Soto
Salvatore Di Vittorio

Kirill Gerstein
Susan Graham

Margaret Hillis
Lisa Hopkins
Helen Huang

Lauren Jelencovich

Dawn Kotoski

Marlene Kleinman Malas
Milo Malas
Ursula Mamlock
Bob McGrath

Elmar Oliveira

Tobias Picker

John B. Riley

Gordon Turk
Marilyn Tyler

Yung Wook Yoo
a list of 16 people
Stanley Bednar; senior director in 1969.
John Brownlee; Metropolitan Baritone singer, director and president in 1956 to 1969.

John O. Crosby; founder and general director of the Santa Fe Opera, appointed Presidnet in 1976 to 1986.

Gideon Waldrop; Director 1986 to 1989.

James Gandre; President from May 2013.

Marlene Kleinman Malas; teacher at Curtis Institute and Juilliard School too.

Joe Locke; teacher

Dr. Janet D. Schenck; pianist, founder, and philanthropist.
George Schick; Metropolitan Opera conductor, accompanist, and opera coach and director 1969 to 1976.
Peter C. Simon; President in 1989 to 1992.
Dr. Robert Sirota; former director of the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University became President in October 2005 to May 2013.
a list of 86 people
Milton Adolphus; composer, arranger, and pianist.
Shmuel Ashkenasi; first violinist of the Vermeer Quartet.

Diane Meredith Belcher; organist.
James M. Bigham; organist.
Natalie Bodanya; opera singer

Norman Carol; concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra.
Jenny Q. Chai; piano.
Keith Chapman; concert organist.
Ray Chen; violinist.
Pearl Chertok; harpist and composer.
Young Chang Cho; cellist.
Jasmine Choi; flautist.
Nicholas Chumachensco; violinlst
Timothy Cobb; current principal bassist with the Metropolitan Opera.
Ken Cowan; organist, assistant professor of organ at Westminster Choir College (Rice University).

John Dalley; violinist, Oberlin String Quartet 1957-1959; one of the four founding members of the Guarneri Quartet 1964-2009, faculty.
Miles B. Davis; double bassist; class of 1974; secretary of the Curtis Alumni Council.
John De Lancie Sr; principal oboe of the Philadelphia Orchestra; faculty at Curtis; Director of the school 1977 to 1985.

Julius Eastman; pianist, conductor, singer and composer.

Christopher Falzone; pianist.

Bianca Garcia; flute, politician.
Anthony Gigliotti; clarinetist, former principal of the Philadelphia Orchestra.
Richard Goode; pianist.
Valerie Muzzolini Gordon; harpist, principal of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.
Olga Gorelli; composer and pianist.
Charles E. Griffin; violist.

Daron Hagen; composer, conductor, pianist, and stage director.
Burt Hara; clarinetist, principal of the Minnesota Orchestra.
Margaret Harshaw; opera singer.
David Hayes; music director of the Philadelphia Singers and Director of Orchestral and Conducting Studies at Mannes College School of Music.
Jennifer Higdon; composer
Claire Huangci; pianist

Arnold Jacobs; former tubist at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and teacher of brass pedagogy.
Stephanie Jeong; Assistant Concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic.
David N. Johnson; composer, organist, and professor.

Sean Kennard; pianist.
Marlene Kleinman Malas; soprano, teacher at Curtis, Juilliard, and Manhattan School of Music.
Jennifer Koh; violinist.

Mark Lawrence; principal trombonist of the San Francisco Symphony.
Ang Li; pianist.
Marc Lifschey; oboist.
Joan Lippincott; concert organist, former head of the organ department at the Westminster Choir College.

Virginia MacWatters; soprano.
Anthony McGill; principal clarinetist with the Metropolitan Opera.

Christina Naughton; pianist.
Michelle Naughton; pianist.
Erik Nielsen; conductor, Frankfurt Opera, Metropolitan Opera, Rome Opera, and Semperoper.

Milena Pajaro-Van De Stadt; violist.
Eytan Pessen; Accompanist and opera director.

Andre Raphel; conductor of the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra.

Kathryn Selby; pianist.
David Shifrin; clarinet soloist, professor at Yale School of Music.
Jacques Singer; conductor.
Ignor Solzhenitsyn; former music director of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.
Robert Spano; conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
Leslie Spotz; pianist.
Susan Starr; pianist.
Mimi Stillman; flutist.
Michael Strauss; violist.

Wendy Warner; cellist.
Peter Wiley; cellist with the Beaux Arts Trio and Guarneri Quartet, Curtis Faculty.
a list of 8 people
Roberto Diaz; President and Director.

Mary Louise Curtis Bok; founder.
Cyrus Curtis; namesake and American publisher.

John De Lancie Sr; Principal Oboe of the Philadelphia Orchestra, faculty at Curtis and Director from 1977 to 1985.
a list of 21 people
George Allen; NFL head coach; member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (attended but not graduate).
Ray Apolskis; NFL player.
Frank Aschenbrenner; professional football player.
Ed Aspatore; NFL player.

Wayland Becker; NFL player.
Al Bentzin; NFL player.
Gene Berce; NBA player.
Dick Bilda; NFL player.
Frank Bohlmann; NFL player.
Tom Braatz; NFL player and general manager.
Brian Brunkhorst; professional basketball player.
Ray Buivid; NFL player.
Art Bultman; NFL player of for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Green Bay Packers.
Richard Burton; 1991; Commissioner, Australian National Basketball League (NBL).
Ray Busler; NFL player.

Dick Campbell; NFL player.
Jim Capuzzi; NFL player.
Jim Chones; ABA and NBA player.
Tom Copa; NBA player.
Chris Crawford; played 7 years with the NBA's Atlanta Hawks.
Tommy Cronin; NFL player.
Jae Crowder; NBA plater for the Dallas Mavericks.
Ward Cuff; former New York Giants player.
Don Curtin; NFL player.

Pahl Davis; NFL player.
Travis Diener; point guard with the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers.
Lavern Dilweg; NFL player also served as US Congressman.
Bill Downey; professional basketball player.
Ron Drzewiecki; NFL player.
Wilfred Duford; NFL player.
Red Dunn; NFL player.

Steve Enich; NFL player.

John Fahay; NFL player.

Ed Glick; NFL player.
John Goodyear; NFL player.
George Groves; professional football player.
Arthur Guepe; Commissioner of the Ohio Valley Conference.

Jim Hague; 1979; sportswriter.
Bo Hanley; NFL player and head coach.
John Harrington; professional football player.
Norbert Hayes; NFL player.
Lazar Hayward; NBA player currently signed by the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Lester Hearden; NFL player.
Johnny Heimsch; NFL player.

Darius Johnson Odom; 2012; NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Swede Johnston; NFL player.

Dorothy Kamenshek; AAGPBL player.
Al Klug; professional football player.
Frank Kosikowski; professional football player.
Jack Kramer; professional football player.
Ray Kuffel; professional football player.

Bob Lackey; professional basketball player.
Joe LaFleur; NFL player.
Oxie Lane; NFL player.
Irv Langhoff; NFL Player.
Erica Larson; 5 time winner of the Pikes Peak marathon.
Donald Laub; 1960; prominent plastic surgeon; served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine 1968-1980.
Alfred "Butch" Lee; MOP of the 1977 Final Four and former NBA player.
Frank Linnan; NFL Player.
Jerry Lunz; NFL player.

Mel Maceau; professional football player.
Amal McCaskill; NBA player.
Francis J. McCormick; NFL Player.
Larry McGinnis; NFL player.
Allie McGuire; 1973; NBA player.
Dean Meminger; NBA player

Steve Novak; NBA player most recently the New York Knicks.

Robert B. Pinter; 1957; biomedical engineer and authority on signal processing in the insect visual system.

Ken Radick; NFL player for the Green Bay Packers and Brooklyn Dodgers.
Herb Roedel; professional football player.
Fritz Roeseler; NFL player.

Leroy Schoemann; NFL player.
Carl Schuette; NFL player.
Vincent Shekleton; NFL player.
Ralph Shinners; Centerfielder for the New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals, remains the only Major League player to come out of Marquette.
John Sisk Jr; NFL player.
Tony Smith; former NBA player drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1990.
Johnny Strzykalski; NFL player.

Claude Taugher; NFL player.
Joe Thomas; NBA player.
Milt Trost; NFL player.

Don Vosberg; NFL player.

Lloyd Walton; NBA player.
Brian Wardle; head coach of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix men's basketball.
Ken Wendt; NFL player.
Jerome Whitehead; NBA player.
Mike Wilson; NBA player.
Whitey Woodin; NFL player.
Sam Worthen; NBA player.

Joe Young; professional football player.
a list of 3 people
Semhar Araia; social activist and international lawyer.

Robert J. Beck; scholar of international law and international relations.

Paul Copan; Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Marc H. Ellis; theologian and philosopher.

Roberto S. Goizeuta; 1984; theologian.

Scott Hahn; theologian.
John Maxwell Hamilton 1969; Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of Louisiana State University.
Elizabeth Hirschboeck; humanitarian.
Donald J. Hying; Roman Catholic Bishop.

Mel Lawrenz; author, speaker, and senior pastor of Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin.

Francis MacDonnell; Professor of History at Southern Virginia University.
William Marr; 1963; poet and translator, author of books on Chinese poetry.

William Patrick O'Connor; served as 5th Bishop of Superior 1942-1946 and the first Bishop of Madison 1946 to 1967.

John Joseph Paul; 1956; Bishop Emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.
John Peter Pelissero; 1975; Provost and Professor of Political Science at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois.

Alexa Suelzer; author, educator, and theologian known for her Old Testament criticism.

Paul Francis Tanner; Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida.

Kerry S. Walters; 1980; Professor of Philosophy at Gettysburg College and award winning author of numerous books on philosophy and religion.
William J. Whalen; nonfiction writer and expert on comparative religion.
a list of 10 people
Kathleen Abernathy; Class of 1983; Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LL.P., former FCC Commissioner.
James Waldo Ackerman; BS 1947, JD 1949; US District Court Judge in Illinois.
Tom Ament; BS 1959, JD 1962; County Executive of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin 1992 to 2002.

Dolores Balderamos Garcia; Minister of Human Development, Women and Civil Society of Belize.
Gary J. Barczak; Class of 1961; Wisconsin legislator.
Gerald R. Beaman; US Navy Admiral.
Dismis Becker; Wisconsin Legislator and civil rights activist.
Steven Biskupic; BA 1983, JD 1987; US attorney.
Gerald J. Boileau; US Representative.
Warren Braun; BS 1956, JD 1971; former Wisconsin State Senator.
Cecil B. Brown Jr.; Wisconsin and civil rights activist.
Edward R. Brunner; Class of 1970; Former Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.
Brian Burke; Class of 1978; Wisconsin attorney and legislator.

Ed Callahan; Former Chairman of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
Carlos Camacho; Governor of Guam.
Raymond Joseph Cannon; US Representative.
Louis J. Ceci; Wisconsin Supreme Court.
John T. Chisholm; District attorney of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.
John Louis Coffey; Judge of the US Court of Appeals.
Pedro Colon; Class of 1991; first elected Latino representative of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
David Cullen; Class of 1984; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

James P. Daley; US National Guard General.
Sara Lynn Darrow; Class of 1992; District judge on the US District Court for the Central District in Illinois.
Angela Dentice; Class of 1970; prominent Milwaukee attorney; first woman elected president of the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers.
Kerry J. Donley; Member of the Alexandria, Virginia City Council; former Mayor of Alexandria served from 1996 to 2003.
John Doyne; Class of 1934; first county executive of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.
Sister Diane Drufenbrock; Nun and socialist candidate for Vice President in 1980.

Terence T. Evans; Judge, US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit (appointed by President Clinton in 1995) former judge and chief judge for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.
Scott Evertz; first openly gay director of the Office of the National AIDS Policy.

Margaret Farrow; Class of 1956; former Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin.
James Fleissner; Class fo 1979; American attorney and Professor of Law at Mercer University School of Law.
Gerald T. Flynn: US Representative.
Kurt Frank; Class of 1971; former member of the Wisconsin State Senate.

Jessica Gavora; Class of 1986; conservative writer on politics, culture, speechwriter, and former policy adviser at the US Department of Justice.
Janine P. Geske; Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
John Gower; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
William Greisbach; BA 1976, JS 1979; US Federal Judge.

E. Harold Hallows; Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Ned R. Healy; US Representative from California.
Stephen Hollingshead; MA 1992, Ph.D. 1996; Senior Adviser to the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
Mark Honadel; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Henry P. Hughes; Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

William J. Kelley; Deputy Counsel to George W. Bush.
Charles J. Kersten; Class of 1925; US Representative.
John C. Kleczka; US Representative.
Dale P. Kooyenga; Class of 2007; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Dick Leinenkugel; Class of 1980; Current Wisconsin Secretary of Commerce.
Jerris Leonard; BS 1952 LLB 1955; Member of the Wisconsin Senate.
Peter F. Leuch; former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Gerald Lorge; Wisconsin politician.
Brian E. Luther; Class of 1984; US Navy Admiral.

Donald A. Manzullo; US Republican Representative.
William A. Matheny; US Air Force General.
Mary Beth Maxwell; Senior Advisor in the US Department of Labor.
Earl F. McEssy; Class of 1939; former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Gerald L. Miller; Class of 1964; US Marine Corp General.
Louis Molepske; Class of 2001; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Gwendolynne S. Moore; Class of 1978; US Representative.
Stephen Murphy III; Class of 1984; Federal Judge on the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Edward Nomo-Ongolo; former Government Minister for Commerce and Industry in Cameroon; former General Manager of Chase Bank in Cameroon; retired diplomat.
Richard C. Nowakowski; Former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Leo P. O'Brien; former member of the Wisconsin State Senate.
Jim Ott; Class of 2000; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Tony Palomo; BS 1954 Journalism; journalist, historian of Guam; Senator in the 12th, 14th, and 15th Guam Legislature.
Rudolf "Rudy" Perpich; Former Governor of Minnesota.
Milton Rice Polland; Progressive Republican Leader; Ambassador at large for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
Dean G. Popps; 1970; former acting US Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology.
Don Pridemore; 1977; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Kenneth M. Quinn; President of the World Food Prize Foundation; Former US Ambassador to Cambodia.

David Rabinovitz; 1927; US District Court Judge.
Michele Radosevich; 1969; US Politician and lawyer.
Loret Miller Ruppe; US Diplomat.
William Everest Ryan; US Government Official.

Ben L. Salomon; Medal of Honor recipient.
Martin J. Schreiber; former Wisconsin governor.
Wilfred Schuele; former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and Wisconsin State Senate.
Lawrence H. Smith; US Representative.
Dave Sullivan; State Senator of Illinois, 1998-2006;
Diane S. Sykes; Judge, US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, former Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Appointed by President George W. Bush in 2002.
John H. Szymarek; 1895; former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

F. Taylor; US Navy Admiral.
John F. Tefft; Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia, 1996 to 1999; US Ambassador to Lithuania, 2000 to 2003. Ambassador of the US to Georgia 2005 to present.
Robert Emmet Tehan; 1927 AB; 1929 LL.B.; former US Federal Judge.
Lewis D. Thill; US Representative.
Barbara Toles; 1997; Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Stephen A. Turcotte; US Navy Admiral.

Leah Vukmir; 1980; Member of the Wisconsin Senate.

Thaddeus Wasielewski; US Representative.
Don S. Wenger; US Air Force Major General.
Patrick Willis; 1972; circuit court judge in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.

Tadashi Yamamoto; MBA 1962; Founder of the Japan Center for International Exchange, the Shimoda Conference, and the US Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program.
Francis A. Yindra; former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and the Wisconsin State Senate.

Clement Zablocki; US Representative.
Richard Zaborski; 1953; former member of the Wisconsin State Senate.
Carl Zeidler; former Mayor of Milwaukee.
Annette Ziegler; 1989; Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
a list of 13 people
The men and women interred at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.
a list of 2 people
Wylie A. Aikten; Class of 1965; Co-founder of law firm, Aitken, Aitken, and Cohn.

Edward Brennan; Class of 1956; former Chairman of Sears, Roebuck, and Company.

Glen P. Christensen; President, CEO of Craftmark Pipe Markers.

Eliyahu Federman; Class of 2010; Vice President of 1SaleAday L.L.C.

Luther W. Graef; Founder of Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer and Associates Inc.; former President of American Society of Civil Engineers.

Patrick E. Haggerty; Class of 1936; Co-founder of Texas Instruments.
Mary Houghton; Co-founder of Shore Bank.

Darren Jackson; Class of 1986; Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at Advance Auto Parts.

Konstance Knox; Class of 1977; Virologist and entrepreneur known for founding Viracor, the Wisconsin Viral Research Group, and Viracor's Institute for Viral Pathogenesis.

Patrick R. McNamee; Class of 1982; Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Express Scripts.
Robert M. Mosher; Class of 1974; Inventor of Bagel Bites.

John Rakolta; Class of 1970; CEO of Walbridge; served as one of National Finance's Chairs for Mitt Romney's 2008 Presidential Campaign.
James A. Runde; Class of 1969; Former Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley.

William C. Stone; Class of 1977; Chairman and CEO of SS&C Technologies.

Charles M. Willams; Class of 1982; Chief Administrative Officer, Global Corporate and Investment Banking, Bank of America.
a list of 39 people
Shauna Singh Baldwin; Class of 1983 author.
Kamla Bhatt; Indian podcaster.
Ann Brill; Class of 1985; Dean of the School of Journalism at Kansas University.

Margaret Coel; Class of 1960; Author of "Father John/Wind River" mystery series.

Alexander C. Eschweiler; architect.

Michael F. Flynn; Class of 1971; science fiction writer, author of "In The Country of The Blind."
James Foley; Class of 1996; freelance journalist who was detained in Libya and later Syria in 2012.

Bernard E. Gruenke;

John M. Higgins; Class of 1984 reporter.
Matthew J. Hoye; Class of 1989; Senior Political Producer for CNN.

Bill Johnson; alto saxophonist, clarinetist, and arranger.

Tom Keegan; Class of 1981; author, journalist, and radio personality.
Kate Klise; class of 1985; author of children's books.

Felicia Mabuza Suttle; Class of 1977; former host of "The Felicia Show" in South Africa for 12 years.
Don McNeill; Class of 1929; radio personality and creator and host of "The Breakfast Club."

Mike Nadel; Class of 1982; former sports columnist and reporter for the Copley News Service and The Associated Press.

Kevin O'Brien; author
Arthur Olszyk; Class of 1944; Milwaukee newsman at WTMJ AM radio; professor of broadcast journalism for 7 years at Marquette.

Jim Peck; Class of 1962; local television personality.
Jessica Powers; poet and Carmelite nun.

John D. Rateliff; game designer, scholar of J.R.R. Tolkein.

John W. Schaum; Class of 1931; piano teacher, writer of many books of sheet music.
Mark Suppelsa; Class of 1984; WGN anchor in Chicago.

Don Wadewitz; Class of 2000; Sports Broadcaster for the Wisconsin Wolfpack, Racine Raiders, and WRJN.
Paul W. Whear; Class of 1946; composer of the anthem for the Naval ROTC.
a list of 85 people
Alice Lewisohn; philanthropist and founder in 1915.
Irene Lewisohn; philanthropist and founder in 1915.
Rita Wallach Morgenthau; faculty in 1935.

Charles E. Conrad; alumni
a list of 41 people
Edward Aldwell; pianist and theorist.

Johanna Beyer; composer.
Natasha Brofsky; cellist.

Kvitka Cisyk; classically trained soprano, coloratura soprano.

Andre Gremillet; managing director of Melbourne Symphony.

Rebekah Harkness; founder of Harkness Ballet.
Edward Herman Jr; trombonist.

Jeannette Kroll; opera singer.

Ursula Mamlok; composer.
Douglas McLennan; arts journalist, founder of
Peter Joseph Merola; marimba player, composer, arranger, independent film maker, and social activist.

Tim Page; music critic.

Eve Queler; conductor.

Carl Schachter; musicologist and theorist.
Leslie Shank; violinist
Nadine Sierra; soprano.
Lawrence Leighton Smith; conductor.
Lara St. John; violinist.

Linda Toote; flutist.

Susan Wadsworth; arts administrator, founder of Young Concert Artists.
Craig Walsh; composer.

Jennifer Zetlan; soprano
a list of 46 people
David Mannes; founder and concertmaster of the New York Symphony. Conducting and Violin Teacher.

Clara Damrosch Mannes; co-founder and sister of Walter Damrosch. Chamber Music Teacher.

Carl Bamberger; conducting teacher.
Howard Brockway; piano teacher

Anthony Coleman; improvisation teacher
Floyd Cooley; tuba teacher
Robert Cuckson; composition, theory, and analysis.

Mario Davidovsky; composition teacher
Elaine Douvas; oboe teacher

Timothy Eddy; cello teacher

Ruth Falcon; voice teacher
Vladimir Feltsman; piano teacher

Felix Galimir; violin and chamber music teacher.
Shirley Givens; violin teacher

Joel Lester; theory, chamber music teacher.
Lowell Liebermann; composition, director of the Mannes American Composers Ensemble.

Leopold Mannes; theory teacher.
Missy Mazzoli; composition teacher.
Judith Mendenhall; flute teacher.
Philip Myers; horn

Charles Neidich; clarinet teacher
Paul Neubauer; viola teacher
Michael Newman; guitar teacher

Lucie Robert; violin teacher.
Beth Roberts; voice teacher.

Felix Salzer; from 1940, teacher of music theory and reorganized the theory program in the Techniques of Music department.
Rosario Scalero; teacher of solfege, theory and composition.
Carl Schachter; Salzer's student. theory teacher.
Faye-Ellen Silverman; music theory teacher.

Ronald Thomas; cello, chamber music teacher.

William Vaccahiano; trumpet teacher.
Isabelle Vengerova; piano teacher.

Frederic Waldman; opera coach, staff conductor.
Hans Weisse; teacher from 1931-1940; theory and composition teacher.
John Wummer; flute teacher.
a list of 41 people
a list of 1 people
Curtis J. Crawford; CEO, XCEO Inc.

William Granger; Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times columnist and author of The November Man series of novels.

Jack Greenberg; Former CEO at McDonalds Corporation.

James M. Jenness; CEO at Kellogg Coporation.
Edward J. Joyce; PResident and CEO of the Chicago Board of Options Exchang (CBOE).

James Conroyd Martin; author of the Push Not the River and its sequel, Against a Crimson Sky.

Greg Silich; Entrepreneur, former Leo Burnet CFO.
a list of 6 people
Bill Boedeker; halfback for the NFL 1946-1950 for 4 different teams.
Andre Brown; Forward NBA; 2007-present with the Bandirma Banvit of Turkey.

Latasha Byears; women's basketball player for WNBA.

Wilson Chandler; Forward NBA; 2007-present currently with the Denver Nuggets.

Dallas Comegys; forward NBA 1987-1989 for New Jersey and San Antonio.

Tyrone Corbin; Forward NBA 1985-2000 for 9 different teams.

Gene Dyker; Forward NBA 1953-1954 for Milwaukee.

Kevin Edwards; Guard NBA 1988-2000 for 4 different teams.

Stephen Howard; Forward NBA 1992-1998 for 3 different teams.

Steven Hunter; Center NBA; 2000-present currently with Memphis Grizzlies.

Jack Phelan; Forward NBA 1949-1950 for Waterloo, Sheboygan.

Bobby Simmons; Guard NBA; 2001-present with San Antonio Spurs.

Rod Strickland; Guard NBA 1988-2005 for 9 different teams.

Dick Tripow; Guard NBA 1949-1950 Baltimore.
a list of 34 people
Kathleen Dulkoski;

Rohina Malik;

Todd Zuniga;
a list of 18 people
Jeremy Barnes; drummer of indie rock bans, "Neutral Milk Hotel," Bright Eyes," and accordionist and bandleader of "A Hawk and a Hacksaw;" accordionist in Beirut, Lebanon.

Alex Beyer; guitarist/vocalist for Acidic Tree, bassist/vocalist for Ardvark.

Greg Davis; musician, sound artist.

Richard Harper; drummer of the Chicago based rock groups, Plastics Hi-Fi, The Sam Saunders Machine, and Team Band.

George Perle; Pulitzer Prize winning composer.

James Quinn; Emmy award winning producer.
a list of 5 people
Frank Annunzio; US Representative from Illinois (1965-1993)

Michael A. Bilandic; former Chicago Mayor.

Barry Bradford; teacher, author, public speaker, famous for helping reopen the Mississippi Burning Case, and the Clyde Kennard Case, National Teacher of the Year; Illinois Teacher of the Year; winner of the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching; and awarded Presidential Citation for Civilian Service.

Joseph Burke; Judge of the Illinois Appellate Court (1939-1976).

Edwin R. Chess: Chief of Chaplains of the U.S. Air Force.

Terrance Gainer; Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. Senate.

Samuel Skinner; Former Chief Federal Prosecutor, US Secretary of Transportation; Chief of Staff to President George H.W. Bush.
Laura Spurr; Chairwoman of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi (2000-2001, 2003-2010).

Charles E. Tucker; Retired US Air Force Major General and Executive Director of the World Engagement Institute.
a list of 110 people
Sonni Abatta; former news for anchor for KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh; now the 6PM lead anchor at WOFL-TV in Orlando, Florida.

William Ball; director and founder of the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, California.
Benny Benack; orchestra leader of King of Pittsburgh Dixieland.
Robert Brooks; (1969) actor.

Dennis Ferry; 1966; principal trumpter 1977-present, Orchestre De La Suisse Romande in Geneva, Swtizerland.

James Meena; conductor and opera administrator.

Jack Smith; ABC News correspondent.

Thom Thomas; playwright.

William J.G. Turner; composer, director, dramatist, producer and actor.
a list of 2 people
Arthur Hamerschlag; 1903-1922
Thomas Baker; 1922-1935
Robert Doherty; 1936-1950
John Warner; 1950-1965
Guyford Stever; 1965-1972
Richard Cyert; 1972-1990
Robert Mehrabian; 1990-1997
Jared Cohon; 1997-2013
Subra Suresh; 2013-present

David Tepper; Wall Street hedge fund manager who gift renamed the Graduate School of Industrial Administration to the Tepper School of Business.

William S. Dietrich II; steel industrialist whose gift renamed the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Andrew W. Mellon; United States Secretary of Treasury 1921-1932; co-founded the Mellon Institute of Research in 1913.

Richard B. Mellon; President of Mellon Bank who co-founded the Mellon Institute of Research in 1913.

William Latimer Mellon Sr.; founder of the Gulf Oil and the Graduate School of Industrial Administration.

Richard King Mellon; President and Chairman of Mellon Bank known for his urban renewal program in Pittsburgh and founder of the School of Urban and Public Affairs.

Paul Mellon; philanthropist and horse breeder and facilitator of the merger between Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Mellon Institute to form Carnegie Mellon University.
a list of 10 people
Jerome Apt; Professor; former NASA astronaut and now Professor of Technology, Executive Director of Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center, Graduate School of Industrial Administration.

Elizabeth Bailey; Professor 1983-1991; former Dean and Professor of Economics, Industrial Administration, and Public Policy, Graduate School of Industrial Administration now John C. Hower Professor of Business and Public Policy at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Kathleen Carley; Professor; Computational sociologist and pioneer of dynamic network analysis.
William W. Cooper; Professor; professor of operations research and accounting at the Tepper School of Business and founding Dean of the Heinz College.

Robyn Dawes; Professor; pioneer in the field of mathematical psychology.
Kenneth B. Dunn; Professor 1979-1987, 2002-present; Dean of Tepper School of Business, former Managing director of Morgan Stanley.

David Farber; Professor 2003-present; co-creator of ARPANET and form Chief Technologist for the FCC.

James Goodby; Professor 1989-present; Distinguished Service Professor of Engineering and Public Policy, former US Foreign Service Officer including US Ambassador to Finland 1980-1981.

Terrence Hayes; National Book Award winner in 2010 for his poetry book, "Lighthead."
John Heinz III; faculty member 1970-1971; Senator from Pennsylvania.
Geoffrey Hinton; Professor 1982-1987; computer scientist known for his work on artificial neutral networks, part-time Google researcher, co-inventor of the back propagation and contrastive divergence training algorithms, and important figure in the deep learning movement.
Henry Hornbostel; Professor; founded the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture and designed original buildings on campus.
Watts Humphrey; Professor; former Vice President of IBM, Fellow of Software Engineering Institute.
Jeffrey Hunker; Professor; Senior director for Critical Infrastructure for the US National Security Council 1999-2001; Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce 1996-1998; senior department of commerce official for environmental policy 1996-1998; former Senior policy advisor to the secretary of commerce 1993-1996; former Dean of the Heinz College.

Roberta Klatzky; Professor; cognitive scientist and leading researcher in hap tics.

Margot Livesey; author of six novels, short stories, and essays on fiction.
George Loewenstein; Professor; pioneer in the field of Behavioral economics and faculty in the department of social and decision sciences.

Brian MacWhinney; Professor; leading language acquisition researcher and creator of the CHILDES database.

Jon Peha; Professor; Chief Technologist for the FCC.

Richard Rashid; Professor 1979-1991; computer scientist, Microsoft Research SVP.

Walter Dill Scott; Professor 1916-1918; pioneer in applied psychology, President of the American Psychological Association; President of Northwestern University.
Kathryn Shaw; Professor 1981-2003; member of the Council of Economic Advisors, Executive Officer of the President 1999-2001.
Alfred Spector; Professor; Vice President of Research and Special Initiatives at Google.

Sridhar Tayur; Professor; Ford Distinguished Research Chair and Professor of Operations Management, Founder of SmartOps Corporation and OrganJet Corporation.

Arnold R. Weber; Professor and Provost; professor in economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University and President of the University of Colorado and Northwestern University.

Jerome Wolken; 1917-1999; biophysicist and head of biology department.

Clarence Zener; Professor 1968-1993; theoretical physicist, namesake of the Zener diode, Zener voltage and Zener pinning.
a list of 4 people
Hubert Aaronson; BS 1948, Ph.D. 1954 Professor; Materials Engineering in 1997.
Cristina H. Amon; Professor; Mechanical Engineering in 2006.
John L. Anderson; Professor; Chemical Engineering in 1992.
David H. Archer; BS 1948, Professor; Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering in 1989.
Nadine N. Aubry; Raymond J. Lane Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering in 2011.

Egon Balas; Professor; Industrial, Manufacturing, & Operational Systems Engineering in 2006.
Gordon Bell; Professor 1966-1972; Computer Science & Engineering in 1977.
Daniel Berg; Professor 1977-1983; Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering in 1976.
Jacobo Bielak; Professor; Civil Engineering in 2010.
Manuel Blum; Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 2006.
Alfred Blumstein; Professor; Industrial, Manufacturing, & Operational Systems Engineering in 1998.
Randal Bryant; Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 2003.
George Bugliarello; Professor 1959-1969; Civil Engineering in 1987.

Edmund M. Clarke; Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 2005.

James Dally; BS 1951, MS 1953; Mechanical Engineering in 1984.
Robert Davis; Professor; Materials Engineering in 2001.
George Dieter; Ph.D. 1958; Professor 1973-1977; Materials Engineering in 1993.
Stephen W. Director; Professor 1980-1996; Electronics Engineering in 1989.
David Dzmobak; BS 1980, MS 1981 Professor; Civil Engineering in 2008.

Steven Fenves; Professor; Civil Engineering in 1976.
Richard Fruehan; Professor; Materials Engineering in 1999.

Ignacio Grossmann; Professor; Chemical Engineering in 2000.

Chris T. Hendrickson; Duquesne Light Professor, Civil Engineering in 2011.

Angel Jordan; MS 1959, Ph.D. 1959 Professor; Electronics Engineering in 1986.

Mark Kryder; Professor; Electronics Engineering in 1994.

Richard Luthy; Professor 1975-1999; Civil Engineering in 1999.

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski; Professor; Materials Engineering in 2006.
Tom Mitchell; Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 2010.
C.D. Mote Jr; Professor 1965-1967; Mechanical Engineering in 1988.

Allen Newell; Ph.D. 1957 Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 1980.
Paul D. Nielsen; Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 2010.

Harold Paxton; Professor; Materials Engineering in 1978.
Alan Perlis; BS 1943 Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 1977.
Tresa Pollock; Professor 1991-1999; Materials Engineering in 2005.

Richard Rashid; Professor 1979-1991; Computer Science & Engineering in 2003.
Raj Reddy; Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 1984.
Ronald Rohrer; Professor; Electronics Engineering in 1989.

Milton Shaw; Professor 1961-1978; Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering in 1968.
Daniel Siewiorek; Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 2000.
Alfred Spector; Professor 1981-1992; Computer Science & Engineering in 2004.
Guy L. Steele Jr; Professor 1980-1994; Computer Science & Engineering in 2001.

Herbert Toor; Professor; Chemical Engineering in 1990.
Joseph F. Traub; Professor 1971-1979; Computer Science & Engineering in 1985.

Arthur Westerberg; Professor; Chemical Engineering in 1987.
Robert White; Professor; Materials Engineering in 1989.
James Williams; Professor 1975-1988; Materials Engineering in 1987.
Paul Wright; Professor 1979-1987; Industrial, Manufacturing, & Operational Systems Engineering in 2007.
William Wulf; Professor 1968-1981; Computer Science & Engineering in 1993.
a list of 2 people
John Anderson; Professor; Psychology in 1999.

Gordon Bell; Professor 1966-1972; Computer and Information Sciences in 2007.
Brian Berry; Professor 1981-1986; Human Environmental Sciences in 1975.
Manuel Blum; Professor; Computer and Information Sciences in 2002.

Richard Duffin; Professor 1946-1988; Applied Mathematical Sciences in 1972.

Stephen Fienberg; Professor; Applied Mathematical Sciences in 1999.

Robert Griffiths; Professor; Computer and Information Sciences in 1987.

Paul Lauterbur; Research Associate, Mellon Institute 1951-1953; Physics in 1985.
Robert Lucas Jr; Professor 1963-1974; Economic Sciences in 1981.

James McClelland; Professor 1984-2006; Psychology in 2001.
Franco Modigliani; Professor 1952-1960; Economic Sciences in 1973.
M. Granger Morgan; Professor; Human Environmental Sciences in 2007.

Allen Newell; Ph.D. 1957; Professor; Computer and Information Sciences in 1972.

Robert Parr; Professor 1948-1962; Chemical Sciences in 2004.

Dana Scott; Professor; Computer and Information Sciences in 1988.
Herbert A. Simon; Professor; Computer and Information Sciences in 1967.
Otto Stern; Professor 1933-1945; Physics in 1945.

Harrison White; Professor 1957-1959; social and political sciences in 1975.
Lincoln Wolfenstein; Professor; Physics in 1978.
a list of 2 people
Manuel Blum; Professor 1999-present; computational complexity theory Turing Award in 1995.

Alfred Blumstein; Professor; operations researcher and criminologist; won Stockholm Prize in Criminology in 2007.

Edmund M. Clarke; Professor 1982-present; model checking Turing Award in 2007.

Robert Floyd; Professor 1963-1968; methodolgies for the creation of the efficient and reliable software in Turing AWard in 1978.

Watts Humphrey; Professor; National Medal of Technology for software engineering in 2003.

Paul Lauterbur; Research Associate; Mellon Institute 1951-1953; National Medal of Science in 1987 for Physical Sciences. National Medal of Technology for magnetic resonance technology in 1988.

Yoky Matsuoka; Assistant professor affiliated with the Robotics Institute, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (2001-2006) awarded the MacArthur Fellow in 2007/
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski; Professor; Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 2011.

Daniel S. Nagin; BS 1971, Ph.D. 1976; Professor; criminologist awarded Stockholm Prize in Criminology in 2014.

Allen Newell; Ph.D. 1957; Professor 1961-1992; Herbert A. Simon Professor, artificial intelligence in Turing Award in 1975. National Medal of Sciences in Mathematical, Statistical, and Computer Sciences in 1992.

Alan Perlis; BS 1943, Professor 1956-1971; compiler construction; 1966, First Turing Award winner.

John Pople; Professor 1964-1993; Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 1992.

Raj Reddy; Professor 1969-present; artificial intelligence in Turing Award in 1994.

Dana S. Scott; Professor 1981-2003; nondeterministic machines in Turing Award in 1976.
Herbert A. Simon; Professor; Behavior and Social Sciences, awarded National Medal of Science in 1986.
Dawn Song; MS 1999; professor of computer science 2002-2007; awarded MacArthur Fellow in 2010.

Leslie Valiant; Professor 1973-1974; machine learning in Turing Award in 2010.
a list of 3 people
Clinton Davisson; Professor, Nobel Prize in Physics 1937.

Paul Flory; Research Associate, Mellon Institute, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1974.

Lars Peter Hansen; Professor; Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in 2013.

Walter Kohn; Professor; Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1998.

Paul Lauterbur; Research Associate; Mellon Institute 1951-1953; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2003.
Robert Lucas Jr.; Professor, Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in 1995.

Franco Modigliani; Professor, Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in 1985.

John Pople; Professor 1964-1993; Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1998.
Edward C. Prescott; Ph.D. 1967; Professor 1971-1980; Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in 2004.

Herbert A. Simon; Professor 1949-2001; Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences 1978.
Otto Stern; Professor, Nobel Prize in Physics 1943.
a list of 3 people
Nada Arkaji; first woman to represent Qatar at the Olympic Games.

Dwight 'Dike' Beede' college football coach who created and introduced the penalty flag.

Don Campbell; Tackle, Pittsburgh Steelers 1939-1940.
Merl Condit; End, Brooklyn Dodgers NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers 1940-1946.

Bull Karcis; Fullback, Brooklyn Dodgers NFL, New York Giants 1932-1943.

Rich Lackner; 1979; current Carnegie Mellon football coach.

John McGraw (born Roy Elmer Hoar) major league baseball player.
Saul Mielziner; Center Brooklyn Dodgers NFL, New York Giants 1929-1934.
Joe Mills; Center Akron Pros 1922-1926.
Hap Moran; End, Frankford Yellow Jackets, New York Giants 1926-1933.

Maury Patt; Cleveland Rams 1941-1945.

Bill Rieth; Center, Cleveland Rams 1941-1945.
Jimmy Robertson; Fullback, Halfback, Akron Pros 1924-1925.
Joe Rudolph; Guard, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers 1995, 1997.

Hugh Sprinkle' Tackle, Akron Pros 1923-1925.
a list of 7 people
Elizabeth Currid; BA 2000, MA 2002; author of the Warhol Economy.

Jewell Parker Rhodes; BA 1975, MA 1976, Ph.D. 1976, D.A. 1979; African American novelist.

Manil Suri; Ph.D. 1983; mathematician and writer.
a list of 1 people
Bob Altemeyer; Ph.D. 1965; Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba.
Costas Azariadis; MBA 1971, Ph.D. 1975; Edward Mallinckrodt Distinguished Professor in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

Bala V. Balachandran; MS 1972, Ph.D. 1973; J.L. Kellogg Distinguished Professor in Accounting, Information, and Management at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.
William A. Barnett; MA 1970, Ph.D. 1974; Oswald Distinguished Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of Kansas.
Max H. Bazerman; MS 1978, Ph.D. 1979; Jesse Isidor Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.
Dan Bernhardt; MS 1983, Ph.D. 1986; IBE Distinguished Professor of Economics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Robert C. Blattberg; MS 1966, Ph.D. 1971; Polk Bros. Professor of Retailing Marketing at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
Ruth N. Bolton; MS 1980, Ph.D. 1983; W.P. Carey Professor of Marketing at W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.
Marcel Boyer; MS, Ph.D. 1973; Bell Canada Professor of Industrial Economics of the Universite De Montreal, Member of the Royal Society of Canada, former Presidnet of the Canadian Economics Association.
John Bryant; MS 1973, Ph.D. 1975; Henry S. Fox Sr. Professor of Economics and Professor of Management at Rice University.

Chia Ling Chien; MS 1968, Ph.D. 1972; Jacob L. Hain Professor of Physics at John Hopkins University.
Edward J. Conlon; MS 1975, Ph.D. 1978; Edward Frederick Sorin Professor of Management and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies of the Mendoza College of Business at University of Notre Dame.

Quiang Du; Ph.D. 1988; Verne M. Williams Professor of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University.

Jane Fedorowicz; MS 1978, Ph.D. 1981; Chester B. Slade Professor of accounting and information systems at Bentley University; President of Association for Information Systems.
Christodoulous A. Floudas; PhD 1986; Stephen C. Macaleer '63 Professor of Engineer and Applied Science at Princeton University.

Nicholas J. Garber; MS 1969, Ph.D. 1971; Henry L. Kinnier Professor of Civil Engineering at University of Virginia.

Jerome E. Hass; Ph.D. 1969; James B. Rubin Professor of Finance at Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.
Pamela R. Haunschild; MS 1990, Ph.D. 1992; Jack R. Crosby Regents Professor and Chair of Management at McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin.
Jack Hershey; BS 1965; Daniel H. Silberberg Professor at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Charles Holt; MS 1974, Ph.D. 1977; A. Willis Robertson Professor of Political Economy at University of Virginia.
George Hsiao; MS 1963, Ph.D. 1969; Carl Rees Professor of Mathematics at the University of Delaware.

Yuji Ijiri; Ph.D. 1963; R.M. Trueblood University Professor of Accounting and Economics at Carnegie Mellon University, former President of American Accounting Association 1982-1983.

Ravi Jagannathan; MS 1981, Ph.D. 1983; Chicago Mercantile Exchange/John F. Sandner Professor of Finance at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, former director of American Finance Association 2002-2005.
Eric J. Johnson; MS 1978, Ph.D. 1980; Norman Eig Professor of Business at Columbia Business School at Columbia University.

Kevin Lane Keller; MSIA 1980; E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing at Tuck Business School, Dartmouth College.
Paul R. Kleindorfer; Ph.D. 1970, Anheuser Busch Professor Emeritus of Management Science at Wharton Business at University of Pennsylvania.
David A. Kofke; BS 1983; UB Distinguished Professor and Department Chair of Chemical and Biological Engineering at SUNY Buffalo, New York.

John E. Laird; Ph.D. 1983; John L. Tishman Professor of Engineering at University of Michigan, co-creator of Soar Cognitive architecture.
Charles E. Leiserson; Ph.D. 1981; Professor of Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, co-author of the Introduction to the Algorithms.

Ronald D. Macfarlane; MS 1957, Ph.D 1959; Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M University.
Nolan McCarty; MS 1992, Ph.D. 1993; Susan Dod Brown Professor of Politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University.
Robert P. Merges; BS 1981; Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Professor of Law and Technology at Berkeley Law School.
Greg Morrisett; MS 1991, Ph.D. 1995; Allen B. Cutting Professor of Computer Science and Associate Dean for Computer Science and Engineering at Harvard University.
Michael S. Morton; BS 1961; Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management Emeritus at MIT Sloan School of Management.
Jan Mossin; Ph.D.; contribution to Capital Asset Pricing Model.
John Muth; Ph.D. Professor 1956-1964; father of the rational expectations revolution in economics.

Jay Nunamaker; BS 1964; Regents Professor of Management Informations Systems, Computer Science and Communication at University of Arizona.

Demetri Psaltis; BS 1974, MS 1975, Ph.D. 1977; Thomas G. Myers Professor of Electrical Engineering at California Institute of Technology.

Timothy W. Ruefli; MS 1967; Ph.D. 1969; Daniel B. Stuart Centennial Professor of Applications of Computers to Business at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

David A. Schkade; MS 1982, Ph.D. 1985; Jerome S. Katzin Professor of Management at Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego.
Subrata K. Sen; MS 1966, Ph.D. 1974; Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Professor of Organization, Management, & Marketing at Yale School of Management.
Lui Sha; Ph.D. 1985; Donald B. Gillies Professor of Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Costas J. Spanos; MS 1981, Ph.D 1985; Professor and Associate Dean in the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.
V. Srinivasan; MS 1970, Ph.D. 1971; Adams Distinguished Professor of Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Lawrence R. Sulak;BS 1966; David M. Myers Distinguished Professor of Physics at Boston University.
M. Suresh Sundaresan; MS 1978, Ph.D. 1980; Chase Manhattan Bank Foundation Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia Business School.
Shyam Sunder; MS 1972, Ph.D. 1974; James L. Frank Professor of Accounting, Economics, and Finance at Yale School of Management.
Jayashankar M. Swaminathan; MS, Ph.D; Kay and Van Weatherspoon Distinguished Professor of Operations Technology and Innovation Management and Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Kenan Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jerry D. Thompson; Doctor of arts in history; Regents Professor of History, Texas A&M International University, Laredo, Texas; specialist on American Southerwest.
Sheridan Titman; MS 1978, Ph.D. 1981; Walter W. McAllister Centennial Professor of Finance at McCombs School of Business at University of Texas at Austin; President of the Western Finance Association.
Rohit K. Trivedi; MS 1964, Ph.d. 1966; Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Iowa State University.

Brian Uzzi; MS 1989; Richard L. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Andrew Whinston; MS 1960, Ph.D. 19622; Hugh Roy Cullen Centennial Professor in Business Administration at McCombs School of Business at University of Texas at Austin.
Russell S. Winer; MSIA 1975, Ph.D. 1977; William Joyce Profesor of Marketing and Chair of Marketing Department at Stern School of Business, New York University.

Jinhong Xie; MS Ph.D 1991; J.C. Penny Professor of Marketing, Warrington College of Business at University of Florida.

Stanley Zionts; BS MS Ph.D.; UB Distinguished Professor and Alumni Professor of Decision Support Systems at SUNY in Buffalo, New York.
Steven W. Zucker; BS 1969; David and Lucile Packard Professor of Computer SCience and Electrical Engineering at Yale University.
a list of 7 people
Hubert Aaronson; BS 1948, Ph.D. 1954, Professor; Materials Engineering in 1997.
Paul Allaire; MSIA 1966; Industrial, Manufacturing, & Operational Systems Engineering in 1996.
John Allison; Ph.D. 1982; Materials Engineering in 2011.
David H. Archer; BS 1948, Professor; Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering in 1989.

Stuart Card; MS 1970, Ph.D. 1978; Computer Science & Engineering in 2007.
Robert Charpie; BS 1948, MS 1949, Ph.D. 1950; Industrial, Manufacturing, & Operational Systems Engineering in 1975.
Rodney Clifton; MS 1961, Ph.D. 1964; Mechanical Engineering in 1989.
Bernard Cohen; Ph.D. 1950; Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering in 2003.
Bob Colwell; Ph.D.; Computer Science & Engineering in 2006.
Dale Critchlow; Ph.D. 1956; Electronics Engineering in 1991.

Robert Dennard; Ph.D. 1958; Electronics Engineering in 1984.
George Dieter; Ph.d 1958; Professor 1973-1977; Materials Engineering in 1993.
Frederick H. Dill; BS 1954, MS 1956, Ph.D. 1958; Electronics Engineering in 1990.
David Dzombak; BS 1980, MS 1981 Professor, Civil Engineering in 2008.

Rex A. Elder; BS 1940; Civil Engineering in 1978.

Christodoulos A. Floudas; PhD. 1986; Chemical Engineering in 2011.

Nicholas Garber; MS 1969, Ph.D. 1971; Civil Engineering in 2004.
Norman A. Gjostein; Ph.D. 1958; Materials Engineering in 1990.
Fred Glover; Ph.D. 1965; Computer Science & Engineering in 2002.
Shafrira Goldwasser; BS 1979; Computer Science & Engineering in 2005.
James Gosling; Ph.D. 1983; Computer Science & Engineering in 2004.
Nicholas J. Grant; BS 1938; Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering in 1980.

John Hirth; Ph.D. 1958, Materials Engineering 1974.

Barry C. Johnson; MS Ph.D. 1970; Electronics Engineering in 2000.
Anita K. Jones; Ph.D. 1973; Computer Science & Engineering in 1994.
Angel Jordan; MS 1959, PhD. 1959 Professor; Electronics Engineering in 1986.

David Kelley; BS 1973; Mechanical Engineering in 2000.
Edward J. Kramer; Ph.D. 1967; Materials Engineering in 1989.
H.T. Kung; Ph.D. 1973; Computer Science & Engineering in 1993.

Frederick F. Ling; MS 1951, Ph.D. 1954; Mechanical Engineering in 1977.
Richard J. Lipton; Ph.D. 1973; Computer Science & Engineering in 1999.

Robert McMaster BS 1936; Industrial, Manufacturing, & Operational Systems Engineering in 1970.
Christopher L. Magee; BS 1963, MS, Ph.D. 1966; Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering in 1997.
James D. Meindl; BS 1955, MS 1956, Ph.D. 1958; Electronics Engineering in 1978.

Shree Nayar; Ph.D. 1990; Computer Science & Engineering in 2008.
Allen Newell; Ph.D. 1957, Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 1982.

William G. Oldham; BS 1960, MS 1961, PhD. 1963; Electronics Engineering in 1986.
John Ousterhout; Ph.D. 1980; Computer Science & Engineering in 2001.

Norman F. Parker; 1948; Aerospace Engineering in 1976.
John H. Perepezko; Ph.D. 1973; Materials Engineering in 2004.
Alan Perlis; BS 1943, Professor; Computer Science & Engineering in 1977.

Robert A. Rapp; MS 1959, PhD. 1960; Materials Engineering in 1988.
George A. Roberts; BS 1939, MS 1941, Ph.D. 1942; Materials Engineering in 1978.

Maurice E. Shank; BS 1942; Aerospace Engineering in 1983.
Paul Shewmon; MS 1954, Ph.D. 1955; Materials Engineering in 1979.
William Strecker; BS, MS, Ph.D.; Computer Science & Engineering in 1987.

Harold A. Thomas; BS 1935; Civil Engineering in 1976.
David A. Thompson; BS 1962, MS 1963, Ph.D. 1966; Electronics Engineering in 1988.

John B. Wachtman; BS 1948, MS 1949; Materials Engineering in 1976.
Johannes Weertman; BS 1948, Ph.D. 1951; Material Engineering in 1976.
Julia R. Weertman; BS 1946, MS 1947, Ph.D. 1951; Materials Engineering in 1988.

Mao Yisheng; Ph.D. 1919; Civil Engineering, Materials Engineering in 1982.
a list of 3 people
Raoul Bott; Ph.D. 1949; Mathematics 1964.

Shafrira Goldwasser; BS 1979; Computer and information sciences 2004.

John L. Hall; BS 1956, MS 1958, Ph.D. 1961; physics.
John Hirth; Ph.D. 1958; Applied Physical Sciences 1994.

Leonard Lerman; BS 1945; Genetics 1986.

Frederick Mosteller; BS 1938, MS 1939; Mathematics 1974.

Allen Newell; Ph.D. 1957, Professor, Computer and Information Sciences 1972.

Frederick Rossini; BS 1925, MS 1936, DSc. hon. 1948; Chemistry 1951.

Clifford Shull; BS 1937, Physics 1975.

Oliver Williamson; Ph.D. 1963; Economic Sciences 1994.
a list of 6 people
Stacy G. Birmingham; BS MS Ph.D.; Dean for the Albert A. Hopeman Jr. School of Science and Engineering, Grove City College.

John P. Crecine; BS 1961, MS 1963, Ph.D. 1966; former Dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon and President of Georgia Institute of Technology 1987-1994.

Erroll Davis; BS 1965; Chancellor of the University System of Georgia 2006-present.

Peter A. Freeman; Ph.D. 1970; former Dean of College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology 1990-2002.

Stanley J. Garstka; MSIA 1968, Ph.D. 1970; Deputy Dean, Yale School of Management.
John Graham; Ph.D. 1983; former Dean of the Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate SChool and current Dean of the Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs.
Joshua D. Gutierrez; Ph.D. 1984; former President of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro and the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Guadalajara.

Suzanne J. Kessler' BS 1968; Dean of the School of Natural & Social Sciences, Purchase College, 2004-present.

Stephen Landowne; Ph.D.; Associate Dean for Academic Research, U.S. Military Academy.
Robert Lepper; art professor who developed the country's first industrial design degree program.

Michael C. McFarland; MS 1979, Ph.D. 1981; President of the College of the Holy Cross, former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Gonzaga University 1996-2000.
Steve Miller; Ph.D. 1983; Dean of School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University.
Joseph S.B. Mitchell; BS 1981, MS 1981; Professor, Applied Mathematics & Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

Jeanne Neff; Ph.D. 1976; President of the Sage Colleges.

William F. Pounds; BS 1950, MS 1959, Ph.D. 1964; Dean of MITO Sloan School of Management 1966-1980.
Suh Nam Pyo; Ph.D. 1964; President of KAIST, South Korea.

Mendu Rammohan Rao; MS 1968, Ph.D. 1969; Dean Emeritus of Indian School of Business, India.

Arthur C. Sanderson; MS 1970, Ph.D. 1972 Professor; Vice President of Research at Rennesslar Polytechnic Institute.
Allen L. Soyster; Ph.D. 1973; Dean of College of Engineering at Northeastern University.
Jon Strauss; Ph.D. 1964; Dean of Engineering at Whitacre College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, former President of Bainbridge Graduate Institute 2008-2009; Harvey Mudd College 1997-2006; Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1985-1994.

Richard L. Van Horn; Ph.D. 1976; former President of the University of Houston and University of Oklahoma.

Lan Xue; Ph.D.; Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University.
a list of 3 people
Gus Avrakotos; attended for 2 years; Directorate of Operations, CIA.

Niloafar Bakhtiar; MS; Senator and Federal Minister for Tourism in Pakistan.

Glenn Cannon; MPM 1988, City Pittsburgh.
Mary Ann Chiulli; MBA 1975, chief of systems support for UN.
Peter Corroon; BS; Mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah.

Sylvester Damianos; BS 1957; Fellow and National President of American Institute of Architects 1990.
Peter J. De Muth (BS 1914); US Congressman from Pennsylvania.
Roger Duffy; architect.

A.J. Eggenberger; 1961, Ph.D. 1967; chairman of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.
Charles L. Evans; MS, Ph.D. in economics; President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 2007-present.

Rich Fitzgerald; BSME 1981; President, Allegheny County Council, Pennsylvania January 2001-present.
Dan Friedman; graphic designer.

Larry Giammo; MBA 1992; mayor of Rockville, Maryland (2001-2007).
Dan Gilman; BA 2004; Member of the Pittsburgh City Council.

Peter Highnam; 2nd director of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity.

Anita J. Jones; Ph.D. 1973; Director of Defense Research and Engineering of the US Dept of Defense.

David M. Kelley; BS 1973; co-founder of IDEO.

Kao Wen Mao; Ph.D. 1970; minister of the Ministry of Education in China 1987-1993.
Keith B. McCutcheon; BS 1937; 4 star general and Assistant Commander of the Marino Corps in 1970.

Gela Nash-Taylor; BS 1973; co-founder of Juicy Couture fashions.

Dahlen Ritchey; 1932; architect for Three Rivers Stadium, Wean Hall, Doherty Hall, and the Alan I. W. Frank House.

Natalia Rudiak; MS 2006; Member of the Pittsburgh City Council.

Steven Song; architect and theoretician.

Dennis B. Sullivan; US Air Force General.

Yarone Zober; MPM 2000; Chief of Staff, Mayor's Office, Pittsburgh, PA September 2006-present; Deputy Mayor of Pittsburgh August to September 2006.
a list of 10 people
Bill Blenko; glassmaker.
Mel Bochner; 1962; pioneer of postniminal arts and conceptual art.
Mia Brownell; 1993, painter.

Richard Rappaport; 1966; painter.
a list of 12 people
Aditya Agarwal; BS, MS 2004; Vice Presidnet of Engineering at Dropbox, previously Director of Engineering at Facebook.

Allen Barnett; 1966; Principal Investigator of the DARPA funded Consortium for Very High Efficiency Solar Cells.
Joshua Bloch; Ph.D. 1990; Chief Java Architect of Google, author of the book, "Effective Java."
Nathaniel Borenstein; MS 1981, Ph.D. 1985; Chief Open Standards Strategist & Distinguished Engineer at IBM, co-creator of MIME for formating multimedia email.

Mark Canepa; BS 1976, MS 1977; Executive Vice President, Network Storage Products Group & then Data Management for Sun Microsystems.
Rick Cattell; Ph.D. 1978; former Distinguished Engineer & Chief Architect for Database Technology Group at Sun Microsystems, co-creator of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).
Bob Colwell; Ph.D.; Chief Architect of Intel Pentium Pro.

Robert Dennard; Ph.D. 1958; inventor of dynamic random access memory (DRAM)l awarded the IBM Fellow and proved the theories leading to Moore's Law.

Scott Fahlman; MS 1973, Ph.D. 1977; Creator of the Emoticon.
Edward H. Frank; Ph.D. 1985; Vice President R&D, Broadcom.

James J. Gillogly; Ph.D. 1978l cryptographer who was the first to publicly solve parts 1-3 of Kryptos.
James Gosling; MS 1983, Ph.D. 1983; Vice President & Fellow of Sun Microsystems, creator of Java programming language.
Anoop Gupta; Ph.D. 1986; Coporate Vice President of Microsoft.

Hsiao Wuen Hon; Ph.D. 1992; Managing Director of the Microsoft Research Asia.
Feng Hsiung Hsu; Ph.D. 1990; co-creator of the ChipTest while was the predecessor of Deep Thought which in turn evolved into Deep Blue at IBM.

Barry C. Johnson; MS, Ph.D. 1970, former SVP & CTO of Honeywell 2000-2002; VP & CTO of Semiconductor Product Sector, Motorola.

Phil Karn; MS 1979; engineer, his name is on at least 6 RFC's and is the inventor of the Karn's Algorithim.

Lalitesh Katragadda; MS 1996, Ph.D. 1998; Co-head of Google Bangalore R&D Center.
James H. Kindelberger; 1920; American pioneer of aviation, Chairman of North American Aviation 1948-1960.
Vittal Kini; MS 1975, Ph.D. 1981; Director of Intel India Research Center.
Jay Kistler; Ph.D. 1993; Vice President of Engineering at Yahoo.
Robert J. Krieger; BS 1964, MS 1966, Ph.D. 1968; CTO of Boeing & President of Boeing Phantom Works.

Kai-Fu Lee; Ph.D 1988; Assistant Professor, former President of Google China.
Roy Levin; Ph.D. 1977; Distinguished Engineer & Director of Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.
Qi Lu; Ph.D. 1996; President of Online Services Division, Microsoft, former Executive Vice President at Yahoo!.

Mindi McDowell; MA 2001; author of the US Department of Homeland Security's computing tips (US-Cert).
James G. Mitchell; Ph.D. 1970; computer scientist, Vice President & Fellow of Sun Microsystems developer for WATFOR compiler.
Michael Montemerlo; BS, MS 1997; Ph.D. 2003; software lead for Stanley, won the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2005.

Harvey C. Nathanson; BS, MS, Ph.D.; inventor of the first MEMS device, former Chief Scientist at Northrop Grumman.
Bruce J. Nelson; Ph.D. 1981; inventor of the Remote procedure call for computer communication.

John Ousterhout; Ph.D. 1980; inventor of the Tel scripting language.

Drew D. Perkins; BS 1986; author of the Point to Point Protocol (PPP).

Mark Russinovich; BS, Ph.D. 1994; Windows expert & Technical Fellow of Microsoft.

Barb Samardzich; MS 1985; Vice President, Powertrain Operations, Ford Motor Company.
Mahadev Satyanarayanan; Ph.D. 1983; principal computer architect of Coda & Andrew File Systems (AFS).
Joshua Schachter; BS 1996; founder of
Jonathan I. Schwartz; transferred to Wesleyan University, CEO of Sun Microsystems.
Harry Shum; Ph.D. 1990; Corporate Vice President, Microsoft.
Pradeep Sindhu; Ph.D. 1982; cofounder and CTO of Juniper Networks.
Javier Soltero; BS 1997; former founder and CEO of Hyperic Inc. former CTO of SaaS of VMware, currently founder and CEO of Acompli Inc.

Shanghua Teng; Professor of Computer Science at Boston University & Winner of Godel Prize.

Keith M. Walker; MS 2010; one of three software engineers on first place DARPA Shredder Challenge 2011 team.
Richard Wallace; Ph.D. 1989; Chairman and co-founder of ALICE Artificial Intelligence Foundation, author of Artificial Intelligence Markup Language and Botmaster of the famous chat bot A.L.I.C.E.
U.A. Whitaker; 1929; founder of AMP Inc. and Whitaker Foundation.
Yishan Wong; BS 2001; chief executive officer of Reddit Inc.

Mao Yisheng; Ph.D. 1919; bridge engineering expert, first Ph.D..
a list of 4 people
Sujith Abraham; BS 1994; Group Vice President of Strategy & Sales Development Oracle Corporation-Asia Pacific Division.
Elizabeth Adkins; MA 1980, Director of Global Information Management at Ford Motor Company.
Paul Allaire; MBA 1966; former Xerox Director 1986-1990; CEO 1990-2000; Chairman 1991-2000.
Donna M. Auguste; Ph.D. 1983; founder and CEO of Freshwater Software Inc.

Donald L. Baeder; BS 1951; former Executive Vice President of Science and Technology at Occidental Petroleum.
Susan R. Bailey; BS 1983, Ph.D. 1988; Vice President of Global Network Operation Planning, AT&T.
Kushagra Bajaj;BS; Vice Chairman of the Bajaj Group.
Raymond T. Betler; 1979; President and CEO of Wabtec Corporation.
Keith G. Block; BS, MS; President and Vice Chairman of the and former Executive Vice President of North America Sales and Consulting at Oracle Corporation.
Theodore A. Burtis; BS 1943; former CEO and President of Sunoco 1978-1985.

Robert H. Campbell; MS 1961; Chairman of the Hershey Company, former President and CEO of Sunoco 1991-2000.
Robert Cochran (1992) President, CEO, and owner of #1 Cochran auto dealership in Monroeville, PA.
David A. Coulter; BS 1971, MSIA 1971; retired Vice Chairman of JP Morgan Chase (early 2000s).

Erroll Davis (1965) retired CEO and Chairman of the Alliant Energy, board member of BP, General Motors, and PPG Industries.
Jean Pierre Durant Des Aulnois; MSIA; Head of Operational Control, Capgemini.
Francisco D'Souza (MBA 1992) CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions.
Linda Dickerson; BS 1981; CEO of National Aviary.
Dina Dublon; MBA 1979; former EVP and CFO of JP Morgan Chase, board member of Microsoft, Accenture, PepsiCo, and Carnegie Mellon University.

William B. Ellis (BS 1962) retired CEO of Northeast Utlities 1983-1993.
Thomas J. Elzey; MS 1977; Senior Vice President, Treasurer, & CFO of Drexel University.
Marc Ewing; BS 1992; co-founder of Red Hat Inc.

Cyrus F. Freidheim Jr.; MSIA 1963; President & CEO of Sun Times Media Group 2006-2009.

John F. Graham; BS 1958; President of Graham Consulting Inc.
Scott Griffith; 1981; Chairman & CEO of Zipcar.
Victor Grijalva; BS; former Vice Chairman of Schlumberger 1999-2001.

Lewis Hay III; MSIA 1982; President & CEO of FPL Group.
Wilton A. Hawkins; BS 1948, Honorary Ph.D.; Founder of Chemplast Inc.

Kathryn J. Jackson; Ph.D. 1990; Vice President of the Westinghouse Electric Company.

Cormac Kinney; BS 1993; MSIA 1994; Software inventor and entrepreneur.
Alexander Knaster; BS 1980; billionaire private equity investor, founder and chairman of the Pamplona Capital Management.

Frank L. Lederman; BS 1971; MS 1971; Vice President of Alcoa.
Jim Levy; BS 1965; MSIA 1966; founding CEO of Activision (1979-1986).
William Santana Li; 1991; co-founder, chair and CEO of Carbon Motors Corporation.
Per Lofberg; MSIA 1973; President & CEO of Merck Capital Ventures.
Edward E. Lucente; former Chairman, CEO, QMS Minolta, former EVP of Nortel; former Corporate Vice President, IBM.

Vaibhav Maloo; BS 2009; Managing Director of Enso Group.
Harsh Manglik; MSIA 1976; Chairman and Managing Director of Accenture India.
Frank Marshall; BS; former director of Juniper Networks; former Vice President of Cisco (1992-1997).
Gerald C. Meyers; BS, MS: former Chairman of American Motors.
Sulajja Motwani; MSIA 1992; director of the Kinetic Motor Company.

Ted Nierenberg; BS 1944; founder of Dansk International Designs.

Michael J. Partsch; MSIA 1998; Kauffman FEllowship award winner, Founder & CEO of Accele Med Management.
Howard Pien; MBA 1981; former & CEO of Chiron Corporation, 2003-2006, President, Pharmaceuticals International Division of GlaxoSmithKline (mid 1990s-2003).

Kishore Ramaswamy; BS; futurist at Deutsche Bank.
George A. Roberts; BS 1939, MS 1941, Ph.D. 1942; former President & CEO of Teledyne.

Edgar A. Sack; BS 1951, MS 1952, Ph.D. 1954; former President & CEO of Zilog Inc.
H. Robert Sharbaugh; 1948; President & Chairman of Sunoco 1970-1978.
Robert G. Shimp; BS 1981; Vice President of the Global Technology Business Unit for Oracle Corporation.
Les Silverman; BS 1969, MSIA 1969, Ph.D. 1973; co-founder and director of McKinsey's Nonprofit Practice Group.
Luke Skurman; BS 2002, MS 2004; founder and CEO of Niche.
Raymond W. Smith; 1959; Chairman of Rothschild North America and Chairman of Arlington Capital Partners, former CEO of Verizon and Bell Atlantic.
Donald E. Stingel; 1941, former Director of Export-Import Bank of the United States.

David Tepper; MBA 1982; Founder & Chairman of Appaloosa Management.

Julius A. Vida; MS 1960, Ph.D. 1961; Lead director of Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.

Romesh Wadhwani; MS, Ph.D.; private equity investor & Chairman of Symphony Technology Group.
Charles Erwin Wilson; 1909; CEO of General Motors 1946-1953; President of General Motors 1941-1953.

Amit Zavery; MS; Vice President of product management in Oracle Server Technologies Division.
a list of 1 people
Alfred Blumstein; Professor, criminologist awarded in 2007.

Daniel S. Nagin; BS 1971, Ph.D. 1976, Professor, criminologist, awarded in 2014.

Frederick Rossini; BS 1925, MS 1926, DSc. (hon.) 1948, chemistry,

Raoul Bott; Ph.D 1949, mathematical, statistical, and computer sciences awarded in 1987.

George Pake; BS MS 1945, Physical Sciences, awarded in 1987.

Allen Newell; Ph.D. 1957; Professor, Mathematical, Statistical, and Computer Sciences awarded in 1992.

Frank L. Stulen (1943) numerical control of machine tools, awarded in 1985.

Robert Dennard; Ph.D. 1958; dynamic random access memory (DRAM), awarded in 1988.
a list of 1 people
Raoul Bott (Ph.D. 1949) Wolf Prize in Mathematics in 2000.
a list of 2 people
Shafi Goldwasser (BS 1979) cryptographer, awarded in 2012.

Alan Perlis (BS 1943) Faculty Member 1956-1971; compiler construction, 1966 First Turing Award Winner.

Allen Newell (Ph.D. 1957) Faculty Member 1961-1992; artificial intelligence, awarded in 1975.
a list of 2 people
Clifford Shull (BS 1937) 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Edward C. Prescott (Ph.D. 1967, Faculty member 1971-1980) 2005 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economics.

John L. Hall; BS 1956, MS 1957, Ph.D. 1971; 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Oliver E. Williamson; Ph.D. 1963, 2009 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences.

Dale Thomas Mortensen; Ph.D. 1967; 2010 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences.

Robert Lucas Jr. (Faculty Member 1963-1974) 1995 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences.

Merton H. Miller; (Faculty Member 1953-1961) 1990 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences.

Franco Modigliani; (Faculty Member 1952-1962) 1985 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences.

Herb Simon (Faculty member 1949-2001) 1978 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences.

Lars Peter Hansen (Faculty Member 1978-1981) 2013 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences.
a list of 1 people
Jim Golliday; track.

Annette Rogers; sprinter.

Tammy Williams; shortstop, won world championship with Team USA in 2010 and National Pro Fastpitch Championship with Chicago Bandits in 2011.

Jake Herbert; Olympian wrestler.

Vernard Eller; author and Christian pacifist.

Vergel L. Lattimore; Air National Guard Brigadier General.

Robert W. Parker; US Air Force Major General.

David C. Rohr; US Air Force Major General.

Crispin Sanchez; Ph.D. in education; advocate for education and athletics among Mexican Americans in South Texas.

David N. Senty; US Air Force General.
a list of 2 people
Audra Cohen; 2007 NCAA women's single champion (never graduated).

Grant Golden; tennis player.
Seymour Greenberg; tennis player.

Marty Riessen; tennis player.
a list of 1 people
Rocky Wirtz; Chicago Blackhawks Owner.

Paul Dana; former race car driver in the Indy Racing League.
a list of 1 people
Jim Benape: American golfer.

David Lipsky; golfer.

David Merkow; golfer.
a list of 23 people
Frank Aschenbrenner; football player.

Frank Baker; football player.
Sid Bennett; football player.
George Benson; football player.

Joe Collier; football coach

Bill DeCorrevont; football player for 4 NFL teams.

Pat Fitzgerald; 2 time All American player, current Northwestern Football Head Coach.

Matt O'Dwyer; football player.

Ted Phillips; Chicago Bears President and CEO.

Jim Trimble; football player.
a list of 1 people
Ronald Joseph; figure skater and long jumper.
a list of 17 people
The men and women interred at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma, San Mateo County, California.
a list of 5 people
The men and women are interred at Westminster Memorial Park in Westminster, Orange County, California.
a list of 4 people
Don Adams; former NBA and ABA player.

Jim Burns; former NBA and ABA Player.

Evan Eschmeyer; former basketball player.

Jake Fendley; former NBA player for the Fort Wayne Pistons.

Willie Jones; former NBA player.

Billy McKinney; former NBA player, current Director of the Scouting for the Milkwaukee Bucks.
Max Morris; All American football and basketball player.

Joe Ruklick; former NBA player for the Philadelphia Warriors, gave Wilt Chamberlain the final assist in his 100 point game.

John Shurna; former basketball player.

Rick Sund; General Manager for Atlanta Hawks.
a list of 9 people
a list of 28 people
Armida Alisjahbana; MA 1987; State Minister of National Development Planning/Head of National Development Planning Agency, Republic of Indonesia.

Jody Baar Topinka; former State Treasurer of Illinois; Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, 2006.
Michael Bakalis; BA 1959, MA 1962, Ph.D. 1966; former Deputy Secretary of Education in the US Department of Education.
Matthew Bogusz; BA 2008; current Mayor of Des Plaines, Illinois.
William M. Bray; former Wisconsin State Senator.

John A. Cade; MBA 1954l former Maryland State Senator.
Cardiss Collins; former US Representative from Illinois.
Dan Cronin; Current Illinois State Senator.
Emery Crosby; Wisconsin State Assembly.

Dennis Daugaard; JD 1978; Current Governor of South Dakota and former Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota.
Karen DeCrow; BS 1959; former President of the National Organization for Women.

Eric Fingerhut; Ohio State Senator and 2004 Ohio Senate Nominee.

Warren A. Grady; Wisconsin State Assembly.
Corwin C. Guell; Wisconsin State Assembly.

Loy W. Henderson; BA 1915; former US Foreign Services Officer.
Earl Dewitt Hutto; former US Represenative from Florida.

Steve Kagen; US Representative from Wisconsin.
Scott L. Klug; MSJ 1976; former US Representative from Wisconsin.

Dan Lipinski; BS 1988; US Representative from Illinois.
Steve Litzow; BA; Washington State Senator from Mercer Island.
Frank Orren Lowden; former Illinois Governor.

Edwin M. Martin; former US Foreign Services Officer.
Carroll Metzner; Wisconsin State Assembly.
Catherine Waugh McCulloch; suffragist.
John McEwen; Wisconsin State Assembly.
Eduardo Mondlane; Revolutionary leader of Mozambique.
Lorraine H. Morton; former Mayor of Evanston, Illinois (1993-2009).

Dawn Clark Netsch; BA 1948; politician.
John J. Nimrod; Illinois politician.

Phyllis Oakley; BA 1956; former Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, the State Department.
George M. O'Brien; BA 1939; former US Representative from Illinois.
Terry O'Neill; BA; President of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

John Edward Porter; BS and BA 1957; former US Representative from Illinois.

Gary Rader: Green Beret Army Reservist who burned his draft card in 1967.
J. Leonard Reinsch; former White House Press Secretary.
Ora R. Rice; Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Alec Ross; BA 1994; Senior Adviser on Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Amos Sawyer; former Liberia President.
Mike Synar; MA 1974; former US Representative from Oklahoma.

James R. Thompson; former Illinois Governor.

Barbara Ulichny; former Wisconsin State Senator.

Daniel Walker; former Illinois Governor.
Lois Weisberg; BS 1946; Commissioner, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.
Richard E. Wiley; BS 1955, JD; former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.
a list of 59 people
Jack Anderson; New York Times dance critic.

Ernst Bacon; composer
Mary Jo Bang; BA MA; 2007 National Book Critics Circle Award winner for poetry collection, "Elegy;" English professor at Washington University in St. Louis.
Chris Bliss; juggler
William Butler; BA 2005; Arcade Fire band member.

Mark Camphouse; composer and conductor.
Dan Chaon; author
Andrew Clements; author

Julia Davids; founding member and Artistic director of the Canadian Chamber Choir.
Cynthia Dobrinski; handbell composer and clinician.
Ivan Doig; BSJ, MSJ; novelist.

Shari Goldhagen; author.
James Green (BA 1996) author.

Amir Hamed; Uruguaya writer.
Myron Hunt; architect.

Payal Kapadia; MSJ 1999; author, winner of the 2013 Crossword Book Award for Children's Writing in India.
Brendan Kelly; member of the Lawrence Arms.
Ardis Krainik; BS 1951; former General Manager of Chicago Lyric Opera.

Karen A. Page; writer.

Tina Rosenberg; BA 1981, MSJ; Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist.
William M. Runyan; Christian songwriter who composed 'Great is Thy Faithfulness.'

Warren Spector; game designer.
Michael Sprinker; former literary theorist.

Trevanian; author.
Thomas Tyra; BA 1954; MA 1955; composer, music educator, bandmaster.

Kate Walbert; BA 1983; National Book Award nominated writer.
Margaret Walker; BA 1935; poet and author.

Claire Zulkey; author.
a list of 4 people
Pulickel Ajayan; professor of materials science and nanotechnology at Brown University.
David Applebaum; Israeli physician.

Archana Bhattacharyya; Indian physicist.
Robert A. Buethe; Surgeon General of the US Air Force.

Andy Carvin; founding editor and former coordinator of the Digital Divide Network.
George W. Crane; Ph.D., MD; psychologist, physician, author, newspaper columnist.

Segun Toyin Dawodu; MD, JD, MBA, LL.M., MS, Associate Professor of Pain Medicine at Albany Medical College.

Robert F. Furchogott; Ph.D. 1940; Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine in 1998.

Alston Scott Householder; BA 1925; mathematician.

Cheddi Jagan; dentist, Guyana president.

Marc Kirschner; BA 1966; founding chair of the Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School.
Kermit E. Krantz; BS 1945, MS 1947, MD 1948; professor, developed surgical techniques and invented expandable tampon.

Richard Lerner; past president of the Scripps Research Institute, co-inventor of HUMIRA>
Irene D. Long; Chief Medical Officer at Kennedy Space Center.
Boris Lushniak; Assistant Surgeon General of the US.

Charles Horace Mayo; doctor at the Mayo Clinic.

Richard Skrenta; creator of the first computer virus, Elk Cloner.

Sam Treiman; former theoretical physicist and physics professor at Princeton University.

Jacques Vallee; Ph.D. 1967; computer scientist, astronomer and UFO researcher.

Daniel Hale Williams; first to perform open heart surgery.
a list of 11 people
Simeon R. Acoba; JD 1969; Hawaii Supreme Court Justice.

Rachel E. Barkow; BA 1993; New York University Law School Professor.
Henry Moore Bates; LL.B. 1892; Dean of the University of Michigan Law School 1910-1939; and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
William Duane Benton; BA 1972; Federal Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.
Raoul Berger; JD 1935; former Charles Warren Senior Fellow in American Legal History at Harvard University Law School.
Dalveer Bhandari; LL.M. 1972; former Judge Supreme Court of India and is a judge at the International Court of Justice in Hague, Netherlands.
Brian Blanchard; Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.

G. Marcus Cole; JD 1993; Professor of Law, Helen L. Crocker Faculty Scholar and Associate Dean for Curriculum for Stanford Law School.

Cyrus E. Dietz; JD 1902; Illinois Supreme Court Justice.

Lyman Ray Patterson; former Pope F. Brock Professor of Professional Responsibility, University of Georgia School of Law.

Seymour Simon; BA 1935; former Illinois Supreme Court Justice.
Loren Smith; BA 1966, JD 1969; US Court of Federal Claims Federal Judge.

Richard Tallman; US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.
a list of 62 people
Amalie Benjamin: Boston Globe sports columnist.
Valerie Boyd: BS 1985; author and former Atlanta Journal Constitution Arts Editor.

Benedict Carey; MS 1985; New York Times Science Reporter.

Shirley E. Flynn; American historian.

Ira Glass; host of NPR's "This American Life." attended Northwestern but transferred to Brown and graduated there.
Joshua Green; MSJ; senior editor of "The Atlantic."

Stephen Hunter; Pulitzer Prize winning film critic for the Washington Post and novelist.

Laura Jacobs; BA 1978; contributing editor at Vanity Fair and New Criterion dance critic.
Clara Jeffery; editor in chief of Mother Jones magazine.
Maura Johnston (BS 1997) editor, critic.

Adam Rittenberg
Tina Rosenberg; BA 1981, MSJ;

Anatole Shub; Washington Post and New York Times journalist.
W.E. Pete Snelson;

Dina Temple-Raston; BA 1986;

Julia Wallace; BA 1978; editor for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
Jack Wardlaw; BS, MA; Louisian journalist, capital bureau chief in Baton Rouge of the New Orleans Times Piscayune.
David Weigel; Slate magazine political reporter.
Michael Wilson; Washington Post sports columnist.
a list of 10 people
Arthur E. Andersen (BBA 1917) founder of Arthur Andersen LLP.
James L. Allen (BS 1929) founder of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Edwin G. Booz (BS 1914) founder of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Sue Castorino (BS 1975) founder and president of The Speaking Specialists.
Nicholas Chabraja (BA 1964) Chairman and CEO of General Dynamics.
Bill Cook (BS 1953) founder and owner of the Cook Group.

Brian Engel (MBA 1975) former Public Affairs Executive and Marketing Strategist, Continental Resources.

D. Cameron Findlay (BA 1982) Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Medtronic Inc.

Christopher Galvin (BA 1973) former Chairman and CEO of Motorola.
Elbert Henry Gary (JD 1868) co-founder of the US Steel Corp.

Shalom Klein; founder of Jewish B2B Networking.

Sonita Lontoh (MBA 2006) Green Technology Expert and Women in Technology Leadership Advocate.

Blythe McGarvie; director of Accenture, Viacom, and Pepsi Bottling Group.
John Meriwether (BS 1969) founder of Long Term Capital Management.
William A. Osborn (BA 1969) Chairman and CEO of Northern Trust Corporation.

Christine Poon (BA 1973) Vice Chairman and Worldwide Chairman of the Medicines & Nutritionals at Johnson & Johnson.

Pat Ryan (BA 1959) founder and Executive Chairman of Aon Corporation.

Paul Sagan (BS 1981) President and CEO of Akamai Technologies.
Faiza Seth (BA 2000) CEO of Casa Forma Ltd.
Judith A. Sprieser (BA 1974; MBA 1977) former CFO and EVP of Sara Lee.
Lee Styslinger III (BA 1983) chairman and CEO of Altec Inc.
Cody Sweet (Ph.D. 1972) creator of Milton Bradley Body Language board game; perpetual scholarship recipient.

Robert Wayman (BS 1967) former CFO and EVP, Hewlett Packard.
a list of 104 people
Sir Peter Abeles 1991
Ross Adler 2007
Martin Albrecht 2002
Tofilau Eti Alesana Honorary 1994
Doug Anthony 2003
Sir Tristan Antico 1983
Don Argus 2010
John Armstrong 1977 Australian politician
Major General Peter Arnison 2001
Austin Asche 1991
Tom Ayers 1993

Jim Bacon 2005
General John Baker 1995
Sir James Balderstone 1992
William MacMahon Ball 1978
Admiral Chris Barrie
Tom Bathurst
Professor Peter Baume 2008
Admiral Alan Beaumont 1992
Dame Beryl Beaurepaire 1991
Franco Belgiorno Nettis 1997
Virginia Bell 2012
Dr. David Bennett 2008 Barrister
General Sir Phillip Bennett 1985
Professor Dame Valerie Beral 2010
Samuel Berkovic 2014
Morrish Besley 2002
Air Marshall Mark Binskin 2014
Sir Hermann Black 1986
Michael Black 1998 Judge
Professor Charles Blackburn 2006
Elizabeth Blackburn 2010
Francis Blanchard 1990 honorary
Dr. Neal Blewett 1995
David Block 1988
Kym Bonython 1987
Lionel Bowen 1991
Sir Nigel Bowen 1988
Professor Denise Bradley 2008
John Jefferson Bray 1979
Sir Gerard Brennan 1988
Jillian Broadbent
Edwin Brown 2001
Robert Hanbury Brown 1986
Dame Quentin Bryce 2003
Sir John Bunting 1982 diplomat
Antony Wilks Burgess 1998
Brian Burke (former AC)
Eva Burrows 1994
Sir Francis Burt 1988
Richard Butler 2003
Noel Butlin
Ed Byrne 2014 academic
Stella Bywaters 2005

Dr. Jean Calder 2005
Sir Bernard Callinan 1986
Ian Callinan 2003
Ashton Calvert 2003
Professor Enid Campbell 2005
Sir Walter Campbell 1989 Judge
Sir Roderick Carnegie 2003
Rev. Dr. Peter Carnley 2007
Sir John Carrick 2008 politician
Lady Maie Casey 1982
Cardinal Edward Cassidy 1990
John Phillip Chalmers 1991
Robert Champion de Crespigny 2002
Dr. Victor Chang 1986
Alex Chernov 2012
Professor Ian Chubb 2006
Cardinal Edward Clancy 1992
Sir Lindesay Clark 1975
Professor Manning Clark 1975
Professor Adrienne Clarke 2004
Lieutenant General John Coates 2006
Mike Codd 1991
H.C. Coombs (former AC)
Lieutenant General Sir Peter Cosgrove 2000; promoted to Australian Knighthood in 2014.
Warner Max Corden 2001
Professor Sir John Cornforth 1991
Suzanne Cory 1999
Peter Costello 2011
Richard Court 2003
Governor William Cox 1999
James Crawford 2013 jurist
Sir John Crawford 1978 economist
Justice Susan Crennan 2008
Major General Paul Cullen 1988
Charles Curran 2006
David Curtis 1992
Helen Cutler 1980

Douglas Daft 2005
Leonard Gordon Darling 2004
Marilyn Ann Darling 2009
Jack Davenport 1991
David David 1988
Glyn Davis 2002
Sir Daryl Dawson 1988
Paul De Jersey 2000
Professor David De Kretser 2006
Sir William Deane 1988
Professor Derek Denton 2005
Sir Peter Derham 2001
Professor Peter Doherty 1997
Reg Downing 1979
John Doyle 2002 Judge
Sir Edward Weary Dunlop 1987
Ross Dunning 2002

Sir John Eccles 1990
Sir Llew Edwards 1989
Koichiro Ejiri 1992 Honorary
Sister Mary Bernice Elphick 2006
Air Marshall David Evans (RAAF Officer) 1984
Professor Gareth Evans 2012 politician
Ted Evans 1999
Elizabeth Evatt 1995

John Fahey 2002
James Fairfax 2010
Timothy Fairfax 2014
Marc Feldmann
Frank Fenner MBE 1989
Charles Fenton 1982
William Ferris 2008
Michael Field 2003 politician
Tim Fischer 2005
Kaarene Fitzgerald 1999
Tony Fitzgerald 1991
Francis Stanislaus Flynn 1993
Leneen Forde 1993
Lindsay Fox 2008
Robert French 2010
Dame Phyllis Frost 1992
Air Marshall Ray Funnell 1989

Sir Harry Gibbs 1987
Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie 2011
Murray Gleeson 1992
Sir James Gobbo 1993
Charles Goode 2001
Jacqueline Goodnow 1992
Sir John Gorton 1988
General Peter Gration 1988
Professor Adele Chandler Green 2004
Sir Guy Green 1994 Judge
Lieutenant General John Grey 1995
Dame Margaret Guilfoyle 2005
William Gummow 1997
Sir William Gunn 1990

James Haire 2013
Sir Rupert Hamer 1992
Catherine Hamlin 1995
Ted Harris 1989 company director
Ralph Harry 1980
General Sir Frank Hassett 1975
Allan Hawke 2010
Alexandre Hay 1990 honorary
John A. Hay 2004
Bill Hayden 1989
Kenneth Hayne 2002
Peter Henderson 1985
Dr. Ken Henry 2007
Sir William Heseltine 1988
Dr. Basil Hetzel 1990
Dyson Heydon 2004
Sir Leo Hielscher 2004
Professor Dorothy Hill 1993
Robert Hill 2012 politician
David Hogarth 1983
Sir John Holland 1988
Janet Holmes A Court 2007
Robert Hope 1989
ACM Angus Houston 2008
Admiral Michael Hudson 1987
Lieutenant General David Hurley 2010

Sir Gordon Jackson awarded AC in 1976; awarded AK in 1983.
Margaret Jackson 2003
Robert Jackson 1986 United Nations Administrator
Marjorie Jackson Nelson 2001
Major General William James 1998
Major General Michael Jeffery 1996
Richard Johnson 2002
Bob Johnston 1986
Barry Jones (Australian politician)
Deirdre Jordan 1989

Professor Peter Karmel 1976
Michael Keating 1996
Bill Kelty 2008
Sir John Kerr 1975
Susan Kiefel 2011
Sir James Killen 2004
William John Kilpatrick 1981
Priscilla Kincaid Smith 1989
Len King 1987
Malcolm Alexander Kinnaird 2009
Michael Kirby 1991
Sir Richard Kirby 1985
James Kirk 1988
Sir Frank Kitto 1983
Sir John Knott 1981
Vice Admiral Ian Knox 1989
Dame Leonie Kramer 1993

John Langels 1996
John Laurie 2003
Phillip Law 1995
Vice Admiral David Leach 1984
Lieutenant General Peter Leahy 2007
Mark Leibler 2005
James Leslie 1993
Brian Loton 1989
Geoffrey Lucas 1982

Vice Admiral Ian MacDougall 1993
Ian MacFarlane (economist) 2004
John Murtagh Macrossan (Judge) 1993
Barry Maddern 1992
David Malcolm 1992
Professor Villis Marshall 2006
Chief Justice Wayne Martin 2012
Sir Anthony Mason 1988
Keith Mason 2003
Sir Brian Massy Greene 1989
James May 2001
Reverend Dr. Davis McCaughey 1987
Doug McClelland 1987
Malcolm McCusker 2012
Donald McDonald 2006
Richard McGarvie 1994
Sir Charles McGrath 1981
Michael McHugh 1989
Sir Malcolm McIntosh 1999
Sir Laurence McIntyre 1979
James McKay 1998
Bruce McKellar 2014
Justice Margaret McMurdo 2007
Sir James McNeill 1986
Leycester Meares 1985
Professor Harry Messel 2006
Dr. Ken Michael 2006
Howard Michell 1990
Jacques Miller 2003
Nancy Millis
Bernard Mills 1976
Akio Mimura 2012 honorary
Dame Roma Mitchell 1991
Sir John Moore 1986
Max Moore Wilton 2001
Terry Moran 2012
Hugh Morgan 2002
Professor Sir Peter Morris 2004
Rev. Dr. Gordon Moyes 2002
Justice James Muirhead 1991
Ken Myer 1976
Sidney Baillieu Meyer 1990
Minoru Murofushi 2003 honorary

Sir Eric Neal 1988
Bill Neilson 1978
Bernhard Neumann 1994
Air Marshall John Newham 1986
Maurice Newman 2002
John Niland 2001

Bernard O'Brien 1991
General Lawrence O'Donnell
Saburo Okita 1985 honorary
Sir Mark Oiiphant 1977
Margaret Olley 2006
James O'Sullivan 2001
Turgut Ozal 1991 honorary

Sir Geoffrey Palmer 1991 honorary
Sir Arvi Parbo 1993
Tae Joon Park 1991 honorary
Justice Kevin Parker 2008
Percy Partridge 1978
Andrew Peacock 1997
Jim Peacock 1994
Gary Pemberton 1999
Professor David Harbor Penington 1988
John Phillips 1998
Sir James Plimsoll 1978
George Polites 1984
Robert Porter 2001
Lady Primrose Potter 2003
Lawrie Powell 1990
Jeanne Pratt 2002
Richard Pratt (former AC/Australian businessman)
John B. Prescott 1996

John Ralph 2000
Sirr Shridath Ramphal 1982 honorary
Eric Reece 1975
Lloyd Rees 1985
Thomas Reeve 1994
Major General Sir William Refshauge 1980
Professor Gordon Reid 1986
Jack Renshaw 1979
Sir Rutherford Robertson 1980
Air Marshall Sir James Rowland 1987
Eric Rudd 1984
Graeme Ryan 1994

Carlo Salteri 2002
Elshiro Saito 1988 Honorary
Hiroshi Saito 1997 honorary
Graeme Samuel 2010
Gordon Samuels 1987
Lieutenant General John Sanderson 1994
Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce 2008
Sir Walter Scott 1979
Sir Nicholas Shehadie 1990
Alfred Moxon Simpson 1978
Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair 1992
Ralph Slatyer 1993
Professor Emeritus J.J.C. Smart 1990
Neil Andrew Smith 1994
Thomas Wheetman Smith 1990
Admiral Sir Victor Smith 1975
Victor Smorgan 2007
Lady Marigold Southey 2006
Keith Steel 1981
Vice Admiral Sir David Stevenson 1976
Kerry Stokes 2008
Shane Stone 2006
Sir Laurence Street 1989
Professor Hugh Stretton 2004
Grant Sutherland 1998

Lee Ku-Taek 2005 honorary
Sir Brian Talboys 1982 honorary
Sir Arthur Tange 1977
Noel Tanzer 1994
Hugh Taylor 2001
Professor Stuart Ross Taylor 2008 honorary
Sally Thomas 2014
Goh Chok Tong 2005 honorary
John Tonkin 1977
John Toohey 1988
Shoichiro Toyoda 1999 honorary
Arthur Dale Trendall 1976
Sir Donald Trescowthick 1991
Ken Tribe 1989

John Uhrig 2000
Peter Underwood 2009
John Utz 1989

Sir James Vernon 1980
Dr. Michael Vertigan 2004
Sir William Vines 1987
Nanette Waddy 1988
Nancy Wake 2004
Ron Walker (Australian Businessman) 2003
Stanley Wallis 2002
Robert Walsh 1982
Justice Marilyn Warren 2005
Dr. Robin Warren 2007
Sir Bruce Watson 2004
Penelope Wensley 2011
Frederick Wheeler 1979

Ray Whitrod 1993
Judith Whitworth 2001
John Paul Wild
Dr. Paul Wild 1986
Peter Wilenski 1994
Peter Wills 2001
Sir Ronald Wilson 1988
Sir Henry Winneke 1982
Justice John Winneke 2004
Professor Carl Wood 1995
Alan Woods (Public Servant) 1989
Sir Edward Woodward (Judge) 2001
Hal Wootten 1990

Geoffrey Yeend 1986
John Young (jurist) 1989

Sir David Zeidler 1990
Professor Rolf Zinkernagel 1999 honorary

Stripped/Returned/or Resigned
Brian Burke AC in 1988; stripped in 1995.
H.C. Nugget Coombs AC in 1975; resigned in 1976.
Richard Pratt AC in 1988; resigned in 2008.
a list of 175 people
Jack Absalom
Peter Adam (minister)
Roy Allen (footballer)
Mary Allitt
Stan Alves
John Anderson (sailor)
Michael Anderson (swimmer)
Phil Anderson (cyclist)
Michelle Andrews
Troy Andrews
Alyson Annan
Giovanni Antonaglia
Peter Antonie
John Armitage
Jenny Armstrong
David Ashton (botanist)
David Atkins
Monica Attard
Dorothy Aucterlonie Green
Kieran Ault Connell
Michael Auprince
Ben Austin

Angie Bainbridge
Greg Ball (cyclist)
Suzanne Balogh
Brian Bannon
Paul Barnett (swimmer)
Bronte Barratt
Tracy Barrell
Russell Bate
Weston Bate
Charles Batt
Ryley Batt
Alexander Clifford Beauglehole
Arthur Beetson
Tracy Belbin
Daniel Bell (Australian swimmer)(Forfeiture)
David Bell (field hockey)
Lex Bell
Wayne Bennett (rugby league)
Clive Berghofer
Kevin Berry
Frank Bethwaite
Kevin Betts
Anthony Biddle (paralympian)
Tessa Birnie
Stan Bisset
Peter Black (Australian politician)
Estelle Blackburn
Rod Blackmore
Fabian Blattman
Alan Blow
Sandy Blythe
Chris Bond (wheelchair rugby)
George Bornemissza
Jim Bosnjak
Bob Bottom
Sarah Bowen
David Boyd (artist)
William A. Bradfield
Joanne Bradshaw
Ray Braithwaite
Michael Brennan (field hockey)
Peter Brooks (cyclist)
Tom Brooks
Travis Brooks
Bill Brown (cricketer)
Graeme Brown
Joyce Brown (netballer)
James Howard Browne
Helena Brunner
Sharon Buchanan
Kingsley Bugarin
Brendan Burkett
Damien Burroughs
Les Bursill
Allan Butler
Dean Butler (field hockey)

Cate Campbell
Melissa Carlton
John Carmichael (composer)
Cameron Carr (wheelchair rugby)
Sara Carrigan
Norman Chaffer
Clem Christesen
Danny Clark (cyclist)
Anthony Clarke (judoka)
Martin Clemens
Paul Clohessy
Flo Cluff
Blake Cochrane
Neville Coleman
Andrew Cooper
Harry Cooper (veterinarian)
Priya Cooper
Linda Corbould
Frank Costa
Stan Coster
Paul Couvret
Matthew Cowdrey
Benjamin Cox
Lionel Cox
Mick Cronin (rugby league)
Paul Cross (swimmer)
Tracey Cross
Carl Crossin
Anne Currie

Kim Dalton
Donald Dann
Gemma Dashwood
Liz Davenport
Nick Dean (paralympic administrator)
Frank DeStefano (forfeiture)
Liam De Young
Michael Diamond (sport shooter)
David Dicks
Gatjil Djerrkura
Peter Doak
Patrick Donachie
Brendan Dowler
Gerard Dowling
Katherine Downie
Ken Duncan
Dick Dunn (rugby league)
Clare Dunne
Phillip Dutton
Edward Duyker

Nathan Eglington
Troy Elder
Maddison Elliott
Pauline English
Ray Epstein
Nazim Erdem
Nicholas Euclid
Andrew Evans (Pastor)
David Evans (athlete)
Robert Evans (astronomer)
Justin Eveson
Stuart Ewin

Simon Fairweather
Janelle Falzon
Karl Feifar
Pinchus Feldman
Rebecca Feldman
Ron Finneran
Col Fisher
John Fitzgerald (tennis)
Daniel Fitzgibbon
Anton Flavel
Jenny Flood
Wally Foreman
Joann Formosa
David Foster (woodchopper)
Harold Freedman

Ron Grant (runner)

Allan Hahn
Benjamin Hall (athlete)
Brenden Hall
David Hall (tennis)
Greg Hammond
Robert Hammond
Jeff Hardy (swimmer)
Andrew Harrison (wheelchair rugby)
James Harrison (blood donor)
Darren Harry
Michael Hartnett (basketball)
Greg Hartung
Stephen Hawkins
Vin Heffernan
Jill Hellyer
Gerry Hewson

Cornelius Keogh
Adrian King
Betty Kitchener
Horrie Knight
Tristan Knowles
Srecko Kontelj
Libby Kosmala
Harry Krantz

Max Lake
Paul Lake (cyclist)
Terry Lamb
Tony Lamb
Brett Lancaster
Neale Lavis
Douglas Lawrence
Tyson Lawrence
Peter Leek
Jason Lees
Mark Le Flohic
Joyce Lester

Michelle Martin
John Mathwin
Mandy Maywood
Michael McCann (field hockey)
Ellen McCulloch
Bob McCullough
Bradley McGee
Arnold Robert McGill
Mel McInnes
Lisa McIntosh
Deahnne McIntyre
Mike McKay (rower)
Shirley McKerrow
Brian McNicholl
Scott McPhee
Roberta McRae
Cody Meakin
Daniel Mearns (honorary)
Grant Mizens
Kieran Modra
Tania Modra
Willie Phua (honorary)
Peter Montgomery (water polo)
Harry Moore (Australian politician)
Michael Morgan (rower)
Nick Morris (basketball)
Greg Mortimer
Steve Mortimer
Stephanie Morton
John Egan Moulton
Stephen Mowlam
Christopher Mullins
Tony Mundine (boxer)
Lerryn Mutton

Brad Ness
Ben Newton
Jack Newton
David Nicholas
Kevin Nichols
Lynette Nixon
Val Noone
Shaun Norris
Michael Norton
Rodney Nugent
Glynis Nunn

Robert Oatey
Wally O'Connell
Max Oldmeadow
Richard Oliver (paralympian)
Seweryn Ozdowski

George Paciullo
Kylie Palmer
Sarnya Parker
David Parkin
Tessa Parkinson
Siobhan Paton
Keith Payne
Brian Peake
Neville Perkins
Eric Philips
Ted Pickett
Simon Poidevin
Daniel Polson
Teresa Poole
Katrina Porter
Susan Powell (cyclist)
Ray Price (rugby)

Alison Quinn

Carl Rackermann
Sharon Rackham
Tony Rafty
Rale Rasic
Elise Rechichi
David Reid (politician)
Pauline Neura Reilly
Ingo Renner
Stephanie Rice
Wendy Richardson
Ian Roberts (painter)
Noel Robins
Clint Robinson
Danielle Roche
Bob Rogers (disc jockey)
Gillian Rolton
Mervyn Rose
Margaret Ross (paralympian)
Celia Rosser
Matthew Ryan (equestrian)
Sarah Ryan

Troy Sachs
Kim Santo
Anne Sargeant
Wendy Schaeffer
Joe Schipp
Jessicah Schipper
Richard Schodde
Allan Scott (businessman)
Bill Scott (author)
Christopher Scott (cyclist)
Ryan Scott (wheelchair rugby)
Allan Roy Sefton
David Shelby (basketball)
Rex Sellers (cricketer)
Vincent Serventy
Heather Shakespeare
Helen Sham-Ho
Kevin Sheehan
Nancy Shelley
Roger Shipton
David Short (cyclist)
Russell Short

David Simmons (Australian politician)
Tige Simmons
Stan Sismey
Peter Skrzynecki
Kate Slatter
Adrienne Smith
Donna Smith (athlete)
Greg Smith (paralympian)
Lindsay Smith (ornithologist)
Sandra Smith (cyclist)
Edward Smout
Max Solling
Charmaine Solomon
Don Spencer
Ross Stanford
Julian Stefani
Peter Sterling
Paul Stevenson
Kial Stewart
Brett Stibners
Tim Sullivan (athlete)

Alice Tait
John Tapp (commentator)
Dick Telford
Bradley Thomas (athlete)
Warren Thomson
Ian Thorpe
Darren Thrupp
John Tierney (Australian politician)
Stuart Tinney
James Tomkins (rower)
Geoff Trappett
Ken Trevallion
Donald Trounson
Michael Turtur

Gloster Udy
James Udy

Allan Viney
Anne Von Bertouch

Barry Wakelin
Richard Walley
Bruce Wallrodt
Charlie Walsh
Johnny Warren
Jessica Watson
Prue Watt
Alasdair Webster
Matthew Wells
Graham White
Tarnee White
Gus Williams (musician)
Jodi Willis-Roberts
Paul Wilson (criminologist)
Stephen Wilson (Athlete)
Vicki Wilson
Amy Winters
Christine Wolf
Chantal Wolfenden
Jack Wong-Sue
Dean Woods
Ted Wykes

Talal Yassine
Sandra Yaxley
Cliff Young (athlete)

Hayden Zammit
a list of 38 people
The men and women who were interred or cremated at the Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium in Putney Vale, London, England.
a list of 375 people
Robert Ackman
David Adams (dancer)
Anthony Adamson
Harry Adaskin
Murray Adaskin
Jack Agrios
Albert Aguayo
Moyra Allen
Jocelyne Alloucherie
Howard Alper
Richard Alway
Frederick Andermann
David Anderson (British Columbia politician)
Henry Angus
Istvan Anhalt
Louis Archambault
John Hall Archer
Richard Ares
John Archibald Armstrong
John Arnup
Harry Arthurs
Gail Asper
Izzy Asper
Martial Asselin
Marcel Aubut
Michael Audain
Jean Paul Audet
Margaret Avison
Lloyd Axworthy

Lorne Babiuk
Alfred Bailey
A. Charles Baillie
Harry Bain
David McCurdy Baird
Patricia Baird
Ronald James Baker
Ged Baldwin
Marc Baltzan
Robert Bandeen
Tommy Banks
Andre Barbeau
Victor Barbeau
Clarence Barber
Douglas Barber
Maurice Baril
Murray Barr
Dave Barrett
Matthew Barrett
James Bartleman
Douglas Bassett (media executive)
Maurice Baudoux
David Bauer (ice hockey)
Gregory Baum
Alex Baumann
Donald Baxter
Carlyle Smith Beals
Gerald Beaudoin
Charles Beaulieu
Alan Beddoe
Derek Bedson
John Alan Beesley
George Gray Bell
Henry Pybus Bell-Irving
Bernard Belleau
Maurice Bellemare
Francesco Bellini
Helen Belyea
Samuel Belzberg
Gordon Lockhart Bennett
W.A.C. Bennett
C. Fred Bentley
Peter Bentley (Businessman)
Roloff Beny
Andre Berard
Thomas R. Berger
Boris Berlin
Alan Bernstein
Carrie Best
Reginald Bibby
Wilfred Gordon Bigelow
Gary Birch (electrical engineer)
Bud Bird
Heather Bishop
Claude Bisson
Pierre Andre Bissonnette
Harry Black (Unicef)
Vincent Bladen
Clark Blaise
Allan Blakeney
Michael Bliss
Hans Blumenfeld
William R.C. Blundell
Stewart Blusson
William Brenton Boggs
Pierre Boivin
Roch Bolduc
Malvina Bolus
J. Richard Bond
Harry Botterell
Victor Bouchard
Lionel Boulet
Jocelyne Bourgon
Arthur Bourns
George Bowering
Robert A. Boyd
Leonard Boyle
John Bragg (businessman)
Robert Bringhurst
Robin Broadway
Edward Bronfman
Peter Bronfman
A.A. Bronson
Arnold Brown (General of The Salvation Army)
Audrey Alexandra Brown
Rosemary Brown (politician)
Judd Buchanan
Manuel Buchwald
Sidney Buckwold
Derek Burney
James Burns (businessman)
Sharon Butala
Esmond Unwin Butler
George Butterfield (businessman)
Lily Butters

Leo Cadieux
Frank Arthur Calder
John Callaghan
Donald Calne
Thomas Cameron
Dalton Camp
Iona Campagnolo
Alex Campbell (politician)
Douglas Lloyd Campbell
Moran Campbell
Pierre Camu
Sharon Capeling-Alakija
Douglas Cardinal
Alexander Carter
Arthur Carty
Donald J. Carty
A.J. Casson
Jean Gabriel Castel
Ranjit Chandra
Thomas Chang
John Leslie Charles
Fulgence Charpentier
Arthur Child
Julien Chouinard
Bruce Chown
Michel Chretien (scientist)
Raymond Chretien
Greg Clark (journalist)
Samuel Delbert Clark
Bobby Clarke
Larry Clarke
John Cleghorn
Leslie Cliff
Kathleen Coburn
William Arthur Cochrane
Marshall A. Cohen
George Cohon
Henry Collingwood
Charles Comfort
William Commanda
George Connell (biochemist)
Martin Connell
Margaret Conrad
George Ramsay Cook
William Harrison Cook
Parzival Copes
Ernest Cormier
Jean Pierre Cote
Gisele Cote Harper
Irwin Cotler
Douglas Coupland
Tom Courchene
Nellie Cournoyea
Jean Coutu (pharmacist)
Frank Manning Covert
John Hubert Craigie
David Crombie
John Crow
Richard Cruess
Richard Currie
Wilfred Curtis

Gustavo Da Roza
Dominic D'Alessandro
Maureen Kempston Darkes
Paul Davenport
Tirone E. David
Jean Davignon
Donald Deacon
Adolfo J. De Bold
Vianney Decarie
Michael DeGroote
L. Denis Desautels
Jean Paul Desbiens
Andre Desmarais
Robert Despres
Louis Deveau
Jack Diamond (architect)
Punch Dickins
Walter Dieter
Leon Dion
Gordon Dixon
David A. Dodge
David Dolphin
Paulina Donalda
Roland Dore
John Dossetor
Vibert Douglas
James Downey (academic)
Keith Downey (agricultural scientist)
Richard Doyle (politician)
Stephen M. Drance
Charles Drury
Charles Dubin
Alain Dubuc
Henry Duckworth
Louis Dudek

Fredrik Stefan Eaton
Ralph Edwards (Conservationist)
Jim Elder
Frank H. Ellis
Alfred John Ellis
Jake Epp
William Epstein
Georges Erasmus
Donald Ethell
Trevor Eyton

Joe Fafard
Barker Fairley
Gordon Fairweather
Sylvia Fedoruk
Anthony S. Fell
Ivan Fellegi
Kathleen Fenwick
Muriel McQueen Fergusson
Herve Filion
Gilbert Finn
James Fleck
Jacques Flynn
Robert Folinsbee
Phil Fontaine
Kenneth Forbes
Jean Forest
Claude Forget
D'Iberville Fortier
Yves Fortier (geologist)
Robert Fowler (diplomat)
Margot Franssen
Clarke Fraser
John Allen Fraser
Louise Frechette
Samuel O. Freedman
Laurence Freeman
David French (playwright)
Monique Frize
Davie Fulton

John Gallagher (geologist)
George R. Gardiner
Louis Garneau
Raymond Garneau
Jake Gaudaur
George E. Gauthier
Paule Gauthier
Richard Geren
Don Getty
Helen Glass
Bill Glassco
Constance Glube
Peter Godsoe
Alan B. Gold
Richard Goldbloom
Ruth Goldbloom
Carl Goldenberg
Klaus Goldschlag
Edwin A. Goodman
Betty Goodwin
Percival Gordon
Carl Goresky
Clarence Gosse
Howard Graham (Canadian Army Officer)
Charles Granger
John MacLachlan Gray
Walt Grealis
Nancy Greene
Milton Fowler Gregg
Scott Griffin
Jean Grondin
Pierre Grondin
Phyllis Grosskurth
Harry Gunning
Raymond Gushue
Gordon Guyatt
Sandra Gwyn

Judith Goslin Hall
Sydney Halter
James Milton Ham
Jean Marc Hamel
Louis Edmond Hamelin
William McLean Hamilton
John Hamm
Stephen Hanessian
Arthur S. Hara
Jules Hardy
Douglas Harkness
John Russell Harper
Richard Harrington (photographer)
Cole Harris
Milton E. Harris
Richard Haskayne
Harry Hawthorn
Frank Hawthorne
Salter Hayden
Saul Hayes
Arden Haynes
Robert Haynes
Richard Hearn
Jacques Hebert (Canadian politician)
Roy Heenan
George Hees
Raymond Heimbecker
Lawrence Heisey
Maxim Hermaniuk
Alexander Hickman
Daniel G. Hill
Donald Hillman
William S. Hoar
Peter Hochachka
John Hodgetts
Stuart Milton Hodgson
Abby Hoffman
Paul F. Hoffman
Charles Hollenberg
C.S. Holling
John Wendell Holmes
Beland Honderich
John Hooper (sculptor)
Wilbert Hopper
John Alexander Hopps
Cleeve Horne
Myer Horowitz
Norman Horrocks
Chaviva Hosek
Arthur Maxwell House
James Archibald Houston
William Lloyd Hoyt
Monica Hughes
John Peters Humphreys
George Hungerford
Helen Hunley
Linda Hutcheon

Thomas Ide
Keith Usherwood Ingold
Norman Inkster
Arthur Irving
James K. Irving
Bill Irwin (priest)
Elmer Iseler
Werner Israel

Wilbur Jackett
Harry Jackman
Roger Jackson
Niels Jannasch
Pierre Jean Jeanniot
Harry Jerome
Prabhat Jha (epidemologist)
Harold E. Johns
Walter H. Johns
Donald J. Johnson
F. Ross Johnson
Frederick Johnson (politician)
George Johnson (Manitoba politician)
Don Johnston
Serge Joyal
Chantal Juillet

Sol Kanee
George Karpati
Malak Karsh
Leon Katz (physicist)
Wilbert Keon
Bruce Kidd
Michael J.L. Kirby
Lawrence Kirk
Watson Kirkconnell
Philippe Kirsch
Roy Kyooka
Ernest Klein (inventor)
Carl Klinck
Bartha Knoppers
Stanley Knowles
Murray Koffler
Leo Kolber
Henry Kreisel
Kresimir Krnjevic
Anton Kuerti
Anita Kunz

Arthur Labatt
Gilbert LaBine
Fernand LaBrie
Paul Lacoste (academic)
David Lam
Bernard Lamarre
William Kaye Lamb
Allen Lamber
Gilles Lamontagne
Otto Lang
Daniel Langlois
Fenwick Landsdowne
Andre Laplante
Hugues Lapointe
Maryse Lassonde
Allan Leal
William Lederman
Leonard Legault
Heinz Lehmann
William Leiss
Douglas LePan
Rita Letendre
Evelyn Lett
Walter Frederick Light
Daniel Ling
Victor Ling
Richard Lipsey
Dorothy Livesay
Kenneth Lochhead
Jonathan Lomas (researcher)
Leon Lortie
Louis Lortie
Frederick Lowy
Dorothy Ludwig
Arthur Lundrigan
Kevin G. Lynch
Sterling Lyon

Augustine A. MacDonald
H. Ian MacDonald
John B. MacDonald
John S. MacDonald
William Ross MacDonald
Grant MacEwan
Elsie MacGill
Grace MacInnis
Colin B. McKay
Donald MacKay (scientist)
Harold MacKay
J. Ross MacKay
Henry Poole MacKeen
Walter Mackenzie
Peter MacKinnon
Angus MacLean
Anne McLellan
David MacLennan
Kenneth McNaught
Alan MacNaughton
Jim MacNeill
Marnie McBean
Ernest McCulloch
Piers McDonald
Barbara McDougall
Pat McGeer
James McEwen (engineer)
Patrick McGrath (psychologist)
Alexander Gordon McKay
Darcy McKeough
Digby McLaren
Audrey McLaughlin
Earle McLaughlin
Stuart McLean
Katharine McLennan
James Chalmers McRuer
Peter McTaggart-Cowan
Ian McWhinney
Karen Magnussen
Gerald Maier
John Manion
Thomas Henry Manning
Leo Margolis
Seraphin Marion
Allan Markin
Paul Marmet
Jacob Masliyah
Yoshio Masui
Roger Matton
Arthur Mauro
Margaret Meagher
Jonathan Larmonth Meakins
Harry Medavoy
Roy Megarry
Pierre Michaud
Valentine Milvain
Henry Mintzberg
Douglas Mitchell
W. Thomas Molloy
Hartland Molson
Robert Moncel
Lorraine Monk
Alfred Monnin
Gilbert Monture
Robert Moody
Arthur B.B. Moore
Dora Davor Moore
Pierre Morency
Renee Morisset
Desmond Morton (historian)
W.L. Morton
Louis Muhlstock
Heather Munroe-Blum
Athol Murray
William Thornton Mustard

Arnold Naimark
Jean Jacques Nattiez
David Naylor
E.R. Ward Neale
Alex Neve
W.H. New
Ted Newall
Eric Newell
Leonard Nicholson
Robert Noble
Bruce Nodwell

David P. O'Brien
John O'Brien (Canadian Admiral)
Cornelia Oberlander
Frank O'Dea
Robert Ogle
Philip Oland
Victor De Bedia Oland
Michael Kelway Oliver
Paul O'Neill (author)
Toni Onley
Jessie Oonark
James Orbinski
Philip Orsino
Walter Stewart Owen
Kenneth Ozmon

Charles Pachter
William Anthony Paddon
Patrick Parfrey
Alice Parizeau
John Havelock Parker
Jon Kimura Parker
Timothy R. Parsons
Daniel N. Paul
Howard Pawley
Anthony Pawson
Landon Pearson
George Pedersen
Jack Pelech
Jean Pelletier
Mary Percy Jackson
David Peregrine
Vera Perlin
Isaac Phills
Lloyd Montgomery Pidgeon
Jean Pigott
Jean Guy Pilon
Martha Piper
Joseph Aurele Plourde
Jean Marie Poitras
Jack Poole
Carl Pollock
Sharon Pollock
Barry Posner (physician)
Arthur Edward Potts
D. Gregory Powell
Alfred Powis
Neville Poy
Andre Prevost (composer)
Robert Prevost
Raymond A. Price
Robert Prichard
Richard J. Puddephatt

Royden Rabinowitch
Nina Raginsky
John Erskine Read
Ernie Regehr
Simon Reisman
Grant Reuber
John Richard
Bill Ricker
Clay Riddell
Edouard Rinfret
John Risley
Cedric Ritchie
Rod Robbie
J.J. Michel Robert
Hedard Robichaud
Douglas Roche
Edward Samuel Rogers
Harold A. Rogers
Robert Gordon Rogers
Richard Rohmer
Roy Romanow
Allan Ronald
Malcolm Ross (Literary Critic)
Murray G. Ross
Phyllis Ross
Joseph Rotman
Harry Rowsell
Louise Roy (administrator)
Francois Rozet
Jaroslav Rudnyckj
Frederick Russell

Laura Sabia
David Sackett
Indira Samarasekera
Camille Sandorfy
Allen Sapp
John Savage (politician)
Felix Antoine Savard
Donald J. Savoie
Henry Saxe
Tito Scaiano
David Schindler
William G. Schneider
Seymour Schulich
Irving Schwartz
Ian Scott (Ontario politician)
Marianne Scott
Daryl Seaman
Philip Seeman
Alvin Segal
Gordon Walter Semenoff
James Sewid
Doris Shadbolt
Bernard Shapiro
J.R. Shaw
Walter Russell Shaw
Jennifer Shay
Leslie Shemilt
Joseph J. Shoctor
Gordon Shrum
Morris Shumiatcher
Robert Simmonds
Mary Simon
Adelaide Sinclair
Gordon Slemon
Arnold Smith
Arthur Ryan Smith
Muriel Smith
Wilfred I. Smith
Frank Sobey
Nahum Sonenberg
Raymond Souster
Raymond Speaker
Irene Spry
Charles Perry Stacey
Steven Staryk
Robert Steadward
Baldur R. Stefansson
Sam Steinberg
Ralph Steinhauer
Charles R. Stelck
Bette Stephenson
Carol Stephenson
William Stevenson (Judge)
Ian Stirling (biologist)
David Strangway
Barry Strayer
Marlene Streit
Guy Sylvestre
Stefan Sznuk

Elaine Tanner
Claude Taylor (Transportation executive)
Kenneth D. Taylor
Eric Teed
Wiliam Teron
Gordon Thiessen
Ronald Thom
Audrey Thomas
Richard M. Thomson
Raymond Thornsteinsson
Richard H. Tomlinson
Claude Tousignant
Peter Towe
Arthur Tremblay
Gilles Tremblay (composer)
Marilyn Trenholme Counsell
Bruce Trigger
Albert Trueman
Tsui Lap-Chee
Endel Tulving

Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte (awarded in the 1996 Queen's Honours List).(Resigned in 2010 to protest Henry Morgentaler's appointment to the Order).

William Ferdinand Alphonse Turgeon
Yuli Turovsky
W.T. Tutte

Irene Uchida
Robert Uffen
Frank Underhill

Sidney Van Den Bergh
Maury Van Vliet
Gerard Veilleux
Michel Vennat
Richard Verreau
Annette Verschuren
Andre Viger
Arthur Vineberg
Erich Vogt
George Volkoff
Bernard Voyer
Mladen Vranic

Juhn Atsushi Wada
Norman Wagner
Mark Wainberg
Peter Busby Waite
Carolyn Waldo
Jeff Wall
Jean Pierre Wallot
Harry Walsh
Phyllis Webb
W. Garfield Weston
Bill White (Canadian politician)
Bob White (trade unionist)
Martin Will
Lynn R. Williams
Percy Williams (sprinter)
Lynton Wilson
William Winegard
Gordon Arnaud Winter
Clarence Wiseman
Stephen Worobetz
James Worrall
Clifford Wright
Douglas Tyndall Wright

Leo Yaffe
Daniel Yanofsky

Eberhard Zeidler
George Zukerman
a list of 68 people
Men and women interred at Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 14 people
Madeleine Wing Adler (BA 1962) President of West Chester University.

Amy Allen (Ph.D. 1996) Parents Distinguished Research Professor in Humanities and Professor of Philosophy at Dartmouth College.

Elijah Anderson (Ph.D. 1976) William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Sociology at Yale University.

Clinton Bristow Jr. (BA 1971) former President of Alcorn State University.

Joyce Chaplin (BA 1982) James Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History, Harvard University.

Johnnetta B. Cole (MA 1959, Ph.D. 1967) President Emerita, Spelman College; President of Bennett College.

Margaret Cuninggim; Dean of Women at the University of Tennessee and at Vanderbilt University.

William C. Dudley (MA 1995, Ph.D. 1998) Provost and Professor of Philosophy at Williams College.

Lee Edelman (BA 1975) Fletcher Professor English Literature, Tufts University.

Kathryn Edin (Ph.D. 1991) Professor of Public Policy and Management at Harvard University.

Fred D. Fagg Jr. former President, University of Southern California.

Susan Fuhrman (BA 1965; MA 1966) President, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Avner Greif (MA 1988, Ph.D. 1989) Bowman Family Endowed Professor in Humanities & Sciences, Stanford University.

Herbert S. Hadley (LL.B.) Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis (1923-1927)l Governor of Missouri.

Geoffrey Galt Harpham (BA 1968) Director of the National Humanities Center.

Cynthia Herrup (BSJ 1972, Ph.D. 1982) Professor of History and Law at University of Southern California.

Rosanna Hertz (MA 1977, Ph.D. 1983) Luella LaMer Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, Wellesley College.

Michael J. Hopkins (BA 1979, Ph.D. 1984) Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University.

Frank E. Horton (Ph.D. 1968) Chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1980-1985; University of Oklahoma 1985-1988; and University of Toledo 1989-1998.

Jonathan D. Katz (Ph.D. 1996) Former head of the Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian & Gay Studies at Yale University.

Joann (Wheeler) Kealiinohomoku (MA 1965) Anthropologist and dance researcher.

Marc W. Kirschner (BA 1966) John Franklin Enders University Professor and Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard University.

Nirmalya Kumar (Ph.D. 1991) Professor of Marketing and Director of Aditya Birla India Centre at London Business School; included in Thinkers50.

Zachary Leader (BA) Professor of English, Roehampton University.

Michael Lounsbury (Ph.D. 1999) Professor of Strategic Management, organizations and sociology at University of Alberta.

Ed Morgan (BA 1976) Professor of International Law at the University of Toronto.

George Nemhauser (Ph.D. 1961) A. Russell Chandler III Chair and Institute Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology.

J. Dennis O'Connor (Ph.D. 1968) former Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh.

Scott E. Page (MS 1990, Ph.D. 1993) Leonid Hurwicz Collegiate Professor of Complex systems, political science, and economics, University of Michigan.

Charles M. Payne (Ph.D. 1976) Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor in the School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago.

Ralph Pearson (Ph.D. 1943) Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Benjamin Polak (MA 1986) William C. Brainard Professor of Economics, Yale University.

Jack Nusan Porter (Ph.D. 1971) sociologist; former Research Associate in Ukranian Studies, Harvard University; former Assistant Professor in Social Science, Boston University.

Mark Ratner (Ph.D. 1969) Lawrence B. Dumas Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University.

David Roediger (Ph.D. 1980) professor of history, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Norbert M. Samuelson; scholar of Jewish philosophy at Arizona State University and prolific writer and lecturer.

John B. Simpson (Ph.D. 1973) President, University of Buffalo, The State University of New York.

David J. Skorton (BA 1970, MD 1974) President, Cornell University.

Barbara Maria Stafford (BA 1964; MA 1966) William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor of Art History, University of Chicago.

Grover C. Stephens (BA 1948, MA 1949, Ph.D. 1952) Dean, School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine.

Roger Taylor (JD 1971) President Knox College.

Stephan Thernstrom (BA 1956) Winthrop Professor of History, Harvard University.

Glen L. Urban (Ph.D. 1966) Dean Emeritus of MIT Sloan School of Management.

John E. Worthen (BS 1954) President, Ball State University 1984-2000.
a list of 42 people
Peter Abeles
Charles Adermann
James Agnew
Keith Aickin
Carleton Allen
Ken Anderson (politician)
Robert Anderson (Australian General)
William Charles Angliss
Stanley Argyle
Will Ashton
Robert Askin
William Aston

Clive Baillieu (1st Baron of Baillieu)
Henry Baker (politician)
Richard Baker (Australian politician)
James Balderstone
Redmond Barry
Peter Barter
Edmund Barton
Henry Barwell
Garfield Barwick
Walter Bassett
Thomas Bavin
Philip Baxter
Noel Bayliss
Howard Beale (politician)
George Beeby
Brian Bell (businessman)
George John Bell
Phillip Bennett
Thomas Bent
Frank Berryman
Robert Best (politician)
Angus Bethune (politician)
Max Bingham
Charles Blackburn
Richard Blackburn
Robert Blackwood (chancellor)
James Blair (Australian Judge)
Arthur Blyth
Henry Bolte
John Langdon Bonython
John Lavington Bonython
James Boucaut
Nigel Bowen
John Bowser
Richard Boyer (broadcaster)
Leighton Bracegirdle
Edward Braddon
Henry Braddon
John Cox Bray
Gerard Brennan
William Bridges (General)
Norman Brookes
George Brookman
Michael Bruxner
John Bunting (diplomat)
Stanley Burbury
Frank Macfarlane Burnet
James Burns (shipowner)
Francis Burt
Richard Butler
Richard Layton Butler (Australian politician)
John Butters
Maurice Byers

Frank Callaway
Bernard Callinan
Donald Charles Cameron (politician)
Ewen Paul Cameron
Walter Campbell (judge)
Roderick Carnegie
John Carrick (Australian politician)
Joseph Carruthers
Richard Casey (Baron Casey)
Walter Cawthorn
Gordon Chalk
Fred Chaney Sr.
Austin Chapman
Harry Chauvel
Frederick Oliver Chilton
Raphael Cilento
John Clancy (Judge)
Harold Winthrop Clapp
Lindesay Clark
Hector Clayton
Ian Clunies Ross
John Cockburn (Australian Politician)
Arthur Cocks (politician)
George Coles (entrepreneur)
John Augustine Collins
John Colton (politician)
Joseph Cook
Thomas Coombe
Pope Alexander Cooper
Walter Cooper (politician)
Virgil Patrick Copas
Douglas Copland
Magnus Cormack
John Cornforth
Robert Cosgrove
Bob Cotton
John Cowan (South Australian politician)
Alfred Cowley
Charles Cowper
Norman Lethbridge Cowper
Owen Cox
John Gregory Crace
John Cramer (Australian politician)
John Crawford (economist)
William Rooke Creswell (neurophysiologist)
Walter Crocker
James Cruthers
William Portus Cullen
Leo Cussen
Charles Cutler
Roden Cutler

Thomas Daly (General)
Frederick Matthew Darley

James Ralph Darling
Edgeworth David
Charles Davidson (politician)
John Mark Davies
Daryl Dawson
Arthur Dean
William Deane
Hugh Denison
David Derham
Peter Derham
James Robert Dickson
Owen Dixon
William Dixson
John Stokell Dodds
Alick Downer
John Downer
Tom Drake Brockman
Talbot Duckmanton
Frank Gavan Duffy
James Duhig
Russell Dumas
Edward Dunlop
Albert Dunstan
Donald Dunstan (Governor)
John Dwyer (Australian judge)
Gilbert Dyett

Hughie Edwards
Llewellyn Edwards
Jack Egerton
Frederic Eggleston
Thomas Elder
Kevin Ellis (politician)
Thomas Ewing (Australian politician)

Arthur Fadden
David Fairbairn (politician)
George Fairbairn (politician)
Allen Fairhall
Neil Hamilton Fairley
Howard Florey
Geoffrey Foot
Edward Ford (physician)
John Forrest
Josiah Francis
Simon Fraser (Australian politician)
James Darcy Freeman
George Freeth
Leslie Froggatt
Wilfred Fullagar
Ben Fuller (producer)
George Fuller (Australian politician)
John Fuller (Australian politician)
Hudson Fysh
Philip Fysh

Victor Garland
Robert Garran
Guy Gaunt
John Gellibrand
Arthur George
Harry Gibbs
Frank Gibson (politician)
Robert Gibson (businessman)
Thomas William Glasgow
Archibald Glenn
James Gobbo
Philip Goldfinch
David Gordon (Australian politician)
John Gorton
Albert Gould
Guy Green (judge)
Richard Green (politician)
Augustus Charles Gregory
Samuel Griffith
Andrew Grimwade
John Grindrod
Littleton Groom
Roy Grounds
Henry Gullett

John Winthrop Hackett
Reginald Halse
Rupert Hamer
Keith Hancock
Mostyn Hanger
Colin Hannah
Hastings Harrington
Eric Harrison
James Harrison (Australian governor)
Laurence Hartnett
Paul Hasluck
Frank Hassett
David Hay (diplomat)
Edward Hayward
Ivor Hele
Thomas Henley
Denham Henty
Edmund Herring
Leslie Herron
William Heseltime
Lenox Hewitt
Randal Heymanson
Hans Heysen
Leo Hielscher
John Michael Higgins (metallurgist)
Thomas Hiley
Cecil Hincks
John Hoad
Talbot Hobbs
Edward Holden
Frederick Holder
John Holland (engineer)
Leslie Joseph Hooker
Samuel Hordern
Claude Hotchin
Neville Howse
William Hudson (engineer)
Davis Hughes
Thomas Hughes (Sydney Mayor)
Alan Hulme
Ross Hutchinson
Leonard Huxley

William Irvine (Australian politician)
Isaac Isaacs

Gordon Jackson (businessman)
Lawrence Jackson (Australian judge)
Robert Jackson (UN Administrator)
Kenneth Jacobs
Claude James
Walter James
Asher Joel
Elliott Johnson (politician)
Charles Lloyd Jones
Fletcher Jones
George Jones (RAAF Officer)
Henry Jones (entrepreneur)
Keith Jones (surgeon)
Frederick Richard Jordan
Percy Joske
George Julius

James Kennedy (Australian politician)
Wilfrid Kent Hughes
John Kerr (Governor General)
Sidney Kidman
James Killen
Charles Kingsland
Walter Kingsmill
Richard Kirby (Arbitrator)
Frank Kitto
H.M. Knight
Adrian Knox
William Knox (Queensland politician)
Wallace Kyle

Charles Latham
John Latham (Judge)
Condor Laucke
John Lavarack
Peter Lawler (public servant)
Harry Lawson
Ernest Augustus Lee Steere
Walter Lee (Australian politician)
Ernest Henry Lee Steere
James George Lee Steere
Henry Lefroy
William Leggatt
Elliott Lewis
John Lienhop
Albert Lind
Daryl Lindsay
Lionel Lindsay (artist)
Frank Little (Bishop)
Marcus Loane
Edward Lucas
Philip Lynch
William Lyne

Denzil MacArthur Onslow (Australian politician)
James MacBain
Peter MacCallum
Arthur MacDonald
Iven MacKay
Charles MacKellar
Bertram MacKennal
George Macleay
John Madden (judge)
Robert Madgwick
Herbert Maitland
Thomas Maltby
Walter Manifold
Frederick Mann
William Patrick Manning
Alan Mansfield
Charles Marr
David Martin (Governor)
Harold Brownlow Martin
David Orme Masson
Walter Massy-Greene
Louis Matheson
Baron Robert May of Oxford
Philip McBride
John McCall (politician)
John McCauley
Ken McCaw
James Whiteside McCay
James McCulloch
Emmet McDermott
John McDonald (Victorian politician)
Warren McDonald
Malcolm McEacharn
William McKell
Ross McLarty
John McLeay Sr.
William McMahon
Robert McMillan (Australian judge)
William McMillan
Alister McMullin
Neville McNamara
Alan McNicoll
Walter McNicoll
John McPhee (politician)
William Murray McPherson
Edward McTiernan
Leslie Melville
Douglas Menzies
Charles Merrett
Archie Michaelis
Denison Miller
James Mitchell (Australian politician)
William Henry Fancourt Mitchell
John Moore (Australian Judge)
Newton Moore
William Harrison Moore
Arthur Morgan (Queensland politician)
Kenneth Morris (politician)
Peter Morris (surgeon)
William Morrow (physician)
Leslie Morshead
Laurence Muir
Alister Murdoch
Keith Murdoch
Walter Murdoch
Brian Murray (Governor)
George John Robert Murray (Mayor)
Hubert Murray
Rupert Myers

Crawford Nalder
Mellis Napier
Eric Neal
John Newlands (Australian politician)
Douglas Nicholls
Frank Nicklin
John Nimmo (Judge)
Sidney Nolan
Bill Northam
John Northcott

Mark Oliphant
Hubert Opperman
Neil O'Sullivan
William Owen (Judge)

Earle Page
Shane Paltridge
George Pape
Arvi Parbo
Archibald Park
Stephen Henry Parker
Henry Parkes
Archdale Parkhill
James Patterson (Australian politician)
Alexander Peacock
George Pearce
Richard Peek (admiral)
William Pettingell
J.G. Phillips
Robert Philip
Roslyn Philp
John Pidgeon
Thomas Playford IV
Reg Pollard (General)
Ian Potter
Noel Power
Charles Powers
Grenfell Price

John Quick (politician)

Alan Ramsay
James Ramsay (Australian governor)
John Ramsay (surgeon)
Cornthwaite Rason
Charles Read (RAAF Officer)
Geoffrey Reed
William Refshauge
George Reid (Australian politician)
George Rich
Richard Watkins Richards
Ernest Riddle
Horace Robertson
Macpherson Robertson
Arthur Robinson (Australian politician)
Thomas B. Robinson
Percival Halse Rogers
Charles Rosenthal
Sydney Rowell
James Rowland (RAAF Officer)
Norman Rydge
Arthur Rylah
Granville Ryrie

Frederick Thomas Sargood
Stanley Savige
Frederick Scherger
Walter D. Scott
Keith Seaman
Francis Palmer Selleck
Frederick Shedden
Nicholas Shehadie
Rupert Shoobridge
George Bowen Simpson
Bruce Small
David Smith (public servant)
James Joynton Smith
Keith MacPherson Smith
Ross MacPherson Smith
Victor Smith
Billy Snedden
John Soundy
Robert Sparkes
Walter Baldwin Spencer
John Spicer (Australian politician)
Bill Spooner (politician)
Charles Spry
Hayden Starke
Ninian Stephen
Bertram Stevens (politician)
David Stevenson (admiral)
Frederick Stewart (Australian politician)
John Lancelot Stirling
Edward Albert Stone
Kenneth Street (jurist)
Laurence Street
Philip Whistler Street
Arthur Streeton
Bernard Sugarman
Reginald Swartz
George Adlington Syme
Josiah Symon

Arthur Tange
Alan Taylor (Judge)
Allen Taylor
Patrick Gordon Taylor
John Teasdale (wheat farmer)
Frederick Tout
Vernon Treatt
Donald Trescowthick
Arthur Trethowan
Winton Turnbull
George Turner (Australian politician)
Murray Tyrrell

Joseph Verco

Lawrence Wackett
Charles Wade
Samuel Walder
William Walkley
Gordon Wallace (Judge)
Cyril Walsh
Thomas Wardle
William Webb (Judge)
Henry Wells (General)
Alfred White (politician)
Brudenell White
Ernest White
Dudley Williams (Judge)
Edward Williams (Queensland Judge)
Richard Williams (RAAF Officer)
Eric Willis
Keith Wilson (politician)
Ronald Wilson
Victor Wilson
Victor Windeyer
Henry Winneke
Edward Wittenoom
Frank Woods (Archbishop of Melbourne)
Edward Woodward (Judge)
Eric Woodward
Reg Wright
Roy Wright (physiologist)
Harold Wyndham

Guildford Clyde Young
Harold Young
John Young (Jurist)
Walter James Young

William Zeal
David Zeidler
a list of 4 people
Garland Barwick
Frank MacFarlane Burnet

Peter Cosgrove

Roden Cutler

Gordon Jackson (businessman)

John Kerr (attorney general)

Ninian Stephen
Colin Syme

Roy Wright (physiologist)
a list of 7 people
Edith Anderson
Jacobena Angliss
Mary V. Austin

Zara Bate
Beryl Beaurepaire
Alice Berry
Helen Blaxland
Sister Philippa Brazill
Marie Breen
Mabel Brookes
Nancy Buttfield

Kate Isabel Campbell
Florence Cardell-Oliver
Rachel Cleland
Dame Mary Cook
Gertrude Cosgrove
Elizabeth Couchman
Mary Cramer

Mary Daly (Australian Writer)
Joyce Daws

Phyllis Frost

Monica Gallagher (community worker)
Margaret Guilfoyle

Joan Hammond
Mary Herring

Carol Kidu
Leonie Kramer

Patricia MacKinnon
Ella MacKnight
Jean Macnamara
Ida Mann
Annie McEwen
Roma Mitchell
Merlyn Myer

Ada Norris

Marjorie Parker

Annabelle Rankin
Audrey Reader
Raigh Roe

Hilda Stevenson

Dorothy Tangney

Eadith Walker
Ivy Wedgewood
a list of 3 people
Australian Dames Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire.
Mary Hughes
Enid Lyons
Flora Reid
Australian Dames of the Order of Australia
Quentin Bryce
Alexandra Hasluck
Enid Lyons

Quentin Bryce
a list of 172 people
Recipients of the Canadian highest honor; C.C. (Companion of the Order of Canada).

Those listed below are not here on this site.

John Black Aird
Pierrette Alarie
Jean Victor Allard
Doris Anderson
Edgar Archibald
Eric Arthur

Edwin Baker
Charles Band (Businessman)
Henry J.M. Barnett
John Bassett
Michel Bastarache
Thomas J. Bata
Laurent Beaudoin
Jean Beetz
Robert Edward Bell
Agnes Benidickson
Avie Bennett
Mario Bernardi
Claude Bertrand (neurosurgeon)
Florence Bird
Claude Bissell
S. Robert Blair
Jean Sutherland Boggs
Gerald Bouey
William Boyd (Pathologist)
Willard Boyle
John Ross Bradfield
Francois Philippe Brais
Bertram Brockhouse
E.L.M. Burns

Marcel Cadieux
Thane Campbell
Gerald Emmett Carter
John Robert Cartwright
Therese Casgrain
Clifford Chadderton
Lionel Chevrier
Floyd Chalmers
Joan Chalmers
Louise Charron
Brock Chisholm
Fernand Choquette
Bishop Howard Clark
Joe Clark
John Clyne
Reuben Cohen
Major James Coldwell
Harold Copp
James Corry (academic)
Peter Cory
Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter
Purdy Crawford
Donald Creighton
Buck Crump
E.M. Culliton
David Culver
Balfour Currie

Camille Dagenais
Roy Daniells
Pierre Dansereau
Paul David
George Forrester Davidson
Bill Davis
Robert Defries
Marie Deschamps
Jules Deschenes
John James Deutsch
Jack Diamond (Canadian Businessman)
Brian Dickson
Charles George Drake

Willard Estey
John Robert Evans

Ellen Fairclough
Marcel Faribault
Gerald Fauteux
Gerard Filion
George Bernard Flahiff
Ross Flemington
Robert Ford (Poet)
Claude Fortier
Yves Fortier (lawyer)
Ruth Frankel
Armand Frappier
Rowland Frazee
Martin Friedland
Henry Friesen
Leslie Frost
William Fyfe

George Alexander Gale
Walter Gage
Stuart Garson
Jacques Genest
Reva Gerstein
Roger Gaudry
William-Henry Gauvin
Arthur Gelber
Paul Antoine Giguere
Gustave Gingras
Roland Giroux
Phil Gold
Victor Goldbloom
Charles Gonthier
Nicholas Goldschmidt
Donald Gordon (Canadian businessman)
Walter L. Gordon
Joseph Gosnell
Duncan Archibald Graham
Alain Grandbois
A. Jean De Grandpre
Louis-Philippe De Grandpre
Herb Gray
James Lorne Gray
Roger Guindon

Ian Hacking
Emmett Matthew Hall
Francesca Halpenny
Kenneth Hare
Lawren Harris
Arnold Heeney
James M. Harrison
Gordon Henderson
Gerhard Herzberg
Henry Hicks (Nova Scotia politician)
Lotta Hitschmanova
Gerda Hnatyshyn
Helen Sawyer Hogg
Peter Hogg

George Ignatieff
Richard M. Ivey

A.Y. Jackson
Stephen A. Jarislowsky
Diamond Jenness
Albert Wesley Johnson
David Johnston
Wilfred Judson

Hugh Llewellyn Keenleyside
Roy Kellock
Mart Kenney
Thomas Worrall Kent
Larkin Kerwin
Walter Koerner
Arthur Kroeger

Gerard La Forest
Luc Lacourciere
Antonio Lamer
Roger Landry
Renaude Lapointe
Bora Laskin
Charles Philippe Leblond
Maurice LeClair
Gabrielle Leger
Jules Leger
Robert Legget
Mary LeMessurier
Jean Paul Lemieux
Raymond Lemieux
Georges-Henri Levesque
Bennett Lewis
Davis Lewis (politician)
Stephen Lewis
Claire L'Heureux-Dube
Arthur Lismer
Charles Holland Locke
Bernard Longergan
Arthur R.M. Lower

John MacAulay
Donald Stovel MacDonald
James Macdonnell (Canadian politician)
William McIntyre (judge)
Jack Mackenzie
Norman MacKenzie
William Archibald Mackintosh
Ernest MacMillan
H.R. MacMillan
Norman John MacMillan
John C. Major
Ernest Manning
Leo Marion
Paul Martin
Paul Joseph James Martin
Ronald Martland
Goldwyn Arthur Martin
Don Mazanowski
Harrison McCain
Margaret McCain
Wallace McCain
Jack McClelland (publisher)
Robert Baird McClure
Pauline Mills McGibbon
Gordon McGregor
Hector McKinnon
John B. McNair
John Meisel
Frank Robert Miller
Brenda Milner
H.R. Milner
Moses Morgan
Raymond Moriyama
Joe Morris (trade unionist)
Donald Walter Gordon Murray
James Fraser Mustard

Hilda Neatby
Nathaniel Nemetz
John Lang Nichol

Betty Oliphant
Gordon Osbaldeston
Bernard Ostry
Sylvia Ostry
Alphonse Ouimet
Leonard Outerbridge

P.K. Page
Jean Papineau-Couture
Jean Guy Paquet
Alphonse Marie Parent
Alfred Pellan
Laurent Picard
Jack Pickersgill
Jean Philippe Pigeon
John Polanyi
Adrien Pouliot
Christopher Pratt

Juda Hirsch Quartet

Ivan Rand
Louis Rasminsky
Louis-Marie Regis
Escott Reid
Kathleen M. Richardson
Charles Ritchie (diplomat)
Edgar Ritchie
Roland Ritchie
Jean Paul Riopelle
Norman Robertson
Robert Gordon Robertson
Rocke Robertson
Louis Robichaud
John Josiah Robinette
Dufferin Roblin
Charles Ronning
Ghislaine Roquet
Alfred Rouleau
Roger Rousseau

Guy Saint Pierre
Robert B. Salter
Lucien Saulnier
Maurice Sauve
Lily Schreyer
F.R. Scott
Ted Scott
Charles Scriver
Joseph Sedgwick
Robert Fletcher Shaw
Louis Siminovitch
Michael Smith (chemist)
Omond Solandt
Margaret Southern
Ron Southern
Wishart Spence
George Stanley
Jack Sures
Thomas Symons

Robert Taschereau
Charles Taylor (philosopher)
Paul Tellier
Harry Thode
Walter P. Thompson
Shirley Thomson
Paul Thorlakson
Graham Towers
Marcel Trudeau
John Turner
William Twaits

Louis Albert Vachon
Murray Vaughan
Marcel Vincent

Patrick Watson (producer)
Ronald Lampman Watts
L. Dana Wilgress
Healey Willan
John Tuzo Wilson
Michael Wilson (Canadian politician)
Harold Wright (athlete)

Max Yalden
a list of 31 people
Sir Harold Acton; major benefactor; donated the Villa La Pietra Campus to NYU.

Ruth Balser; Ph.D; Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives 1998-present.

Elmer Holmes Bobst; major benefactor; namesake of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.

Charles Butler; Council President; 1835.

Eugene Chien; GSAS Ph.D. 1973, Foreign Minister of Taiwan.

Roberto De Oliveira Campos; postgraduate study; Brazilian politician, legislator, and Brazilian ambassador to US and UK.

Richard Campagna; MA; Libertarian party VP candidate.

Bryan Chao; MA; Ambassador to Djibouti.

Sripati Chandrasekhar; GSAS Ph.D. 1944; Indian Minister of Health & Family Planning under Indira Gandhi.

Dae-Whan Chang; GSAS Ph.D. 1987, MA 1985; Prime Minister designate of South Korea.

Demos Chiang; Stern BS; Great grandson of Chiang Kai-Shek.

Clay Constantinou; Law LL.M. 1986, US Ambassador to Luxembourg.

Doris Ling Cohan; Law JD 1979, Judge, NY State Supreme Court.

Stavros Dimas; GSAS MA 1969, European Commissioner for the Environment.

William Henry Draper Jr; GSAS MA 1917, Under Secretary of War and the Army.

Juan Carlos Echeverry; GSAS Ph.D. 1996, Finance Minister of Colombia.

Robert Patrick John Finn; MA; US Ambassador to Afghanistan.

Albert Gallatin; NYU founder; Secretary of Treasury under Thomas Jefferson.

Guillermo Endara Galimany; postgraduate work law; President of Panama 1989-1994.

John William Gilbert; Secretary of State for Transportation; Secretary of State for Defense.

Camillo Gonsalves; BsC in Global Affairs; Permanent Representative of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations (2007-present).

Seth Harris; Law JD 1990; US Depart of Labor, Deputy Secretary of Labor 2009-present; US Department of Labor, Counselor to the Secretary, 1993-2000.

Muhammad Hassanein; GSAS MA 1966; Minister of Finance, Arab Republic of Egypt.

Heather M. Hodges; MA; US Ambassador to Moldova.

Teresa P. Hughes; MA: California State Senator.

Lazarus Joseph; Law 1912; NY State Senator (21st District 1934-1944, 24th district 1945) and Comptroller of NYC (1946-1954).

Martin Kimmel; major benefactor; namesake of the Kimmel Center for Student Life.

Samuel Levy: U. City of NY 1894 BS; Manhattan Borough President (1931-1937).

Morgan Lewis; one of the NYU founders; NY Governoer 1804-1807.

Ivan Lozowy; Law JD 1986; Founder of the Institute for Statehood and Democracy in Ukraine.

Ying Jeou Ma; Law LL.M. 1976; President of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Elvin McCary; NYU graduate; member of both houses of Alabama State Legislature and real estate businessman from Anniston, Alabama, died in 1981.

Anne Firth Murray; GSAS Economics; Founder, Global Fund for Women.

Romulus Neagu; GSAS MA; Member of the Romanian Parliament, Ambassador.

Gonzalo Parra Aranguren; Law LL.M. 1952; Judge for the International Court of Justice.

John F. Pierce; Stern; Governor of the Central Bank in Trinidad & Tobago.

Louis Romano; Ed.D.; Member of the NJ General Assembly.

Adam Shapiro; GSAS MA: Co-Founder of International Solidary Movement.

David Steinman; CAS BA 1962; Chairman of JINSA.

Park Yong Sung; Stern MBA; Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Queen Sylvia of Buganda; BA 1985; Queen consort of Buganda, the traditional kingdom in Uganda.

Samuel Pierce; Law LL.M. 1952;US Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Clifford Sobel; Stern BS 1972; US Ambassador to the Netherlands.

Ekwow Spio-Garbrah; Stern Graduate Studies; Minister of Communication, Ambassador to US of the Republic of Ghana.

Michael Steinhardt; major benefactor; namesake of the School of Culture, Education and Human Development.

Leonard N. Stern; major benefactor; namesake of the School of Business.

Christopher A. Thomas; GSAS MA International Relations; Chairman, Inter-American Economic Council.

Richard V. Thomas; NYU Masters of Laws; Member of the Wyoming Supreme Court, 1974-2001.

Samuel J. Tilden; Law 1838-1841, Honorary LL.D. 1867; NY Governor.

Preston Tisch; major benefactor; namesake of the School of the Arts.

Theodore Trautwein; Judge.

Rodney Vandergert; NYU Masters of Laws; Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Sri Lanka.

Artemio L. Vergel De Dios; NYU MS in Banking & Finance in 1940; Founder of the JCI Philippines & JCI Manila.

James Lopez Watson; BA 1947; Judge for the US Court of International Trade.

Ernst Joseph Walch; Law MCJ 1981; Minister of Foreign Affairs.

John White; Masters degree in Public Administration; Louisiana State Superintendent of Education since 2012.

Edwin D. Williamson; Law JD 1964; Director of the White House Office of Government Ethics.

Barbara Wright; MA nursing education; Member of the NJ General Assembly.

Benjamin H. Wu; BA 1985; Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce.

Mary Carlin Yates; MA Ph.D.; US Ambassador to Ghana.
a list of 11 people
Abraham Balk; 1947; foil and epee fencer, 5 NCAA gold medals, selected to the 1948 Olympics team.

Anjelina Belakovskaia; GSAS 2001 MA; US Women's Chess Champion 1995, 1996, & 1999.

Howard Cann; NYU basketball player 1914-1917, 1919-1920; coach 1923-1958.

Ben Carnevale; NYU basketball player 1934-1938; Navy basketball coach 1947-1967.

Rudy D'Amico; NBA basketball scout, former college & professional basketball coach.

Gary Gubner; world record holding shot-putter & Olympic weightlifter.

Edith Master; Olympic bronze medalist equestrian.

Irv Mondschein; Olympic decathlete and 3 time US champion, NCAA high jump champion, and All East Football player.

Samuel Jones; Olympic Gold Medalist high jump 1904.

Robert Shmalo; CAS; international ice dancing competitor.

Ed Smith; 1934; NFL Bston Redskins, Green Bay Packers 1936-1937, Model for Heisman Trophy.

Moe Spahn; American Basketball League (MVP).

Ken Strong; All American 1928; NFL Staten Island Stapletons, NY Giants 1929-1947; Pro Football Hall of Fame 1967.

Sidney Tannenbaum; 2 time All American basketball guard, left as NYU all time scorer; pro player.

John Woodruff;GSAS 1941 MA; Olympic gold medalist 800 m. 1936.
a list of 12 people
Michael Gartner; Law 1972 JD; 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing.

George Perle; GSAS 1956 Ph.D.; 1986 Pulitzer Prize for "Woodwind Quartet No.4."

James Ford Rhodes; CAS 1865; 1916 Pulitzer Prize for "The History of the Civil War."

Charles Simic; CAS 1966 BA; 1990 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry "The World Doesn't End."

Moneta Sleet Jr; Masters in journalism; 1969 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography of the grieving Coretta Scott King.

Irwin Unger; professor; 1965 Pulitzer Prize for History "The Greenback Era."

Donald Wallance; CAS 1930 BA; industrial designer.
a list of 45 people
Jacob M. Appel; GSAS 2000 MFA; Author of "Arborophilia," and "Creve Coeur."

Leonard Baskin; sculptor.

Stacey Bradford; MA Journalism; financial journalist, author, commentator.

Bliss Carman; visiting scholar, Canadian poet.

Countee Cullen; GSAS; author

Noon Meem Danish; former teaching staff, Urdu poet.

Crystal Eastman; Law 1907 LL.B.; a leader in the early 20th century feminist and civil liberties activism.

Tom Ford; TSOA; Design Director for Gucci.

Yuru Gitman; TSOA MFA:

Raymond P. Hammond; GAL 2000 MA; Editor in Chief of NY Quarterly.

William Lashner; Law JD; author.

Paola Lawton; CAS; journalist.

Davi Napoleon; TSOA 1989 Ph.D.; arts journalist and reviewer, author of "Chelsea on the Edge; The Adventures of the American Theater."

William Phillips; GSAS 1930 MA: co-founder of the Partisan Review.

James Amos Porter; GSAS MA; African American painter and art historian.

Charles Reznikoff; Law 1916 LL.B.; Objectivist poet.

Robert Sobel; CAS 1957, Ph.D.; business historian, author of "For Want of a Nail."

John Paul Thomas; GSAS 1954 MA; studied with William Baziotes.

James N. Wood; former director and President of the Art Institute of Chicago (1980-2004); December 2006; Named President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust.
a list of 6 people
Rudy Boschwitz; Stern MBA 1950, Law 1953, Senator.

Edward Irving Edwards; LL.B. Law; Senate 1923-1929, NJ Governor.

James Edward Murray; JD 1900; Senate 1934-1961.

James Aloysius O'Gorman; Law 1887 JD. Senator 1911-1917.

Arthur Walsh; Stern 1915; Senator.
a list of 8 people
Jerome Anthony Ambro: BA 1955.

William Bernard Barry Law LL.B. 1925; D-NY 1936-1946.

Charles Robin Britt Law LL.M 1976; D-NC 1983-1985.

Peter Angelo Caviccha LL.B. 1908; R-NJ 1931-1937.

Earl Thomas Coleman; Wagner 1963 MPA; D-MO 1976-1993.

Maurice Connolly LLB 1898; D-IA 1921.

Irvin Delmore Davidson BS 1927, LL.B. 1928.

Lawrence Joseph DeNardis MA 1960, Ph.D. 1989;

Isidore Dollinger BCS 1925; 1949-1959.

Fred J. Eckert; law postgraduate work; congressman, ambassador.

Francis Edwin Dorn; Wagner 1936; congressman.

Smith Ely LLB 1846; congressman.

Leonard Farbstein LL.B. 1924; congressman 1957-1971.

Hamilton Fish Jr. LL.B. 1957; Congressman 1969-1995.

Cornelius Edward Gallagher; law postgraduate 1948; Congressman 1959-1973.

Jacob A. Geissenhainer: LL.B. 1862; congressman.

Benjamin A. Gilman; LL.B. 1950; congressman 1983-2003.

Anthony Jerome Griffin; LL.B. 1892; congressman 1918-1935.

Frank Joseph Guarini; JD 1950, LL.M. 1955; congressman 1979-1993.

Cecil Landau Heffel: graduate work; congressman 1977-1986.

Stanley Nelson Lundine; Law 1964 LL.B.; congressman 1976-1987.

Mitchell Jenkins; LL.B. 1926. congressman.

Edward Aloysius Kenney; LL.B. 1908; congressman 1933-1938.

Eugene James Keogh; Stern BS; congressman 1937-1967.

Arthur George Klein; LL.B. 1926; congressman 1946-1956.

Jefferson Monroe Levy; LL.B. 1873; congressman 1911-1915.

John MacCrate; 1906 LL.B.; congressman.

Vito Marcantonio; LL.B.; congressman.

Raymond Joseph McGrath; MA 1968; congressman 1981-1993.

Allan Langdon McDermott; LL.B. 1877; congressman 1900-1907.

Thomas Joseph Meskill; LL.B. 1955; congressman, Connecticut governor.

Denis O'Leary LLB 1890; congressman.

Nathan David Perlman LL.B. 1907; Congressman 1920-1927.

Anning Smith Prall LL.B. 1908; Congressman 1923-1935.

Benjamin Rabin LL.B. 1917; congressman.

Leo Frederick Rayfiel LL.B. 1908; congressman.

B. Caroll Reece Law 1916 MA; Congressman 1921-1961.

Matthew John Rinaldo; Wagner 1979 MPA; Congressman 1979-1993.

Benjamin Stanley Rosenthal; Law 1952 LL.M.; congressman 1962-1983.

Isaac Siegel; Law 1901 LL.B.; congressman.

Daniel Edgar Sickles; Law 1846 LL.B.; congressman.

Andrew Lawrence Somers; coursework; congressman.

James Tallmadge Jr; first president of New York University; congressman 1817-1819

Ludwig Teller; Law 1935 LL.B.; congressman 1957-1961.

Herbert Tenzer; Law 1927 LL.B.; congressman.

Elijah Ward; Law 1943, LL.B.; congressman.

Leo C. Zeferetti; 1963 student; congressman.
a list of 29 people
Arthur Berger BA 1932; composer.

Greg Drudy; previous student, Interpol's first drummer.

Bernard Garfield BA 1948; bassoonist & composer.

Daniel Kessler GAL; Interpol's guitarist and backing vocalist.

Blake Schwarzenbach BA 1991; leader singer for bands, Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil.

William Oscar Smith BA 1942; Jazz double bassist; most notably on Coleman Hawkins' recording of "Body and Soul."

Eileen Southern; Steinhardt 1961 Ph.D.' first African American woman appointed full tenured professor at Harvard University.

Louise Talma BA 1927; composer.
a list of 16 people
The men and women who were cremated, interred or their ashes scattered at Mortlake Crematorium in Mortlake, London, England.
a list of 3 people
Julius Axelrod: MSc. 1941; 1970 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine.

Peter B. Berger MD 1983; cardiologist and Director of Clinical Research and Geisinger Clinic.

Frederick Cook MD 1890: explorer.

Fred Epstein WSC BA 1959; pediatric neurosurgeon.

William Alexander Hammond MD 1848; surgeon general, pioneer in neurology.

Maclyn McCarty 1940-1941 research fellow; demonstrated that DNA transmits genetic traits.

Walter Reed: discovered the mosquito transmission of yellow fever.

Albert Sabin MD 1931; developer of the oral vaccine for polio.

Arthur M. Sackler MD; founder of the Creedmore Institute of Psychobiological Studies.

Stephen Smith MD; founder of the American Public Health Association.
a list of 10 people
Tood Coolman: 1999 Grammy Award winner for Best Album Notes.
a list of 121 people
Annes Kim TSOA 1998 BFA

DJ SWB; BSA 2006.

Eulalie Spence BS 1937: Broadway
a list of 37 people
Kobi Alexander MBA 1980; founder and former CEO of Comverse Technology.

Charles Ranlett Flint BS 1968: Founder of IBM.

James M. Henderson: graduate studies, founder of Henderson Advertising Agency in Greenville, SC. Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of SC in 1970.

Arthur C. Martinez: BS 1960; former chairman and CEO of Sears.

Stewart G. Nagler: BS 1963; Vice Chairman, CFO and Director of MetLife.

Robert B. Cohen: BA 1947; founded Hudson News in 1987.

Jerome H. Coles BA 1935; namesake for NYU Sports Center.

Renato A. DiPentima MBA: president and chief executive SRA International Inc.

Robert J. Stevens MS 1985; Chairman, President, and CEO of Lockheed Martin.

Edward H. Bersoff: 1962-1968 BA, MA, Ph.D.; Chairman of Greenwich Associates.

Jake Burton Carpenter: BA 1977; designer of modern snowboard and founder of Burton Snowboards.

Shreshth Dugar BA 2011; Marketing director for

Israel Englander BS 1972; founder of Millennium Partners.

Randall W. Forsyth BS: editor in chief at

Kayalakakam M. George: MBA 1948; CEO of Palai Central Bank (1956-1960).

Harvey Golub BS 1961; Chairman of American Express (1994-2001).

H. Dale Hemmerdinger WSC 1967; President of Hemmerdinger Foundation.

Abby F. Kohnstramm: MBA, Senior VP, IBM.

Eugene Kleiner MA 1948; founder of Kleiner Perkins.

Jeffrey Koo BA 1962; China Trust Commercial Bank.

Cathy Minehan MBA 1977; President of Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, MA.

Alan Levin MBA 1976; CFO, Pfizer.

Monroe Milstein: MBA; CEO of Burlington Coat Factory.

Karl A. Minner BA 1993; President and CEo of Nexus Legal Cash.

Joseph Nacchio BS 1970: CEO Quest.

Roy Neuberger: coursework; Founder of Neuberger & Berman.

Dean R. O'Hare BS 1963; CEO of Chubb Corp.

Park Chong-sup MBA: CEO of Hyundai Electronics Industries.

Andrew J. Perlman MD, Ph.D.: executive VP of Tularik Inc.

Chris Policinski MBA 1982; CEO Land O Lakes.

Kenneth Quinn MBA; CEO Citibank Canada.

Marc Rich BA; billionaire, comodities trader.

Leonard Riggio MBA 1964; CEO and Owner of Barnes & Noble.

Jay Schulberg BA 1961; advertising executive at Ogilvy & Mather and Bozell Worldwide.

William T. Schwendler: BS 1924, CEO Grumman.

Walter Shipley BS 1956; Chairman & CEO; Chase Manhattan Bank.

Robert Soros BA 1986; Head of Soros fund management, son of George Soros.

Mark Spitznagel MS; investor, hedge fund manager.

Ernest Stempel JD; former CEO, AIG.

Leonard N. Stern BS 1959, MBA; namesake of NYU Stern's School of Business, CEO, the Hartz Group.

Sy Syms BA 1946; founder of Syms Clothing.

Henry Taub BS 1947; Taub Foundation.

Laurence Alan Tisch B.Sc.; American media mogul and billionaire; president and CEO of CBS.

Francesco Trapani MBA; CEO of Bulgari.

Martin D. Weiss BA; financial market analyst, founder of Weiss Research.

Sharef Masarwa; market analyst, founder of Masarwa Research Inc.

Hardik H. Modi MS (Computer Science) analyst, intiator of IAM Practice L&T Infotech LTD.

Reifeld Bernhard MA; resolver of the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

Denise Sung Lee BA; principal of Khronicle Partners Inc. Management Consulting.

Juan Pablo Cappello Law; entrepreneu and lawyer.
a list of 12 people
Julius Axelrod M.Sc. 1941; 1970 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Arthur Kornberg MD 1947; 1959 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

George E. Palade; postgraduate work at Robert Chambers Biology Lab; 1974 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Frederick Reines Ph.D. 1944; 1995 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Irwin Rose; postgraduate work under Severo Ochoa; 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Clifford Shull Ph.D. 1941; 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Rosalyn Yalow; 1977 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Robert Aumann; 2005 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

Baruk Benacceraf 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Economics.

Robert Engel 2003 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

Avram Hershko; 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Tjalling Koopmans; 1975 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Rudolph Marcus: 1992 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Robert Mulliken: 1966 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Gunnar Myrdal: 1974 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Thomas Sargent: 2011 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Rudolf Eucken: 1908 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Wassily Leontief: 1973 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Sciences.

Otto Loewi: 1936 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Edward Prescott: 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Martin Perl: BS 1948; 1995 Nobel Prize in Physics.
a list of 6 people
Sylvan Barnet BA 1948; Shakespearan scholar.

E. Lloyd Du Brul DDS 1937; author of Sicher and Du Brul's Oral Anatomy.

Avery Fisher BS 1929; inventor of the first stereo radio phonograph.

Corwia Hansch Ph.D.; inventor of the Hansch equation.

Tito Boeri Ph.D. 1990; Professor at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy and director of the Fondazione RDB.

Steve Holt Ph.D. 1966; Director of NASA Godard Space Flight Center.

Peter Lax BA 1947, Ph.D. 1949; 2005 Abel Prize Laureate; 1986 National Medal of Science Recipient.

Martin Hellman BA 1966; invented public key cryptography.

Marvin S. Houseman; MD; Chairman of CEO of Axonyx.

John Harvey Kellogg; MED 1875.

Barbara Keyfitz; Ph.D. 1970; Director of the Fields Institute.

Anne Kinney Ph.D. 1984; Director of Physics and Astronomy division at NASA.

David Korn Ph.D. 1969; creator of the Korn shell.

Cathleen Synge Morawetz Ph.D. 1951; National Academy of Science. 1998 National Medal of Science recipient (first woman honored).

Lee Morin M.Sc.,1978 MD, Ph.D. 1982; astronaut.

Louis Nirenberg Ph.D. 1949; National Academy of Science. 1995 National Medal of Science Recipient.

Frederick Reines Ph.D. 1944; 1995 Nobel Prize in Physics. 1985 National Medal of Science Recipient.

Clifford Shull Ph.D. 1941; 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics.

John Willborn Root BS 1969; inventor of the floating raft system.

Alfred Vail BA 1836; inventor.

Sylvia A. Law JD 1968; 1983 MacArthur Fellow; professor.

George Perle Ph.D. 1956; 1974 MacArthur Fellow, professor of music.

Charles Simic BA 1966; 1983 MacArthur Fellow.

Joseph B. Keller 1943-1948; BA, MA, Ph.D. 1988 National Medal of Science Recipient.

Albert Sabin MD 1931; 1988 National Medal of Science recipient.
a list of 6 people
John S. Allen (Ph.D. 1936) first President of the University of South Florida, interim president of the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Samuel Baskin (Ph.D. 1974) First president of the Union Institute and University of Cincinatti in Ohio.

Edward J. Bloustein (Ph.D. 1948) 17th President of Rutgers University and NYU Law professor.

Truesdel Peck Calkins; Founder and President of Hofstra University.

Frank A. Cipriani MA, Ph.D.) 5th president of SUNY Farmingdale.

Katharine Culbert Lyall MBA 1969; President of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

John Anderson Fry MBA 1986; President of Drexel University.

Michael J. Garanzini MA 1978; President of Loyla University in Chicago, Illinois.

Hugh M. Gloster Ph.D. 1943; 17th president of Morehouse College.

Marc Gustafson BA 2007; Founder of Reach the World and recipient of the Marshall Scholarship.

Gabriel Hawawini Ph.D 1977; Dean, INSEAD.

Morris Janowitz BA 1941; sociological theorist.

Richard Joel BA 1972, JD 1975; 4th and current president of Yeshiva University.

Kim Won-Young Ph.D. 1959; father of Korean archaeology, Professor at Seoul National University.

Nicanor Reyes Sr. BA 1917; founder and 1st President of the Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines.

James Ford Rhodes BA 1865; author of the "History of the Civil War" and Pulitzer Prize Winner in 1916.

Samuel Merrill Woodbridge BA 1838; Reformed Church clerygyman, Professor of Metaphysics and Philosophy of the Human Mind at Rutgers University (1857-1864); professor of Ecclesiastical History and Government at New Brunswick Theological Seminary 1857-1901; Taught didactic, polemic and pastoral theology. From 1883 until retirement, Dean of Seminary and President of Faculty.

Jan Zaprudnik Ph.D. 1969; US Belarussian community leader.
a list of 34 people
Sidney Altman; Chemistry Nobel Laureate 1989.

Tjalling Koopmans; Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1975.

George Palade; professor at Yale Medical School 1973-1990; Physiology or Medicine in 1974.

Edward Tatum: Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1958; Yale from 1945 to 1948.

Erwin Neher; Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1991; biogphysicist; postdoctoral fellow at Yale.

Gerard Debreu; Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1983.

Thomas A. Steitz; Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2009.

Sydney E. Ahlstrom; historian of religion in America.

James Rothman; Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 2013; Yale alumni;

Robert Schiller; Nobel Laureate in Economics in 2013.

Kanichi Asakawa (Ph.D. 1902) historian, first Japanese professor at an American university.

Cleanth Brooks; English professor, expert on Faulkner.

Dennis S. Charney; neurobiologist.

Kenneth L. Davis; president and CEo of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Arthur Louis Day; geophysicist, volcanologist.

Paul De Man; Sterling Professor of Humanities; French & Comparative Literature departments.

Isidore Dyen; comparative linguistics and Austronesian languages professor.

Donald Engelman; biophysicist and cancer researcher.

Anne Fadiman; author and Francis Writer in Residence at Yale.

Fred Rogers Fairchild; economist.

Irving Fisher; economist.

William Francis Gray Swann; Anglo American Physicist.

Bassam Frangieh; Arabic language and literature scholar.

Harold Hongju Koh; Dean of Yale Law School; assistant secretary of state for democracy; human rights and labor in the Clinton administration.

John Geanakoplos; economist, James Tobin Professor of Economics.

Josiah Willard Gibbs; American theoretical physicist, chemist, mathematician, first American Ph.D. in engineering.

Louise Gluck; Pulitzer prize winning poet.

Samuel C. Harvey; MD 1911; Assistant Professor of Surgery 1920-1921; Associate Professor and Acting Chairman of the Surgical Department 1921-1924; Chairman of the Department of Surgery and Chief Surgeon at Yale Hospital (1924-1947). Full Professor (1924-1950) Editor of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (1950-1953).

Orvan Hess MD; practitioner and researcher at Yale School of Medicine; best known for the fetal heart monitor.

Rene Edward De Russy Hoyle; US Army Major General.

G. Evelyn Hutchinson; zoologist; father of modern limnology.

Shizuo Kakutani; mathematician, Kakutani fixed point theorem.

Deen Kemsley; taught at Yale School of Management in 2004; teaches at AB Freeman School of Business.

Joseph LaPalombara; Arnold Wolfers Professor of Political Science and Management Emeritus.

Alvin Lustig; grahpic designer.

Bronislaw Malinowski; pioneer in ethnographic anthropology and a professor at Cornell, Yale, and Harvard.

Samuel Elmo Martin; linguist, developed Yale Romanization system for transliterating Korean.

John S. Meyer; physician.

Neal E. Miller; James Rowland Angell Professor of Psychology.

Elting. E. Morison; historian, essayist, military biographer, Professor History and American studies.

William Nordhaus (1963) economist.

Arthur Okun; economist.

Oystein Ore; mathematician.

Aldo Parisot; musician, cellist.

Peter C. Perdue; historian of Modern China.

Douglas W. Rae; political theorist.

Emir Rodriguez Monegal; Latin American contemporary literature professor, founder of Mundo Neuvo.

Juan Rosai; pathology professor and director of Anatomic pathology department between 1985 and 1991.

Philip Rubin; cognitive scientist.

Herbert Scarf; economist.

Oktay Sinanoglu; theoretical chemist and molecular biologist, youngest full professor at Yale.

James C. Scott; political scientist and anthropologist.

Joan Steitz; biochemist.

David Underdown; historian of 17th century England.

Jay Winter; Charles J. Stille Professor of History; World War I specialist.

Mary C. Wright; China historia; first woman to be appointed full professor in 1964.
a list of 42 people
Kathryn Finney MPH 2000, Today Show correspondent.

Michael P. Price MFA 1963
a list of 49 people
a list of 23 people
Johnny Bent; Olympic silver medalist for US Hockey Team in 1932.

Johnny Broaca; 1936 World Series champion.

Walter Camp: (BA 1880) father of American Football.

Earl G. Graves Jr. (BA 1984) NBA player, all time leading scorer in Yale Men's basketball history.

Robert A. Gardner (Class of 1912) two time US Golf Champion Amateur.

Howard Groskloss; oldest MLB player at 100 in 2006.

George Haas Jr.; polo player.

Chris Higgins

Calvin Hill (BA 1980)

Bill Hutchinson

Philip L.B. Iglehart

Levi Jackson: first African American to captain an Ivy league football team.

Nate Lawrie (BA 2004).

Glenn Layendecker (BA 1983)

David Mackler

Kate O'Neill (BA 2003) 2004 Summer Olympian.

Wendell Mottley (BA 1964)

Winthrop Palmer: Olympic Silver Medalist in 1932 Hockey.

Mike Richter (BA 2006)

John Rogan

George C. Sherman Jr.

Anne Warner (BA 1976) firsy Yale College femae undergraduate to win an Olympic medal (bronze in rowing).

Josh West: Olympic medalist in rowing.

Blair Yaworski
a list of 48 people
Carl Bialik (BA 2001) journalist, Wall Street Journal.

Wilbur Cross; author.

Brian D'Amato (BA 1984) novelist and sculptor.

Charles DeKay; linguist, poet, critic, fencer.

Randy Charles Epping (MA 1983) author.

Charles Finch (BA 2002) novelist, critic.

Amin Gulgee (BA 1987) metal sculptor & jewelry designe.r

Roland Hagenbuchle; scholar for American Studies and philosopher.

William Harland Hale (BA 1931) writer, journalist, editor.

Karl Kirschwey (BA 1979) poet.

Jonathan Levi; author, producer, musician, co-founder of Granta.

Jonathan Littell (BA 1989) writer, won the Prix Goncourt.

Nerissa Nields (BA 1989) of the Nields band.

ZZ Packer (BA 1994) author

Andrew Solomon (BA 1985) writer.

Erica Simone Turnipseed; a writer.

Marc Trujillo (MFA 1994) painter

Noah Webster (BA 1778; LLD 1823) lexicographer, author of the first dictionary of the American English language; founder of Amherst College.

Frederic Will (Ph.D. 1954) writer.
a list of 31 people
Graham Arader (BA Economics 1972) rare map & print dealer.

Theophilus Brown; painter.

Norman Carlberg; sculptor, director of the Rinehart School of Sculptor.

Brian D'Amato (BA 1984) novelist & sculptor.

Edward D. Dart (BA 1949) architect.

Rackstraw Downes (BFA 1963; MFA 1964) painter.

Paul Fontaine (BFA 1935) painter.

Ann Gale (MFA 1991) painter; professor at the University of Washington School of Art.

John Graham Jr.

Dan Friedman; graphic designer.

John Graham Jr. (BA 1931) architect; designer of the Space Needle in the Seattle, Washington.

Amin Gulgee (BA 1987) Pakistani metal sculptor, jewelry designer; son of famed artist, Gulgee.

William Harlan Hale (BA 1931) writer, journalist, editor.

Erwin Hauer; sculptor.

Barkley Hendricks (BFA 1970, MFA 1972) painter.

Sujata Keshavan (MFA 1987) graphic designer.

Jack Lembeck (MFA 1970) painter & sculptor.

Joshua Meyer (BA 1996) painter.

Hally Pancer (MFA 1998) photographer.

Joshua Prince Ramus (BA 1991) architect.

Leo Rubinfien (MFA 1976) photographer.

Michael T. Williams (MFA 1968) artist; first African American included in the H.W. Janson History of Art.

Carlos Zedillo Velasco (BA 2008) Architect, vice president of Infonavti Mexico.
a list of 3 people
Jonathan Edwards: pastor, theologian.

Asa Thurston (BA 1816) one of the first Christian missionaries to Hawaii.

Andrew Leete Stone (BA 1836) minister, author.

Hiram Bingham II (BA 1853) missionary to Hawaii & Gilbert Islands.

Thomas Frederick Davies Sr. (1853, 1893) 3rd bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan from 1889 to 1905.

Ashley Day Leavitt (BA 1900) minister of Harvard Congregational Church in Brookline, MA.

William Ragsdale Cannon (BD 1940; Ph.D. 1942) professor & dean of Candler School of Theology at Emory University, United Methodist Church Bishop.

Aaron Mackler (BA 1980) Rabbi in the Conservative movement.

James W. C. Pennington: African American orator, minister, abolitionist, first African American man to attended classes at Yale; he audited classes at Divinity School from 1834 to 1839.

Anson Phelps Stokes III (BA 1927) 11th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of MA.

Henry Boone Porter; liturgist, journalist, clergyman of the Episcopal Church, editor of the Living Church magazine.

John Leith (PH.D. 1949) Presbyterian author, theologian, professor.

Leroy Gilbert; Chaplain of the US Coast Guard.
a list of 18 people
Richard S. Aldrich (BA 1906) US RI congressman

Lawrence Coughlin PA Congressman

Nelson Antonio Denis (JD 1980) NY State assemblyman.

Charles S. Dewey IL Congressman 1941-1942.

Jerome F. Donovan (Law 1894) US NY Congressman (1918-1921).

George Hambrecht (LLB 1904) WI State Assembly 1909-1910, 1915.

Jonathan Kreiss Tomkins (BA 2012) Alaska Representative 2013-present.

Dwight Loomis (BA 1847) US CT Congressman 1859-1863.

Samuel Augustus Maverick (BA 1828) TX state senator; namesake for Maverick.

Edward Ralph May (BA 1838) sole delegate to the IN Constitutional Convention of 1850 to support African American suffrage.

Warren A. Morton (BS 1945) WY speaker of the house (1979-1980).

William S. Reyburn US PA Congressman 1911-1913.

Carlos Romero Barcelo (BA 1953) US PR congressman 1993-2000; PR governor 1977-1985.

Richard Swett (BA 1979) US NH Congressman 1991-1995.

Hugh Q. Parmer (BA) TX state legislature 1963-1965, 1983-1991; Fort Worth Mayor 1977-1979.

Albert Bel Fay (BS 1936) Houston, TX businessman, R party official.

Bradford Bishop

Jabez Brown (BA 1757) Federalist supporter, deputy gov of RI.

Susan Bysiewicz (BA 1983) Secretary of State for CT, 1999-2010.

John T. Downey; judge, former CIA flyer imprisoned in China 1952-1973.

Stephen Clark Foster first American mayor of Los Angeles, CA.

Robert Hathaway; ruler of Sark.

Clarence King (Ph.D. 1862) founder of US geological survey.

Arthur Mag; legal counsel to Truman.

Gifford Pinchot; founder of the US Forest Service.

Sean Trende (BA 1995) Senior Elections Analyst for Real Clear Politics, co-author of the Almanac of American Politics.

Kori Udovicki (Ph.D. in Economics) Governor of the Bank of Serbia 2003-2004; assistant secretary general of United Nations 2007-present.
a list of 29 people
The following list here are those not found on this site yet.

Alva B. Adams (BA 1896) D-Colorado 1923-1924, 1932-1941.

Abraham Baldwin (BA 1772) US Congress 1789-1799; Senator 1799-1807; author of the charter for U.Georgia and university president 1789-1801.

Roger Sherman Baldwin (BA 1811) CT Governor 1844-1846; CT US Senator 1847-1851.

John Beall (BA 1950) Maryland US Senator 1971-1976.

Stephen F. Bradley (BA 1775; MA 1778) US Senator Vermont 1801-1813.

John Chafee (BS 1947) RI Governor 1962-1969; Navy Secretary 1969-1972; US RI Senator 1976-1999;

John M. Clayton (BA 1815) Secretary of State in Taylor Cabinet; US DE Senator 1829-1856.

LeBaron Colt (BA 1868) US RI Senator 1913-1924.

David Daggett (BA 1783) US CT Senator 1813-1819.

David Davis (Law 1835) Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court by Lincoln (1862-1877) US IL Senator 1877-1883.

John Davis US MA Senator 1835-1841; 1845-1853.

Henry L. Dawes (BA 1839) US CT Senator 1875-1893.

Fred Dubois (BA 1872) US ID Senator 1891-1907.

William M. Evarts (BA 1837) Secretary of State under Hayes, US NY Senator 1885-1891.

James Hillhouse (BA 1773) US CT Senator 1796-1810.

James Jeffords (BA 1956) US VT Senator 1989-2007

William Samuel Johnson (BA 1744, MA 1747) US founding father, member of the Continental Congress 1785-1787; delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787; President of Columbia University 1787-1800; US CT Senator 1789-1791.

John Kean: US NJ Senator

John Lanman (BA 1788) US Senator.

R.J. Meigs Jr. (BA 1785) US OH Senator 1808-1810; 4th OH Governor 1810-1814; 8th US postmaster general 1814-1823; Meigs County is named in his honor.

Henry Mitchell (BA 1804) US Rep. NY 1833-1835.

Truman Newberry (MI Senator 1919-1922) Navy Secretary 1908-1909.

Francis Newlands (circa 1859) US NV Senator 1903-1917.

Robert Taft Jr. (BA 1939) US OH Congress 1963-1964; 1967-1970; US OH Senator 1971-1976.

Frederick Walcott (BA 1891) US CT Senator 1929-1935.

John Wales (BA 1801) US DE Senator 1849-1851; co-founder of Delaware College.

Malcolm Wallop (BA 1954) US WY Senator 1977-1995.
a list of 1 people
John Brown of Pittsfield (BA 1771) accuser of Benedict Arnold.

Henry B. Carrington (BA 1845) Union Army General during the Civil War.

Moses Cleveland (BA 1777) founder of Cleveland, Ohio.

Manasseh Cutler (BA 1765) co-author of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787; member of the Ohio Company of Associates. (first non-Native American settlement in Ohio). US MA Congressman 1801-1905.

A. Peter Dewey: first American killed in Vietnam War in 1945.

James Gadsden (BA 1806) namesake of the Gadsden Purchase from Mexico including Arizona & New Mexico.

Nathan Hale (BA 1773) America's first spy.

Jarvis Offutt (BA 1917) World War I aviator; namesake for the Offutt Air Force Base.

John Paterson (BA 1762) major general in the American Revolutionary War & NY Congressman.

John Francisco Richards (BA 1917) World War I aviator; namesake for Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base.

Decius Wadsworth (BA 1785) Colonel US Army War of 1812 & Chief of Ordinance 1815-1821.

James Wadsworth (BA 1787) founder of Geneseo, NY & pioneer & leader of Genesee Valley.

Nathan Whiting (BA 1743) colonel of CT Troops during the French & Indian war and nephew of University President Thomas Clap.
a list of 6 people
Andres Martinez (BA 1988) editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times.

Marvin Olasky (BA 1971) editor in chief of the WORLD publication.
a list of 8 people
Leonard Bacon (BA 1820) abolitionist

Cassius Marcellus Clay (BA 1832) abolitioniist.

Jeremiah Evarts (BA 1802) author, editor, activist, opponent of het Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Y.C. James Yen (BA 1918, honorary MA 1928) founder of the Chinese Mass Education Movement & Rural Reconstruction Movement.

Aditi Banerjee; attorney, writer and Hindu rights activist in the USA.
a list of 8 people
The following people listed below are not on this site yet.

Cecilia Altonaga (JD 1986) first Cuban American woman to be appointed a Federal Judge in the USA.

R. Lanier Anderson III (BA 1958) federal judge on the US Court of Appeals for 11th Circuit.

Richard S. Arnold (BA 1957) late 8th Circuit Court Judge, Little Rock federal courthouse named in his honor.

David Sherman Boardman (BA 1793) CT Judge & Congressman.

Jose A. Cabranes (JD 1965) US 2nd Circuit Court Appeal Judge.

Barrington Daniels Parker Jr. (BA 1965, JD 1969) US 2nd Circuit Court Appeal Judge.

Benjamin Darrow (JD circa 1890) NY District Attorney.

Daryl Dawson (LLM) Justice of the High Court of Australia.

Dwight Foster (BA 1848) MA Attorney General, Associate Justice on the MA Supreme Judicial Court.

James Kent (BA 1781) father of American equity jurisprudence. Chancellor of New York.

John W. Nields Jr. (BA 1964) former chief counsel to the House Select Committee investigating Iran Contra affair.
a list of 7 people
Roy L. Austin (US Ambassador to Trinidad & Tobago 2001-2009.

Hiram Bingham IV; US Vice Consul in Marseilles, France (1940-1941).

Donald Gips (MBA) US Ambassador to South Africa (2009-present).

Gordon Gray III (BA 1978) US Ambassador to Tunisia (2009-present).

Rashad Hussain (JD) US Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Howard Leach (BA) US Ambassador to France (2001-2005).

Robert D. McCallum Jr.; US Ambassador to Australia (2006-2009).

John O'Leary (BA 1969) US Ambassador to Chile.

Clark T. Randt Jr.; US Ambassador to China (2001-2009).

Robert P. De Vecchi (BA 1952, LHDH Honorary 2005) president emeritus of the International Rescue Committee.

Philip T. Reeker (BA 1986) US Ambassador to Macedonia (2008-present).

Ogden Reid; US Ambassador to Israel (1959-1961).

Charles Rivkin (BA 1984) US Ambassador to France & Monaco (2009-present).

R. Douglas Stuart Jr. (JD 1946) US Ambassador to Norway 1994-1999.

Richard Swett (BA 1979) US Ambassador to Denmark (1998-2001).

David Thorne (BA 1966) US Ambassador to Italy (2009-present).

Peter Tufo (JD) US Ambassador to Hungary (1997-2001).
a list of 14 people
James Jesus Angleton (BA 1941) Chief of CIA Counterintelligence Staff (1954-1974).

Les Aspin (BA 1960) Secretary of Defense, US Congress WI 1971-1993.

John Chafee (BA 1947) RI Gov. 1962-1969, Navy Secretary 1969-1972; US RI Senator 1976-1999.

John M. Clayton (BA 1815) Secretary of State under President Zachary Taylor; US DE Senator 1829-1836, 1845-1849, 1853-1856.

William M. Evarts (BA 1837) Secretary of State under President Rutherford B. Hayes; US NY Senator 1885-1891.

Olu Falae (Nigerian Finance Minister 1989-1991; Presidential Candidate 1999).

Robert S. Ingersoll (BA 1937) Deputy Secretary of State & Ambassador to Japan under Presidents Nixon & Ford.

William McChesney McMartin Jr. (BA 1926) 9th & longest running chairman of the US Federal Reserve.

Alphonso Taft (BA 1833 Law) Attorney General & Secretary of War under President Ulysses S. Grant.
a list of 18 people
The following of Yale Alums who are not on this site yet.

James Hopkins Adams (BA 1831) SC Gov. 1854-1856.

Roger Sherman Baldwin (BA 1811) CT Gov. 1844-1846.

John Chafee (BA 1947) RI Gov. 1962-1969.

Wilbur Cross (BA 1885, Ph.D. 1889) CT Gov. 1931-1939.

Jack Dalrymple (BA 1970) ND Gov. 2010-present.

John Davis MA Gov. 1834-1835; 1841-1843.

Henry Huntly Haight (BA 1844) CA Gov. 1867-1871.

William Livingston (BA 1741) first NJ Gov. 1776-1790, after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

R. Jonathan Meigs (BA 1785) 4th OH Gov. 1810-1814.

Marshall F. Moore 7th WA Gov.

Gifford Pinchot (BA 1889) PA Gov, 1923-1927, 1931-1935; first Chief of the US Forest Service (1905-1910), and founder & professor of the Yale School of Forestry.

Carlos Romero Barcelo (BA 1953) PR Gov. 1977-1985.

Israel Smith (BA 1781) VT Gov. 1807-1807, Congress, Senate.

Samuel J. Tilden (BA 1837; LLD 1875) NY Gov. 1875-1876.
a list of 6 people
Henry Baldwin (BA 1797) Supreme Court Justice 1830-1844.

David J. Brewer (BA 1856) Supreme Court Justice 1889-1910.

Henry B. Brown (BA 1856 & Law study) Supreme Court 1891-1906.

David Davis (Law 1835) Supreme Court 1862-1877.

Oliver Ellsworth (BA 1766) Supreme Court 1796-1800.

Sherman Minton (YLS one year degree 1917) Supreme Court 1949-1956.

George Shiras Jr. (BA 1853) Supreme Court 1892-1903.

William Strong (BA 1828; GRD 1831; briefly attended YLS) Supreme Court 1872-1880.

Morrison R. Waite (BA 1837) Chief Justice 1874-1888.

William B. Woods (BA 1845) Supreme Court 1881-1887.

Byron White (Law 1946) Supreme Court 1962-1993.
a list of 12 people
John C. Calhoun; BA 1804; 7th Vice President of the US for John Quincy Adams & Andrew Jackson; Senator; Congress Member; Secretary of State Under President Tyler.

Tansu Ciller (Postdoctoral fellow) Prime Minister of Turkey 1993-1996;

AbD Al-Karim Al-Iryani (Ph.D. 1968) Prime Minister of Yemen Republic (1980-1983, 1998-2001), Foreign Minister 1993-1998.

Salvador H. Laurel (LLM 1953; JSD 1960) Vice President of the Philipinnes 1986-1992.

Lee Hong-Koo (Ph.D. 1968) Prime Minister of South Korea 1994-1995.

Mario Monti (M.Sc. 1968) Prime Minister of Italy 2011-Present

Wendell Mottley (BA 1964) Olympic Medalist; Trinidad & Tobago minister.

Peter Mutharika (LLM 1966; JSD 1969) 5th Malawi President.

Jovito R. Salonga (JSD 1949) Philippines Senator 1965-1972; 1987-1992.
a list of 24 people
Frank Aarebrot; professor of comparative politics at University of Bergen.

A. Elizabeth Adams (Ph.D. 1926) professor of Zoology at Mount Holyoke College.

Diogenes Allen (B.D., Ph.D. 1964) philosopher, theologian, professor at Princeton Theological Seminary (1981-2002).

Richard Lee Armstrong (BSc. 1959 Ph.D. 1964 Geology) American/Canadian geochemist.

Walter A. Bell (MSc. 1911, Ph.D. 1920 geology) Canadian geologist & paleontologist.

Edward Bouchet (BA 1874, Ph.D. 1876, physics) first African American to graduate from Yale and the first to receive a Ph.D. at an American university.

Robert Brandom (BA 1972) philosopher at the University of Pittsburgh.

Katharine Jeanette Bush (Ph.D. 1901) zoologist, first woman to receive a Ph.D. in science from Yale.

Mark T. Carleton (BA 1957) Louisiana historian.

Steve Charnovitz (BA 1975, JD 1998) law professor at George Washington University.

Janet Coleman (BA, M.Phil, Ph.D) professor of Ancient & Medieval Political Thought at London School of Economics.

William Cornyn (AM 1942, Ph.D. 1944). professor of Slavic & South East Asian Linguistics.

Leo Damrosch (BA 1963) professor at Harvard University, 2005 National Book Award finalist for "Jean Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius."

David Bates Douglass, professor at the US Military Academy, President of Kenyon College, designer of Green-wood Cemetery, member of Lewis Cass expedition of 1820.

Jacques Ehrmann, literary theorist & French department professor from 1961 to 1972.

John C. Ewers (MA 1934) ethnologist & first director of the National Museum of American History

Douglas Hodgkin (BA) political scientist at Bates College, author.

Ebenezer Kingsbury Hunt (BA 1833) President of the Connecticut State Medical Society, director of the Retreat for the Insance.

David Kolb (M.Phil 1970, Ph.D. 1972) philosopher at Bates College.

Arthur Lander BA, developmental biologist at University of California at Irvine.

Robert Langlands Ph.D. 1960, mathematician, emeritus professor, Institute for Advanced Study, author of the Langlands program.

Hart Day Leavitt BA 1934; English teacher, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, 1937 to 1975.

Robert C. Lieberman BA 1986; political scientist & provost at John Hopkins University.

Andreas Mandelis; B.Sc.1974; expert on photonics, Professor at the University of Toronto.

F.O. Matthiessen (BA 1923) literary historian, professor at Harvard University.

George Marcus BA 1968; anthropologist, professor at University of California at Irvine.

Scotty McLennan BA 1970; Dean for religious life at Stanford University.

Thomas V. Morris Ph.D.; former University of Notre Dame philosophy professor, currently founding chairman of the Morris Institute of Human Values.

E.R. Ward Neale MS 1951, Ph.D. 1952; geologist, professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Johnathan Oberlander MA 1990, M.Phil 1993, Ph.D. 1995; author and Professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

H.T. Odum Ph.D. 1950; ecologist, professor at the University of Florida.

Bilal Orfali Ph.D. 2009; professor of Arabic language & Islamic Studies at the American Institute of Beirut.

Saul K. Padover MA 1930; historian, political scientist at the New School for Social Research in New York City.

Eileen Pollack BS; Professor of creative writing at the University of Michigan.

J. Roger Porter Ph.D. 1938; microbiology professor at the University of Iowa 1938 to 1979.

Tia Powell MD; psychiatrist, former head of NY State Task Force on Life & The Law.

Christian R. H. Raetz (BS 1967) professor of biochemistry at Duke University.

James Rothman (BA 1971) biologist, winner of the 2002 Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research.

Chris William Sanchiricco (JD, Ph.D 1994) professor of law, business and public policy at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Ofelia Schutte; professor of philosophy at the University of Southern Florida.

Florence Seibert Ph.D. 1923; biochemist, winner of the 1942 Garvan Olin Medal & Member of the National Women's Hall of Fame.

T.K. Seung BA, Ph.D.; professor of philosophy, government & law at the University of Texas, Austin.

Benjamin Silliman (BA 1796) father of American scientific education.

Robert B. Stepto, professor of English, pioneering African American studies scholar.

Matthias Storme, professor of law at Catholic University of Louvain & Antwerp University.

David Swensen Ph.D.; Yale endowment manager & professor at Yale School of Management.

Frank Bigelow Tarbell (BA 1873; Ph.D. 1879) historian, archaeologist, and professor of classic studies at the University of Chicago.

John Griggs Thompson (BA 1955) mathematician, winner of the Fields Medal in 1970.

Daniel S. Weld BA, BS 1982; professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington.

Josiah Whitney BA 1839; geologist, chief of California Geological Survey & geology professor at Harvard University.

Donald Goddard Wing; librarian & bibliographer at Yale University Library.

Yung Wing BA 1844; first Chinese person to receive an American college degree.
a list of 4 people
Frederick Barnard (BA 1828) mathematician, educator, president from 1856 to 1858. chancellor 1858 to 1861 of the University of Mississippi; president (1864 to 1889) of Columbia University, namesake for Barnard College, active in the founding of American Association fro the Advancement of Science & the National Academy of Sciences.

J. Seelye Bixler (Ph.D. 1924) 16th president of Colby College from 1960 to 1979.

Samuel Palmer Brooks, President from Baylor University from 1902 to 1931.

Gerhard Casper (LLB 1962) honorary doctorate 2000; 9th president of Stanford University, former provost at the University of Chicago, member of the Yale Corporation.

William Chauvenet (BA 1840) Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri from 1863 to 1869.

Henry Roe Cloud, first full-blooded Native American to attend Yale, reformer, educator, President of the Haskell Indian Nations University, First Native American member of the Yale secret society (Elihu).

Oscar Henry Cooper, President of Baylor University from 1899 to 1902, and of Simmons College, now known as Hardin-Simmons University from 1902 to 1909.

Raymond Culver; fourth president of Shimer College.

Jonathan Dickinson (BA 1706) when Yale was Collegiate School of Connecticut; founder of College of New Jersey and later renamed Princeton University.

Henry Durant (BA 1827) first president of the University of California at Berkeley.

James Johnson Duderstadt (BE 1964) President of the University of Michigan.

Peter Tyrrell Flawn (Ph.D. 1951) geologist and former president of the University of Texas at Austin.

Edward "Tad" Foote (BA) former president of the University of Miami.

Thomas H. Gallaudet (BA 1805, MA 1810) educator for the dead, co-founder and principal (1817 to 1830) of the American School for the Deaf, namesake of the Gallaudet University.

Thomas F. George (MA 1968, Ph.D. 1970) chemist and present chancellor of the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

Daniel Coit Gilman (BA 1852) 2nd president of the University of California at Berkeley; first president of John Hopkins University from 1876 to 1901; first president of the Carnegie Institution.

William Rainey Harper (Ph.D. 1874) first president of the University of Chicago.

Catharine Bond Hill (Ph.D. 1974) 10th president of Vassar College.

Robert M. Hutchins (BA 1921, LLB 1925) president 1929 to 1945 and chancellor from 1945 to 1951 at the University of Chicago.

Samuel Johnson (BA 1714) first president of Columbia University known as King's College; father of US Senator William Samuel Johnson.

William Samuel Johnson (BA 1744, MA 1747) son of Samuel Johnson; president from 1787 to 1800 of Columbia University. US Senator for Connecticut from 1789-1791.

Yamakawa Kenjiro (circa 1876) founder of Kytishu Institute of Technology.

Aptullah Kuran (BA 1952, MA 1954) first president & founder of Bogaziiei University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Theodore C. Landsmark (BA 1973, J.D. 1973) president (1997 to present) Boston Architectural College.

Douglas C. North (BA 1962) President of Prescott College & Alaska Pacific University, Head of School, The Albany Academies.

G. Dennis O'Brien (BA 1952) former president of Bucknell University & University of Rochester.

Aurelia H. Reinhardt (Ph.D. 1905) president of Mills College in Berkeley, California from 1916 to 1943.

Andrew Sledd (Ph.D. 1903) 1st President of the University of Florida (1905 to 1909); President of Southern University (1910 to 1914); first professor of New Testament Literature at Emory University's Candler School for Theology (1914 to 1939).

Ambrose Tighe (BA 1879, MA 1891) co-founder of William Mitchell College of Law.

Andrew Dickson White (BA 1853) co-founder & first president of Cornell University.

Eleazar Wheelock (BA 1733) founder of Dartmouth College.
a list of 28 people
Notable students, graduates, and faculty associated with Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut with notable achievements in Business.

Herbert M. Allison (BA 1965) former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for financial stability; former chairman, president & CEO of TIAA-CREF; former president & CEO of Merrill Lynch.

Hugh Auchincloss (BA 1879) Standard Oil.

Robert M. Bass (BA 1971) chairman of Aerion; member & former chair of the Stanford University Board of Trustees.

Tim Collins MBA 1982; founder & CEO of Ripplewood Holdings LLC.

Granger Kent Costikyan (BA 1929) banker, partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

John J. Donovan (MS 1964, M.Ph. 1965, M.Eng 1965, Ph.D. 1967). IT entrepreneur, founder of Cambridge Technology Partners.

Donna Dubinsky (BA 1977) former CEO of PDA company Palm Inc., co-founder of PDA company, Handspring.

Charles B. Finch (BA 1941, LLB 1944), CEO & chairman of the board, Allegheny Power Systems, & political activist.

Rob Glaser (BA, MA) founder & CEO of RealNetworks.
Robert Greenhill (BA 1958) founder of M&A department & former president of Morgan Stanley.

Briton Hadden (BA 1920) co-founder of Time magazine.

Henry Holt (BA 1862( founder of publishing firm, Henry Holt & Company and later as Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

Robert Ingersoll (BA 1937) former CEO & Chairman of BorgWarner.

Brewster Jennings (BA 1920) founder & president of the Socony Mobil Oil Company (Standard Oil of New York now ExxonMobil) President of Memorial Center for Cancer & Allied Diseases & Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research.

Charles B. Johnson (BA 1954) chairman of the Franklin Templeton Investments.

Ellis Jones (MBA) CEO, Wasserstein Perella & Company.

Henry Bourne Joy, president of Packard.

Peter S. Kaufman (BA 1975) investment banker, president of the Gordian Group LLC.

Charles King (BA 1862, Sheffield). first head of the US geological survey.

Herbert Kohler (BS 1965) chairman & president of Kohler Company.

Edward Lampert (BA 1984) founder & chairman of ESL Investments (hedge fund), Chairman of the Sears Holding Company.

William K. Lanman (BS 1928 Sheffield) aviation, benefactor.

John Franklyn Mars (BS 1957) CEO, Mars Incorporated.

Robert L. McNeil Jr. (BS 1936) developer of Tylenol; chairman of McNeil laboratories.

W. James McNerney (BA 1971) CEO of Boeing Company.

John Pepper (BA 1960) former chairman & CEO of Procter & Gamble.

Henry M. Perks M.Sc.Eng. 1952) Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Convention Center; Streets Commissioner of Philadelphia; President, Day & Zimmermann, Deputy Superintendent of Schools of Philadelphia.

Eric Ries (BS 2001) pioneer of Lean Startup methodology.

Daniel C. Searle heir, CEO of G.D. Searle & Company, conservative philanthropist.

Forest Shely (BS 1946) physician, bank director in Campbellsville, Kentucky; a 56 year trustee of Campbellsville University.

Ben Silbermann (BA 2003) founder & CEO of Pinterest.

Harold Stanley; founder of Morgan Stanley.

Richard Thalheimer (BA 1970) founder & CEO of the Sharper Image.

John L. Thornton (MPPM Yale School of Management 1980) former president & Co-CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Juan Trippe (BA 1921) founder & CEO of Pan Am Airlines.

Frederick William Vanderbilt (BA 1893 Sheffield) philanthropist, director of the New York Central Railroad.

Friedrich Weyerhauser; co-founded Weyerhauser.
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Students, graduates and or faculty from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut who have achieved in technology and or innovation.
David Bushnell (circa 1776) inventor of the screw propellor, submarine, naval mine, and time bomb.
Harry B. Combs (BS 1935); Sheffield Scientific School, aviation pioneer.
Harvey Williams Cushing (BA); pioneer of modern brain surgery & Considered by many the greatest neurosurgeon of the 20th century.
Arthur M. Chickering; noted archaeologist of Virginia.
Lee De Forest (BS 1896, Ph.D. 1899) inventor of the triode.
Eric Fossum (Ph.D. 1984) inventor of the CMOS image sensor.
W. Edwards Deming (Ph.D. 1928) total quality management (TQM) guru.
Helen Flanders Dunbar (MD 1930) important early figure in US psychosomatic medicine.
Henry Levitt Ellsworth (BA 1810); first commissioner for US Patent Office, founder of the US Department of Agriculture.
Irving Fisher (BA 1888, Ph.D. 1891) economist, father of monetarism.
J. Willard Gibbs (BA 1858, PhD. 1863) mathematician, physical chemist, thermodynamicist, known for the Gibbs phenomenon.
Grace Hopper (MA 1930, Ph.D. 1934), inventor of the COBOL programming language.
Saunders MacLane (BA 1930) mathematician, founder of the category theory with others.
Aaron Marcus (BFA MFA 1969) first graphic designer in the world to work with computer graphics.
Samuel F.B. Morse (BA 1810) telegraph pioneer; inventor of the Morse code.
Harry Nyquist (Ph.D. 1917), engineer known for the Nyquist theorem.
John Ousterhout (BS 1975) creator of the Tel programming language.
Ronald Rivest (BS 1969) computer scientist, the R" in the RSA cryptography; 2002 Turing Award recipient.
George B. Shelden awarded the first US patent for an automobile in 1895.
Eli Whitney (BA 1792) inventor of the cotton gin.
a list of 7 people
Yale students, faculty, and graduates who were awarded the Nobel Prize in any discipline.
The following are missing:
George Akeroff (BA 1962) Economics, 2001;
Peter A. Diamond (BA 1960) Economics, 2010;
John F. Enders (BA 1920) Physiology or Medicine in 1954;
Alfred G. Gilman (BS 1962) Physiology or Medicine in 1994;
Ernest Lawrence (Ph.d. 1925) Physics 1939
Joshua Lederberg (Ph.d. 1948) Physiology or Medicine in 1958;
David Lee (Ph.d. 1959) Physics 1996.
Dickinson W. Richards (BA 1917) Physiology or Medicine in 1956.
James Rothman (BA 1971) Physiology or Medicine in 2013.
William Vickrey (BS 1935) Economics 1996.
George Whipple (AB 1900) Physiology or Medicine in 1934.
Eric Wieschaus (Ph.D. 1974). Physiology or Medicine in 1995.
a list of 25 people
Yale students, graduates, and faculty who have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize.
The following have also won but are not here on this site.
Charles Forelle (BA 2002); won for Public Service in 2007.
Wesley Morris (BA 1997); won 2012 for film criticism.
Kevin Puts (MM 1996) 2012 for music;
Mark Schoofs (BA 1985) won in 2000 for international reporting;
Yehudi Wyner (BA 1950, B.Mus.1951, M.Mus.1953) composer, won the Pulitzer for music in 2006 for his piano concerto, "Chiavi in Mano;" professor emeritus of musical composition at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.
a list of 53 people
Arts Center
a list of 218 people
a list of 29 people
The men and women interred at Mount Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, Queens County, New York.
a list of 80 people
a list of 61 people
a list of 191 people
a list of 19 people
Playwrights who have completed the playwrighting program at Juilliard School in New York City.
a list of 10 people
Students who have graduated and or studied at the Juilliard School of Dance in New York City.
a list of 20 people
The men and women who were interred at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, San Mateo County, California
a list of 4 people
Men and women whose cremains are interred at the San Francisco Columbarium in San Francisco, California.
a list of 7 people
The men and women who are interred at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 14 people
The men and women were interred at Glen Haven Memorial Park in Sylmar, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 29 people
The men and women interred at Santa Barbara Cemetery in Santa Barbara, California.
a list of 39 people
The men and women are interred at Los Angeles National Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 24 people
The men and women are interred at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 24 people
The men and women interred at Grand View Memorial Park in Glendale, Los Angeles, California.
a list of 6 people
The men and women who were interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, Alameda County, California.
a list of 3 people
The men and women are interred at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Hayward, Alameda County, California.
a list of 18 people
The men and women interred at Westschester Hills Cemetery in Hastings-On-Hudson, Westchester County, New York.
a list of 17 people
The men and women buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, Westchester County New York.
a list of 7 people
The men and women interred at Melrose Abbey Cemetery in Anaheim, Orange County, California.
a list of 38 people
The men and women interred at Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.
a list of 64 people
Plot: The RAF Chapel
a list of 3 people
The following were interred at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California.
a list of 4 people
The men and women interred at the Willesden United Synagogue Cemetery in Willesden, London, England.
a list of 8 people
The men and women interred at Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum in New York City.
a list of 13 people
The men and women interred at Saint Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.
a list of 30 people
The men and women interred at Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village, Los Angeles County, California.
a list of 87 people
The men and women interred at Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum in Hartsdale, Westchester County, New York.
a list of 13 people
The men and women cremated and/or interred at Breakspear Crematorium in Ruislip, London, England.
a list of 10 people
The men and women who are interred at Eternal Hills Cemetery in Oceanside, San Diego County, California.
a list of 6 people
The men and women interred at Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California.
a list of 15 people
Men and women interred at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, Alameda County, California.
a list of 14 people
The men and women are interred at El Camino Memorial Park in San Diego, California.
a list of 15 people
The men and women are interred at Highgate West Cemetery in Highgate, London, England.
a list of 10 people
They are interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 6 people
The men and women interred at Old Mount Carmel Cemetery in Glendale, Queens County, New York.
a list of 10 people
The men and women are interred at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, San Mateo County, California.
a list of 3 people
The men and women interred or cremated at Cheltenham Cemetery and Crematorium in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
a list of 2 people
The following are cremated at Gloucester Crematorium in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England.
a list of 1 people
The following are interred at Bristol Cathedral in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.
a list of 3 people
The men and women interred at Old Chiswick Cemetery in Chiswick, London, England.
a list of 12 people
The men and women interred at Golders Green Jewish Cemetery in Golders Green, London, England.
a list of 9 people
This is the memorial location for those who died on September 11, 2001 at 1 and 2 World Trade Center in New York City; the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
a list of 9 people
The men and women are interred at Mount Hope Cemetery in Hastings-on-Hudson, Westchester County, New York.
a list of 5 people
The men and women were interred at Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest, Orange County, California.
a list of 3 people
The men and women are interred at Harbor Lawn Mount Olive in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California.
a list of 2 people
The men are interred at Santa Ana Cemetery in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.
a list of 4 people
The men and women are interred at Loma Vista Memorial Park in Fullerton, Orange County, California.
a list of 3 people
The men and women are interred at Good Shepherd Cemetery in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California.
a list of 2 people
The following are interred at Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego, California.
a list of 12 people
The men and women interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.
a list of 13 people
The men and women are interred at the St. John's Cemetery in Middle Village, Queens County, New York.
a list of 6 people
The men and women were interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California.
a list of 3 people
The men and women are interred at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
a list of 5 people
The men and women interred at San Gabriel Cemetery in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California.